Ozzy, Zakk, and the Queens: Set List


Ozzy3_2 There were lots of options for Ozzy Osbourne to choose from. The metal wildman has been making music for four decades, and the number of songs he has in his pocket is huge. But for our Rock Honors show tonight, the Blizzard and his band (which includes guitarist Zakk Wylde) chose "I Don’t Wanna Stop" and "Crazy Train." A live version of "Bark At the Moon" will be available on VSPOT as well. And Queens of the Stone Age, one of modern rock’s greatest outfits, will salute their hero with a romp through "Paranoid." Don’t miss: Thursday night on VH1.



Sanjaya made a dent on the red carpet and rocked with Joe Perry, the Beatles and Bennett made it to the show, and Carrie and Kelly did their thing. But the only event that people are going to remember from tonight’s final was that the 17-year-old walked away with the top prize. Jordin Sparks beat Blake Lewis to become this year’s American Idol. More tomorrow. Maybe a whole post about Randy and Paula slow-dancing, or that Sgt Pepper’s medley…

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The Celebreality Interview – Darra



Schatar’s pissed! Darra’s pissed! Everybody’s pissed!

After being booted from Charm School this week on a technicality (because she was the partner of accused thief Schatar), Darra speaks out. During out exclusive interview with her, the feisty Flavor of Love 2 talks Schatar, her bust-up with Saaphyri and how she can allow criticism on her size roll off her back.

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Charm School Extra Credit: Truth or Dare Edition


It’s time for your weekly dose of material guaranteed to make you say, "Damn. Why ain’t they show that on TV?" It’s actually kind of amazing that the two Charm School extras below didn’t make it to air because they’re freaking golden. In the first, the girls sit around playing a good old game of truth or dare. During the course, we find out how many times a day Becky masturbates (it’s more often than you’d think!) and we get to see Schatar do her version of a stripper dance. Alluring. The real fun happens when Darra’s dared to kiss a member of the camera crew, which sends the dudes scrambling. Watch and see if an overly eager Darra ends up getting her man. In the second clip, we see Shay freak out at Brooke and Leilene for choosing Schatar and Darra to share in the Forever 21 shopping spree, instead of Saaphyri, who could have really used the extra clothes after donating all of hers. "I’m not drama, bitch, but I will bring it if you want me to," Shay tells the camera. Maybe the massive drama was too much for this week’s tear-filled episode?

Most notable about this clip is that Larissa is there for the entire duration of Shay’s throwdown and says not a word. Larissa, capable of tact? Whoever would have thought?!

Celebrity Fit Club Bonus!

Watch uncensored highlights from this week’s episode below. Admit it: you can get enough of the swear words.

The Triumphant Return of Slim Shady


Em_whiteyThe Shady One is back in the studio. After establishing himself in the pantheon of the singly-named pop stars and selling millions of records, Eminem all but disappeared for two years, popping up only to re-marry (and divorce) his ex-wife and guest on Akon‘s record. But all that’s over now, as Em pal 50 Cent told Blender that Slim is back in the studio, working on new material. "He’s got a new album coming. He’s not gonna tell people that, but he’s making new music. I’ve heard a few songs, and it’s hot. He won’t tell nobody he’s working on a new album, but I’ll tell you: he’s working on new music."

Blog Best-Of: Shay’s Shoot-Down


Shay_links- I’m sad to report that Charm School‘s Shay and Andre 3000 are not dating. I’m sorry, Miss Johnson. [Crunk + Disorderly]

- Mischa Barton openly smokes a joint in public. Way to rub it in our faces that you’re rich and underemployed, Meesh. [CityRag]

- Tyra Banks trolls around in a form-fitting beige overcoat. Go-go Gadget Botox! [Cake & Ice Cream]

- The Sex and the City movie inches its way toward becoming a reality. By the time this thing gets made, the stars will be so old that they’ll have to call it Sex and Senility. [Dlisted]

- Janet Jackson lands on the cover of Us again for keeping off that 60 extra lbs. she rocked over a year ago. Wow, she kept off weight. Whoo hoo. Someone give her a freaking cookie or something. [Sandra Rose]

Tour Survival Guide: Arctic Monkeys



Now and then our Tour Survival Guide will check in with rockers about life on the road. Here’s Arctic Monkeys‘ Nick O’Malley and Matt Helders on Gary Coleman and the perils of Chinese food.

Judging Books by Covers Since 2006
Matt Helders: When we first started, we used to ask for a novel. We didn’t get any good ones. We never read them, but they just looked crap.

Gary Coleman’s a Fan
Nick O’Malley: [On the rider] we used to ask for a cardboard cutout of a different person. We wanted Gary Coleman. They [actually] made one in England — they just got a cardboard cutout of Yoda, and stuck [Gary Coleman]‘s face on. We asked for Steve Irwin, but he’s dead now, so it’s not funny.

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Fiddy’s Circus Life


070523_50cent Love him or hate him, it’s hard to deny that 50 Cent is ringmaster of the rap circus right now, thanks to all of the lunacy swirling around him.

For instance, only a "complex" MC like Fiddy could release album artwork that’s as somber as this, yet simultaneously make the sophomorically sexual "Amusement Park" the album’s first video (watch). Don’t want to watch? Just envision "Cherry Pie" with beats.

His "art" aside, 50 the showman recently put the beef smackdown on a boxer-wearing Cam’ron. Curtis responded to Cam’s recent desperate poolside salvo by saying the Dipset dandy was "delusional" and "shouldn’t be in front of no camera with Daisy Dukes on."

So does 50′s posturing work? Well, a panicky MIMS recently denied saying that 50 should be jealous of him (HIMS?), and went out of his way to kiss Fiddy’s butt from overseas. "I respect (50 Cent’s) work and his ambition and also his business methods," the Zune-peddling MC told SOHH.

That Ohno Dude Can Dance!!



We knew he could skate – Apolo Anton Ohno earned himself an Olympic gold medal, donchaknow (take that, you Blades of Glory bastards). But we didn’t know he would be a more graceful and energetic mover than a guy from ‘NSync or Norm from Cheers. Last night on Dancing With the Stars, Ohno became the top dawg, leaving Joey Fatone and all the others in the dust.

Is he the contestant you thought would win? What do you think of the victory?

Where in the World Isn’t Nicole Richie?


The five people in the world who actually like Nicole Richie (and aren’t paying attention to her in anticipation of pain, suffering and congestive heart failure) can breathe a sigh of relief: Nicole Richie is not in rehab, says her rep. The statement was released to dismiss reports from Star and National Enquirer that suggested that Nicole is currently seeking treatment for an eating disorder and substance abuse.

Whew! Close one. So Nicole Richie isn’t in rehab. You know where else she probably isn’t?


In a deep fryer. Clogs the pores, and that’s to say nothing of the fat content. A guided tour of more places where Nicole Richie isn’t continues after the jump…

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