Lindsay Masters Man-Stealing in Rehab


lilo1017.jpgNo man? No problem! Not for Lindsay Lohan, who nabbed not one – but two taken guys while in rehab! You may recall the tale of the married man Linds supposedly shacked up with at Cirque Lodge, a romance which has since led to his wife divorcing him. Once that old guy was given the boot, Lindsay satiated her sexual appetite with Riley Giles, a 25-year old fellow patient and snowboarder. The actress has announced him as her boyfriend and has been seen toting him around like a Balenciaga bag. Alas, Riley was supposedly ENGAGED to someone else when he entered rehab, and blew off his fiancee, Bree Tierney, off by not returning her calls. Dissed and dismissed!

So the next time you find yourself single and in a pinch, take a couple hints on how to pick men from the home wrecking expert, Ms. Maneating Lohan:

1. The more taken the guy is, the better! Make sure he at least has given a lady a ring making their relationship official.
2. Kids? Kool! This means he’s probably thinks he doesn’t get laid enough and will gladly do whatever he can to unzip your J Brand jeans.
3. Always beat one addiction with another. Sexing up another gal’s guy will only make your attempt to kick the nose candy easier – and more enjoyable.
4. When people start accusing you of taking their men, just talk to the tabloids! They’ll straighten everything out for you AND pay you money (which you once could’ve used to buy blow. Sigh.)

Fellow Man Stealers – share your tips here! What’s the best way to dabble with another lady’s dude and get away with it? [Getty]

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Wednesday: Ellen Barks While Her Fans Bite


ellen1017.jpgEllen’s Pup Problems Escalate
She may have wept openly on her show yesterday, but Ellen’s flack has apparently been playing a little dirty with the dog agency in question, whose president is now receiving death threats. [NYP]

Hills Stars Spencer & Heidi Get Hacked
Hackers allegedly broke into the couple’s respective blogs and posted confessions, claiming that they leaked the sex tape rumors about co-star LC. We smell two idiots orchestrating a super-smart publicity stunt! [People]

Pics: Pam Anderson’s White Wedding
Hurray! It’s the first pic from Pam’s Vegas wedding and – big surprise – she looks like she does all the time. Tiny skirt, big hair and massive boobs say matrimony to us! [Ok!]

Brit Bashes her Custody Judge
The worst mom in LA was overheard ragging on the judge in her court case. That’s the way to get those babies back, girl! [Us]

Lindsay Drops By Favorite LA Haunts
She’s backkkkkk. Linds did a little shopping yesterday on Robertson Blvd. surrounded by a posse of paparazzi. And here we thought she had kicked her addiction to attention. [DListed]

The Hills: Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag Love a Good Sex Tape Scandal



You did it. No, you did it! No, Brody did it! No, Spencer did it – I am sure of it! Let me ask – if Jen Bunney is soooooo interested in who spread the sex tape rumor about Lauren and Jason, could she have possibly been the one to start it all? Eh. Who cares – it’s wayyyy more fun to just blame Spencer.

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Blog Best-Of: Cheezy’s Confession


cheezy_links.jpg- Cheezy talks about last night’s episode of I Love New York: “My apologies for causing drama.” Apologies? For causing drama? This is reality TV! Clearly he’s out of his element. [I Love To Watch]

- Clay Aiken is set to join the Broadway cast of Spam-a-Lot. Surely, it will be very strange for him, as a straight man, to work in the gay-populated world of New York theater. [Dlisted]

- Tara Reid proclaims herself better than other celebutards as a new round of drunk photos of her emerge. I’d call her a hypocrite, but that word’s probably too big for her to understand. [CityRag]

- Angelina Jolie cuts her hair for a role. Bad move, Angie. Now where are you going to store all your kids? [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]

- Bobby Brown hits the stage just days after his heart-attack-not-heart-attack. You just can’t stop a moving trainwreck, you know? [Crunk + Disorderly]

Ellen DeGeneres Adds Heartbreak to Our Afternoon


Comedian Ellen DeGeneres broke down into tears this morning on her talk show as she was explaining the story of a dog that she and her partner, Portia de Rossi, had adopted: After training the puppy to live with the couple’s cats, it seems that they found Iggy too high-energy to be compatible with their old pets. They decided to give the dog to her hairdresser, whose two daughters became attached to it. Unfortunately, according to the adoption agreement Ellen had signed, donating the animal was a violation, and so Iggy was repossessed, which made some little girls very unhappy. In this clip Ellen pleas for the dog to be returned to the girls. This isn’t exactly above-the-fold news, but she’s so clearly distraught that she lends this little clip high-impact sentiment. But by the same token, do you think owners should be allowed to exchange pets without anyone providing oversight? After the jump, check pictures of celebrities and their dogs in happier moments. Note: Michael Vick not included.

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Regina Spektor: Red Lipstick & On-Stage Burps



Our Tour Survival Guide checks in with rockers about life on the road. Here’s Regina Spektor on honey, belching and her Russian-Jewish immune system.

Code Name: Lady Danger
I always have my favorite red lipstick on before I go onstage — It’s MAC and the color is Lady Danger. It’s awesome because it’s super bright red. It’s very spy-ish. No matter how I feel before every show I put it on and then I’m [ready] –- it’s my “OK now I’m going to play my show” moment. It really changes everything.

An Army of Squeezy Bears
I could eat a bowl of honey. I drink hot water with honey, tea with honey, eat a teaspoon of honey. It really helps the throat, and it’s delicious. I try not to get the really crappy honey, I try to get organic. But I like all kinds -– the squeezy bears are really fun because they’re so cute. When I come back from tour, because I have so many honey bears from the rider, I have an entire army of them on my refrigerator, with different levels of honey in each one.

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Fiddy: Listen, Don’t Listen to Me



50 Cent spoke to high school students in Bridgeport, Conn., on Friday and basically told them not to believe things he’s said in the past. Implicit in his presentation, of course, is that they should totally believe him now. Confusing! Anyway here’s a rundown of the myths 50 debunked:

On cops: “I say in one of my songs I hate cops. I don’t hate cops. But I am expressing the feelings of a young boy who sees the cops take his brother away, and hates them for it.”

On drugs: “I don’t do drugs. That was who I was, but I changed direction. My music reflects the early part of my life.”

On his feud with Kanye West: He called it a marketing ploy, explaining, “His label and my label are both owned by Universal Music Group.”

He didn’t address his pre-release claim that he’d quit hip-hop if Kanye outsold him, but we can probably this up to yet another 50 Cent tall tale. In fact, if there’s one thing this talk of his taught us to believe, it’s that he really can’t be believed.

Some tech-savvy student took the video below at the event — in this portion, 50 talks about Britney Spears and why names will never hurt him. Words! Who needs’ em? [The Connecticut Post Online via mtv / Image credit: Getty]


T.I.’s Family Drama Goes Beyond Guns


tinyti1016.jpgT.I.‘s little gun party has turned into disaster for his whole family – or they were already headed in that direction all along. Follow this:

  • His on again-off again gal pal (and baby mama, pictured) Tiny Cottle was arrested alongside her man on Saturday night, for possession of weed and ecstasy.
  • What is most alarming is not necessarily the charges against her, but that she is allegedly pregnant with T.I.’s baby! Knocked up and f*cked up?! Oh Shizz!
  • The pair already have a kid together, 3-year old King, who was home at the time of the raid (ATF guys stormed the rapper’s house, broke down doors and windows and chucked stun grenades inside) and was apparently traumatized by the ordeal. The little one supposedly has gone with Tiny to visit his daddy in jail, where the first thing he did was apologize. We smell one screwed up kid ready to grow up!
  • T.I.P.’s been denied bail and will not be able to request it again until Friday.

So when is Daddy gonna get out, head home, and make it all better? [Getty]