Bjork and the Boys: Coachella Kick-Off


60,000 music fans are scheduled to hit the Cali desert this weekend – Coachella 07 has kicked off. Today’s program holds a big batch of new music. Bjork and the Arctic Monkeys are dropping new discs, and Interpol is finalizing their latest. But there will be plenty of classique stuff as well. The reunited Jesus and Mary Chain and graying Sonic Youth have will be pounding stuff from their canons. The L.A. Times has picked a few faves from over the years, and Rolling Stone has Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste providing some on-site perspective.  Come on back Monday for pictures from the festival.

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Photo_20x9_1 Photos: Coachella 2007

They Spinnin’! Hip-Hop Headlines


070427_lilkim The Notorious K.I.M.
Sprung from pokey, Lil’ Kim to work with Diddy again (XXL)

No Woman, No Cry
Talib Kweli denies rumors that he teared-up after his girlfriend smacked him at a party at 50 Cent‘s mansion (AllHipHop)

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems
?uestlove stopped by DEA in Buffalo … for having too much cash? (XXL)

The Truth Bytes
Hilarious! Cam’ron‘s rhyme book found, ‘published’ online! (Oh Word)

The Ugly Truth
‘Professional Hater’ lists his top 10 ugliest rappers. WHAT?!?! (Giant)

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Blog Best-Of: Michelle’s Munching


Micheller_links- Michelle Rodriguez comes out. She was in the closet for so long, she smells like mothballs. [A Socialite's Life]

- Beyoncé rocks a wet T-shirt on the cover of Vibe. What Girls Gone Wild is to real porn, this picture is to Girls Gone Wild. It’s enough to make your hand fall asleep…because it’s bored! [Bossip]

- Hilary Duff is so pale, she reflects light. Seriously, don’t look at the following pictures for too long because homegirl will burn the corneas right out of your head. [I'm Not Obsessed]

- Earth, Wind and…retire. Please. [Crunk + Disorderly]

- But seriously: butts. [CityRag]

Leading-the-Blind Items



- When the girls have to compete in a fashion-show challenge on Charm School, will they get catty on the catwalk or prove to be model citizens?

- When the Fit Club-bers are brought to a mountain, will Dustin Diamond get even more high and mighty?

- When weird couples are trotted on Sunday’s Springer Hustle, will we see more love connections or love infections?

Catch previews of Celebrity Fit Club: Men Vs. Women, Charm School, Springer Hustle and more at VSPOT.


Some major drama goes down on this week’s Fit Club — get a taste of it here:

And check out Dustin’s further adventures in battling with truth and logic here:

Today’s Shot of Whitney Love


Whit_heartWhere do broken hearts go? To, of course! Over the past few months, the pap-blog has been documenting Whitney Houston‘s nights on the town (many of which with sex-tape vet Ray J, who’s 17 years her junior). Today, TMZ presents the latest installment in the Whitney Leaves Place cycle, taped Thursday night, as Whit and Ray left the Beverley Hills spot Crustacean. In this one, Whit is as surly as a sidewalk without its crack, telling the paps to move aside and then taking matters into her own hands and moving them herself. Rugged! The cameras then catch up with Ray J, who leaves in a separate car after refusing to answer questions about the nature of his relationship with Whit. Oooh, a cliffhanger. Love it! []

With TomKat, Jenna Makes Three



Note to famous Scientologists: When you talk about other Scientologists, we don’t believe you. We know you have an agenda to seem as normal as possible, to make up for the aliens and niacin and such.

And so, it is with ease that I call bullstuff on Jenna Elfman‘s recent comments on her Scientologist brethren Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. "Honestly, they’re happy. They have a great life and they love each other. For some reason, the media cannot experience that. They must put in things other than the simplicity of it." These "things" include gossip like Tom ordering Katie to mommy school, Tom stalking Katie as she works, Tom’s general tyranny over the relationship, and mass speculation that the entire relationship is a sham (those pesky gay rumors!).

But anyway, as far as Jenna’s words go: Lies!

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Friday: Baldwin’s Apology and Spector’s Pistol Whip


Baldwin2 Baldwin Apologizes on National TV
The actor was welcomed with an applause on "The View" today and gave a heartfelt tale of what drove him over the edge. He probably just has the temper of a warthog. Oink. Oink. [CNN]

Spector’s Ex: I Was Pistol Whipped
The rock producer allegedly bashed his ex-girlfriend in the head while drunk and made her strip at gunpoint. Order in the court! [Reuters]

Fan Tries to Kill Bullock’s Hubby
A woman obsessed with Sandra Bullock tried to run the star’s husband over with her Benz repeatedly. [People]

Are Eve and Sean Penn an Item?
The media speculates as the married actor gave her a shoulder to cry on and offered to bail her out of jail for 30k. Would we give them the moniker of Penn-E or E.S.P.? [NY Daily News]

‘Idol’ Raises $60 Million for Charity
While many say the two-hour special didn’t live up to the hype, it inspired thousands across the world to fight poverty. [Yahoo!]

[Image Source: Getty Images]

Shhh . . . Undercover Brit Bounces Back



Britney’s comeback is happening faster than you might think. Fresh off whatever miracle diet/workout is available only to L.A. royalty, the disgraced former queen of teen pop is apparently on a House of Blues tour, starting next week in Anaheim. According to Interweb sources, she’ll be playing some old stuff and some new stuff, and she’s booked under the name the M + M’s. Is this because she loves junk food?

Darth Vader Hates You & Your Celly


It’s no Celine Dion-Elvis duet — what is, though, really? — but it is Darth Vader strangling an obnoxious movie talker. There’s something extremely gratifying about that. Maybe it’s just that it’s Friday (so thanks, Rolling Stone.) Or maybe it’s that, geez, cellphones are irritating. What do you think?