The Celebreality Interview – Jes (Take 2)



If you watched the Rock of Love reunion, you know that isn’t quite the rock of love that Bret had thought. Now we can bring you the full story from Jes’ perspective. They say that winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing, but for Jes, it amounts to…well, very little.

After the jump, Jes tells us about the only time she talked to Bret in the six months between the taping of Rock of Love and the reunion. She lets us know what she really thinks of Bret, what she’s up to now and why she thinks Heather should have won.

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Spinderella Cuts It Up One (More) Time


spinderellaWith over twenty years in the game, Spinderella is more than qualified to talk about this year’s Hip Hop Honors. The Salt N’ Pepa MC helped make the group a household name while driving home the point that in hip-hop, a woman’s place is behind the decks, not just in the videos. Spin was kind enough to share her fond memories (a personal serenade by Guy) and not-so-fond memories (near-death experience with Missy) with us.

WHODINI was my first concert, besides Salt N’ Pepa, when I first got with [Salt N' Pepa]. It was one of those Fresh Fests, in ’87. I was brand new, like 16 or 17. I got to stand in the front, because I was with Salt N’ Pepa. I was like, “What the hell am I doing here?” I remember Jalil was singing to me — I was like “Oh my God.”

Me and Missy — we have a personal story — we could have died! I was driving in her car with her, and it was a really rainy night. It was flooding. She decides that she wants to drive through this big flood, and I was like, “I don’t know about this.” There was a police barricade stopping people from going down this one street, but we just said forget it, because my car was right there. The water kept rising. We could have gotten arrested if we didn’t die.

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The Weekly Wrap Up: Jes Rocks Love, Brit Lose Kids & Hip Hop Honors Rules



Blog Best Of: Jamie’s Jewels


jamiefoxx.jpgKanye West spills his expensive beans in an awesome interview and continues to be the most down to earth, likable egomaniac around. [CONCRETE LOOP]

Jamie Foxx wears clip on earrings. It’s bling for grandmothers – and Oscar winning playboys. [DListed]

Heather Graham bravely poses in a bikini on a mag cover with a mysterious shadow on her thigh. Girlfriend’s got balls – literally! [CityRag]

Is she melting? Courtney Love‘s face looks like a mushy bowl of dip. Pass the crackers. [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]

Ice-T’s wife CoCo makes us coo coo for something. Maybe her booty? [DListed]

Ice T – Keep The ‘N’ Word To Yourself


Rappers have never been afraid to put their opinions out there, and last night at our Hip-Hop Honors show, after helping celebrate his South Central bud Snoop Dogg, Ice T answered a volley of queries from the press, passionately erupting on a number of subjects. The most compelling flurry had to do with names – the way we identify ourselves and each other. Delivered in a lightning bolt speed, it was an impressive spiel, And it went a little sumpun like this…

N*gga’s not a bad word. My father said n*gga, so I’m not gonna get rid of the word. It has no relevance. I feel there are inside words and outside words. If you’re gay, you can say gay stuff, if you ain’t gay, don’t talk about it. If you’re fat, don’t talk about nobody skinny. If you’re skinny, don’t talk fat. If you Italian, same thing. I come from the hood where n*ggas is, so I can say n*gga. But if you ain’t from that, don’t say that. You dig?

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Britney Cries Into Her Quesadillas


lolbrit.jpgWell, you’re about to hear it straight from the ho(rse)’s mouth. Britney says she is: “So happy!” She asks us, “What would I have to be sad about?” Also, she wants you to know: “Quesadillas!”

That’s what the sad singer revealed as she chatted away aimlessly to the paparazzi last night as she left a Mexican restaurant in LA. Surely she is smart enough to be throwing down a little sarcasm when the paps ask why she’s upset. She had been spotted crying earlier in the day and almost had a meltdown at a movie theater, so we’re gonna guess that’s she’s teetering on the brink. Before she hopped in her car she hooted, “Party on me!” What kind of celebration could she be inviting people too?

  • Ya’ll my kids are finally the hell outta my house party!
  • Check it out ya’ll, I’m wearin’ new boots party!
  • My hairs extensions is lookin’ real today ya’ll party!
  • It’s 6AM and I just ya’ll had McDonalds party!

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Hip Hop Honors: Here Are Some Highlights


Last night was the taping of 2007 Hip Hop Honors: A Tribe Called Quest moved butts, Missy worked it, and Snoop dropped it like it’s hot. In short, its hard to believe so many of hip-hop’s visionaries, creators and chart-toppers were gathered together under one roof. You’ll get to see it all on Monday night . Til then, we leave you with a few of our own awards.

Most technically impressive performance: Nelly Furtado, “Get Ur Freak On.” Four-inch heels on huge-ass stairs, singing and rapping in two languages, all with the front of her dress missing.

Most obvious fan award: Diddy, singing along drunken-karaoke style to every word of the red hot New Jack Swing tribute.

Picture of Dorian Gray Award: Teddy Riley, who hasn’t aged since Blackstreet.

Most bonkers moment of the show: Busta Rhymes‘ stage-stomping, ballroom shaking verse on A Tribe Called Quest’s “Scenario.”

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Friday’s Reviews Rage: The Heartbreak Kid



Every week we round up selections from the funniest and most brutal film criticism out there so that you don’t waste your cash at the theaters and laugh a little at Hollywood’s expense. This week: The Heartbreak Kid. The Farrelly Brothers get their Stiller on in a thingee about a marriage that goes wrong in the first five minutes. Some critics thought it was okay, but some didn’t.

“A comic vision remarkable for its hysterical misogyny.” – The New York Times

“When the movie announces its big theme – ‘Bitches be crazy!’ – a girl behind me at the screening actually called out, ‘Oh no he dit-int!’ Yes, ma’am. Yes, I’m afraid he did.” – The New York Post

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Sex Tips from Barbara Walters


babsro.jpgEw ew ew ew ew ew ew. Why is Barbara Walters advising people on lubricant and why is Rosie O’Donnell telling us all about it? The former View host ended up doing a short stand up set last night with Roseanne Barr and revealed a few very interesting tidbits. According to Rosie:

  1. Barbara Walters fired her.
  2. The other View co-hosts wear ear pieces so producers can feed them information. Rosie did not, of course.
  3. Barbara Walters once suggested that Rosie use AstroGlide to presumably spice up (or lube up) her love life.

Barbara Walters. AstroGlide. Why do these things go together? And doesn’t Rosie probably already know about it already? On second thought – we don’t want to know. [NYDN. Getty]

We Haven’t Heard the Last of Heather



Rock of Love‘s Heather may have failed to snag Bret Michaels‘ heart, but that hasn’t made her less interesting. Today, the New York Post printed a brief interview with Heather, in which she reveals her immediate plans: she’s moving into a Los Angeles house with Rock of Love alumna Brandi C., Kristia and a wild-card: Internet sensation Chris Crocker (you can see a shot of Heather canoodling with Crocker in our post on the Fox Reality Channel Really Awards). Says Heather:

[Chris is] funny and hilarious. He’s very flamboyant and he’s controversial, which is awesome . . . I think a reality show with the four of us in L.A. would be a great idea.

Of course she does. Heather also reveals that she’s soon meeting with VH1 to “talk about a few things” for the future. Could I Love Heather be far behind? Regardless, how much you wanna bet that this is the tattoo that Heather will soon be rocking? [New York Post]


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