White Rapper Gets a Sister



There’s a new season spin-off of last winter’s hit MC competition Ego Trip’s The (White) Rapper Show brewing and this time, it’s all about the ladies. The as-yet-untitled sister series will search for a great, white and female hip-hop hope. There are no details yet on when the show is set to hit the air — in fact, it hasn’t even filmed yet. Producers will be holding open auditions starting Saturday, Aug. 25 in Chicago at Dave and Busters (address: 1030 North Clark) from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Interested ladies should bring a photo, a bio and a CD with three tracks. If you don’t hail from Chi-town, don’t worry: future auditions are planned for Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami and Los Angeles. For more info, email rapper@vh1staff.com.

We couldn’t be more excited to cover a show that has the potential to be Flavor of Love in iambic pentameter. Maybe the all-girl slant on this is retribution for the fact that Persia was completely and utterly robbed last season.

UPDATE: The competition is for female rappers of all races, not just white women, as previously reported. See how that works? First season was white, second is girls…maybe the third will be animals? MC Skat Kat, get ready for career resuscitation!

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Justin Reminds Britney Who’s In Charge


jtmadge082307.jpgBritney’s ex may be teaming up with Madonna to one up Britney’s comeback at the VMAs. Apparently it’s just a sweet rumor right now, but Madonna is reportedly “interested,” according to an E! Online source. This coupling would surely outshine whatever creepy magic show Britney is planning on doing with Criss Angel. What would you rather see – Madonna and JT rocking the house or Criss Angel pulling Brit out of a hat as her new depressing song plays? Plotting a comeback is gonna to be a lot harder than Brit thought, especially since her peers spent the last few years building careers – not ruining them. [Image: Getty]

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R. Kelly Believes He Can Fly the Coop


rkelly_trial.jpgIf you think the continued roll-out of chapters in R. Kelly‘s “Trapped in the Closet” saga is insane, here’s something that’s crazier than crazy: R. Kelly reportedly plans to hit the road in October. The nutty part? His kiddie-porn trial doesn’t begin till Sept. 17.

R. Kelly’s camp hasn’t confirmed the tour — in fact, it was his supposed tourmate Keyshia Cole who let the news slip in an otherwise unrelated interview. MTV News points out that assuming that the trial lasts a standard four weeks, this gives him little time to rehearse. And, oh yeah, it also assumes he’ll get off innocent. Booking a tour the size that Kells’ will undoubtedly be when you don’t know if the headliner will be in jail or not is about as risky as filming your famous ass having sex with a minor and hoping that it won’t leak. But then, it would seem that Kells is a gambling man. [MTV News via Idolator]

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Paris Hilton Pays Up for Lying


paris082307.jpgIt’s always sweet joy when Paris Hilton gets nailed for her trouble making. Remember those three wonderful weeks in June? This time our heiress extraordinaire has reportedly forked over more than $2 million dollars to settle out of court with Zeta Graff. You may remember Graff as the ex-girlfriend of Paris’ ex-fiancé Paris Latstis (confused yet?) who sued Hilton for defamation. Her charge? That Paris leaked a bunch of lies to Page Six, which wrote that Graff ripped a necklace of Hilton’s neck and was then thrown out of a London night club as the song” Copacabana” played in the background. Sounds like Graff won this round! Nice work random rich lady. Too bad the Parises parted ways eons ago, making it all the more fun to say “that’s hot” to Paris losing a nice chunk of change for spreading such a lame rumor. [NY Post. Image: Getty]

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Britney’s New Song is Sadder Than Her Life


britney082307.jpgThere’s only one thing we enjoy more than Britney being crazy, and that’s hearing new Britney music! Thankfully we have BOTHnot today. On the crazy front, Lady Spears – who is still at home in California and not peeing her way across Europe – is apparently so desperate to keep her sons that she is thinking of fleeing to London, Madonna style. She was also spotted by Life&Style magazine out at a Hollywood night spot recently looking down and depressed, and when pressed by the mag’s spy about her mood she replied, “My babies are my life.”

Poor thing. Check out her new song that leaked today and you’ll get a sense of the weird, dark place she’s currently living in. Brit actually belts it out pretty hard, when not bizarrely reenacting a phone call with K-Fed. She also apparently loves sampling beats from music boxes. The last line is definitely the best – is she talking about the sun in the sky or the son(s) her ex is trying to take away from her?

Listen to Britney’s new sad slow jam HERE and tell us what you think! Sucktastic or comeback worthy? [Image: Getty]

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Rock of Love: Your Weekly Forecast (Episode 7)


Think you know what Bret Michaels wants and needs? Let us know which girl the Poison frontman will cut from the house next and which girls he’ll ask to stay. Watch the sneak peek, then make your picks. (Click thumbnails to view full size)

Which of the six remaining girls has the best chemistry with Bret?

Magdalena got the boot last week. Did you forecast her eviction?

Which fallen girl would you like to see Bret invite back into the house?

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Kim Kardashian and Her Butt Break Boundaries



Sometimes it is unbelievable how famous our dear friend Kim Kardashian is getting, as her baffling stardom seems to be based solely on her infamous family, her friendship with Paris Hilton, her sex tape with Ray J, and that controversial ass. Now Kim has even made it onto the cover of King in a skimpy bikini, and is “the first non-African American woman to be on the cover,” reports TMZ. That’s our girl! Breaking boundaries and pushing the envelope everywhere she goes. [TMZ/Photo: King Magazine] Enjoy more pics of Kim below.

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Thursday: Christina Reveals Baby Belly; Jessica Alba Gets Close With Ex


alba0823071.jpgPics: Christina Shows Off Baby Bump
She has yet to make an official statement but she doesn’t really need to, what with outfits like this. Xtina’s knocked up, yall! [IDLYITW]

Paris Spends Big Bucks on New Pad
The heiress has upgraded to a new $6.25 million pad in a gated corner of Beverly Hills. The manse comes with a gym and a wine closet, a clear upgrade from the stripper pole and monkey cage. [Us Weekly]

Jessica Alba Cuddling With Her Ex?
The starlet was spotted on a romantic beach stroll with ex-boyfriend Cash Warren. Apparently she likes to make thousands of grown men cry. [WWTDD]

Bridget Moynahan Gives Birth
Tom Brady’s ex gave birth to their son yesterday, and promptly named the kid ‘I Hate Giselle Bundchen’. [Ny Post]

Cameron and John Get Close in NYC

The couple take things slow but get closer at romantic spots around the city. It’s the summer of canoodling in the Big Apple. [Us Weekly]

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Britney Bolts to Belgium


Weirdo!Britney’s apparently decided to head across the Atlantic to woo the Europeans with her adorable meltdowns. They’re probably a lot cooler with craziness than we Americans are. According to the latest cover of Star (see pic, left), Brit was plotting to head to France with her kids. While it appears that the kids are currently with K-Fed, Britney was allegedly spotted taking one of her signature piss breaks at a restaurant in Belgium wearing an ill-fitted wig. Maybe she is on her way to London to save Pete Doherty’s cats. K-Fed supposedly was worried that Brit would try to kidnap the kids and take them overseas. I’m sure he’s pretty relieved that she decided just to bring a couple of wigs instead. Bon Voyage! [Dlisted]

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