Tori Amos Sings Britney a Song


Tori AmosTim‘s weighed in. Kanye‘s got an opinion. And now? Flame-haired piano humper Tori Amos has spoken out on the Britney debacle. At a September 11th concert in Melbourne, Australia, the singer coyly stated, “I have a comment…We’ve all seen it on the news,” remaining oblique enough that fans might have thought she would address the September 11th tragedies, but Amos had another tragedy in mind. She then launched into a brand new song about Britney Spears and the shambles her life has become. “Britney, they set you up/ But you drank from their cup,” Amos crooned, then sang “Well, maybe you’re a mother/ But you still need your mother.” Who knew Tori had a subscription to UsWeekly? Turns out this isn’t the first time Tori’s turned to celeb events for inspiration — she took a swipe at Lindsay Lohan in her song “I’m Not Stupid.”

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The Celebreality Interview – Brandi M.



“But really, who doesn’t suck d*** in this world?” says Brandi M., when asked about her infamous fellatio-referencing nickname. But whether you choose to call her, “B***j** Brandi,” “B.B.” or “Wild Thing,” in the interview below, Brandi proves that a rose by any other name is just as thorny. After the jump, Brandi talks about her frequent bouts with alcohol poisoning (nine times and counting!), her flip-flopping emotions on her final episode, mixing vodka with her Russian heritage and why she has all the respect in the world for strippers.

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Rock of Love: Your Weekly Forecast! (Episode 10)


And then there were three…Heather, Jes and Lacey. Still think you know what Bret Michaels wants and needs? Let us know which girl the Poison frontman will cut from the house next and which girls he’ll ask to stay. Sneak Peek Sunday’s show, then make your picks.

Which of the three remaining ladies has the best chemistry with Bret?

Brandi M. got the boot last week. Did you forecast her fall?

Which fallen girl would you like to see Bret invite back into the house?

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Oops! Britney Disses Timbaland & Justin


britney-913.jpgSo the rumors were true – Britney, her ex Justin Timberlake, and uber-producer Timbaland were set to mix it up in the studio together and make that whole Britney Comeback thing an actual reality – and a success. What could have been “the best thing that ever happened,” according to Tim, is now just a dream. “It’ll never happen,” the producer said recently. “Nah. It could’ve, but it won’t.”

So what went wrong? Apparently BritBrit got “big-headed” (of course) and “[was] like, ‘Screw you, screw you, I don’t need nobody.’” And she’s right – all she needs is an assistant, a couple of babies, an all-night party, a set of crappy extensions, a few lollipops, her ciggies, and a bottle of Southern Comfort, ya’ll. Timbaland claims Brit could still make the magic happen if she just apologized, but we know that this is one stubborn Southern girl. Just ask her estranged parents. Instead, we better just add this to the long list of Britney’s career suicide attempts. We’re scared to see what it’ll look like when she finally succeeds. [MTV. Image: Getty]

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New James Blunt CD: Good As The First?


James Blunt Interview

“It’s a great live song with a dirty, gritty feel that’s about mortality and the magic of life. We sat around the studio and captured it live, and we haven’t edited it in any way. It has a Massive Attack feel.”

That’s James Blunt describing “I’ll Take Everything.” If it seems like a stretch that the “You’re Beautiful” balladeer hears echoes of the ominous synth-soul superheroes in his tune, you don’t have to take him at his word. We’ve been streaming Blunt’s All the Lost Souls for the last few days and will continue to do so through next Tuesday – you can hear the whole CD for yourself on The Leak.

“I’ll Take Everything” isn’t the only song he describes; in Track By Track he tell us that some new tunes are about the “thirst for fame” and people “in real difficulty.” Check out the entire disc and the full interview, and let us know if you think All the Lost Souls is as good as Blunt’s first album.

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Diddy’s Got Some Chatty Baby Mamas


diddy0913.jpgAfter Diddy‘s longtime ex-girlfriend (and mother of three of his kids) Kim Porter spoke to Essence about her man’s cheating ways, Diddy’s other baby mama has stepped forward to counter Kim’s claims and tell her side of the story. Sarah Chapman, the 33-year old mother of Diddy’s other baby daughter, revealed that “[Kim] knew about my pregnancy prior to her getting pregnant. In fact, Kim and I met [Sean] at the same time.”

Sarah confirmed that the rapper, whom she remains close with, pays her monthly child support, but did not fork over $1 million as hush money. She also seems a little pissed off about the current war of words. Of Porter, she says “She threw my name in that sh*t.” She also fumes about Diddy, saying, “I’m not a superstar, he’s the superstar. He’s the person that should be out there acknowledging his child. I’m going on with my daily life and raising my child.”

Let the baby mamas drama war begin!

[SandraRose. Image: Getty]

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Ashlee’s Leaked Song Kills Your Ears


It’s apparently Leak Week here on the internet, and it looks like Ashlee Simpson is the latest pop star to have a new song sneak its way onto the web. The alleged name of her new jam is “Murder,” which is what your gonna wanna do to your ears after listening to her whiny, nasal-y voice for three minutes. Look out. [via DListed]

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Thursday: Brit Sprayed on Fake Abs for VMAs, Mary-Kate Hates Wearing Clothes


britneyspears_0912.jpgBrangelina Bolts From Big Apple
Now you see them, now you don’t. The Bran Clan jets from New York City and heads to…who knows? Disney World? Paris? The moon? They just can’t seem to settle down. [JustJared]

Britney Fakes Her Toned Abs
Reports reveal that the singer used “ab-defining spray” to give the illusion of a toned tummy. Sounds like a Criss Angel magic trick! [Us Weekly]

Eve Thirsty for Free Vodka
Eve’s booze-monitoring ankle bracelet is off, and she’s out celebrating her love of all things alcoholic out on the town. Sounds appropriate – for getting in trouble with the law again. [NYPost]

Diddy’s Diamonds Goin’ to Court

The hip hop mogul is going to court for assault and must bring his diamond rings with him, so his accuser can see if the size and shape of the jewels match his injuries bling-juries. [E Online]

Mary-Kate Olsen Runs Around Naked
The actress takes the lead over her sister in their “Which Twin is More Fun” Contest after revealing that she loves to run around her house dressed only in jewelry. [Us Weekly]

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Rock on TV – The Shortlist


gridlockd.jpgJonesing for music on your television set? You’ve come to the right place, rockers! Check out our shortlist below. For more extensive listings, read VH1’s Rock on TV schedule daily.

Gridlock’d, 12 a.m. (EST), Showtime Showcase: In one of the last junkie epics ’90s, Tupac Shakur, Tim Roth and Thandie Newton wrestle with heroin and health-care — getting off the one and getting on to the other. It’s one of the last things Tupac filmed before he died, and the film showcases his remarkable charisma. Fans of spoken-word poetry, jazz and abject melodrama, take note.

The Jimmy Kimmel Show (with Kanye West), 12:05 a.m. (EST), ABC: Chances are that Immature Little Mr. Temper Tantrum will most probably not cancel on Jimmy (the way he did earlier with a few other shows), but Kanye’s going to have to be nothing short of miraculous to win us back after all the garbage he’s spewn in the press, the trash he talked at the VMAs, and the absurd non-event that is the fight between him and 50 Cent. As an artist, Kanye’s . . . ok. As a role model, he sucks pretty hard. Don’t you think?

Owen Wilson: Buying a Sober Friend


owen0912.jpgEveryone’s favorite suicidal funny-man Owen Wilson has apparently hired a “$750-a-day sober companion” to help him stay on the wagon. Wilson’s already been to rehab twice and doesn’t feel like going back, even though he probably needs it as badly as Paris needs some dignity.

This sounds like a super fun gig but we’re already tied up. So who’s available?

  • Nicole Richie: They can go shopping for baby clothes and discuss smack addiction in between yoga sessions!
  • Dina Lohan: She was a great help to Lindsay, why not let her enable someone else?!
  • Kanye West: He canceled his entire promo tour, so what else is he gonna do?
  • Kate Hudson: What’s better than an ex-girlfriend to take your mind off of your addiction problems. Plus that gal is just totally adorable. Kinda makes you feel like stayin’ clean, doesn’t she? [Yeeeah! Images: Getty]


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