Planet Sebastian Covers Iconic 90s Films With These Fun Outtakes

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Before everyone and their brother had a podcast, a blog or a YouTube channel, there was cable access. That was like, way back in the ’90s. VH1′s new web series, Planet Sebastian, is a throwback to the old cable access talk shows of yore, before the internet and HD cameras. Planet Sebastian features the cast of Hindsight as they all make guest appearances on a local show hosted by Sebastian, the video store clerk, and they discuss the best of ’90s nostalgia. This week is a compilation of fun outtakes with Sebastian chatting with all your Hindsight favorites about some classic 90s films like Braveheart and Clueless!

Check back next week for another episode of Planet Sebastian.

Former ‘Basketball Wives LA’ Star Laura Govan Admits Her Recent Miscarriage

by (@ShireaCarroll)

LauragovanBasketball Wives LA star Laura Govan, noticeably missing from the scene as of late, has been revealed that being MIA was primarly due to a recent miscarriage, losing what would have been her fifth child.

Govan was brave enough to share what happened with her fans on her Instagram, in a caption and photo she posted yesterday.

“I wanted to share something with U guys and why I’ve been out of the loop, well #NRealLife for the past three months I’ve been sick, and extremely exhausted and about a month ago I found out that I was pregnant with my 5th baby, which I thought was impossible. Unfortunately, I had a miscarriage,” the older Govan sister revealed. Read more…

Meet The Robinsons: Photographic Evidence That Puma And Quani Are So In Love

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Puma can get turnt up and really get under Ceaser, Dutchess, and, yes, even his wifey Quani‘s skin but the truth is, he is one lovable little guy. We can’t help but fall for these two and their adorableness only made cuter with the addition of baby girl Tamia. Take a look at some of the most adorable photos of this miniature family and tell us Puma and Quani weren’t made for each other? Relationship goals, amirite? Read more…

Flashback To Masika Kalysha As A Contestant On ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’

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Seeing a star before they were famous is one of life’s small thrills so when we discovered Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘s Masika Kalysha on an episode of Bravo’s The Millionaire Matchmaker we were absolutely tickled.

In this rich throwback video Masika is asked her ethnicity and she amazingly responds with, “I’m black!” When Patti Stanger asks her what she kind of business she owns (!) Masika responds, “I actually have a tool company for women. It’s called Pinks. I actually redesign tools to fit a woman’s hand.” Um, who knew!? Like, really who? Read more…

“‘Mob Wives’ Parties Are Famous For…” The Best Tweets From The ‘Mob Wives’ Season Five Finale

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The Mob Wives season five finale didn’t quite deliver the showdown between “Ratalie” and “Fraudalie” the way we imagined with Renee telling Nat D not to instigate anything at her party. When Natalie Guercio finally did show, the ladies didn’t fight which is a good and all but has us scratching our heads.

On Twitter things were a bit more dramatic with all the ladies all being pretty over it to various degrees: Ang and Drita both seem to be done with both of the Natalies, Renee and Karen seem to be gloating, and the other two? Well, they both still have a lot to say and we’re excited to see them go at it at the reunion.

Check out the best Tweets of the night and don’t miss the Mob Wive reunion next Wednesday at 8/7c.

‘Love And Hip Hop’ Sneak Peek: Diamond Tells Cyn That Rich Dollaz Is Her Man

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Last week on Love & Hip Hop, Rich and Diamond had a moment where Richie Dollaz put his mouth on Diamond’s neck. In a sneak peek for the next episode, Diamond meets Cyn Santana and says that Rich is her boo and that she will “f*** a b**** up” if they come close to him. This is all news to me and Rich says he’s not looking for a bodyguard girlfriend and he doesn’t want Diamond claiming him.

Is Rich Dollaz stirring the pot for getting close to Cisco‘s ex? Is Diamond truly crazy to assume that he’s her man now? Find out on an all new Love & Hip Hop, Monday at 8/7c.

Google Me, Bish: Chrissy Says She Isn’t Anyone’s ‘Booty Shot’ Model

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Chink may still be reeling with anger over his (ex?) girlfriend Chrissy‘s recent “urban model” photoshoot, but Chrissy is still unbothered.

Matter of fact, Chrissy runs down her resume exclusively to so Chink and the rest of the world knows she not some reality star who turned into a “booty shot model.”

Find out how Chrissy was getting her checks before Love & Hip Hop, and catch new episodes Mondays 8/7c.

[Photo Source: iAdore Magazine]

‘Black Ink Crew’ Sneak Peek: Donna Wants To Set The Record Straight With Anya

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Donna has created quite a reputation for herself but it’s not all positive. In a sneak peek for next week’s Black Ink Crew, Dutchess schools Donna on what she needs to do in order to be taken seriously as a tattoo artist in the shop. Donna seems to take the Dutchess of Ink’s life advice seriously, even conceding that she thinks she and O’Sh*t‘s fiancĂ©e Anya should meet in person so she can clear the air about what is what. Read more…

What Does Erica Mena’s Fiance Think Of Her ‘Playboy’ Photos??

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By now, you’ve all probably seen a few of Erica Mena’s Playboy photos, which are pretty tasteful and sexy, if you ask us. But what does Erica’s fiancĂ© think of them? VH1′s The Gossip Table reveals Bow Wow‘s reaction to the pics!

Erica Mena Playboy 3

[Photographed for by Marya Gullo and Lani Lee
Hair & Makeup: Melissa Abad
Wardrobe Stylist: Maya Harris
Photo Assistant: Clark Wacunza]

Check Out The Supertrailer For VH1′s New Series ‘Walk Of Shame Shuttle’


Not every early-morning cab ride home from a stranger’s place is met with a “Why are you shamin’ it today?” greeting, but that’s the non-judgmental and hilarious way that a ride on the Walk Of Shame Shuttle begins.

The Walk of Shame Shuttle began when Kellyann Wargo started giving her friends safe rides home after parties and realized that their drunken taxicab confessions would make amazing TV. So she hired a couple of drivers and boom: the Walk Of Shame Shuttle car service became her business, and we get to hear all the amazing stories behind dozens of strangers’ weird and wonderful nights out. Watch the supertrailer for the new VH1 series which premieres on Wednesday, March 18 at 9PM ET/PT and again at 11PM ET/PT.