Michelle: Under Beyoncé’s Spell?



Once (and future?) Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams has leaped to the defense of Beyoncé regarding the non-issue that has arisen from TMZ.com‘s quip about "Beyoncé’s roboho performance getup" that the diva wore during last month’s BET Awards (in a nutshell, Al Sharpton lashed out at the paparazzi-driven mega-blog, saying its use of the word "ho" was racist and misogynistic). TMZ then pointed out that their "ho" branding was not in reference to Beyoncé, but her outfit. But don’t tell Michelle that! Said the warbler to the New York Daily News:

"It’s downright mean. You can write me word for word. What has Beyoncé done to deserve being called a ‘ho’? No one should be called a ho!"

Way to go, Michelle, running to stick up for a poor, defenseless superstar. How much do you want to bet that this is Michelle’s way of angling for a Destiny’s Child reunion. Or, at the very least, for another cameo in a Beyoncé video? Michelle can do the Naomi Campbell walk and the scissor-leg, but her biggest talent is her ability to do the ass-kiss. [New York Daily News]

A Hip Hop Legend Going Broke?


Today’s New York Post had this juicy little blind item that we couldn’t help but study for a couple of minutes:

"Which hip-hop legend is going to go broke paying child support? Besides
his known baby mamas, seven months ago, a member of his entourage gave
birth to another child of his, which was the last straw for his

So who could it possibly be? Diddy? Eminem? Snoop? Russell? What are your guesses?





Kim Kardashian’s Got Back


She’s back, she’s bootylicious and she’s rockin’ a really tight dress. Our favorite nobody it girl, Kim Kardashian, showed up at Fashion Week in Miami posing like crazy for the cameras – smiling, blowing kisses, and of course, showing off that behind. And what a behind it is! That girl has enough junk in her trunk for a yard sale – or ten. It’s clear Kim’s her own biggest fan – and with good reason. Nicole, Paris, Hilary and Lilo should take a look at those curves and rethink their bone-thin frames. When they turn around, all they see are their shadows, and we’d much rather look at Kim’s lovely lady lumps. And so would she! [Splash News]

Click below the jump for more pics of Kim doing her favorite backside pose!

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Stay Cool With ‘Connected’


Watch this talent agent fawn over Amy King, a Lindsay Lohan look-alike, in the second webisode of "Connected," and don’t forget that T-Mobile, the force behind this production, is going all out this summer to make sure you are entertained. In addition to the webisodes, you can enter to win a trip to a big MTV bash in New York for you and four of your friends and check out Amy King’s favorite music videos with this hot playlist.

It’s never been easier to stay cool in the summer!

Brit’s New Man Might Not Even Like Girls


The name of Britney’s new man has been nailed down as Daimon Shippen, who is possibly the same mustachioed security guy who helped Brit when she almost dropped Sean Preston on the street last year. X17 has some juicy tidbits on the protective giant:

  • Approximately 34 years of age.
  • He’s served as a production assistant on films.
  • Was fired from his first bodyguard employment agency for allegedly owning a "sex toy/porn website." Uh oh…
  • X17 says he "may not be into girls!" What is going on here?!

We’ve got Us saying that Daimon and Brit are definitely doing it, and a different report that reveals Britney’s boyfriend’s name is apparently Sam, and it’s not this beefcake at all! And supposedly this beefcake likes other beefcakes! We’re lost. Sounds like Brit might be too – as Children’s Protective Services visited her Malibu mansion three times last week due to her pool being unsafe for children. The visit forced the starlet to move her brood to the Four Seasons Hotel where she was spotted sobbing. It’s a good thing Brit has some big arms to hold her and a broad chest to lean on. Even if he doesn’t like girls, he’ll at least still let her cry. Cuz he’s on her payroll and really doesn’t have a choice.

Thursday: Angelina’s Bony Bod; K-Fed Moves on with New Love


Nicole: Baby’s Life in Jeopardy
Doctors say that the tiny starlet’s health and past problems with addiction could complicate her pregnancy, which is reportedly 3 months along. [Star Magazine]

Angelina’s Down to Skin and Bones
Sources reveal the A Mighty Heart star is barely eating a couple of bites of fruit per meal – if she even eats at all. [Life and Style]

Eva: Who You Callin’ Bridezilla?
Though her wedding was enormous and spanned numerous days, Eva Longoria claims she didn’t stress out about her nuptials. Maybe it was all that French wine that chilled her out? [Yahoo]

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The Celebreality Interview – Scott Baio



Scott Baio is 45, single, and most importantly, talking about it. The veteran sitcom actor and notorious ladies man (with Pam Anderson, Erika Eleniak, Nicole Eggert, Nicolette Sheridan, Brooke Shields, Denise Richards, and Heather Locklear all taking up notches on his bedpost), is set to make his foray into reality programming when Scott Baio Is 45…and Single premieres Sunday, July 15 at 10:30/9:30c. The yin to a show like Rock of Love‘s yang, Baio is a more introspective dating show that probes into the psyche of a star who just can’t seem to commit. We talked to Scott about the state of reality TV, getting older in Hollywood, how it sucks to be called Chachi 30 years later, and why you won’t catch him getting his prostate examined on TV. Our loss? Find out!

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Only the Strong Survive: World Series of Pop Culture Recap



And now, a special dispatch from World of Pop blogger Mark Graham: After an incredibly well-mannered first episode of the 2007 World Series of Pop Culture, you gotta love how last night’s episode took a turn for the trashier. In the first matchup (pictured above), Jammin’ on the 1 talked all kind of pre-game trash to the Twisted Misters, but in the end the Misters prevailed. The second pairing of the evening saw Virginia’s Lucky Stars take on Chicago’s bathrobe-clad trivia warriors, 3 Men and a Little Lazy. The 3 Men extinguished those Lucky Stars, big time. To get the full scoop, check out the complete recaps of both episodes over at the World of Pop blog!

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Cam’s New Man Belongs on Lost


Cameron Diaz
has moved wayyyy past that whole Criss Angel mistake, and is currently canoodling with a rich Brit who is like fifty billion times hotter than that mess of a magician. His name is David de Rothschild and he is an environmentalist, adventurer and uber-athlete. He also hails from an extremely wealthy British banking family, which just makes him even more of a great catch. The two were spotted at New York’s Live Earth concert, and recently were seen getting touchy at dinner in Manhattan. If you squint, Rothschild (left) kinda looks like a dorkier version of the guy who plays Desmond on Lost (right). Maybe Cam’s got some weird hatch fantasy that she’s trying to live out. [Us Magazine]

Paula Abdul: Using Lasers to Stay Young


Now that Paula Abdul is getting some hot booty action from her 32-year old boyfriend, she’s doing whatever it takes to stay young. Because, you know, all that "exhaustion" is wearing her out. The American Idol judge’s cure-all? Lasers. Yup, Paula is supposedly getting an "allover body procedure called the Titan laser
treatment" that leaves her looking smoother, tighter, and presumably kinda crazy. In case you can’t imagine what she looked like when she was an actual youth and not just youthful, give a watch to the above video clip of a 16-year old Paula singing her heart out in the 1978 flick Junior High School. Did someone say pitchy? [Gabsmash]