Weekly Wrap-Up: Nikki Sixx’s Scag Stories, Michael Vick’s Dog Days, Flav’s Insult Fest


Nikki Sixx
Nikki Sixx Details His Debauchery
Diddy’s Kiddies Are Costing Him a Fortune
Remy Ma
Remy Ma Allegedly Shoots Pal Over Purse Pilferage
Rock of Love
Rock of Love: Swing On A Stripper Pole With Bret
Michael Vick
Michael Vick: Vilified for Torturing Dogs
Paris Hilton
Paris Grabs the Mic: Another Stinky CD?
Usher Tries To Put His Fans Outta Bizniz
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan: Movie Closes, Jail Looms
Flavor Flav
Flavor Flav Gets Roasted, We Live Blog It

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Leading-the-Blind Items



- On Sunday’s Rock of Love, when the girls pick up some instruments to give Bret a taste of his own Poison, will they make beautiful music together or hit a sour note?

- When Scott has the chance to fess up to a former flame about his cheating ways on Sunday’s episode of Scott Baio is 45…and Single, will he step up like a man or lie like a rug?

And don’t forget that the fourth season of Hogan Knows Best premieres Sunday with a drama-filled episode that suggests that all is not well in the Hogan household.

For more sneak peaks and clips of Rock of Love, Scott Baio is 45…and Single, and more, hit VSPOT.

50 Cent: Serving Beef



Earlier this week, New York magazine printed an interview with 50 Cent in which he sheds some light on his tendency toward beefing with…just about everybody who’s ever held a mic. When asked whether it would be worthwhile to occasionally take the higher ground and not get into petty dust-ups, Fiddy’s response is predictably along the lines of, “Nuh-uh, shawty.” Says 50:

I seen Jay-Z use those tactics countless times. He’ll just ignore the guy that’s being disrespectful. But I think a lot of them are like kids—if you don’t spank their hand and say stop, it gets worse. I think, better to give them an example of you ruining someone’s career, like I did with Ja Rule.

A man of his word, this month alone, 50 has verbally attacked Chamillionaire, Ghostface Killah and Master P (“None of those people sell records”) in this Spin interview, he’s called out Nas for being too literate (imagine a writer being a reader, too!) in XXL, and, most recently, he branded Lil Wayne a “whore.” His next trick? Releasing his long-delayed Curtis LP on the same day as Kanye West‘s Graduation (both are slated for a Sept. 11 release, if you can believe it). Institutionalized beef: innovative! As Kanye’s record is about 5,000 times more anticipated that Fiddy’s, do you think that getting his butt kicked on Soundscan will finally shut 50 up? It’s not likely, but we can hope, right? [New York / Image credit: Getty]

This Week in Celebreality



- Surreal Life wild child and former Flav flame Brigitte Nielsen has checked into rehab, her manager has confirmed. Unfortunately for us, that’s the only thing confirmed — Gitte’s manager wouldn’t say where she’s holed up or what she’s being treated for. Although, judging by her on-air antics, we could take a few guesses. TMZ.com says that she’s actually been in for a few weeks and her release is imminent. [AP/Yahoo!]

- In other Surreal Life alum, substance-related news (two in one week! imagine!), Adrianne Curry fired off a missive on her MySpace blog earlier this week at Perez Hilton’s allegation that she was smoking marijuana on an Internet radio show. In setting the record straight, however, Adrianne reveals that she isn’t. “I am PRO-MARIJUANA” she writes. “I want to vote for Barrack Obama, I think nudity is CLASSY if done in taste, I believe in God, I believe in being true to YOU, I believe that Heroin/Coke/Meth/etc is the downfall of our society, and I believe in the legalization of Mary Jane!” And the home of the brave! [Adrianne Curry's MySpace Blog]

- In even hazier news (maybe), the Hogans have put their Miami Beach pad (as seen in the third and upcoming fourth seasons of Hogan Knows Best) on the market. Now you can make their reality yours. And only for $18.9 million! [Realtor.com]

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