Wednesday: Nicole Might Be A Baby Mama; Rihanna Gets Ever Hotter


Nicole: Packin’ Pregnancy Pounds?

After being photographed at a fertility clinic, rumors run rampant that the pin thin starlet is eating for two. [MSNBC]

Paris On Silverman: An Effing B*tch

Sarah cracked wise about Hilton on The MTV Movies Awards show. Now Paris is p*ssed. Good thing she has three weeks in the clink to cool down. [Us Magazine]

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Glass-Encased Manson Throws Stones


MansonDesperate shock rocker Marilyn Manson‘s latest stop on the Crazytrain? Dissing My Chemical Romance. Manson tells The London Paper his song "Mutilation Is the Most Sincere Form of Flattery," featuring the lyrics  "f*ck you, f*ck you," is directed at the Jersey goth rockers. Manson takes issue with the "sad, pitiful, shallow version" of Manson the band has affected. He then entreats the band, "If they want to identify with me, then here’s a razor blade. Call me when you’re done and we’ll talk."

Unfortunately, it seems that Mr. Brian Warner owns a glass house: He’s constructed his stage persona by ripping off Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson, gotten his goth rock aesthetics from Alice Cooper, Trent Reznor and Ozzy Osbourne. Add to the list his stealing lengthy song titles from emo hearthrobs like Fall Out Boy, and Manson doesn’t have much room to speak. Most recently, he’s taken a page from recently divorced middle-aged men by dating someone half his age.

Oprah’s Crotch Loves Couture


Oprah_quotableWonder what Oprah Winfrey‘s rocking on her crotch? Wonder no more! Said O at Monday’s CFDA Fashion Awards:

"I still have a pair of red patent-leather boots. Years ago, I saw The Vagina Monologues and they said, ‘What is your vagina wearing?’ It’s wearing Ralph Lauren red patent-leather boots."

According to the New York Daily News‘ report, soon after saying this,  Oprah stubbed her toe. In happier news, she did not stub her vagina. [New York Daily News / Image credit: Getty]

Hottie of the Week: Rihanna


Photo_20x9_1 Hottie Photos: Rihanna

If you don’t believe Rihanna‘s hype even after seeing last Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards, then we don’t know how to help you. The 19-year-old "Umbrella" singer showed up Jay-Z with a choreographed routine where she was clad in fetish gear — basically what appeared to be a succession of belts. Fun.

Her third album, Good Girl Gone Bad, showcases more club-bangers and sensitive R&B balladry, but it’s her live performances we’re impressed by.

To see why you want to be under this girl’s umbrella-ella-ella any day-ay-ay, click the pics:

Rihanna_1        Rihanna_2      Rihanna_3   

And don’t miss our complete Rihanna: Hottie of the Week photo album!

Prisoner Paris: Cold, Crying & Confused


She’s only been behind bars for a few days, but already Paris has had to face the taunts of fellow inmates, the confusing feat of making collect calls, and rampant  Staph infections. With so much drama going down, how is our peroxide princess going to last another 21 days!?

On Tuesday
the heiress was visited by the two most important men in her life: her lawyer and her shrink. Sources say Hilton, while friendly with inmates and staff, has been crying a lot and is "cracking under the pressure of prison." A lawyer for another inmate reported that she, "came out of her cell to make a phone call. She’s not used to making collect calls and she needed help. A sergeant had to help her."

You’d think one of her "people" would have introduced her to the ways of pay phones prior to her little vacation behind bars. No wonder she’s crying, she probably thinks it’s a giant Blackberry and wants to know why she doesn’t own it yet.

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Blog Best-Of: Deelishis’ Derriere


Deelishis_links2- Flavor of Love 2‘s Deelishis resurfaces, and this time, she’s singing…about her butt. Combining ass with assets is like killing two birds with one cheek. [Vibe Confidential]

- And speaking of ass, Britney‘s got nothing to sing about. [Egotastic!]

- Remember when Paris Hilton going to jail was just a candy-colored figment of David LaChapelle’s imagination? Our society has progressed so much since then! [CityRag]

- Rihanna says she’ll never provide the tabloid fodder of Paris and Lindsay. "I’m just not the type to get sucked into bulls***." Sounds like someone isn’t interested in being a superstar! [Cake & Ice Cream]

- America’s Spelling Bee champion, Evan O’Dorney gives majorly bizarre attitude during a CNN interview. Reality TV, meet your future. [Best Week Ever]

Charm School Extra Credit: Un-Happy Birthday Edition


This week’s batch of Charm School scenes that didn’t make the episode feature the girls’ favorite pastime: trash talking. The first is an extended cut of Larissa’s exit. She calls Mo’Nique out for not being classy ("I seen a picture of her on the red carpet with hairy legs. That’s not classy.") and has some choice words for Dean Keith, too ("Pee Wee Herman walkin’ around with his little d*** self"). After some heart-string tugging ("I worked my ass off to get where I am in this competition, and I feel like Mo’Nique’s not giving me credit for that"), she really lets it rip with a special birthday greeting for Mo. Larissa promised she’d go out with a bang and bang she did.

The second features Saaphyri reading New York like only Saaphyri can. She talks more smack about New York’s plastic surgery and general appearance ("Half RuPaul, half BeyoncĂ©!"). More impressively than her insults is her insight — she deems New York "a cartoon character that’s alive." Even better is Saaphyri’s explanation why New York does not get to her: "She hit me with all kinds of stuff…but since she’s such a character, it’s like, no problem. I got this." If all of the other girls adopted this attitude, there would have been a lot less trouble on both seasons of Flavor of Love. In the Flavor universe, Saaphyri’s attitude is akin to possessing the secret of joy.

Big Surprise: Brangelina’s Life Is Amazing


Angelina Jolie spills her guts in the newest issue of Parade Magazine, and what she reveals is great for her and totally depressing for the rest of us "normal folk."

The mother of four claims that in her twenties, her life as an actress was "not really benefitting anyone." Enter in three children from around the globe and one from the most beautiful man alive, and now things are peachy keen. Life is so grand, that the pair are already making plans on how best to enjoy it. Once they finish a few more projects, the two are "going to try to take a year off and just be with the kids." 

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Video: Angry Akon Tosses Kid Off Stage


Akon. (Photo: Getty Images)

The last time we watched video of Akon he was getting all grind-y onstage with a  15 year-old girl. In these new clips circulating the web, he is seen performing at the KFEST 2007 concert when a young boy in the audience throws something at the Senegalese superstar.  Our hip hop hero then does what anyone would do in that situation.  He instructs his bodyguards to bring the boy up onstage, takes off his shirt, hoists the kid over his shoulder, and hurls him into the crowd, to the sound of hyperventilating fans screaming, "We love you!"

Akon, we’ve learned our lesson.  Your stage is like a 20-foot chunk of the Wild West and you’re Jesse James.  There are no rules, and no one is safe.  One wrong move and you’ll be using your super human strength to bust out nasty dances or chuck someone across the country.  So we’ll just stay away and dance awkwardly in the back corner.  Oh, and keep your shirt on. Please?