VH1 Presents Hip Hop Honors



What do Missy Elliott, Snoop Dogg and WHODINI have in common? Yes, they’ve changed the landscape of hip-hop forever. And true, those aren’t their real names. They’ll also all be sharing the same stage on October 8th when we honor them in our fourth annual Hip Hop Honors. The show will feature today’s hottest hip hop acts paying tribute to these innovators, with Tracy Morgan hosting, which will undoubtedly be amazing. Check back here for announcements about performers.

Not content with just watching Missy, Snoop and co.? We’re offering you the opportunity to provide the soundtrack to the show. If you’re a budding producer or a novice beatsmith, we want you to submit a 60-second sample of your opus for consideration. The winning entry will have their track professionally produced, and played for the luminaries of the hip hop world. Submit your best beats to The Score starting July 23rd.

Only the Strong Survive: World Series of Pop Culture Recap


It’s coming down to wire, folks. The 2007 World Series of Pop Culture ends on Thursday, and the competition is (in the most non-pejorative sense of the word) fierce. In the two rounds last night, there was only one winner. Almost Perfect Strangers 2.0 beat Remo-Leen-Teen-Teen, but Wocka Wocka and Team Motherboy (pictured above) held each other to a tie. The trivia battle continues tonight at 9 p.m. on VH1. For more in-depth coverage, check the blog over at World of Pop. And remember: You stay classy, Planet Earth.

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Enraged Usher Fights His Fans


Here’s a great idea: become the world’s most beloved and talented pop/R&B singer, sell millions of albums, attract packs of screaming, adoring fans -  and then turn them all against you because of a woman. Sound smart? Because if so, then Usher‘s an effing genius. After sending out an open letter last week defending his career moves as well as his much despised fiancĂ© Tameka Foster, the singer is now reportedly trying to shut down the fan website UsherForever.com, because its creator does not favor his lady.

Usher’s already fired his manager (and mom!) and severed ties with his two longtime reps. But his fans? Need we remind the star that without them, they’ll be no one left to buy his next album. It even looks like he’s gonna miss the August deadline set by his label to deliver his new goods, effectively preventing his album from reaching stores during the holiday season. Maybe if he wasn’t wasting all his time being so defensive, we’d actually have some new Usher tunes to remind us of why we actually loved the man-diva in the first place. [NY Daily News/Image: Getty]

Wednesday: Britney Slaps Her Mom; Posh Spice Threatens Eddie Murphy


Pete and Ashlee: Wedding Ready?

Contrary to internet rumors that popped up yesterday, the rocker couple did not get engaged at the Live Earth concert a couple weeks ago. Give these two time – Ash is probably trying to learn from her sister’s mistakes! [Us Magazine]

Gwen Accuses Store of Copying Fashions
Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers fashion line is suing cheap chain store Forever 21 for stealing designs. There’s no ‘Sweet Escape’ from the law! [MSNBC]

Did Britney Beat Up Her Mom?
Britney apparently got slap happy after her Mom arrived at her house unannounced to visit Sean and Jayden. When will people learn – you don’t mess with Brit! [MSNBC]

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Only the Strong Survive: World Series of Pop Culture Recap


The competition for who would continue their quest for pop-culture glory continued last night as the trivia in the 2007 World Series of Pop Culture heated up. In the first round, Twisted Misters (pictured above) battled Fragilay and took home the glory. In the second, 3 Men and a Little Lazy kicked Westerburg High summarily off the stage. For more in-depth coverage, check the World of Pop blog and test your pop-culture mettle with one of our games. And don’t forget to tune in to VH1 tonight at 9 p.m. to watch the action continue. You’ll be smarter if you do.

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Blog Best-Of: Tara’s Terrier


Tara_links- Tara Reid poses for photogs with her dog on the beach. You know how people pose next to things to make themselves look better? Well, that Yorkie looks freakin’ hot! [IDontLikeYouInThatWay.com]

- Pink changes her hair color, but not her name. For you see, the Old Gray Lady is already taken. [I’m Not Obsessed]

- Rosie O’Donnell unleashes some choice words about Star Jones‘ weight loss. What’s going to be the Rosie’s gestured equivalent of the Trump hair flip this time? Sticking a pin in herself and letting out some hot air? [Bossip]

- Zac Efron dolls are now on sale and Zac looks psyched. He just can’t wait to play with himself! [Just Jared]

Britney to be Perfect Party Host


It’s been almost nine months since Britney kicked K-Fed to the curb and busted out her short-lived spell of hotness. Since then we’ve been anxiously awaiting her comeback, which has instead been one big letdown made up of rehab, buzzcuts and cheeseball tattoos. But Spears may have an opportunity to put a new face forward on August 31st, when she hosts the Las Vegas opening of the LAX nightclub at the Luxure Hotel.

We can almost see it now (cue dream sequence music): Britney – with set of hair extensions that costs more that $10 – appears in an actual bra and a dress that fits, and spends the night skipping the booze for energy drinks. Her fake nails have been buffed down and her ratty flips flops have been replaced with a nice pair of Louboutins. She discreetly chews Nicorette and only dons a cowboy hat for a few minutes, when the DJ plays "Cotton Eyed Joe". She then gracefully exits the soiree to enjoy a dinner of Cheetos and fine caviar. Make it happen Brit – dreams can come true (specifically, mine)!

Faith Hill and the Magic of Touch Ups


Check out that picture of Faith Hill and she’s lookin’ pretty darn fine for a millionaire mom of three who’s about to turn the big 4-0. She’s even on the cover of Redbook this month! Anddddd that’s where her trouble begins. Jezebel got their hands on the original version of Faith’s cover photo prior to it being touched up with the magical tools that only magazines and wizards possess, and holy Hollywood standards are the results horrifying. The more you look at the touched up cover picture, the more you’ll wonder why we as a society like our celebs to look like straight-up aliens. If the difference in her arm’s shape and size isn’t enough to freak you out, check out her eyes, her back, her posture and, oh, her disappearing hand.  Faith was way better looking before she went under the digital knife, crow’s feet and all.

It’s not just Redbook – touching up has been a normal practice at mags since, like, forever. Just imagine the work that goes into getting rid of Lindsay Lohan‘s under-eye bags and coke nose! Sure, this practice speaks to a larger problem in our culture of misleading images and unreal body expectations. But you know what – I kind of don’t care. I’ll still hungrily buy my beloved fashion mags every month. Because if I can’t ogle at glossy, perfect pics of celebs and then feel bad about my arm fat, is life really even worth living?

Paris: Back To Sing. Sing!


Ladies and gentlemen, guard your eardrums: Paris Hilton is prepping another album. Certainly, this qualifies as threatening us with a good time, right?

She’s revealed that she’s already in discussions with Timbaland foe Scott Storch, who produced much of her first abomination album. An anonymous source reveals that Paris has been taking voice lessons and is "really serious about her music career." So serious, in fact that she harps on it with the tenacity of a zombie. Here’s what Paris said to E! regarding her sophomore hump:

"I’m already working on my new record. I’ve been in meetings with Scott [Storch] and we’ve been working on it. I’ve been working on it with Scott for a few weeks."

Got that everyone? She’s working on it, she’s working on it, annnnnnd, she’s working on it. It’s comforting that someone with so much to say is making pop music. She’s finally making good on the philanthropy she promised when she was in jail! [E! News]