Lindsay Lohan: Actress. Addict. Homewrecker?


lindsay_lohanRemember those rehab rumors about a rehabbing Lindsay Lohan getting busy in a rehab restroom? There might be more truth to them than previously thought. A few weeks back Dead Stays Alive rocker Tony Allen and La Lohan were accused of getting it on while both were getting treatment at the Cirque Lodge in Utah. Both vehemently denied such claims, but now Allen’s wife, McDonald’s container heiress Stephanie, has thrown him out of the house. Just last week Lindsay’s rumored paramour was attempting to disabuse folks of his relationship with the 21-year-old starlet, stating that they’re “great friends. We share a common affliction, and we just talk about life.” He then went on to say that his band is Lindsay’s new fav. His denial runs counter to reports that 40-year-old Allen was heard bragging about bedding Lohan: “C’mon, it’s Lindsay Lohan. Hell, yes!” Class-act Allen was overheard making these claims in a pub. Sounds like the rehab didn’t really take.

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Patti LaBelle Goes Nuts in Concert


The Lady Marmalade singer may not grace the blogosphere often, but when she does, she delivers! Mariah, Christina and Beyonce could learn a little something from Ms. LaBelle’s take no prisoners – or, no audience members – attitude. Check out this video of the singer ripping into a fan during her concert – after she invites him on-stage for a song. The clip ends with an apology (and a hug) from Patti – but not before things get really awkward. [via IDLYITW]

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Let’s Talk About Salt-N-Pepa (The Celebreality Interview, Part 1)



“It was all a dream! I used to read Word Up! magazine! Salt-N-Pepa and Heavy D up in the limousine,” go the immortal first lines of the Notorious B.I.G.’s “Juicy.” But if you’re old enough to remember Word Up! in its heyday, you don’t need Biggie’s words to remind you that the image of Salt-N-Pepa alone could represent an entire genre of music. And if you don’t know, now you now: Salt-N-Pepa are living icons. The duo’s spicy brand of sass helped bring hip-hop to the mainstream in the ’80s, and their sense of humor, tangling flows, brazen independence and unmistakable consciousness kept it there into the ’90s. They persevered in a genre that was and is disproportionately male-dominated, not despite their femininity but because of it. They weren’t just the first female rappers to show the world that women could be a force in hip-hop, they were the best.

I got to spend some time with Cheryl “Salt” James Wray and Sandy “Pepa” Denton at Salt’s house on New York’s Long Island last week, as they shot promos for their upcoming reality show, The Salt-N-Pepa Show, which premieres Oct. 15 on VH1. While Cheryl’s house teamed with family members laughing, talking and eating, Salt-N-Pepa did their thing as veterans whose years in the entertainment industry date back over 20 years. They are nothing if not seasoned.

If you saw the preview for The Salt-N-Pepa Show that we posted a few weeks ago, you know that the fact they’re in the same room together (and often these days!) is a big deal. After years of estrangement and changing attitudes (for one thing, Cheryl intensified her spirituality), they’ve finally reunited. For me, it was an even bigger deal: I grew up loving these women and getting the chance to talk to them was an unbelievable opportunity. It was all a dream, indeed. Toward the end of their busy day, Cheryl, Sandy and I gathered around Cheryl’s dining room table to talk about their show, their music, hip-hop and so much more. Part 1 of our exclusive interview with Salt-N-Pepa starts after the jump…

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Friday: Britney Pops a Pacifier in her Mouth


britney0921.jpgSnoop Dogg Pleads Guilty in Court
This time murder’s not the case they gave him. Instead, the rapper plead guilty to boarding a plane with a baton. [People]

Pics: Britney Plays with Baby Toys
There are train wrecks, and then there’s Britney. The only way she could look more pathetic while sucking her kid’s pacifier is if she had on a dunce cap and was standing in the corner. Seriously, someone help her. [Just Jared]

Paris’ Fake Generosity
The heiress is going to give away her clothes to children’s hospitals because she “never wears something twice.” Interestingly, she’s never worn underwear once. Maybe she should make herself a donation at Victoria’s Secret instead. [Mollygood]

J Lo: Feuding with her Mom
Weird – Jennifer Lopez’s mom bitterly admitted that she and her once-close daughter do not talk or see each other any more. Was Gigli really that bad? [NY Daily News]

Sad Brad Pitt Cheered Up by Kids
We get it. You love your kids. They love you. Who knew boning Angelina would come with such rewarding baggage? [People]

Is Diddy Knockin’ Boots with Cassie?


diddycassie.jpgThis seems like a stupid question. Of course Diddy is getting it on with Cassie. Diddy bones EVERYONE, right? Sienna Miller, Penelope Cruz, Barbara Walters – okay I don’t have proof that he’s given them that sweet Puffy love, but let’s just assume it’s happened. I’ve never met the guy, but – you know. It was magic.

Diddy and Cassie have been spotted together clubbing around NYC, hitting up Marquee last Friday and Tuesday’s GQ party, and their recent “friendship” has everyone whispering. Eh, they’re probably just talking about they wish they were on Diddy’s arm (and in his bed). And they will be – soon. It’s just the way the world works. While you’re here, check out snaps out Diddy’s prized pulls below. [OK! Image: Getty]


Sienna Miller

Penelope Cruz

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Kim Kardashian Strips For Playboy


Kim Kardashian Strips For Playboy
Gentlemen (and some ladies), rejoice: Kim Kardashian is on the cover of the December issue of Playboy magazine. Us Weekly exclusively learned that the World Famous Nobody is taking the Paris Hilton route to fame, first with her sex tape, and now shooting a twelve-page pictorial and exposing a little more than she’d previously planned. Kim “The Booty” Kardashian “will show one boob, and her bare butt” said a source. With an on-sale date in late November, it looks like Christmas will come early this year.

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Amy Winehouse Pulls a Britney


Uh oh. It looks like recent history has repeated itself over in the land of pints and beans n’ toast. Miss Amy Winehouse – who always seems to have accolades heaped upon her regardless of her latest cracked out drama – performed at the MOBO Awards in London last night, and damn, was she out of it. Sporting a cute minidress as opposed to a black sequin bikini, Amy fidgeted, wobbled, stared at the ground and scowled as she mumbled her way through two songs. She leaned on the microphone stand as it it were a cane and definitely spaced out on some lyrics. At least she wasn’t lip-syncing, but come to think of it, it probably would have made the performance a little better. Apparently before the show, Amy was “screaming and chucking anything she could get her hands on at the people around her.” Wow. Follow that up with panty-less flash and she’s the British Britney – but with better(?) hair. [DListed]

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Heroes Stars’ Sexy Awkward Dancing


Everyone keeps talking about how 18-year old Hayden Panettiere and her hot 30-year old Heroes co-star Milo Ventimiglia (aka “HALO”) are doing the nasty together. There’s no real proof, just some cuddly photos and the fact that Hayden recently called it quits with her boyfriend. But now video has surfaced of the two at an Emmys after party being all cuddly and whispering in each others ears on the dance floor. Yet what is most scandalous is the the two lovers dancing like a couple of 60-year olds letting loose at their country club’s golf tournament celebration. They may have super powers and shizz, but they ain’t got no rhythm.

Now wave your hands like you just don’t care about that 12-year age difference! [via JustJared]

Thursday: Justin Dishes on Ex-Love Britney


justintimberlake0920.jpgJustin Finally Blabs About Britney
On yesterday’s Oprah, JT reveals that he’ll always have love for the messed up star, but doesn’t know how she ended up in the rough spot she’s in today. How about millions of dollars and Cheetos? [Us Weekly]

Kate Moss Sucks at Fashion
The model went out on the town and came home so messed up that her dress was torn and reconstructed. She’s the British Britney – just with a better accent. [Mollygood]

Charlie Sheen Battles Ex for Kids
The actor and his ex Denise Richards just can’t control themselves when it comes to talking trash and filing legal complaints concerning their kids. For the sake of your children – shut the eff up. [DLsited]

Matt McConaughey Covers for Owen
The stable hunk is set to replace the less stable hunk in the movie “Tropic Thunder.” It’s so nice when bros got each others backs. [Variety]

Lindsay Lohan Penning Memoir?
LiLo may be hitting up the typewriter to detail all the crazy sh*t she’s done for your reading pleasure. Sounds like perfect beach bitch reading! [I'm Not Obsessed]