Dating Naked Awkwardness Poll: Horseback Riding, Ziplining Or Paddleboarding

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Dating Naked pulled out all the stops this week when it came to finding activities for the naked daters to participate in. Let’s just take a moment to applaud the post-production editors for their work blurring the private parts of Dan while he paddleboarded and Keegan while he ziplined. Which activity would be the most uncomfortable to do while nude? We’ll let you decide.


We all know what happened next. Katie got a black eye, blamed everything on Keegan, made out with Scott, asked host Amy Paffrath to get naked and have a three-way with Amy’s husband, flipped off VH1 and, in a surprise twist, did not get picked as Keegan’s first choice.


Perhaps the greatest moment of the episode — that was not Katie-related, at least — was this exchange between Scott and Diane.

Scott: “This horseback riding is nice and tranquil except for I got my dong on his back.”

Diane: “I don’t think he minds.”

A Brief Recap Of The Dating Naked Meltdown, A.K.A. “Sorry About Your Face, Katie”

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On tonight’s episode of Dating Naked, there were several fairly awkward and uncomfortable dates, and one where the daters almost lost an eye. We’re referring of course to the ziplining incident where Katie and Keegan, riding tandem on a zipline, ended up smashing into a post.


But what followed was a glorious meltdown that we need to recap in minute detail for the comedic nuances and brilliant reactions.

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The Amina Buddafly + Peter Gunz Baby Is Here!

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Amina Buddafly

The time has come, Love & Hip Hop super couple Amina Buddafly and Peter Gunz have finally given birth to their newest addition. We don’t know a name or gender yet but Amina took to her Instagram and Facebook to make the announcement.

Thank you guys for all the well wishes and nice comments and messages!!!, haven’t gotten thru all yet but I’m so happy we’ve made a beautiful gorgeous precious angel who I can’t take my eyes off of…just enjoying some private time for now but you know we will share more soon.

We are sending congratulations to the new mom and dad and will update you as we find out more about the newest addition to the Pankey family.

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Check out the Amina’s baby bump gallery above. Mazel!

Exclusive: Kalenna On Diddy Being A Love & Hip Hop Fan, Joseline & Karlie’s Music & Tony’s Finger

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Kalenna Harper & Tony Vick via Instagram

Kalenna Harper & Tony Vick via Instagram

Kalenna Harper has clearly become the breakout fan favorite of this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. From her openness about her relationship with bestie Ashley and her honesty in the studio with Rasheeda, viewers seem to respond to Kalenna’s unbridled sense of self and love her for it! We caught up with Kalenna to get the scoop on her marriage, what she really thinks of her cast mates’ music, what Diddy had to say about the show and why Tony‘s finger looks like that.

Well, first of all, I gotta say, we are loving your new single “Murder” in the office. It’s legit. I have to ask, what’s it been like making the transition from singer to reality star

Kalenna: When I did “Murder” it was just like, let’s just talk about when I met Tony and those feelings that people are afraid to talk about. You know love and hip hop is really my life. I love my “husbandger,” my best friend, my partner in crime but I also love the music and it’s just about finding that balance. So I’m just talking about me and my sappy love stories and I hope that people can relate. Read more…

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Check Yourself: 9 Kids Is A Whole Team And Four Subs

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So basically, we want Rasheeda to do every episode of Check Yourself from now on. Her commentary is TOO good. In this week’s clip, she watches herself at the doctor’s office with Kalenna and when she hears (again) that Tony has nine kids, she remarks, “Damn! That’s a whole team and four substitutes. One more, it’s two got-damn full squads.” Read more…

Meet The Band Omar From Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project

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On tonight’s Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project, Linda surprised the remaining musicians by introducing yet another band, Omar. Omar are a garage-punk duo from Philadelphia comprised of Candice and Nick. While some of the other artists in the house seemed to be put off by Linda’s inclusion of more competition, the mega producer seems very taken with their talent.

Linda got Candice and Nick to open to her about some very real issues they’re working through and helped them discover, maybe, their new sound. Read more…

Bullies And Nerds Fight On This Week’s Dating Naked Sneak Peek

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On this week’s Dating Naked episode, there’s a very interesting dynamic between two of the participants. Diane, the main female dater, has gone on dates with brawny, good-looking Keegan, as well as scrawny, geeky Dan. Essentially it’s as if she’s dated both the muscly Captain America version of Chris Evans and the CGI-wimpy version of him too. When they all meet up for drinks, it turns out that Keegan gets off on bullying Dan and making fun of the fact that he never drinks alcohol. “I would have made that kid cry in high school!” he brags.

We don’t mean to get all deep here, but it seems like maybe the real experiment on this week’s show has less to do with baring your body and more with baring your SOUL, huh? Watch and decide for yourself!

Dating Naked airs Thursdays at 9PM ET/PT.

Sia, Beyonce + Kelly Rowland Got Inspired By Love & Hip Hop In The Studio

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We know that Beyonce hangs out with Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars — we’ve seen the photographic proof. But did you know that she also watches the show for inspiration (and, you know, probably to take her mind off of all the rumors about her marriage)? In this exclusive interview with songwriter Sia, recorded at the taping for VH1′s SoundClash, she reveals that in their down time in the studio, she would binge on episodes of Love & Hip Hop with Bey and Kelly, and her now-famous video for “Chandelier” was inspired by her love of reality TV. You can listen to the whole interview here!

SoundClash airs on VH1 this Wednesday, July 30th at 9PM ET/PT.

15 Reasons We Love Hit The Floor‘s Kat Bailess

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We go hard for the cast of Hit The Floor. We love them: their style, swag and sickening bodies. It’s no surprise that we woke up thinking sweet things about Katherine Bailess who plays Kyle.

We just love the way the Mississippi native brings her southern drawl and theatrical roots to the VH1 sudser. We’re crushing so hard we’ve gathered up all our reasons, from her baby blue eyes to her red carpet antics, this girl has our heart.

Click through our gallery to find out why and let us know if you agree in the comments. Be sure to keep up with Kyle (and the information she’s collecting about Olivia) on Hit The Floor Monday at 9 PM ET/PT.

Is Karlie Redd’s Career Ready To Breakout?!

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Karlie Redd is mostly known for her drama and antics on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta but could she be poised for her big break into the music biz finally? In a bonus clip from episode 14, Yung Joc meets Bryan Leach of Polo Grounds Music (they work with ASAP Rocky and Pitbull FYI) in New York to talk and strategize career but when it comes to Joc’s woman can Bryan get on board?

After Joc plays Bryan his record with Karlie, “Heartbreaker”, Bryan decides that he can get with it if Joc believes enough in Karlie and thinks she can curb her reality-TV-ish.

Do you think Karlie can clean it up to be a professional? What do you think of Karlie’s new single? Let us know!

Be sure to tune into an all new episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta on a special night, Thursday at 8 PM ET/PT.