Beyonce to Star in Remake of Tron?


Bey Beyonce may have been a big winner at last night’s BET Awards, but she certainly wasn’t winning any fashion awards. Jay’s lady took home awards for best female R&B artist and for her "Irreplaceable" video, but looked positively robotic while performing her new song "Get Me Bodied." According to, Bey stripped off her kevlar-like padding to reveal "$100,000 gold Balenciaga leggings and a matching bra top," in some Tron-like homage to a sexified C-3PO. And Beyonce’s on-stage get-ups aren’t the only thing coming under fire — singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright blasted Beyonce in this month’s issue of Spin Magazine, calling her songs "formulaic" and "mesmerising in the basest way." He then went on to say, "I’m really sick of Beyonce."

Was a Jailed Paris on the Ledge?


Now that Paris is out from behind the bars of her jail cell and back behind the bars of her gated mansion, the people who cared for her during her 23-day sentence are coming forward to spill a few beans. Sheriff Lee Baca testified yesterday about the whole house arrest mix-up and painted a pretty bleek picture of the heiress’ initial state. "Our doctors said we had no solution to Hilton’s medical problems.
None," said Baca, "As a
sheriff in this county, I’m not going to let any inmate die in this
jail." Say what? DIE? I thought she was just having some tiny jail cell panic attacks, or something.

The sheriff gave no details about Hilton’s illness, but did say that his department, "couldn’t fix whatever that medical problem was," and stressed that it was not going to improve.  Baca also apparently told the courtroom, “I think we all in this room know something about suicide.” Yikes. Was Paris really about to take her own life because she was so claustrophobic? Or did she just miss her precious Taco Bell? Perhaps something was actually, truly wrong?

Thankfully, the jailbird is singing to People Magazine this week. She describes herself as being curled up in the "fetal position" for her first nights in jail, hysterically crying. That’s not deathly, that’s hot!

Wednesday: Jen’s Hush Hush Date; Olsens Duck and Drive


Kim Kardashian Hangs with Hot  Mom
Big surprise – Kim Kardashian is smoking hot, even in sweats. But check out these pics, because it turns out her mom is just as fine! Way to keep it in the family. [DListed]

Jen and New Man’s Secret Rendevous
A tabloid spy caught Jen and her British arm candy, Paul Sculfor, on a date at a bar, and was kicked out while trying to alert pals of her celeb spotting. As she was booted, the celebrity clientele applauded. Bravo? [NY Post]

Brunette Britney’s Botched Dye Job
After attempting to color her own hair at home, the starlet’s face ended up covered in black hair dye, causing her assistant to rush out to a salon for some dye-remover. Shouldn’t Brit have just gone there in the first place? [TMZ]

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Hottie of the Week: Paris Hilton


Photo_20x9_1 All Paris Pics

She started out as just a rich and raucous underage booze-hound, table dancing at the hottest clubs across the world. But whether you love her, hate her, or love to hate her, you can’t deny that Paris Hilton has come into her own – tackling TV, film, perfume, and one sleazy sex tape – all while lookin’ stunningly super fine. Her rise to celebutante stardom has not been without drama, scandal, and a panty-less photo or two, but that’s why the world can’t get enough of the beautiful heiress known as Paris.

In true Hilton style, she even managed to look smokin’ hot (in no makeup) as she walked out of jail earlier Tuesday morning, a free woman. Check out the pics to take a peek at how Paris works it, as we welcome the sexy jailbird back to her home on the web as our Hottie of the Week.

Joss Stone Slams Perez Hilton, Sort Of


Earlier this year, celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton spread some fairly nasty news about neo-soul star Joss Stone. The nastiness? A video in which producer Dallas Austin claimed that Stone traded sex for beats. Now comes Stone’s rebuttal in the form of a YouTube video. Dressed up as a newscaster, the singer reports on how Hilton needs lots of help. She says it’s hard to tell if he’s a man or a woman, and mentions him being possessed by Satan. (Perez can’t possibly be possessed by Satan, since Satan is currently got his grips on most of Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Malibu and the Lower East Side — not West Hollywood.)  Joss, your media-war ante has been duly noted. Way to go!

Sketchy Paris Gets Her Priorities Straight


Feast your eyes on the creepiest thing to come out of the Lynwood Jail – this bizarre self-portrait done by Paris herself. She had 23 days to improve her art skills and this is all we get?

Meanwhile, the media darling is already up to her old tricks, skipping sleeping in on her first day home to instead rise for a 9:30 AM appointment with DreamCatchers Hair Extensions. According to a company rep, Hilton will be getting, "Full length, 20 inches of extensions….blonde, of course." Of course. Hair first, charity work second, right P?

Thanks to TMZ, we have a copy of the heiress’ purchases at the prison canteen. I’m amazed she lost ten pounds, what with all that hearty soy sauce she was buying to snack on. Or maybe she mixed it with some Vaseline to make lipstick. 

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Lindsay: Addicted To Rehab


Dina Lohan
got chatty recently about her favorite child/bank account, telling the NY Daily News that Lindsay is "doing great" and has opted for "extended care" at the Promises Treatment Facility. Her longer stint  will help the starlet transition from life in rehab to life among the rich, famous and crazy (wait - isn’t that the same thing?). What Dina hasn’t realized is that the extension is also Lindsay’s genius plan to stay as far away from her nutty family. Yep, today a judge ordered LiLo’s parents into family therapy, so hopefully the entire clan can all get better – or fail miserably – together.

As for Lindsay’s 21st birthday – her mom reports that the whole family (er, minus that crazy convict dad, probably) will gather in California to help her blow out the candles, which will hopefully be the only blow done that night. The celebration will also be alcohol free – a first for the underaged starlet.

Check out some pics here of Lindsay taking in a movie (under supervision, natch) in LA this weekend.

Jack White Is the King


Jack White is set to play Elvis in a new music-biopic spoof film called Walk Hard, the story of a singer (John C. Reilly) who overcomes the odds to become a legend. The film is the brainchild of Judd Apatow (Knocked Up, The 40 Year Old Virgin), so it’ll be funnier than Jack’s last two times out at the box office — Cold Mountain and Coffee & Cigarettes, two movies that aren’t very funny at all. He told Pitchfork that John C. Reilly called him up personally to ask him to be in the movie, which makes us wonder how John C. Reilly got Jack’s phone number, but whatever. In other White Stripes news, Stereogum found this great video of Jack and Meg on Pancake Mountain, a show where a goat interviews musicians. Enjoy. Goats make the best journalists.

Zach Fights Back Against Playboy Rep


Zachbraff2 Scrubs star Zach Braff has been causing quit a stir in the gossip rags lately, allegedly hitting on women and getting all canoodle-y with various ladies across NYC, where he is living for the summer. The  buzz was getting so bad that Zach finally responded to it on his blog, saying he doesn’t understand his reputation as a "cad" and that he’s just "doing what every single 32 year old man in NYC is doing this summer…dating." Are you sure you’re not a 86-year old British detective, Zach? Cuz those are the only people I’ve ever heard use the word "cad."

Anyhoo, let’s break down the drama, shall we?

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Video: Paris Free at Last!


Just after midnight in Los Angeles, an ecstatic Paris Hilton was set free from the Lynwood jail, her home since June 5th. Even though she lived without her normal grooming necessities, the heiress looked as put together as usual in a grey jacket, white t-shirt and jeans. Nice work! She even exited the jail like every other released convict – through the front door. After embracing her mother, the family sped away to her parents’ house in their chauffeured SUV.

Check out more photos of the spectacle here, and stay tuned for more on the Simple Lifer’s first day as a free woman. But first tell us what you think: Has Paris changed or is she headed right back to her old ways?

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