Tuesday: Kim Kardashian’s Family Strips


kimk1016.jpgDiddy’s NYC Street Fight
The rapper threw down outside a Big Apple hot spot over – what else – a chick. [NYP]

Kim Kardashian Teaches 9-Year Old Sis to Strip
This clip from Kim’s new reality show falls somewhere between killing puppies and taking candy from a baby on the ‘wrong scale.’ [DListed]

LiLo Back to Making Movies, Money
Look out LA – Lindsay’s back, and she’s sober. Who knows -she could be scarier clean than when she’s hammered. [People]

Jen Aniston Wants to be Oprah
In a new interview, the Friends star reveals that if she could, she would be Oprah for a day – because Oprah never got married, natch. [JustJared]

Kate Hudson Wants Owen Back?
The starlet’s turn-offs: drugs, smokers, socks with sandals, guys who hate kids. Turn-ons: attempted suicide? Errrr, something seems off here, Katie. [Mollygood]

Amy Winehouse Pays for Her Hair


amywinehouse1015.jpgAfter all the bad press Amy Winehouse has been getting this fall, it’s good to know she’s still capable of doing stuff other than drugs. The singer is allegedly donating $100,000 to a Romanian orphanage after she learned that the mound of fake hair she teases into a beehive could possibly come from the heads of the poor kids. Apparently the hair chopped off of orphans is used to make weaves and wigs for rich ladies. A source says, “She had no idea orphans were exploited. She knows where her weave comes from and to be honest, it’s the US where most of the unethically culled hair ends up but she still wanted to help.”

Oh sure, blame us Americans! Eh, that British blabber is probably right – Britney Spears must have like, a whole country of kids on her head. Oops! [Getty]

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Nas Drops ‘N’ Bomb On New CD


nas10151.jpgHip hop legend Nas is never one to shy away from a controversy, so it comes as no surprise that he’s announced that his next album will simply be called Nigga. The rapper spilled the beans at his NYC concert his past Friday and also revealed that he had wanted to use the title for his previous album, but instead went with Hip Hop is Dead. Why he changed the name is unclear, but one thing is certain: hip hop, and its artists’ ability to challenge cultural standards and stereotypes, is still very much alive. This move comes in the wake of the Don Imus basketball team scandal and Michael Richards‘ racist rant, which spurred a public dialogue about the power of language, varieties of racism, and of course the ubiquity of the infamous ‘N’ word itself (here’s how Ice T feels). New York City even went so far as to pass a symbolic resolution this year banning the word, in an attempt to eliminate the slur.

Whether or not you agree with Nas’ move, he is definitely sustaining the conversation about free speech and racism in America. So we gotta know – what do YOU think about the name of his new album?


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Spencer Pratt is Desperate for Your Hatred


spencerloser.jpgIsn’t it fun to hate on Spencer Pratt? It feels oh so sweet to mock his facial hair, his stupid ‘cool dude’ slang and the way he talks down to his doting, delusional girl-pet Heidi. There’s nothing that makes the day go by like ragging on that blond sh*thead. But Spencer has come through to ruin the party as usual. He actually wants us to hate him. He gets off on it! The more we hate him, the happier he is. Check out what he told Radar, and you’ll loathe him even more: “I’m here and I didn’t harm anybody, get in a car accident, didn’t get a DUI, and didn’t assault anybody. I would rather be this hated guy for not doing any harm to anyone physically. I’m here and I have not been racist or homophobic. There are people out there that you could go after so much more, but I’m the new villain, and that’s hilarious! It’s so cool to be alive.”

Nooooooo! Don’t take away our power, Pratt! Spencer-haters, listen close. Turn the hate into love! I know it’ll be hard, but we can’t give this wannabe billionaire (seriously) what he wants! I’ll be the first to say it – I LOVE Spencer Pratt and thing he’s an all-around nice and charming guy!

Ugh….that feels so wrong. [Getty]

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Britney Wants to See Your Moves


The pop tard is looking for a few brave souls to strut their stuff in her latest music video. Britney will be holding auditions for the gig this afternoon in Los Angeles and anyone can show up – it’s an open call! Maybe she’s secretly on the hunt for a new husband? If you’re comfortable wearing wigs and pleather while riding stripper poles, head on down today! You may get lucky and end up beside Brit in her next video – if you consider that sort of thing a positive. If your skills are lacking, just bring her some Taco Bell or a Frappucino, you’ll be grinding on camera in no time. [TMZ]


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Kristen Wiig Is the New Will Ferrell. Period.


We’ve been watching Saturday Night Live funnywoman Kristen Wiig for a while, and let’s just say, we’re impressed. This past weekend she mocked inscrutable Icelandic elf Bjork (opposite Kenan Thompson as Charles Barkley) on a spoof of IFC’s Iconoclasts. The two get together at a Cheesecake Factory, where Bjork tells Barkley that in her dreams her “fingers are made of butter” and asks him if he’d like to hold her “invisible baby.” Years ago, former SNL cast member and then head writer Tina Fey said that her period of the show would always be known as the Ferrell era. Although early signs pointed to the current era belonging to Andy Samberg, we’d actually argue that Kristen Wiig has it locked. Between her tiny turn in Knocked Up, her various characters on the show, and the fact that we haven’t seen The Brothers Solomon, Wiig is the funniest funnylady to come along in a long, long time. We dare you to name someone funnier.

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Mom Kardashian’s Rack Job


KrisPlease mom, don’t show off the twins when I’m trying to impress America with my ass.

The Kardashian sisters were chatting it up with Chelsea Handler last Friday, when the lead sibling, who’s got a little Playboy action going in time to juice ratings for their new show, explained some intra-family tensions. Seems they were meeting with Hugh Heffner and mother K, aka Kris Jennings, was rocking a top that was all about the cleavage.

“She was wearing the most boob thing I’ve never seen in my life,” said Kim, “and I’m like ‘Mom, you want Hef to ask you to to do Playboy – that’s what this whole thing is about. She sitting there saying that it’s her dream to do Playboy and I”m like wait a minute, doesn’t Hef want to meet me?”

Of course he does, honey – mom’s just gotta get a little Hollywood business done.

What did you think of last night’s premiere of Keeping Up the Kardashians? Will you ever watch again?

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