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Now that Charm School‘s in session, it’s time to talk with the Flavor of Love girls’ leader on this show: comedian, actress and all-around responsible adult Mo’Nique. In our exclusive interview with Mo, she dishes the dirt on what it was like to lead 13 young women known for their unruliness, what she thinks of New York and what we can expect from Charm School. The bell rings after the jump…

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Blizzades of Glory


070410_ice_dancing Maybe they were moved by Blades of Glory‘s Humps. Or maybe they see the crossover potential of Ice Cube, Ice-T or Vanilla Ice. Whatever the case, one of the world’s top figure-skating pairs wants to cold kick it by bringing beats and rhymes to the rink.

After getting a positive response to a routine that included some Justin Timberlake, U.S. ice dance champions Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto announced that they’d like to take it one step further and use hip-hop in their routines. "We’re trying to push hip-hop and it’s never been accepted in the current international community,” said Belbin. "Hopefully someday we’ll be able to spice up the competitions." "Hip-Hop is a huge part of (American) culture," added Agosto. "We’d love to tap into it."

Tap away, guys. And bring home some Olympic bling while you’re at it.

Scratch M.I.A.’s Back, She’ll Scratch Yours




British/Sri Lankan beauty M.I.A. announced that she’s ready to release her sophomore effort, Kala, on June 25th. The follow-up to her critically acclaimed 2005 album Arular features collaborations with beat-whiz Timbaland and avant-hop-head Diplo. (She’s worked with Timbaland before; there’s a bonus track on the U.K. version of Shock Value called “Come Around” to that effect.) M.I.A., whose work thus far has been both sexually charged and a lightning rod for political controversy, has been hard at work on making challenging music. It’s not always the most danceable, but we love the title of her first single (which you can hear at her MySpace page): “Bird Flu.” Anyone care to guess at the titles of other tracks on the album? We’re hoping for “Project Red” and “Niger Yellowcake.”

Tuesday: Anna Nicole: Birkhead Is Babydaddy


Anna2Anna Nicole: Birkhead Is Babydaddy
The DNA test results are in. Birkhead is the baby’s daddy. [CNN]

It’s Time For Imus To Squirm
The basketball team wants to express "great hurt" resulting from his "Nappy-Headed Hos" comment. Get ready to watch him sweat. [CNN]

Scarlett: Goodbye Justin, Hello Ryan?
The Hollywood bombshell was very cozy with very lucky Ryan Reynolds at a NYC lounge over the weekend. What ever happened to old Sexyback? [NY Daily News]

Jenna Jameson: A Burlesque B-Day
TMZ offers video coverage of the porn star’s b-day bash. How much has she shrunk? [TMZ]

‘Laguna Beach’ Actor Arrested — Again
Jason Wahler allegedly spewed racial and gay slurs at officers after punching a hotel security guard and passing out drunk in a hallway. He won’t play anything but a loser in the future. [Yahoo!]

Shout at the Captain: The Motley Cruise



Got plans for the end of January ’08? Now you do: Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil is partnering with Carnival to whisk you (and hundreds of other die-hard Cruesters) away on a four-day cruise through the Florida Keys and Mexico. Included in your fare is accomodation, all meals, an "up-close-and-personal" concert by Vince, as well as "wet and wild shore excursions in Key West and Cozumel and [a] no-limit Texas Hold’Em charity poker tournament" where you can hopefully recoup the $479-$1699 you spent to get there.

Dirt Off Their Shoulders


Did two of hip-hop’s biggest names impregnate women they worked with? Diddy and Jay-Z both say no, yet both thought enough of the rumors to address them in the press.


Diddy has been dogged by reports that Danity Kane singer Aubrey was pregnant with his child. Diddy recently talked to Hot 97 about the rumors.

"Check this out, she’s not pregnant, I’ve never dealt with that girl, I never even looked at her for more than ten minutes," said Diddy. "I just called to let you know you can move onto somebody else’s stuff."

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Jay-Z recently denied rumors that Jay-Z paid model Shenelle Scott $1 million to keep Jay’s name off of Scott’s baby’s birth certificate. "There is no truth to these ridiculous rumors," the spokesperson told Scott and Jay-Z met on the set of his video for "Big Pimpin’."

Jay-Z is also reportedly down with Usher … to collaborate on a new track on the R&B star’s upcoming album. Hova’s spokesperson has yet to squash these rumors.

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Fergie’s Got a Case of the Mondays


Fergie had quite the weekend. First, she was attacked by brain-sucking zombies in Grindhouse. Then she covered Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” on the Charlotte Church show in Britain. (Maybe she caught the cover-song fever from Alanis.) Here’s one on a slow Monday for all you cubicle slaves from the first lady of the Black Eyed Peas. Fergie knows how to help you through the start of the workweek.

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Monday: Jenna Jameson Losing Weight, Fans


Jameson2Jenna Jameson Loses Weight — and Fans
How are fans reacting to the porn queen being 40 pounds lighter? At the Exxxotica convention, they lined up instead to see Tera Patrick. [New York Post]

Avril Lavigne Purchases $9.5 Million Home
The Bel-Air mansion has eight bedrooms, 10-1/2 bathrooms, an elevator, and a 10-car garage. RSVP us for the house-warming bash, please. [Yahoo!]

How’d Brit , K-Fed Spend the Holiday?
He had a "guys’ weekend" in Vegas while she cheered on the Lakers. Finally, some peace! [People]

‘Sopranos’ Returns With a Bang
Tony’s jailed in one of the most anticipated premieres this year. Get the full scoop. [MSNBC]

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz Cozy Up
The love birds were spotted making out and holding hands in L.A. over the weekend. Rock on Pete. [Teen People]

Links to Reality


Ty_tango_links- What’s more exciting: New York’s engagement or the fact that 4.8 million people watched the finale of I Love New York? Congrats all around! [Reality TV Magazine]

- After that finale, New York was spotted hitting the town. She has that post-reality show glow. [CONCRETELOOP]

- And in other New York news, before the big finale, she appeared on The Morning Show With Mike and Juliet and was actually really charming. No school needed for that one. [The Morning Show With Mike and Juliet]

- Celebrity Fit Club: Men vs. Women doesn’t debut till Sunday, April 22 at 9/8, but Dr. Ian’s already dishing on the relatively svelte season: "There is something kind of sick and voyeuristic in the need for people to see extremely overweight people shed weight. This is more realistic." Realistic reality TV? Get out! [Radar]

Hottie_linkstoreality- The Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School Starring Mo’Nique class photos are in, and they’re seriously hilarious. Check them out here. Start with one girl and work your way thorough. Might we suggest starting with Hottie? She never disappoints.

- And, get a jump start on Charm School at the message board. Get your hooks in early!

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LCD Soundsystem Attacks Backlash



On Friday, LCD Soundsystem mastermind James Murphy held a press conference to address "the backlash" — the inevitable response tastemakers will have to the success of their latest The Sound of Silver on the charts (currently Number 46 on Billboard). After quickly dispensing with how he’s planned for the backlash ("I’ve been saving up canned food, I’ve put aside some money, and I’ve kept my tastes small"), Murphy shared some of his wit and wisdom. Check out the video of a power-tied Murphy below. After the jump, a quick compendium of the quotable James Murphy.

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