Friday: The Beckhams Take LA by Storm; Paris Lets Someone Else Do The Driving


The Beckhams Arrive in LA in Style
The British super family officially arrived in Los Angeles last night to take the city by storm with their soccer moves and skinny jeans. We can’t wait to criticize their every move. [NY Post]

Brit: No Lovin’ from Bodyguard?
After reports that the pop star and her bodyguard were getting cozy, a source close to the mysterious Daimon says there’s no love between the two. He’s just there to protect Britney and watch her kids -sounds like the perfect man! [People]

James Blunt Sold Sister on eBay?
Yep, the sensitive rocker claims that he sold his sister on eBay to help her get to a funeral in Ireland. Even weirder – the winner of the auction not only flew his sis to the ceremony, but they started dating and are marrying this summer. Brits be crazy! [People]

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Jessica Simpson: Changing Faces?


When asked about plastic surgery in the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Jessica Simpson replies, "I’ve had none."

Uh, yeah. Not really buying that one. Credit where it’s due, though, she specifically says her boobs are real.

That’s plausible, unless she got them done when she was, like, 20. Although given her father: maybe.

[USA Today / Image credit: Getty]

Blog Best-Of: Bobby’s Boozing


Bobby_links- Bobby Brown has reportedly fallen off the wagon. Now, to capitalize on it, all he needs is a reality TV crew and Whitney Houston back in his life. Go get ‘em, Bobbay! [Dlisted]

- Penelope Cruz looks good without makeup. You know what that means: more lipstick for Salma! [CityRag]

- Eve is rumored to have been spotted with a female prostitute. If this is true, I’m leaving planet Earth: I don’t want to live in a world in which someone as hot as Eve has to p-pay-pay for vajayjay. [CONCRETELOOP]

- Claire Daines is headed for Broadway. I’m headed in the opposite direction. Funny how that works. [Celebitchy]

- Charm School‘s Mo’Nique and a few big girls don body paint to promote Mo’Nique’s F.A.T. Chance. A two-ton vat of peanut butter wouldn’t be ready for this jelly. [Crunk + Disorderly]

Paris Wants You in Her Pants


Self-described "business woman" Paris Hilton is about to launch a new venture: her own jean line. That’s right, soon we’ll all be able to get into Paris’ pants – for a price. The heiress reportedly met with Macy’s yesterday to discuss the project, and apparently they were thrilled with the collection. The best part is – items from her line have already debuted. Remember those dark skinny jeans Paris wore as she paraded out of the clink? Yup, you guessed it – directly from The Paris Hilton House of Hot Denim (not really the line’s name). See, she hasn’t changed a bit – never a wasted opportunity with this one. If you need hair extensions, you should probably also check out Hilton’s new line of fake locks. All you need is a bad case of claustrophobia and a bag of pot and you’ll look just like Paris!

Don’t Mess with T.I.


He may have the number one record on this week’s Billboard Top 200, but don’t think that makes T.I. any more relaxed. The hip hop star was in the middle of a performance at an ESPY Awards pre-party in Los Angeles on Tuesday and when a fan got in his way, he struck – literally. After a cup was thrown at the rapper he apparently jumped offstage and barged out into the audience, where he popped the culprit in the face with his mic. Stars such as Hilary and Haylie Duff were in attendance, and it would have been so much more exciting had one of them been the cup thrower. That mic smack could’ve been like a free nose job! Check out the pic on the right taken just a day after the tussle at the awards show. T.I. sure does clean up real good post-brawl. [TMZ]

Courtney Celebrates 43 by Trashing Hotel


Alterna-mistress and original riot grrrl Courtney Love turned 43 in London this week, and celebrated her birthday by trashing her room at the Covent Garden Hotel. That’s right: She’s 43. And she trashed her hotel room. An "insider" told ITV News: "Staff said the room was left in a right state — like a wild animal had been let loose in there. She has used the place as an ashtray with butts strewn about and burn marks all over the bed, carpet and upholstery. I feel sorry for whoever had to clean it up." Nice going, Court. You’ve certainly become the poster-child for maturity. If you, dear readers, can’t get enough of her, check the disturbingly lucid inteview footage above. It’s fascinating in that plastic-surgery-disaster sort of way.

Moz: Madonna Is Murder?


MozIf this was 1988, this would be the biggest news story ever: Former Smiths frontman Morrissey (and vehement vegetarian) slammed fur-loving pop star Madonna, claiming Madge adopted her son, two-year-old orphan David Banda, in order to make a jacket out of him. “I wouldn’t be surprised if she [Madonna] made that African boy into a coat and wore him…for 15 minutes, and then threw it away,” said the famously dyspeptic singer. In the past, Moz has gone after his own band, George Michael and David Bowie, as well as mope rock king Robert Smith. Smith famously committed to eating meat, simply because Morrissey doesn’t. Way to gather support, Moz.

Only the Strong Survive: World Series of Pop Culture Recap


And now, a special dispatch from World of Pop blogger Mark Graham:

Back in February, over 10,000 people tested their Pop Culture Intelligence Quotient (PCIQ) at Of all those entrants, three complete strangers were chosen to compete in the 2007 World Series of Pop Culture for their extremely high scores and trivia fortitude. Tod, Kyle and Lucien are the savants that make up Almost Perfect Strangers 2.0. In the first match of last night’s competition, they took on the Truffle Shuffles (pictured above, hailing from New York, by way of Florida) — and won.

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Michelle: Under Beyoncé’s Spell?



Once (and future?) Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams has leaped to the defense of Beyoncé regarding the non-issue that has arisen from‘s quip about "Beyoncé’s roboho performance getup" that the diva wore during last month’s BET Awards (in a nutshell, Al Sharpton lashed out at the paparazzi-driven mega-blog, saying its use of the word "ho" was racist and misogynistic). TMZ then pointed out that their "ho" branding was not in reference to Beyoncé, but her outfit. But don’t tell Michelle that! Said the warbler to the New York Daily News:

"It’s downright mean. You can write me word for word. What has Beyoncé done to deserve being called a ‘ho’? No one should be called a ho!"

Way to go, Michelle, running to stick up for a poor, defenseless superstar. How much do you want to bet that this is Michelle’s way of angling for a Destiny’s Child reunion. Or, at the very least, for another cameo in a Beyoncé video? Michelle can do the Naomi Campbell walk and the scissor-leg, but her biggest talent is her ability to do the ass-kiss. [New York Daily News]

A Hip Hop Legend Going Broke?


Today’s New York Post had this juicy little blind item that we couldn’t help but study for a couple of minutes:

"Which hip-hop legend is going to go broke paying child support? Besides
his known baby mamas, seven months ago, a member of his entourage gave
birth to another child of his, which was the last straw for his

So who could it possibly be? Diddy? Eminem? Snoop? Russell? What are your guesses?