Ivanka Trump: Real Estate is Crazy Sexy Cool


Donald’s daughter says there’s "zero chance" she’ll be accepting a spot on The View, and with very good reason. Ivanka revealed her decision to Ryan Seacrest:

"I’m working on the sexiest projects around the world. So, to me, to be
on a television show every single day at a designated period of time
just wouldn’t work in terms of my schedule."

Wikipedia says that Ivanka is currently "vice president of Real Estate Development and Acquisitions at the Trump Organization."  Whew! That’s almost too sexy to read. Surely she’s busy constructing parking garages shaped like Pamela Anderson made out of silk lingerie, but is there really anything sexier than discussing potty training with women of all ages?

Queen Latifah and Donatella Versace Are the Same Person



They have virtually the same skin tone, now the same stringy, translucent hair (as rocked by Latifah at last night’s Los Angeles premiere of Hairspray), and the same body type…er, well, whatever. Two out of three. Same! Think about it: have you ever seen them in the same place at the same time?


Truthfully, I know that Latifah’s and Donatella’s faces look virtually nothing alike. I just wanted an excuse to post my favorite picture ever of Donatella (the one directly above: duh). After you’re done drooling over it, let it serve as a warning: her teeth are taking over the world, whether you like it or not.

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Lindsay’s MySpace Love Letters


Lindsaysam While LiLo was busy reading Machiavelli and saying serenity prayers in rehab, someone busted into her alleged MySpace account and released a bunch of her love letters to DJ gal pal Samantha Ronson. Right off the bat this raises a bunch of questions:

  • Why do celebrities continue to communicate via MySpace?
  • Do they not own various texting/calling/video chatting devices?
  • Is there not an army of carrier pigeons at their beck and call waiting to deliver letters?
  • Are celebrities idiots?

At least we know the answer to the last question is a resounding YES. Lindsay’s supposed messages to Samantha are mushy and dramatic (and okay, genius): "Babe," she writes, "if I don’t have you in my life then I should just go die. … I want to marry you and have children with you." In another she signs off as "Lindsay Ronson." It definitely has a nice ring to it. Go for it LiLo LiRo!  Just do it after you open a can of good ol’ Lindsay whoop ass on the person who hacked your site. [NY Daily News]

Evan Rachel Wood Hates Her Parents, Part 2


Erw After months of relative silence on her relationship with the man she refers to simply as "Manson," Evan Rachel Wood has finally revealed what caused the two to come together, ignore current relationships, multi-decade age differences and the court of public opinion: Eyeliner. While some women cite such fickle requirements as desiring their men to be gainfully employed or disease free, Wood explains in the August issue of British Elle that her men bring the kohl. "If you’ve ever dated me, then you would have ended up wearing eyeliner at some point. All my boyfriends have." Wood goes on to call Manson "crazy," the highest compliment the starlet could pay, and contrary to her being made into a doppelganger of Manson’s ex-wife Dita Von Teese, insists that she’s "finding herself."

You Must Be This Tall To Ride This Busta


"Busta‘s lovemaking was not for the timid or faint of heart," writes scabrous radio personality Miss Jones in her just-released memoir Have You Met Miss Jones?: The Life and Loves of Radio’s Most Controversial Diva. In the book, she takes down BeyoncĂ©, Jay-Z, rival radio loudmouth Wendy Williams and a host of other urban-radio royalty, but her most hilarious comments (at least, those excerpted by today’s article in the New York Daily News) were reserved for her one-time lover Busta Rhymes. Says Jonesy, "Busta was as gentle as he could be, because he was packing." But never one to give a compliment without then consulting the back of her hand, Jones continues in her acidic pseudo-wit:

"The fact that our lovemaking never lasted too long didn’t bother me, because I didn’t enjoy his drops of sweat raining down on me. [Afterward] Busta would stroll around the apartment butt-naked, then shower and go into the kitchen and fry an egg sandwich – for himself. I guess I should be grateful. It’s not like he didn’t offer me a bite."

After all, what goes better with H.A.M. than a fried-egg sandwich? [New York Daily News / Image credit: Getty]

Wednesday: Usher’s Wedding Rush; Jen and Angelina Find Common Ground


Rosie Bashes Former View Pal
The comedian went on the attack recently, ragging on Elisabeth Hasselbeck during a stand up show on her cruise. Rosie even busted out a pic of the View co-host with devil horns drawn on her head. So much for playing nice! [NY Post]

Brit Caught Crying in Public
The paps spied Britney shedding tears while dining at the Four Seasons in LA. Is her recent tiff with cousin/assistant/sidekick Alli to blame? [X17]

Usher: Wedding Around the Corner
The singer and father-to-be may be heading down the aisle sooner than he’s revealed. Sources say he and Tameka Foster are ready to wed this summer in the Hamptons, before their baby is born. [NY Post]

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Only the Strong Survive: World Series of Pop Culture


In last night’s premiere of the second season of VH1 and Entertainment Weekly‘s World Series of Pop Culture, winners were crowned and losers were booted from the stage. The first two teams to go head-to-head were Chicago’s Fat Guys in Little Coats against Austin’s Team Motherboy, and The White Russians from Louisville against Portland, Oregon’s, Remo-Leen-Teen-Teen. (Check the tournament chart here.) As  benevolent host and sometime Canadian news anchor Pat Kiernan watched, Team Motherboy mopped the floor with the Fat Guys (pictured above), and Remo-Leen-Teen-Teen basically killed The White Russians. It wasn’t pretty, but that’s pop culture.

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Blog Best-Of: Deelishis’ Day


Deelishis_links3_2 – While the rest of the girls were in Charm School, Flavor of Love 2 alumna Deelishis was…getting married. (Or…something?) Whatever, she looks hot. She wins! [Flavor of Love Blog]

- Scarlett Johansson is photographed on the set of yet another Woody Allen movie. It’s as though she’s addicted to being ogled by dirty old men. [A Socialite's Life]

- Britney Spears is photographed exiting a bathroom a Taco Bell bathroom. There’s a joke there somewhere, if you can get past the smell. I can’t. [Dlisted]

- Jennifer Hudson may have gained some weight back, but she has a foolproof way of looking thin. Seriously, standing next to Andre Leon Tally wearing a muumuu makes you look better than any diet. [CONCRETELOOP]

- Ne-Yo thinks it’s cool that he’s mentioned in video vixen Karrine "Superhead" Steffans‘ second book. His poor, ailing penis, however, begs to differ. [Crunk + Disorderly]

Hottie of the Week: Elisha Cuthbert


All Elisha Cuthbert Pics

Canadian horror hottie Elisha Cuthbert first came to our attention as special agent Jack Bauer’s daughter on Fox’s real-time mega-hit, 24. But as S.E. Hinton taught us, that was then and this is now. She’s come a long way from being kidnapped and tortured by terrorists. Now she’s being kidnapped and tortured by a psycho — in Captivity.

The first-round ads for the film were so graphic that a media furor erupted, forcing the movie to almost totally change its campaign. We say almost, because the ads still star Elisha Cuthbert. Take a long, hard look at the new scream queen. She’s our brand new hottie. Who else would be appropriate to feature on the week of Friday the 13th?

Parents: Keep Your Kids Away from Paris


Check out this video of Paris Hilton‘s biggest fan. She’s only four years old but she already knows how to pose just like her hero. Let’s hope she doesn’t learn how to do all the other raunchy and illegal things Paris is so good at. The kid’s face as the camera flashes go off is adorable and hilarious. Not hilarious – the mom who drags her daughter half way across the country and keeps her up until 2am to meet a convict.