New York Gets Charming



This Sunday’s episode of Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School starring Mo’Nique features the show’s most special guest yet: New York! Watch an exclusive preview below: see what happens when New York is brought in to interview the girls. Think she can resist pushing their buttons? Think again — this is New York we’re talking about, a woman who brings her own meaning to the phrase "New York hospitality." Besides, what would Celebreality be without a little HBIC up in the place?

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Paris Packs For Prison In Tears


She won’t be locked up for five more days, but Paris has already got a cellmate.  Jail officials have chosen an inmate serving time for reckless driving to stand-in for sidekick Nicole Richie while the heiress is behind bars.  We smell a new reality show!  Welcome to The Sentenced Life.

Hilton is relishing her last few days of freedom by roaming around on
the arm of a mysterious new boy-toy, but close friends reveal that when
the cameras aren’t around, the tears start flowing. "She breaks down
crying a lot because she just can’t deal with the reality and pressure
of everything that is happening," says one pal.

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Babymakers: Top 40 Softsational Songs



Looks like Knocked Up has put practically everyone in a babymaking mood. Premiering tomorrow night on VH1, The 40 Most Softsational Soft-Rock Songs counts down the artists whose bedroom eyes — not to mention throaty vocals and cleverly teased hair — helped generations of Americans make generations of other Americans. Watch and you’ll learn more than you ever thought possible about these classics from the ’70s and ’80s, featuring the works of the gone-but-never-forgotten likes of Captain & Tennille, Leo Sayer and Kansas. Smooooooooth. Spoiler alert: Click below to find out who’s in the top three . . . and start your soft-rocking immediately.

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Daddy-Lo Dishes On Lindsay’s Fave Drug


Michael Lohan, a recovering addict
who’s training to be a drug counselor, is blabbing that his baby girl
is trying to kick not just alcohol and blow, but OxyContin. Takes one
to know one, I guess. Hey, Daddy-Lo, didn’t you hear your kid’s
tear-filled jam "Confessions Of A Broken Heart"? She’s still mad about
that whole "screwed your family, got sent to jail" thing and wants you
to leave her alone! Unless, of course, you know where she could get
some of that prescription drug deliciousness. Then you should
definitely give her a call.

And Linds isn’t alone in her crisis. Famous pals have got her back. Find out who after the jump!

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Paula Abdul: Here’s What She’s On



Paula Abdul’s most obvious addiction isn’t to alcohol or drugs — it’s to denying that she’s addicted to alcohol and drugs. The lady’s protesting is of Shakespearean proportions. Once again, she’s spoken out on the widespread allegations, this time to OK! magazine:

"I’m sick of it – I’ve never been drunk, and I don’t do recreational drugs."

In case you need reminding why everyone in the world is convinced that Paula is loaded with toxins that would kill elephants, watch this video or this video or this video or this video or, everyone’s favorite, this video:

The news of Paula’s umpteenth iteration that she’s no addict just happens to break on the same day that another story has surfaced detailing an alleged fit the American Idol judge threw during a conference call. But you know how it goes for Paula: one step forward, two steps back.

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Thursday: Nicole Thinks You Can’t Take A Joke; Carrie Underwood Gets Dumped


David Hyde Pierce Officially Out

Frasier’s favorite brother took a
tentative step out of the closet, after an article referring to his partner,
Brian Hargrove, got tongues
wagging. [US Magazine]

K-Fed Joins Cast Of Keanu Reeves Thriller
Gold-digging back up
dancer Kevin Federline will play a "small but notable" role" in the
Matrix star’s new thriller, Night Watch .  Hopefully his
extra background work will last longer than his marriage to Britney. []

Nicole: Cruel Email Was Just A Joke!
The toothpick-sized reality
star is ticked off that an email she sent inviting friends to a BBQ has caused
such an outcry. [People]

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Marilyn Manson Talks Firecrotch


Marilyn Manson, King of the Goths, returns with a new record next Tuesday. In advance of its release he’s doing all sorts of funny promotion, like divorcing his stripper wife, humping his barely legal girlfriend and covering Justin Timberlake songs. Now he’s even doing stand-up. Just kidding. Sort of. In this bizarre video, Manson discusses Lindsay Lohan‘s vaginal grooming. Hmm. Is Marilyn someone you’d let near your swimsuit area with a razor?

Clive Hates Kelly Clarkson … Or Does He?


Clarkson News about American Idol wannabe Kelly Clarkson‘s feud with her label head, Clive Davis, continues to surface. The New York Post reports that the Grand Old Man of pop is furious that Clarkson isn’t listening to his suggestions about her music. We, on the other hand, have begun thinking that the lady doth protest too much. Frankly, if Clive Davis wanted to shut Kelly Clarkson down, he could. (To paraphrase Cliff Huxtable, he gave Kelly life . . . and he can take it away.) Since he hasn’t, we’re forced to assume that all this strife might all be a media stunt. In which case, it is you, dear public, who suffers.

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Blog Best-Of: Rihanna’s Rank


Rihanna_links2_2- Rihanna is certified perfect and if you disagree, you’re probably blind. Ella. Ella. Ella. Hey, hey, hey. [Crunk + Disorderly]

- The now-iconic pictures of Lindsay Lohan passed out in the front seat of an SUV get defaced in a hilarious feature called “Stuff on My Lohan.” It’s amazing what Photoshop can do to bring out your inner frat boy. [CityRag]

- In other Lindsay news, her (former?) man Callum Best has been caught with his pants down, snorting drugs off hookers. Look, buddy, Lindsay Lohan is the only hooker you should be snorting drugs off. And don’t you forget it! [Best Week Ever]

- After George Michael was found slumped over the wheel of his car in October, sleeping medication, an anti-depressant, GHB and cannabis were found in his system. Sounds like quite the party – what’s the problem? [Towleroad]

- LL Cool J has a nip slip, but will he become the scapegoat that Janet Jackson did? Doubtful. That’s sexist America for you! [Bossip]

Oops! I Upchucked Again


Brit2 Just one day after admitting she hit rock bottom, a vomit-covered Britney Spears had to be dragged out of the men’s bathroom at a Los Angeles hot spot. The rehabbed young mother apparently apologized by saying, "I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Things aren’t going well for me at the moment."

It’s doubtful that Britney meant for her "comeback" to include stumbling around dripping in her own puke. So I gotta ask: is her sobriety back on the skids or did the pop princess eat something toxic?