Britney Returns To Society (Coke in Hand?)



Britney Spears is now back where she belongs; or at least, she’s closer to the viewfinders of the papparazzi (really: same thing). She checked out of Promises Malibu Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment Facility on Tuesday after staying 27 days, which falls short of the facility’s typical treatment time (30 to 45 days). But considering Brit’s recent yo-yo rehabbing regimen, let’s be happy that she’s made it this far. Besides, if she really was drinking 24 cans of Coke a day, that amounted to 648 Cokes during her stay and 90,720 calories. So really, it was time to stop the madness.

The early-ish check-out actually was predicted weeks ago — word was that Brit would be out of Promises in time to attend today’s Hollywood birthday party for her ex, Kevin Federline. That won’t be happening, though — the party’s been canceled because of a reported lack of interest (imagine!). So Brit has one more night to rest before she starts painting the town pink again. [AP/Yahoo!]

Wednesday’s Headlines: Paula To Simon: Size Matters


Paula_abdulSize Matters: Paula Calls Simon "Small Ben"
Paula seems to be highly educated on his private parts. Hmmm. [New York Post]

Pam & the Kids: Hit the Road Jack
The Baywatch bombshell has had enough of the men in her life. [E! Online]

News Station Broadcasts 30 Seconds of Porn
Employee fired for "an intolerable act of human sabotage." [MSN]

Mom Says Princess Lindsay Is Like Princess Di
If the paparazzi keeps chasing La Lohan, tragedy may follow. [New York Post]

"Talent" Wants to Dump Brandy for Sharon Osbourne
Overwhelmed by Brandy’s negative publicity, NBC is looking for a replacement. [Televisionary]

Robin Thicke: TV Dad, Pimp Wife



Blue-eyed soul crooner Robin Thicke is finally coming into his own. So no wonder he’s got some big-time options. Dude’s writing a score for the forthcoming movie This Wednesday, and he’s got to make it truly evocative. His wife, Paula Patton, in part of the cast, playing a pimp who works the streets of Hot ‘Lanta. That’s a little different than the role his dad, Alan Thicke, played on Growing Pains.



Best of Blogville: Keanu’s Collision, Kim’s Crush


Keanu_links- Keanu Reeves accidentally sideswipes a paparazzo with his Porsche. We control these machines; they don’t control us, eh, Neo? [Dlisted]

- Kim Kardashian seems to be moving from one b-list R&B singer (Ray J) to another (Marques Houston). Pretty Rickey, you’re on deck! [Crunk & Disorderly]

- Pop culture has seemed so dry without Lindsay Lohan‘s exposed lady bits. Thank god they’re back! [Egotastic!]

- Justin Timberlake curses a lot in a Details cover story. This is because he’s a thug. [Just Jared]

- Speaking of thugs, we now know where Fergie stands on the Bloods-Crips divide. Finally! [A Socialite's Life]

T.I. – Lots of Pals, No Girlfriend


070320_ti In the modern rap game, you’re only as good as the company you keep. So given T.I.’s studio posse, the Southern rapper is hotter than a sweltering July day in downtown ATL.

According to T.I., his upcoming album T.I. vs. T.I.P. (scheduled for a July release) will have the following "features" on it: Eminem, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Scott Storch, Mannie Fresh, Wyclef Jean, Nelly, Lil Wayne, R. Kelly, Ciara, Akon, and Just Blaze, among others. (Whew. Only thing that could make that list more impressive is getting a bald Britney to raise Tupac and Biggie from the dead.)

One person who isn’t likely to visit him in the studio, however, is T.I.’s ex-girlfriend/fian Tameka "Tiny" Cottle (left). The two recently announced their amicable split, even though Cottle is due to give birth to T.I.’s fifth child (second with Cottle) in July.

New York Needs Your Advice


New_york_111x71New York wept big time when she let Real go in Episode 9. Now, she has to decide between Chance (fun and playful but unpredictable and thuggish) and Tango (suave and chill but whiney). Who should New York pick, and why?

Give Tango Your Advice


TangoHe’s been accused by New York of being a slow Floridian and by blog readers of being a crybaby. But New York seems to be feelin’ those love letters that he leaves at her door. What does Tango need to do to win it all? Comment below.