Blog Best-Of: Paula’s Pain


Paula_links- Paula Abdul slurs her way through a news segment in which she attempts to explain how she broke her nose. The moral? More injuries mean more painkillers for Paula mean more fun for us! [Best Week Ever]

- Imagine the most ill-fitting, pit-stained dress in the world. Now imagine it in teal and you’re thinking of what Jennifer Hudson wore on stage recently. Dreamgirl, wake up. [Crunk + Disorderly]

- Courtney Love puts a new spin on an old Molly Ringwald favorite. Scary in pink…isn’t she? [Dlisted]

- Can Sharon Stone‘s breast fit in a wine glass? Only one way to find out! [CityRag]

- Paris Hilton‘s nipples poke through her dress, silently protesting their imprisonment. Paris should take note. [Egotastic!]

Watch & Learn: T.I.’s “Big Things Poppin’”


Watch & Learn: We peep a video and come up with five things nobody knew about the artist.

Evidently, there’s only one rapper alive that’s got game over T.I. … and that’s his devilish alter-ego, T.I.P. The first video from the MC’s upcoming album T.I. vs. T.I.P. is all about the trek from the tour bus to the stage, and it offers a few revelations. Here’s what we learned from watching "Big Things Poppin’":

- The secret to T.I.’s ripped physique? Pushup contests with his alter-ego, snitches!

- When T.I. holds his tricked-out cellie just so, the Nokia imprint flashes real bright. Lil’ logos poppin’, and big sponsor bucks droppin’ …

- T.I. likes white people. How do we know? Autograph for a skinny-ass nerd on the way to the stage, snitches! (T.I.P.’s take on white folk? T.B.D.)

- Ben "Starsky" Stiller just might be an uncredited feature on this track. Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!

- The subconscious point of the video? To prove that T.I. can play a show without getting water balloons hucked at him.

Porn Doppelgangers: From Katee Holmes to Tyra Banxxx


According to the New York Post, there’s a new girl on the porn scene and she’s channeling Katie Holmes. An 18-year-old vixen who plans to lose her virginity on film has dubbed herself Katee Holmes, infuriating Mrs. Tom Cruise‘s rep. “It’s a really cheap shot,” says the flak. “Katee is using the name as a tribute to Katie, who has always portrayed an innocence in everything she’s done, beginning with Dawson’s Creek.”

Publicist says “tribute,” I say, “cheap angle.” Because seriously…


…this girl looks nothing like Katie, which is kind of dire because the name is all she’ll have going for after her first flick. Because, really, once you’ve been deflowered on-screen, the whole innocent routine is kinda like a condom. You can’t really use it again.

Katee is just about the exception to the rule, though — most porn celebrity doppelgangers do a far better job of channeling their source material. After the jump, we go through the porno equivalents of Mariah Carey, Anna Nicole, Janet Jackson and Tyra Banks

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Evanescence Singer Strikes Back


EvanescAmy Lee‘s back from her honeymoon, and she’s pissed. Writing on her band’s official message board, Evanescence‘s lead singer is finally discussing the departure of her former bandmates. After two weeks away, Lee says she returned home to find "I was unable to defend myself for a week and was taken advantage of quite a bit." Lee then shares with her fans her version of Rocky Gray and John LeCompte‘s departure, claiming they were "miserable" and planning to leave, and that she simply relieved them of their duties a little sooner than they’d anticipated. "I treated both John and Rocky with nothing but kindness and respect, and I got nothing but jealousy and resentment in return…I love this band too much to see it driven into the ground." This is not the first time the band’s had some personnel issues. In 2003 LeCompt took over after co-founder Ben Moody suddenly quit, due to a rift with Lee.

Stapp Attacks Wife With Orangina Bottle!


Stapp_2 Former Creed frontman Scott Stapp spent yesterday night in jail following a domestic complaint filed by his wife Jaclyn, a former Miss New York, on Monday morning. According to The Orlando Sentinel, Stapp returned home at around 8 a.m. on Monday after a night out partying with friends. When his wife asked him if he’d been using drugs, she claims he threw an Orangina bottle at her. He doesn’t dispute this business with the bottle, but says that it landed at her feet and that it wasn’t aimed at her. His lawyer told the press, "The allegations are not accurate. He’s sad the allegations were lodged." Stapp was charged with misdemeanor assault and ordered to have no contact with his wife, nor to enter his home except to use the recording studio there. So the judge almost got the sentence right.

Will Paula Smell The Winner?



Don’t expect her to jump up and down with both fists pumping the air tonight on American Idol. Paula Abdul might be going a bit slower than usual because of her broken nose. Guess she was chasing down her Chihuahua and tripped. You make the call: bandage or no bandage on-air?

Genesis: Set-List, Tour Dates, and Reissues



When our Rock Honors bash premieres on Thursday night, it will be the first time in many years that lots of Genesis fans are able to see their heroes on stage. So the quesion is, what tunes are they tackling? The mid-80s line-up of Tony Banks, Phil Collins, and Mike Rutherford have a unique rapport, and their spins through "No Son of Mine" and "Turn It On Again" should whet the appetite of anyone planning on seeing them when their world tour brings them to America in the fall. Those fans will also get a kick out of Keane‘s marvelous salute to the veterans with an update of "That’s All."

Those familiar with the superb remastering job that the Rhino label does might want to celebrate the band’s 40th anniversary with the far-reaching, 12-disc Genesis collection, 1976-1982. Between a wealth of rarities and the enhanced sound, it’s hard to resist. Speaking of rarities, check VSPOT in the next couple of days to see the on-line only performance of "Los Endos."

What’s your fave Genesis tune?

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Blake vs Jordin: Pick the Winner!


Idol_finalist_2 Blake’s often pitchy, and when misapplied, that beatbox thing of his can be way stale. Jordin is sometimes wooden, and has a deer-in-the-headlights vibe when she chooses the wrong material. So…what songs are they going to sing tomorrow night, what’s with the rumours that Wednesday’s two-hour finale will feature a big slice of ponyhawk, and which of the two finalists is destined to make a mediocre CD later this year? Does it even matter? Your guess is as good as ours. Let everyone know your opinion.

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