Whitney + Ray J = $ for Superhead


Whitney gives Ray J headHip-hop blabbermouth/career opportunist Karrine “Superhead” Steffans has confirmed what many have expected for a while: Whitney Houston is a cougar who counts Brandy’s brother/Kim Kardashian’s sex-tape partner Ray J among her conquests. Of course by “confirmed,” I mean, “wrote about it to sell books.” Same thing!

Here’s what happened, by Karrine’s account her new book The Vixen Diaries: Whitney did Ray. Ray did Karrine and told her about Whitney. Karrine didn’t do Bobby Brown but told him about the Whitney-Ray J tryst to get back at him for being an unappreciative house guest (“I could hardly wait to get the news out, to tear [Bobby's] heart apart and hurt him the way he hurt me, I wanted him to go to bed that night with the image of his wife with another man,” is how she puts it).

The final chapter is, obviously, that then Karrine told us about telling Bobby, thus hurting one man and abating the curiosity of a nation. This chain of gossip is awfully high school-ish, which may be Karrine’s greatest public service yet: you can thank her for making you feel years younger today. [New York Daily News / Image: Getty]

Rock of Love’s Greatest Hits!



As you know, Bret Michaels likes to rock, and so did his show. Our look back at this decidedly awesome first season of Rock of Love begins with a retrospective of its songs, its greatest hits, if you will. We’ve collected and uploaded our favorite Rock of Love original recordings for your cackling pleasure. Many of these have an outsider-art ethic, thanks to the nature of one episode’s songwriting challenge — sometimes non-musicians who are put on the spot and forced to write a song make the best music of all.

And then there are those who took the initiative to create their own sounds. Who could forget Magdalena‘s phone-sex ode to “Brettay,” or Rodeo‘s rhapsodizing about that mythical rainbow of never-ending love? We’ve also included the show’s theme song (hey, did you know that Bret will let you touch his backstage pass? Do you understand how amazing that is? He’ll let you touch his backstage pass!) and a special message from Tiffany, which, while technically not a song, is still music to our ears.

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Finns Storm the Disco – Who’s the Indian?


If these dudes only had some infield rakes and a sense of pinstripe choreography, they could be part of the Yankees’ 7th inning grounds crew staff.

As one of the YouTube commentors so perfectly put it: “Chitalada , tää on iha silkalla huumorilla tehty, ei nyh nii tosissaa tarvii ottaa.”

When was the last time you played “YMCA”?

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A Fine Frenzy Hits TV Tonight


A Fine Frenzy
Lots of singers have tried their hands at acting; lots of singers have their songs used in TV shows. But not all that many work in front of the camera while their tunes are wafting through the background of a show. That makes A Fine Frenzy somewhat unique – something we’ve been telling you for a couple months now.

Alison Sudol, the pianist-singer who goes by the name A Fine Frenzy, makes her acting debut on CSI:NY tonight at 10 pm EST. The cops find blood on the Statue of Liberty’s crown, and a vigilante tries to murder a musician; as the plot unfolds, AFF’s “Almost Lover” and “Last of Days” help set the show’s tone. Has she got the chops to hold her own with Gary Sinise and company? You tell us.

And if you feel like catching her live, here’s a list of tour dates to mull over.

Who’s your favorite singer-actor?

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Everyone’s Invited to Britney’s Pit Stop


Watch this video and you may feel a little bad for Britney Spears. Girl has to pee, runs into her local Quiznos, and ends up with a gajillion cameras in her face and dudes falling over tables as she tries to leave. But here’s the weird thing – she appears to have invited one of the cameramen into the bathroom with her. Weird? Yes. Creepy? Yes. Insane? Yes. Britney’s so effing predictable, it hurts! The way she does things these days, it’d be weirder if she peed in a clean bathroom in the privacy of her own home with no one watching. [IDLYITW]

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Paris Hilton to Invade Rwanda


paris_rwanda.jpgPeople of Rwanda!

Let this blog post be a warning to you (er, pending that you have internet access and all). A dangerous, possibly disease-filled monster, Paris Hilton, is coming to your country to “bring more attention to what people can do to help” you. But she will not do this by putting an end to the war and poverty your country has experienced!

Whatever tables you have she will dance on them! She will strip off the clothes you give her! She will have relations with your sexiest young men and then talk a lot of crap about your women – all while filming it so that she may leak it on the internet later. This monster does not care that only “41 percent of the population has easy access to safe drinking water,” she will guzzle it all down and then laugh in your face! Lock up your food when she asks for In-n-Out Burger or Taco Bell. These are code words for “I’m going to eat all the food you have, bitches!”

If you see size 11 footprints in the ground, she has arrived. Run in the opposite direction. She moves in luxury vehicles and can be fast – often sending tiny dogs to track you down. Most importantly, do not call anything “hot.” This is her signal that you want to be BFF, and she will never leave.

Look out.

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Ashlee Simpson’s Personality Disorder


ashlee_simpsonThe biggest difference between pop stars and us? When pop stars create alter egos, it’s “artistic” and they end up selling records. When we do? It’s “crazy” and we end up eating out of garbage cans. Go figure. The latest pop star in the long, illustrious line to credit her alter ego on her new album? That younger, stringy-haired Simpson lass Ashlee. “You will know when Vicky is in the room,” says Simpson of her wilder side, Vicky Valentine. Ashlee’s been hard at work on her latest, due out in November, which features songs like “Murder” (sample lyric: “I’ve got a monkey on my back, get it off/…I get away with murder”) and “Ragdoll,” in which Simpson tells the story of an abusive lover. “Rulebreaker,” hovewever, is all Vicky Valentine. “”She’s tough. You don’t want to mess with her.”

So who else has a dark side? Check out our list of Rock’s Alter Egos.

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Kiefer Sutherland is Drunk – Again


Jack Bauer may torture people and stuff, and sure he gets hooked on heroin to solve national crimes. But does he get sloshed and then drive around? Doubtful – not even if the survival of mankind depended on it! He’s just not that kind of guy. But guess what – Kiefer Sutherland is! He was arrested Tuesday morning for failing a sobriety test, and may be in some serious trouble as he’s already on probation for another DUI – bringing his total DUI count up to four. Hopefully Kiefer will channel his inner-Bauer to get out of this mess (kinda like he does in the above video clip). He may not be above the law, but the character he plays on TV is. It’s pretty much the same thing! [Mollygood]

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Wednesday: J. Lo’s Water Works


jlo092607.jpgJ. Lo Weeps at Bronx School Visit
The singer got all teary-eyed visiting her old elementary school. Sounds like someone’s feeling a bit hormonal…we wonder why? [Us Weekly]

Paris Goes Champagne Crazy in NYC
The starlet and her new boyfriend found themselves with thirteen free bottles of champagne sent over by fans at two NYC clubs. Guess Paris is even more fun to stare at when she’s hammered. [NY Post]

Pam’s Bad Behavior Worries Pals
The MILF is partying super hard with new boyfriend (and Paris’ sex tape partner) Rick Solomon by her side. We hope her kids are watching and learning! [NY Post]

The Hills’ Heidi Admits Implants

It only took her six months to reveal what we already knew – her boobs are as fake as her engagement to Spencer. [Us Weekly]

X-Tina Shows Off Big Baby Bump
Christina’s not even trying to hide her growing belly anymore, which only makes it less fun to talk about. [X17]