Mayer Minds the Gap


GapAs if John Mayer didn’t have enough to be ashamed about lately, he’s now contending with the absolute wallpapering of New York City with his Gap ad campaign. The pin-up is one of the stars of the Gap’s Classics Redefined campaign, and appears in all his tossle-haired glory around the streets of Manhattan. The singer is so ubiquitous in fact, that he’s posted a virtual apology on his blog, following the format of an awkward conversation, which he might have some experience with:

That’s a lot of GAP ads, is all I’m saying. I mean, I hope… Yah. Are we, you kno – yah. We cool? Cause I would nev- good. good. Sorry. Okay, I’m gon-yah, I’m gonna go. NO, I just.. I hav- bye.

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Rock on TV – The Shortlist


ash.jpgJonesing for music on your television set? You’ve come to the right place. Check out our shortlist. For more extensive listings, read VH1’s Rock on TV.

Awesome; I F**ckin’ Shot That!, 12:05 p.m. (EST), SHO2: Possibly the only official bootleg film in existence, this is what happens when one of the most innovative groups in rap give out 50 cameras during a stop on their 2004 tour at Madison Square Garden: fan-helmed madness ensues. The results range from passable concert video experience to motion-sickness inducing shakiness, but the sheer number of angles editor Adam Yauch
had to contend with rivalled the samples on Paul’s Boutique. Cameos from Money Mark, Dougie Fresh, Ben Stiller and David Cross pepper the film.

Undiscovered, 9:45 p.m.(EST), TMC: Let’s hope Pete Wentz doesn’t have basic cable. The younger Simpson sister stars in this utterly ground-breaking tale of struggling artists trying to make it on the streets of L.A., one of whom is Ash (she wears a little beret, that’s how you can tell she’s got it tough). There’s no drummer to blame this clunker of a performance on, Ash. Worth a viewing if only to get the taste of Glitter out of your mouth.

Usher’s “Wedding” Only 48 Hours Away


Yeah!We had missed Usher and Tameka Foster and their constant marital drama, so it’s a real treat to have them back in the goss-spotlight. The tumultuous couple is reportedly planning a gigantic wedding bash in Atlanta to celebrate their marriage, which was made official on August 3rd after their original wedding in the Hamptons was canceled. Diddy, Janet Jackson and Ashanti are all rumored to be attending, but there’s no word yet about Usher’s haterific mom, who is apparently still at odds with Tameka. These guys gotta step it up and bring it this weekend! We want cake smashing, dress ruining, mascara streaking drama. After all, they owe it to us for being so quiet and mature all month. [Us Weekly. Image: Getty]

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Thursday: J. Lo Channels Her Inner Ho, Britney Wants to Shock Your Pants Off


jlo083007.jpgPics: J. Lo Skanks It Up In New Video
It’s kind of confusing how Jennifer Lopez tries to be all glamorous in public but then her music videos are bootylicious ho-downs. Which block are you from, J.Lo? [Mollygood]

Courtney Love Tried to Save Owen?
The singer claims she tried to warn Owen about his druggie friends. How surprisingly normal of her! [Us Weekly]

Paris In Vegas Charitably Clubbing
The former jailbird danced up a sexy storm in Sin City this week for a good cause – the amusement of everyone watching her. [X17]

The Lohans’ Crazy Public Fight
Lindsay’s parents are now battling it out with each other via gossip blogs. Just reading about their BS makes me want to go to rehab. [Perez Hilton]

Brit Wants a “Shocking” Comeback
The sad singer wants to blow our minds with her VMA performance. How about cleaning up, putting on some pants, and acting like an adult? That would shock the s**t out of all of us. [US Weekly]

The Nuge Cracks, NRA Enjoys Free Press


nugent.jpgLate last week, gun-toting Republican firebrand Ted Nugent invited Vibe cover star and rising presidential hopeful Barack Obama to suck on his machine gun. Nugent also called Obama “a piece of sh*t.” He nugent.jpgthen invited Hillary Clinton to ride his machine gun into the sunset, and called her “a worthless bitch.” (Click here to watch the footage.)

Helluva guy, that Ted. He must be best friends with Don Imus.

For those of you who don’t remember Nugent, he’s the genius who wrote “Cat Scratch Fever.” He’s also the drooling-lunatic-of-choice when it comes to punditry about gun control. It turns out that Ted’s not in favor of gun control. Go figure. Anyway, in a twist to this story, it turns out that the Nuge was scheduled to play a state fair in South Dakota. The fair’s organizer apparently contacted Nugent’s representative to remind Mr. Man that he would be performing for a family crowd. Ted kept his death-threats in check. But we wish that the fair’s organizer would have asked him to play Harlem instead. We can hope, though. All good things come to those who wait.

Blog Best-Of: Bobby’s Bad Luck


bobby_links2.jpg- Bobby Brown files new divorce papers, asking for more custody rights and claiming that he spent a stint living in his car. It’s hard to feel bad for someone whose lifestyle most likely included 24/7 hotboxing. [Dlisted]

- Toni Braxton clears up the swirling rumors: she does not have breast cancer. Her breasts issued a follow-up statement that began, “Not the we minded the renewed interest in us, or anything…” [CONCRETELOOOP]

- There’s one word that summarizes Britney Spears‘ latest music and fashion decision: ass. [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]

- If Hayden Panettiere is rocking a cape, does that mean she’s going to fly away soon? Please? [Jezebel]

- Save a mink, skin an Olsen. [CityRag]

- Bowery saint and CBGB proprietor Hilly Kristal helped birth punk rock. The NYC institution has died. []

[Image credit: Getty]

Owen Dabbles in Meth, Jesus & Ben Stiller


owen082907.jpgLast week he was everybody’s favorite funny guy, but now Owen Wilson is burning up the tabloids and gossip blogs with talk about what led to his attempted suicide and where the troubled star goes from here. Prior to Sunday’s sad events, Owen supposedly was at the end of a three-day drug binge, using crystal meth and Oxycontin for days before his demise. He also allegedly ingested a bottle of Oxycodone as part of his suicide attempt. The star was spotted three days earlier at church, though we’re not sure how his visit connects tot he events that followed. Maybe he was researching a role – or seeking salvation.

Owen’s also reportedly dropped out of pal Ben Stiller‘s film Tropical Thunder, which he was supposed to begin shooting in a couple of weeks. At least he’s taking care of himself, right? Plus Nick Nolte‘s part of the cast, and he seems like he’d be a really bad influence. [Image: Getty]

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Nick & Brooke Speak Out After Accident



As we told you earlier this week, Nick Hogan is back at home following his car accident on Sunday. Our thoughts and prayers are with Nick, his friend John Graziano and their families. Nick has spoken out on his MySpace page about the accident, writing, “I want to thank everyone who has sent their support to me. Right now I would like to ask all of you to focus your prayers on my friend John.”

His older sister Brooke also thanked their fans on her site, stating “You have all been so wonderful to reach out to me and my family during this time. As you may know, Nick has been released from the hospital, but our good friend John remains hospitalized. Please send your love and prayers to John and his family.”

Use this space to leave your messages of support and check back here at The Vh1 Blog for updates. [People. Image: Getty]

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