Justin Bringing Nasty Back, Too



Justin Timberlake’s upbeat attitude couldn’t get past customs, because the millionaire pop star with the gorgeous girlfriend is being nothing but rude all over Europe. Last week on a sightseeing excursion in Norway, there was this incident. Just days later, in response to a child’s request for a photo, Timberlake shot back, "Do you want me to juggle too?" Later that evening, Timberlake went up on the roof of his hotel, only to throw things down, refuse pictures with fans, and ultimately spit on them.

Could it have been the TGI Fridays?

Fibbing Rosie Bails on Price Is Right Offer


Rosie’s meeting with the Price Is Right producers has come and gone, and her dream job is now just that – a big dream Ro placed in all our heads and then snatched away. Last week, when asked on her blog if she’d accept the hosting gig, Rosie’s reply was, "if they asked me i sure would." But now we hear that she’s turned the job down, because, you know, she’s all nice and doesn’t want to uproot her family for the West Coast [Insert sound of fans' hearts shattering here].

Rosie spilled the beans on a video blog posted on her website, saying: ""Here’s the thing. I don’t really need a job…I don’t need the money…So to get my entire family
from their lives and move them across the country so that I can have a
fantasy childhood indulgence job just doesn’t seem fair."

Sounds like Rosie might have known she wasn’t even going to take the gig in the first place. So why string us along, Ro? Do you need our attention as bad as we need your smiling face and political banter? Our Rosie-adoring hopes were up so high, and we’re now left alone sniffling in our Plinko chips, shuddering as we consider a world in which Mario Lopez spins the wheel. You read that right. MARIO LOPEZ. Rosie, how could you?

T.I. versus…Ludacris?



Beef was on the menu of a brunch in Los Angeles on Sunday, where a scuffle broke out between T.I. and Ludacris‘ Disturbing tha Peace Records partner Chaka Zulu aka the man whose name you are most jealous of. Seriously, who wouldn’t want the melodious lungs of Chaka Khan coupled with the warrior spirit of Shaka Zulu? Chaka Zulu may be the closest we’ve come yet to a perfect human being and I say that solely on basis of his name.

Anyway, details are scant but T.I. is said to have punched the face of Chaka, the partner of Luda, his on-again, off-again rival at the Power Brunch event hosted by Warner Music Group EVP Kevin Liles. An entourage-wide scuffle is said to have then broken out, only to be broken up by the police minutes later. In the end, one woman was injured and, according to a witness, T.I.’s shirt was torn. And the whole place swooned!

I dedicate two anti-violence tracks from hip-hop’s golden era to T.I., West Coast All Stars’ "We’re All in the Same Gang" and the Stop the Violence Movement’s "Self Destruction." T.I., your permanently fastened sunglasses don’t fool me: you need some cooling out.

Learn from your elders, T.I. [People / Images: Getty]

Brit Accuses Mom of Pain Pill Addiction


Britney seems to be headed back toward another meltdown, and it’s not just because those whack extensions are hurting her head. Rumors that the pop star is attempting to obtain a restraining order against her mom are getting louder. X17 is reporting that she is P*SSED about her mom’s visits with her two grandkids at K-Feds house, and wants to use the restraining order to keep Grandma Spears away from Sean and Jayden. Her ammo? Britney’s allegedly accusing her mom of abusing prescription pain meds. Like mother, like daughter, apparently!

Check out Brit’s bizarre message to her mom, after the jump!

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Flavor Flav to Pay-vor Pay?



Celebreality god Flavor Flav has been ordered to pay $1.8 million to a former neighbor he allegedly shot in 1993. That was back in Flav’s pre-Flavor of Love days, when he roamed with dodo birds and drove his American steamer to the talkies, where he’d watch with a middle-aged Mr. Burns. It was so long ago, actually, that it’s not really clear whether Flav (allegedly, supposedly, maybe) shot the neighbor or stabbed him with the bayonet attached to his musket.

Flav’s lawyer is set to appeal the case due to beef he has with the judge (she’s the wife of the DA who unsuccessfully tried to jail Flav over the supposed, alleged, possible shooting in the ’90s). Still can you imagine Flav’s reaction when he heard how much the judge expected him to fork over? It probably went something like: "Woooooooooooooooooooooooow." [New York Post / Image credit: Getty]

Barbara Too Good for Paris Interview


Paris has supposedly morphed into a new woman thanks to her stint behind bars, but she sounds just as greedy as she’s always been! Last week, it was reported that NBC had allegedly snatched the coveted post-jail interview with the heiress away from ABC with a offer of $1 million, burning Hilton family pal Barbara Walters, who originally wanted to do the story.

But over the weekend, NBC pulled out of the interview and the Hiltons attempted to get back on Barbara’s good side, with Paris herself even calling The View host at 2AM to personally ask her to do the interview. Walters wasn’t havin’ it, and Paris is now appearing on CNN’s Larry King Live on Wednesday night. Still, it looks like Barbara’s not pleased with the way things went down, and no one messes with the Queen of Chat and gets away with it! Here’s what she told the NY Post:

"Look, I’ve done prison interviews before, but people like the Menendez
Brothers were really important news stories. This wasn’t. And even though I’d already written my
questions, when all that pay-for-play stuff happened, I suddenly felt
this was not up to my standard. It . . . felt . . . sort of . . .Tawdry. The whole thing somehow was beneath me."

Barbara: 1, Jailbird: 0!

Shia La…Beef?


Shia_beef Shia LaBeouf wants you to know that he’s better than most of those in the snortin’, smokin’, fornicatin’, nip-and-lip slippin’ world of young Hollywood. The way he tells you this is by detailing his work ethic in a recent Entertainment Weekly interview and calling out wild-child Lindsay Lohan as a counterpoint to his point. Oh no he din’t! Oh yes he did:

"Someone like Lindsay Lohan’s personality is [more] famous than her performance. You’ve got to maintain some mystery…Part of me wants to go out and see my peers. But if I go to a club and get my picture in the press, then I am that young Hollywood a******. That would shatter my world…There’s no way you get Tom Hanks‘ career without thinking about this stuff."

Maybe the reason he isn’t doing drugs is because there’s no room in his mouth, what with his foot taking up so much space. The countdown to Shia’s crack-out begins here — these words are jonesin’ to come back to haunt him. Also, way to kick Lindsay while she’s down and rehabbing, Shia. What do you think you are? A blogger? [EW / Image credit: Getty]

Monday: Jessica Flubs Lyrics; Eva’s $2 Million Richer


Britney: Slacks Off on Secret Show
The washed up starlet is scheduled to surprise fans with a performance at Cyndi Lauper’s June 30th "True Colors" tour, but she was a no show at her dancer auditions. Too busy buying birds, perhaps? [People]

Diaz P*sses Off Entire Country
Peruvians are outraged at the Shrek star for wearing a bag while visiting the country that featured a famous slogan by notorious Communist leader Mao, who inspired guerrilla warfare in Peru that killed thousands. [MSNBC]

Jessica Effs Up Dolly Song – Again
After flubbing the lyrics at a December benefit, Simpson tried once again to rock out Dolly Parton’s hit "Nine to Five", but she messed up second time. Apparently numbers and words really throw the blond beauty off. [NY Daily News]

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The Weekly Wrap-Up: Lindsay’s Party, Clay’s Broadway Show, Paris’ New Life


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Blog Best-Of: Saaphyri’s Sexy


Saaphyri_links- Saaphyri attends the BET Awards looking hot. See what Charm School can do for your image? [CONCRETELOOP]

- It’s official: Eddie Murphy is the father of Melanie Brown‘s baby. He’s going from Father Dolittle to Daddy Day Care. [Dlisted]

- Akon is named the highest-selling ringtone artist of all time. Next up? Customized cell-phone vibrations for the ladies. You know how he gets down. [Idolator]

- Matt Lauer looks like he’s interviewing Pam Anderson‘s crotch. It’s home to much more insight than her mouth. [CityRag]

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