The Hills: Spencer Dumps Brody, Lauren Hooks Up & Justin Bobby Talks Crazy



Things sure got ugly on this week’s episode of The Hills. Spencer dumped Brody and grew a goatee, Heidi and Jen Bunney bickered about Lauren, Justin Bobby continued to rip out Audrina’s heart while talkin’ nonsense, and Whitney appeared onscreen for two seconds to make THIS face. Ugly, indeed!
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The Rock Life Recap, Episode 7


Rainbow!Tensions in the band flare as Rainbow’s ego outgrows the band’s success, and the band’s inability to get a deal proves a constant source of frustration for Cisco. After a particularly difficult show, Cisco slices into Rainbow, giving him some “constructive criticism” that doesn’t sound the least bit constructive. “This ain’t a party,” Cisco says, which is fairly ironic, considering that the past several episodes have looked very much like a party.

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Boys to Men: Mission: Man Band Episode 5 Recap


Mission: Man Band
Fame is a cruel mistress, but the anticipation of fame can be a real deal-breaker. When Bryan‘s wife Kim came to visit the Man Band house, she found herself surrounded by the 14 beautiful female dancers the men were auditioning for their performance at Miami nightclub Mansion. Despite how fit, toned and tanned everyone appeared, it wasn’t pretty. Kim’s jealousy manifested in a massive load of guilt for Bryan. The fewer clothes on the back-up dancers, the more guilt for our beleaguered Man Bander.

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VH1 & Perez Hilton Join Forces for VMAs


Uber-blogger Perez Hilton is bringing his sass, style and celebrity dirt to VH1 in a new special What Perez Sez…About the VMAs, premiering on Tuesday, September 11th at 9PM. Tune in to find out what the “Queen of All Media” has to say about the MTV Video Music Awards and the hoopla that surrounds the show. Perez will address the night’s best outfits, antics and performances – from the stars who rocked it to the celebs who should have stayed home. Only on VH1!

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Hulk Speaks About Nick’s Crash: He’s Going to Be Okay



Last week we brought you the news that Hulk Hogan‘s 17-year old son Nick was in a serious car accident in Florida. Now Hulk is speaking out to The Insider about the accident that left Nick with “a broken arm and a broken rib and some stuff wrong with his knees.” With Nick’s friend and passenger John Graziano still in critical condition, Hulk revealed that his son is “living at the hospital with John. He’s going to be okay and John’s going to be okay and we’re going to move forward.”

Check out video of Hulk’s moving statement and leave your messages of support for the Hogan and Graziano families here. [Image: Getty]

30 Rock’s Kenneth: Charm School Fiend


30 Rock - Jack McBrayer Jack McBrayer has just returned New York after spending a chunk of time in Hawaii, working on Judd Apatow’s forthcoming Forgetting Sarah Marshall. He says it was the best gig ever. “I’ll tell you what. I was up at 9, and by 10 I was on the beach with a Corona Light in my hand. It was like a month-long Corona commercial.”

If you can’t picture 30 Rock’s naïve page Kenneth with a beer, you’ve tacitly given McBrayer a compliment. Bobbing and weaving with Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, and Tracy Morgan on the NBC comedy, the Georgia native brings a blend of innocence and jutzpah to his role of bumpkin-in-the-big-city. Along with other titles 30 Rock’s first season is now out on DVD. We spoke with McBrayer about Kenneth and the rest of the cast.

VH1: Tracy Morgan is going to host VH1’s upcoming Hip Hop Honors show. What should we expect?

JM: Oh my god. You’ve seen the episode of 30 Rock where he has to host “The Source Awards,” right? He’s wild as usual. I love working with him. It’s like having a kid brother – and I’ve never even had a kid brother. I’m actually going to see him this Saturday – we have a publicity thing to do. It will be like a homecoming – a very dysfunctional ghetto homecoming.

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The Rock Life Recap, Episode 6


RainbowWho knew a VH1 reality show could demonstrate the ever-widening class distinctions plaguing America? Who suspected that that widening chasm could be so typified by struggling (but not financially) upstart band Whitestarr? I did. In this episode, Rainbow struggles with feeling like a fish out of water. He doesn’t have a gorgeous mansion in Malibu, Mischa Barton for a girlfriend, or Roy Orbison for a dad. In fact, he doesn’t even have a house. His girlfriend supports him and he lives in a bus in Cisco’s driveway. To make matters worse, Rainbow even had to take a job – teaching kids to rock. The humanity.

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Tuesday: Chris Brown Sexes Up The Stage, Brit Blings Out


chrisbrown090407.jpgChris Brown’s Big Sexy Stage Moves
We love this pic of the singer grinding with a large lady fan on his lap at a concert in NYC this weekend. Size means nothing when it comes to sexy dancin’! [TMZ]

Usher: Desperate for a Son
The newly married star reveals that he wants his soon-to-be born baby to be a boy so he can name him Usher (the fifth). Sounds like a good name, but will his control-freak wife let him have his way? [Us Weekly]

Brad Pitt Tackled by Crazy Fan
The super dad looks surprised in this video when he realizes the crazy lady grabbing onto his neck isn’t an angry Jennifer Aniston. [TMZ]

Brit: Rockin’ an Engagement Ring
Britney may be getting a lot of s**t for wearing a big rock on her engagement ring finger this weekend, but we totally get what she’s saying. She’s married to herself, ya’ll! Isn’t she lucky? [NYP]

Gisele’s Inappropriate Baby Gift
“The Body” tried to be nice to boyfriend Tom Brady’s ex Bridget Moynahan, purchasing a $1000 gift basket for the actress and her new son, fathered by Brady. Too bad a onesie with “Supermodel” written across it was included in the goodies. Gisele just can’t stop rubbin’ it in! [NYDN]

New York’s New Look



Admittedly, New York’s new look isn’t very different from her old one. She’s rocking new hair, a firmer bod and her breast implants look more…settled. That’s something, at least. The shot above is the first official promo shot for I Love New York 2, which is set to debut Oct. 8 on VH1. We bring it to you first and there’s more — check the gallery below for exclusive shots from the first episode. At the very least, do yourself the favor of checking out the nails Sister Patterson’s rocking. Clearly, the woman aims to terrify.

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The Pick-Up Artist- Episode 5 – Recap


Holla back boy!

We’re naming Pradeep our Pick Up Artist of the week, given his meteoric game in this episode. We hate to admit it, but we were kind of impressed. But doesn’t the guy still probably want to head home? Let’s just say we wouldn’t shed a tear (like some other guys we know) if he packed his bags for good next week. He may have macked that chick at the coffee shop, but his moves – and stories – were way creepy.
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