Will Paula Smell The Winner?



Don’t expect her to jump up and down with both fists pumping the air tonight on American Idol. Paula Abdul might be going a bit slower than usual because of her broken nose. Guess she was chasing down her Chihuahua and tripped. You make the call: bandage or no bandage on-air?

Genesis: Set-List, Tour Dates, and Reissues



When our Rock Honors bash premieres on Thursday night, it will be the first time in many years that lots of Genesis fans are able to see their heroes on stage. So the quesion is, what tunes are they tackling? The mid-80s line-up of Tony Banks, Phil Collins, and Mike Rutherford have a unique rapport, and their spins through "No Son of Mine" and "Turn It On Again" should whet the appetite of anyone planning on seeing them when their world tour brings them to America in the fall. Those fans will also get a kick out of Keane‘s marvelous salute to the veterans with an update of "That’s All."

Those familiar with the superb remastering job that the Rhino label does might want to celebrate the band’s 40th anniversary with the far-reaching, 12-disc Genesis collection, 1976-1982. Between a wealth of rarities and the enhanced sound, it’s hard to resist. Speaking of rarities, check VSPOT in the next couple of days to see the on-line only performance of "Los Endos."

What’s your fave Genesis tune?

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They Spinnin’! Hip-Hop Headlines: Flav Fun, Meth Bust, Kelly’s Ego


070521_flavor_flav Flavor-ful Roast
Comedy Central to roast original hype-man Flavor Flav (Rap Basement)

‘Them Dudes Is Not Cool’
Watch: Beanie Sigel says Kanye West and Pharrell ‘might as well come all the way out the closet’

Brief Beef
Watch: Cam’ron goes after 50 Cent again … in his boxers

In Da Crib
Check out photos of 50 Cent‘s on-the-market mansion, grotto and all

Hugs, Then Drugs
Robin Thicke on ‘Cocaine’: ‘I believe in drugs as a form of celebration’ (SOHH)

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Blake vs Jordin: Pick the Winner!


Idol_finalist_2 Blake’s often pitchy, and when misapplied, that beatbox thing of his can be way stale. Jordin is sometimes wooden, and has a deer-in-the-headlights vibe when she chooses the wrong material. So…what songs are they going to sing tomorrow night, what’s with the rumours that Wednesday’s two-hour finale will feature a big slice of ponyhawk, and which of the two finalists is destined to make a mediocre CD later this year? Does it even matter? Your guess is as good as ours. Let everyone know your opinion.

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Mandy Moore Gets Kinky


Mandy_moore_07 Mandy Moore‘s all grown up, and she wants you to know it. In anticipation of her June 19th release Wild Hope, a single from Moore’s latest effort was included in the Museum of Sex’s goodie bags, right next to a vibrator and a book on being a dominant diva. But the bizarre promotional move might fit with Moore’s mature new image. She’s made no secret of her disdain for her "Candy"-era image, and she’s left behind record labels for EMI and more autonomy. Moore also penned much of the songs on this album, meaning she’s responsible for lyrics like "I’m the one who likes Gardenia/I’m the one who likes to make love on the floor." Maybe the Museum of Sex wasn’t such a bad fit after all…

Avril vs. Hilary and Haylie


AvrilvsduffsRumor has it that Avril Lavigne was miffed when she arrived at the same time as her arch-nemeses Hilary and Haylie Duff at last Wednesday’s Maxim Hot 100 Party in New York. Avril has a longstanding rivalry with Hilary, and by extension, her sister. Unfortunately, though, no blows were thrown over the intersection of "talent": Avril is said to have threatened to leave and otherwise could be seen "driving everyone crazy." The Duffs were seemingly less affected.

We expect this sort of behavior from the Sisters Duff. Horses are, after all, docile creatures. But for would-be bad-ass princess Avril to merely steam and stew over girls she didn’t like entering the venue, that’s like sooooo whatever! She could do so much better! She didn’t so much spit or even flip the bird. Not very punk, of her, is it? [MSNBC]

Brit Has Lip, Near-Nip Slips



This weekend, Britney Spears performed two shows in Florida, hitting Orlando on Saturday and Miami on Sunday with the same damn 14-minute set she’s been playing since she kicked off her bizarre, overpriced club "tour" earlier this month. Brit’s recent performances have been so cookie-cutter that the smallest variations provide newsworthy details. At the Orlando gig, Brit inadvertently pulled a Milli Vanilli when the CD she was lipping along to had a skip fit. Girl you know it, girl you know it, girl you know it…didn’t matter at all. People ate up her performance anyway. Meanwhile, during the Miami show, Brit’s bejeweled outer bra popped open to expose her sheer, pink inner bra. She ran off stage, saving face and, presumably, breast.

Now, aren’t you sad you missed those shows? That kinda stuff only happens once… [Image credit: Getty]

Monday: Mayer Wants a Model, Stapp Busted in Boca


Avril_150x Avril Feuds With Duff Sisters
Avril Lavigne huffs at the Duff sisters at Maxim’s Hot 100 Party. This is, like, sooo whatever! [MSNBC]

Brit Eyes Reese’s Ex?
Reese Witherspoon’s ex Ryan Phillippe was spied exiting a Los Angeles hotspot within a couple of minutes of Spears. Maybe he has a thing for legally fake blondes. [MSN]

After Jessica Split, Mayer Goes Girl Crazy
The artist was at a club full of models — "hitting on every super-skinny girl there." Apparently, neither bust nor brains is his cup of tea. [NY Daily News]

Creed Singer Jailed for Assault
The band’s former lead singer, Scott Stapp, was arrested in Boca Raton, Fla. last night on suspicion of domestic assault. [TMZ]

Evanescence Hires New Bandmates
Dark New Day drummer Will Hunt and guitarist Troy McLawhorn join Amy Lee and crew. [Yahoo!]

Road Tales: Tommy Tattles On Ozzy


Our ramp-up to Rock Honors (this Thursday night at 9 pm) always includes revealing chats with the music’s stars. Road Tales focuses on some the antics that go down when artists are on tour.

There’s no scenario where a tour that consists of Ozzy Osbourne and Motley Crue isn’t going to be bonkers, so when Motley’s Tommy Lee recounts how the party-hearty king of heavy metal would show up in Gestapo boots and a nurse’s outfit, consider it business as usual. And as you’ll find out, there’s a reason Mr. Osbourne was always trying to jump on the Crue’s bus.

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