Nicole: Knocked Up, Engaged and Alone


Us Weekly
has put Nicole Richie on their latest cover, announcing "Yes, She’s Pregnant!" Until we hear it from her hungry lips, we can’t totally believe this rumor is fact. But the mag isn’t alone in its assertions. A spy spotted the bony lady and boyfriend Joel Madden browsing wedding gowns at an LA boutique. E Online also reports that they hit up luxe baby shop Petit Trésor to buy a white blanket. Because if she’s 12 weeks pregnant, her baby will need a blankie in 5 months. Planning that far ahead makes complete sense!

The Simple Life star is also reportedly afraid of going through her pregnancy alone, which is set to happen when her rocker beau (or should we say "future husband?") heads out on the road next for publicity interviews and an August tour with Justin Timberlake. A source tells 24/Sizzler, "She’s really dreading the time away from him, but she’s hoping to get
some sympathy by being portrayed as the ‘pregnant victim,’ while her
man is away. The whole thing is classic Nicole." Or classically crazy! Anything to get the public to like you after driving the wrong way down the freeway high on prescription drugs.

You Respond, We Respond


Bullhornclipart6Every Friday, we run down a few of the comments this blog has received in the past week. This gives us a chance to respond and that’s what the VH1 Blog is all about: leaving no keen insight behind. That’s how much we love you.

From Diddy’ll Be Missing His Girlfriend, Kate & Pete Part 27:


We say: Gloria, he already has a disease. Like you pointed out, he has twins. Twins!

From Thursday: Beyonce Browses Barefoot…:

Miss. Dezz Says: "Why the hell is Beyonce shopping barefoot a damn story! People are dying, poverty is at an all time high, and people are living without healthcare in America wheres the news on that. Crazy a## media.. for all that bull they should ban freedom of the press!"

We say: There is nothing more important than Beyoncé shopping barefoot. Don’t you see what this means for the rights of women and pinky toes everywhere? This moment is so much bigger than her!

From Nicole: Bun in the Oven is For Real?:

Shawn Says: "I’m still wondering why Natural Selection hasn’t deselected her yet…."

We say: Probably because when you have as much money as Nicole Richie, you can pay off anyone. Even Darwin.

Also from Nicole: Bun in the Oven is For Real?:

Lidia Ricci Says: "I don’t know what my thoughts are on this, it’s not conformed yet whether she is or isn’t pregnant. I just don’t know. Maybe she’ll be a good mom, maybe not. I don’t know."

We say: Lidia, you sound so indecisive. It seems like you’re somewhere between the chocolate-or-rainbow sprinkles and Brown-or-Cornell levels of indecision. Sounds major. I’m kind of worried about you. I hope you were sitting down when you typed that. Uh, Lidia? Lidia?!? LIDIA?!?!?!!

From Lily Lashes Out at Paris and Lindsay:


We say: I know, right? No one ever says anything about those two especially on this here Internet. Finally!

From The Celebreality Interview – Saaphyri:

Americas Hottist Bith Says: "To be onnist i dont think saaphyris poor a** deserved the money shr used that poor a** story to win the money is anything shay should have sent her home and tryed to win the money her self saaphyri looked dirty any ways every time it was elemination she would come to the carpet with those white grandma shose and those pittiful white neehise and she stayed trying to tell people what to do like Leilen she always telling her what to do and that nappy a** red and bloond weave was nappy as hell she looked like a drag QUEEN BEEYATCH………………………………."

We say: To quote Flav: Wooooooow. Onnistly. Woooooooow.

Paris: Her Inspirational Words Rock


A Process A Gift and A Journey

Check out this hilarious new music video on Funny or Die for the song " A Process A Gift and A Journey." It’s a rockin’ jam created out of Paris Hilton‘s jail-inspired writing, which she shared with America on Larry King Live. Her words are so powerful, you won’t know whether to head bang or shed a tear. Who knew the heiress was such an amazing lyricist? [TMZ]

Avril: Been Caught Stealing?


Avril_2You’re officially having a bad month when there are two people who say you smoked ‘em for songwriting credits. That’s what’s happening with Avril Lavigne these days. Dudes from the 70s power-pop outfit the Rubinoos are suing the sk8ter grrl, saying her "Girlfriend" is a bit too close to their "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend." (Listen and decide.) This comes on the heels of singer Chantal Kreviazuk claiming that Lady Lavigne, the self-proclaimed "motherf*cking princess," ripped off one of her song ideas, too. Play nice, A, play nice.

Eva and Tony Go Wedding Crazy in Paris


The Desperate Housewives star and her b-balling boy toy (pictured right, in Paris last night) have been tearing up France this week, with a slew of festivities leading up to their "fairytale wedding" tomorrow. Let’s break down their wedding celebration so far and figure out what shot these two REALLY have at staying together for the long term.

  • The pair got engaged in November after splitting briefly two months prior. Breaking up is already in their blood!
  • Tony Parker is only 24, and 31-year old Eva has been married once before. She’s said she’ll be with the young Spurs star "forever," but didn’t she also probably say that about her soap star ex?   

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The World Series of Pop Culture Returns


Can you name 10 of the $100-million-plus grossing movies to star Tom Hanks? (Hint: Forget about Joe vs. the Volcano.) Do you lie awake nights reviewing the lyrics to Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire”? Are you obsessed with all of Madonna’s former flings — including the one she had with JFK Jr.? If so you’ll thrill to the second season of VH1 and Entertainment Weekly‘s World Series of Pop Culture, the on-air tournament competition that separates the nerds from the know-it-alls. The first episode of the new season airs this Sunday at 11 p.m. Before then, you can get all the skinny on the show at And you can prep by playing VH1′s World Series of Pop Culture trivia game, which is harder than you’d think, frankly, and actually makes us shout insults at our computer screens. But we’re sore losers. Are you?

Resident Film Critic: Mandy Moore


Mandy Mandy Moore is no stranger to romantic comedies. With about a dozen of them under her belt, the adorable pop star seems custom-built for the leading lady role — self-effacing, buckets of charisma and charm to spare. Having worked with the patron saints of the genre (like Hugh Grant in American Dreamz and Diana Keaton in Because I Said So), Moore’s a convert to the canon as well — "I’m the biggest fan of romantic comedies," she says. In her latest License to Wed, she plays Meg Ryan to John Krasinski’s Tom Hanks. She sat down with us to tell us a few of her favorites.

Notting Hill: "I’m just a huge Hugh Grant fan. He’s the quintessential romantic comedy leading man. I’d love to work with him again."

You’ve Got Mail: "I know that’s a random choice, and most people would say Sleepless in Seattle, but You’ve Got Mail is really sweet. I love Tom Hanks, and I love Meg Ryan. The two of them together and their chemistry — it’s just such a cute, modern idea of romance and emailing."

Annie Hall:
"It’s the best romantic comedy ever made. I saw it for the first time recently, like two years ago. It’s a miracle."

Something’s Gotta Give
: "I’m the biggest Diane [Keaton] fan. She’s incredible, in her quirky self-deprecating way, and she’s so beautiful, and that movie was hilarious and heart-warming. She’s the best. It doesn’t get any better."

Oh No They Didn’t: Friday’s Review Rage


Every week we round up selections from the funniest, most obscene and brutal film criticism out there so that you don’t waste your cash at the theaters and laugh a little at Hollywood’s expense. This week: Mandy Moore and John Krasinski are going to have to disappear for awhile before they can be forgiven for the unmitiagted disaster that is License to Wed.

"Sometimes, unfunny romantic comedies are redeemed, at least in part, by a winning love story. Unfortunately, Borat is more romantic than License to Wed." — ReelViews

"Do you solemnly swear to forsake all laughter for as long as this film shall last? Do you vow to be faithful to it through the bad jokes and the worse jokes? Do you swear not to covet your multiplex neighbor’s laughs while he enjoys Knocked Up?" — The New York Post

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Friday: Mariah Ready to Rock the Big Screen; Angelina Says No to Freebies


Lindsay’s New Man’s Famous Roots
The rehabbing starlet was spotted flirting with a new guy at a July 4th BBQ, and the hottie with super ripped abs has been identified as A.J. Lamas, the actor son of 80′s soap opera hunk Lorenzo Lamas. [X17]

Kelly: My Ex Dated Me for Fame
In a new interview, Clarkson reveals that her ex-boyfriend cheated on her and used her in an attempt to gain fame. He probably learned his lesson once he heard "Since U Been Gone." [JustJared]

Mariah: New Movie Gets Major Props
It’s been almost six years since she flopped in her movie Glitter, and now the diva is heading back to the big screen in the upcoming flick Tennessee. Sources are whispering that she is "really, really good in it." Could it be redemption at last? [NY Post]

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Reunited and It Feels So…Dramatic



Don’t forget that the Charm School reunion airs Sunday at 10/9c on VH1. We had an exclusive, all-access pass to the show when it filmed last week and while we don’t want to spoil any surprises, rest assured that beef girlgoesoff was definitely on the menu that evening. With almost the entire cast reassembled, explosions were just waiting to happen — these girls may have been forgiven for their Flavor of Love behavior, but none of them have forgotten how to hold a grudge. In fact, the clip below, which was shot after Charm School wrapped but before it aired is a nice little preview for the bickering that goes down. In it, you’ll see Larissa segregated from the rest of the group — that’s foreshadowing if there ever was.

After the jump, check out a photo of the reunion set.

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