The Rock Life Premieres Tonight!


You may know Cisco Adler as Mischa Barton‘s former Arm Candy, or as Paris Hilton‘s present Arm Candy, or from those pictures in Paris’ storage locker — you can seek those out yourself. We’re not that kind of website. A few of you might even know Cisco Adler from his band, Whitestarr, or as famed producer Lou Adler’s son. Some of you might not know him at all, but that’s only for a few more hours, because at 10:30 pm this evening, The Rock Life premieres. We can’t tell you precisely what you’re going to see tonight, but we can tell you it’ll involve a topless dancing lawyer who’s in the band, a dead dog and a riot. Tune in!

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Blog Best-Of: Pam’s Patsy


pama_links.jpg – Is Pam Anderson dating a gay man? Given that she looks like a jaundiced drag queen on a good day, it’s more than possible. [Dlisted]

- Usher‘s fragrance debuts. It contains notes of diapers, old lady and leather whips. But mostly diapers. [Crunk + Disorderly]

- Why the hell does Janet Jackson have a different body every time you see her? Maybe there are many Janets populating the world to confuse us. Michael, is that you under that weave? [CONCRETELOOP]

- Tobey Maguire dons spandex for a bike ride. Clearly, he’s having a hard time letting Spider-Man go. [A Socialite's Life]

- Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards‘ custody battle is turning ugly. It’s a shame when stuff like that happens to people who are aging so gracefully. [Yeeeah!]

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Brit’s New Manager: Her First Smart Move in Months!


britney0806071.jpgHear that? It’s the sound of Britney fans breathing a tiny sigh of relief that their pop star has not totally gone off the deep end. Granted she’s still close, but the singer has finally done one smart thing after a summer full of lawyer letters, illegal Vegas trips, meltdowns, ex-assistants, babies with rotten teeth and extensions, extensions, extensions. Britney has hired a manager! And no, it’s not some guy she found down at her local Hooters – the girl’s gone and picked up Jeff Kwatinez, the guy recently fired by Kelly Clarkson. Well played! We’re not sure where this little zap of brain juice has come from, but we like it. Keep it up Brit! Just get those nipple slips under control and you’re on your way to Comeback City! [TMZ / Image: Getty]

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RIP LonelyGirl15


OMG LonelyGirl15 is dead! Who will take care of P. Monkey?!?! And dare we ask – who cares anymore? If you do, you know that the YouTube web-show sensation ended its year-long “season” yesterday with a 12-part finale that chronicled the death of the show’s star, Bree. Before you hop on your webcam to film a tear-filled response to the show, check out the first video here and the 10th finale installment above, and see if you can figure out what happened in between (we stopped watching after DanielBeast made that creepy video of Bree swimming in a river, but things seemed to get progressively crazier). Who knew a show about stuffed animals, crazy parents, a platonic best friend who may/may not have ever gotten his girl, and a crazy cult whose leader needs the blood of a 16-year old hot nerd to survive could cause such a frenzy – and a second season?! [Yahoo]

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The Celebreality Interview – Rodeo



Now that Rodeo’s gone on to that never-ending rainbow in the reality TV sky, we thought it was the perfect chance to catch up with her and learn more about her. (Full disclosure: I didn’t Google her.) Alternately guffawing and crying, depending on where the conversation turned, Rodeo kept me on my toes, to say the least. Certain things she said made me bite my cheeks — it was all I could do to keep from shrieking, “Yee-haw!”

After the jump, Rodeo talks about her untimely exit. She reveals details of the 5,000 or so projects she has in the pipeline (we didn’t even get around to really going into some stuff, like her background in the fitness industry, her burgeoning music career and her love for writing poems). Most importantly, she gives us insight into the power of her hat.

Read more…

Jon Bon Jovi Battles Energy Drink


jonbonjovi080607.jpgIf you are a rocker with humble Jersey roots, gajillions of dollars and a cool dude hairdoo, you are legally NOT allowed to be a whiner. This is the law of rock, of life, of Jersey! But Jon Bon Jovi has apparently lost sight of the awesomeness of his ripped jeans, forsaking his easy going rep to instead throw a tantrum about something as silly as the name of an energy drink. Earlier this year the rocker demanded that the name of energy drink MiJovi be changed, stating that the product and its slogan (“itsmienergy.itsmijovi.itsmilife.”) were stealing from his name, as well as his band’s song “It’s My Life.” However brew creator Marcos Carrington claims that the drink is simply a tribute to his girlfriend Jovita. “It is unfair, he has said, “because Mijovi has nothing to do with Bon Jovi.”

The growing controversy has bumped sales of Mijovi in the rocker’s Jersey hood, and one source even said that “One store had people coming and getting their pictures taken with the drink. It’s even spawned a cocktail called the ‘Angry Rocker.’ ” Sounds like it’s time for Jon to relax a bit, and remember what it’s really all about – sex, drugs energy drinks and rock n’ roll. [NY Post, ABC News. Image: Getty]

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Ray J Makes His Move on Lil Kim


kimrayj.jpgWould you date a dude who had made a kinky sex tape that was seen all over the internet? If your answer is yes, don’t be ashamed – Whitney Houston did, for a second, and now it appears that Lil Kim has fallen under Ray J’s scandal-making spell. He recently treated the pint size rap starlet to a $20,000 shopping spree (let’s hope no pasties were purchased), and just this weekend the pair walked the red carpet together at the Rodeo Drive Experience event in Beverly Hills. They were also photographed last month cuddling after celebrating the Queen Bee’s B-Day, and were caught again this weekend hitting the clubs with Ray J’s sis Brandy.

Sex Tape Star + Former Jailbird = Scandalous Love in Skimpy Outfits.
We like this coupling all ready! [Images: Getty]

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Nas Not Welcome at VT Show


NasAlmost four months after the horrific Virginia Tech shootings, where 33 students were gunned down on the campus by a disgruntled student, a concert in their honor is slated to take place on September 6th. But just days after the bill was announced, the community-healing efforts hit a snag. In addition to gluten-free granola acts like Dave Matthews and John Mayer (granted he keeps his stand-up to himself), New York rapper Nas is also set to perform. Now a spokesperson for the families of the victims has expressed their collective displeasure with the idea of rapper performing, given the nature of his lyrics, which they feel “are indicative of the moral decay in our society that contributes to acts of violence,” says Vincent Bove. While we applaud Nas for his community-oriented efforts, is a hand-picked set in order? Do you think the victims’ families are being overly sensitive? [Idolator/Image: Getty]

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Flav Roast: Big Laffs, Small Stick?


Feel like a taste of the humiliation that’s going to take place at this Sunday’s Flavor Flav Roast on Comedy Central? Here’s a snip of funnyman Jeffrey Ross‘ reaction to discovering that Flavor of Love is coming back for another season of highjinks.

Why do the roasters have to be so hard?

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Usher Says “Yeah!” to Marriage


usher080607.jpgAfter all that drama (and that giant tent at LA Reid‘s Hamptons house), Usher and his lady Tameka Foster have finally made it legal, literally, with a small private wedding in the singer’s lawyer’s office. The nuptials took place Friday after their original shindig was called off, with rumors swirling that the star’s mother had been left off the guest list. Sources revealed that for the second go, Usher’s mom was indeed present. The sexy singer told Us Weekly, “I exchanged vows with Tameka Foster in Atlanta on Friday and we are happily married.”

Guess it’s time for everyone to take a little honeymoon from all the fighting and the drama before the baby’s born. The little one’s arrival is sure to bring about all sorts of battles between Usher, his mama and wife. The baby can referee! [Us Weekly / VH1 News / Image: Getty]

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