The Weekly Wrap-Up: Britney Blogs, Kelly Cancels, Paris Becomes a Cartoon


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Links to Reality


- There’s more than one way to get Buckwild – Charm School‘s Becky hosts a weekly Internet radio show Sundays at 6:30 ET. It is awesome. And we’re not just saying that because this week, we’re on it. [Blog Talk Radio]

- If you’re excited for Rock of Love, you aren’t alone – check out this brief clip of a concert audience chanting to show their anticipation. [Bret Michaels' MySpace]

- Celebrity Fit Club‘s Ant has choice words on Joe Rogan‘s etiquette. Who does he think he is, Mo’Nique? []

- Donald Trump is teaming with Fox for a show that provides "a stern course on debutante manners" to wild women. Hmmm…that concept sounds familiar. Where have we seen something like that before? [Radar Online]

- When Charm School is over, there will still be plenty of Mo’Nique to go around – her next F.A.T. Chance pageant is set to air July 28 on Oxygen. [ETOnline]

- Just in case you missed it: here’s a feature on I Love New York‘s Tango where he extols the virtues of Jay-Z and My Chemical Romance, alike. Eclectic!

Ross Matthews is named Hot Slut of the Month on Dlisted. See? Appear on Celebrity Fit Club and all of your dreams come true. [Dlisted]

- Think you know Celebreality? Try out this game and give yourself an ego boost.

Flame On: Fiery Words with Chris Evans



Chris Evans plays charismatic confirmed bachelor Johnny Storm, aka the Human Torch, in Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Reprising his role from the first film, he sat down to explain why comic books make poor seduction tools, who the Silver Surfer might be and why La-La Land is like a really hard game of chess.

Childhood Dreams . . . Teenage Nightmares
It’s fun being a superhero. It’s every little kid’s dream. But as a kid, I didn’t read a lot of comic books. I didn’t watch a lot of TV. I was outside, getting dirty, putting frogs in girls’ hair and sh*t like that. Comics aren’t so good [for flirting] especially when you’re 14, 15. That’s when it’s a problem.

The Tao of Torch
Johnny Storm is very self-involved. Everyone says "cocky" and "arrogant," but I think he’s very present. I think he loves life. He loves to laugh and have a good time. He’s very unaware of his own actions, which is probably a great way to live, if he wasn’t so insensitive. I think he’s just very much in the moment. I think that’s why he doesn’t dwell in the past or stress about the future.

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Blog Best-Of: Angelina’s Addition


Angelina_links2- Angelina Jolie says she and Brad Pitt could end up with as many as 14 kids. With each one they acquire, you’ll feel a little bit worse about yourself. [Dlisted]

- Cameron Diaz‘s ass is at least five times more entertaining then Shrek the Third. FACT! [CityRag]

- Isaiah Washington is photographed dressed as a priest on the set of…something. Following his anti-gay comments, we can’t tell if this is irony or penance. [Crunk + Disorderly]

- Britney Spears is auditioning backup dancers. She’s not touring, just ovulating. [Just Jared]

- And speaking of Britney, former lover J.R. Rotem is spilling the beans on their sex. " I f***ed Britney…tractor style." That’s a lie. Everybody knows that Britney only does it trailer style. [A Socialite's Life]

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The Hoff Wins Custody of Kids


After a long and grueling court battle, America’s Got Talent host David Hasselhoff has won sole custody of his two kids. You may recall this video of the intoxicated Baywatch star rolling around shirtless on the floor eating a hamburger, which was filmed by his 17-year old daughter earlier this year. Apparently, his giant leap off the wagon still didn’t give the court enough reason to side with his ex-wife, who was spotted crying after the decision.

Before announcing the judge’s ruling, Hoff delcared to the waiting paparazzi outside, that it was "a beautiful day to go the beach." Say what? Maybe he was just overcome with joy and couldn’t find the words to express himself, or maybe his daughters should bust out that video camera again.

Do Not Follow Lindsay’s Lead


Linds_glamThe underage partying ways of Lindsay Lohan that led her to rehab are being used to scare young ones away from the club scene. Well, actually, they’re being used to scare club owners from allowing underage kids admittance to their spots. Earlier this month, the New York Daily News reported on the crackdown, dubbed "Lohan’s Law," and this week two young stars felt its wrath — Rihanna and Cassie were denied entry into the New York album-release party for Fabolous. Poor things. Is this the superstar equivalent of being bullied by a mean girl?

In other Linds news, she’ll supposedly bust out of rehab next week. An unnamed source told the Daily News: "She has cut a lot of negative influences in her life. She and [mom] Dina speak every day." Ha! Those two sentences together prove that "a lot" does not mean "all." Way to rock the inadvertent irony, unnamed source!

Gunfire Outside Starlets’ Fave Hot Spot


Someone got a little gun crazy outside exclusive Hollywood night club Teddy’s last night, as shots were fired near the club’s entrance where Paris, Lindsay, Nicole and Britney pose for the paps before boozin’ it up. Luckily they were too busy doin’ time, detoxing, (maybe) battling morning sickness, and attempting to smoke outside a dance studio, and missed the hoopla. You may remember Teddy’s as the spot where LiLo allegedly dabbled in some illegal activity in the bathroom, and where she partied down before these pics were taken.

In fact, the only celeb spotted at Teddy’s was D Lister Kathy Griffin, who exited just before the bullets came flying from a passing car. It’s a great thing everyone is safe, but maybe there’s a message in this:

STAY THE EFF HOME, STARLETS. Cuz all that partying could kill you – literally.

Concert For Diana: Celebrate With Music


Diana_portrait_s_2 Nothing unusual about kids throwing a birthday party for their mom – unless of course the children are royals, the mother is one of the world’s most beloved women, and the guest list includes some of the coolest pop and hip-hop musicians around. The Concert for Diana, which commemorates the Princess of Wales, takes place in London’s Wembley Stadium and will be broadcast live on VH1, is one of the summer’s pop events.

"We wanted to have a big concert, full of energy, full of the sort of fun and happiness she enjoyed," says Prince William of the show. The proceeds will go to some of Princess Diana’s favorite charities. Featuring artists as varied as Elton John, Kanye West, Joss Stone, P. Diddy, and Fergie, the six-hour affair should be a blast. The show will be live on VH1 starting at 11 a.m. EST on July 1. will also stream the entire event. VH1 Classic will re-air the full show an hour after its conclusion. Get psyched by checking out pics of the participants.

Has Katie Holmes Ditched Tom?


Suri’s mama has been spotted wearing something that looks very similar to the Singelringen, or "single ring", a blue and silver piece of jewelry that signals to the world your solo relationship status. Stars such as Mario Lopez, Vivica Fox and Juliette Lewis have all been seen sporting one.

Them I’ll buy, but Katie Holmes? Let’s be real – that thing on her finger is a tracking device so Tom can follow her wherever she goes. If she removes it, a flock of giant eagles swoops down from the sky and carries her back to Beverly Hills for some more brainwashing and haircutting. Katie’s gonna have to do a lot more than wear a ring if she wants out of that marriage. Like escape to the moon, for starters.

Friday: Angelina’s Bony Bod; Nicole Scheming to Dodge Jail


Lindsay Lawsuit: She Was Buzzed

The owner of the van hit by Lilo is accusing the rehabbing starlet of chugging a few cocktails at the Ivy before crashing into his car with her Mercedes. [E Online]

Brit’s Mom Befriends K-Fed’s Ex
It’s rumored that Lynne Spears’ budding friendship with Kevin’s ex Shar Jackson sent Britney over the edge, resulting in her severing the family ties. [Us Magazine]

Angelina: Stress Makes Me Skinny
The super thin super-mom says the stress of her own mother’s death in January is the cause of her drastic weight loss. [Us Magazine]

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