Bob Odenkirk Knows His Funny


Bob Odenkirk is one funny guy. The Mr. Show co-creator brings his special brand of humor to the Interweb in a new series at called Derek & Simon (see below). The show’s about a bunch of hapless twentysomething dudes who are looking for lady-love, with middling to poor results. VH1 Blogs sat down with Odenkirk to discuss relationship problems, writing television on the Internet and the point where funny becomes offensive.

Where ever did you get the idea?
It’s extremely low concept. It’s just two guys and their friends trying to get laid, but they’re cock-blocking each other. The world is cock-blocking them also. It’s every guy’s experience. It’s just life, you know, when you’re 27 and you’re working hard to hook up.

What are you feeling more lately: the Internet or TV?
The speed [of the Internet] is really cool. So much of showbiz is trying to sell your ideas to a network person or a studio person. It’s a very, very long road, which you have to try to survive while keeping some form of purity to the project. It usually ends in disaster or sorrow — only occasionally in something you can be proud of. This, on the other hand, is just going and shooting the sh*t you like!

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Tour Survival Guide: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club



Now and then our Tour Survival Guide will check in with rockers about life on the road. Here’s guitarist James Black on how getting punched and packing light keep Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in good spirits.

Just One of the Crew
I help with the load-in and joke around with the crew. They usually yell at me when I try because they say if I break a hand, they’re out of a job. They tell me to get the f*ck out of the back of the truck. I feel like a jackass if I’m not involved that way. It’s kind of your only exercise when you’re out on the road, anyway. I’m not a big runner.

They Give New Meaning to "Packing Light"
We’re always having competitions of who can bring the least. Once Nick just had a little bag. I’m down to one shoulder bag — three pairs of pants, two shirts, couple pairs of socks. I’d love to tour without a cell phone. I long for the days where it used to be you disappear on the road. I did one tour with three pair of pants in a sleeping bag bag. Like a hobo. It’s fun — it’s good to do. It’s nice to know how little you can live with. 

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Idol: Sing, Sing, Sing


74162719_2_2 With the finish line in sight, last night’s American Idol was all about showcasing the vocal talent of the remaining three contestants. Typically, this is the night in the competition when each of the Idol hopefuls sing three songs—one they choose for themselves, one chosen by the judges, and one chosen by Clive Davis, the winner’s eventual label boss. However, seeing as how Clive didn’t bother showing up (could it have something to do with his recent creative differences with O.G. Idol Kelly Clarkson?), the producers made the third song choice.

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Wednesday: Hooker Gives Paris Advice


Hiltoncourt Hooker to Paris: Jail is Hell
A former $2,000-an-hour prostitute tells Hilton how to survive in the clink — and it ain’t pretty. One chilling tidbit: "…everybody wants to be your friend, but in the end they just want to [bleep] you." [New York Post]

Brit Snubs Her Hopsitalized Mom
The pop tart refused to see her sick mom on Mother’s Day, revealing that their relationship has turned toxic! [MSNBC]

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel: Smooch City
The two were all PDA at a bar in Manchester and capped off the night in the presidential suite. Is Biel just another one of JT’s flames? [Us Magazine]

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How Lohan Can She Go?


Linds_deenSometimes, even if I’m nowhere near a TV or computer, even if I’m brushing my teeth or balancing my checkbook or digging up carrots from my garden, I get the urge to scream, "SHUT UP, DINA LOHAN." This woman’s fame-mongering at the expense of her family makes her the most visible stage mother of this generation. That’s quite a distinction to hold! Simply put, she is a disease.

Of course, I don’t really want her to shut up — she provides way too much entertainment whenever she makes the mistake of opening her mouth. Her latest interview, with Us, is short in length but long on idiocy. It was hard to pick just one quote that sums up the stupidity, so we have two:

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Topless Avril: Drinking At The Foto Shoot


Avril_horrible Add clothing to the lengthy list of things Avril Lavigne doesn’t like. (Already on there? Paparazzi, Britney Spears, you.) Demonstrating the maturity marriage and her new disc have ushered in, Blender‘s June covergirl posed for the cover topless, with the mag’s coverlines protecting her modesty. Inside shots show Av’s aversion to shirts, as well as her penchant for smoking and drinking. And the kicker? Avril shares in an online interview that it was all her idea.

Celebrity Fit Club Preview: Biggest F***in’ Blow-Up Yet!


All the throwdowns from the current drama-filled season of Celebrity Fit Club seem like kids’ stuff compared to the clip below. In the uncensored snippet from the episode that will air Sunday, Dustin and the grizzly drill sergeant Harvey go toe-to-toe when Dustin’s weigh-in devolves into a screaming match. After Dustin threatens violence on Ant and then Harvey, Harvey goes ballistic with a multi-minute tirade in which he promises to "f*** [Dustin's] world up!" It’s seriously amazing that his head didn’t explode from the pressure.

After Harvey finishes screaming he says, "Now put that bitch on VSPOT." How could we not?!? Don’t miss this.

Blog Best-Of: Demi and Ashton’s Demise?


Ash_demi_links- Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher might be on the brink of a split. That’s nothing a little Kabbalah water can’t fix! [CityRag]

- Ne-Yo confesses that he’s a butt man. Somehow this is not surprising. [Bossip]

- Ewan McGregor puts in a "huge order" for underwear that "helps to lift and promote the size of a man’s genitals." Because all those full-frontal scenes aren’t doing enough to promote Ewan McGregor’s genitals. []

- Lindsay Lohan has a nip slip. If that doesn’t make her hot, nothing will! [Egotastic!]

- Sanjaya takes part in a drag show. See what happens when you click your heels three times and chant, "There’s no place like home! There’s no place like home!"? [Dlisted]

Arrest Just a Game to Game


070515_game A rapper getting arrested? Ain’t no thang. But a rapper that’s preening and posturing while in police custody? That’s rap run amok.

Last week, Compton MC The Game was arrested on suspicion of making criminal threats after he allegedly pulled a gun during a pickup hoops game in South Central. So was he remorseful? Hardly. While being driven away by the cops Game smiled, stuck his tongue out and said, "I want to say that I’m not guilty … and I love California." (Watch here.)

Then, once in jail, the Game-play continued. He made gang signs, showed off a wad of cash, and was cheered by adoring fans. (Watch here.)

So why was Game so happy to have done got got? Did his street cred need the boost? Or is he just a bad mofo who’s above the law?

Road Tales: Dio & The Naked Peter Pan


Our ramp-up to Rock Honors (Thursday, May 24) always includes revealing chats with the music’s stars. Road Tales focuses on some the silliness that goes down when artists are on tour.

Lots of rock bands fly things over their stages these days. But back in the day, when Dio was doing business with Rainbow, it was odd to see a naked promoter sailing around on a harness left over from the theater’s previous show. Here’s one Peter Pan who passed out from trying to be a bombadier. Listen.

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