Do Women Use The Term “Thirsty” Too Much? Walt + Ted Think So

by (@ShireaCarroll)

Is chivalry dead? Well Black Ink Crew stars Walt and Teddy Rux don’t seem to think so.

Not known for having the best rep in the way they’ve treated women in the past, Walt and Ted go on record to say being a gentlemen and treating women like ladies wouldn’t be so hard if women stopped confusing chivalry with thirst. Read more…

#FBF: That Time Mama Jones Sang About Being A “Psychotic Bish”

by (@damianbellino)

Mama Jones always kept it 100% with her son Jim Jones and, some times to a fault with her future daughter-in-law, Chrissy Lampkin. Like remember when Mama and Chrissy went at it in the car way back season one of Love & Hip Hop?

Mama Jones told Chrissy she was a “selfish b—” and Chrissy told her that she wasn’t a particular treat all the time either, labeling her that “psychotic b—.” The watercooler moment became so iconic that Nancy Jones turned it into her brand with a song and T-shirts. It’s Friday so relive this amazing music video for the “Psychotic B—” song and celebrate being able to a real bish, like Mama Jones. Read more…

Amina Discusses Her Relationship With Peter’s 5 Other Baby Mommas

by (@ShireaCarroll)

Tara and Amina may be two of Peter‘s baby mommas we know thanks to reality TV, but they sure aren’t the only ones. Amina chats exclusively with, now that she’s joined the IHPC (I Have Peter’s Child) Club, about her daughter’s relationship with her other siblings, and her own relationship with Peter’s other baby mommas. Read more…

Erin And Sara Foster Reveal Five Surefire Ways To Get Famous

by (@lizburrito)

making it in Hollywood is not just a matter of having a hot body and perfect cheekbones. One must truly have a passion for the arts, a desire to succeed, and also, a really great reflexologist on call when the stress just gets to be too much. Erin and Sara Foster know what it’s like to work the L.A. circuit, and the two stars of VH1′s Barely Famous generously offered us these five important tips to get famous.

Barely Famous is on VH1 Wednesdays at 9:30PM ET/PT.

‘Black Ink Crew’ Sneak Peek: Are Sassy and Her Girl Ready To Take It To The Next Level?

by (@damianbellino)

Sassy and her girl Didi have been going strong for a while but are they ready to make it official? In a sneak peek for next week’s Black Ink Crew, Didi acknowledges that what she has with Sassy is the real deal but also this is the first woman that she’s ever been in a relationship with so it comes with some new territory. Sassy is so thrilled that Didi is ready to take things to the next level. It’s great to see Sassy so in love but will Didi’s coming out and telling her family about their relationship be too much for the couple? Read more…

‘Love And Hip Hop’ Sneak Peek: Jhonni Blaze And Rich Dollaz Come To Blows Over Their “Relationship”

by (@damianbellino)

Jhonni Blaze loves Rich Dollaz but does Rich love the singer (and his client) too? In a sneak peek for the next Love & Hip Hop, Rich meets with Jhonni to talk about where they’re going, professionally and romantically. Jhonni passionately tells Dollaz that she gave him all of her but Rich says she keeps making the same mistakes again and again. Will Jhonni and Rich have a happy ending? Find out what goes down on an all new Love & Hip Hop, Monday at 8/7c.

“Eat Another Block Of Cheese!” The Rat-Calling Continues In The Best ‘Mob Wives’ Tweets Of The Reunion

by (@lizburrito)

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In this week’s edition of the Mob Wives‘ Tweets of the Night: Drita and Carla try to tell their story. Natalie D. spews more hate at Nat G., and Ang tries to stay out of things, and Karen is thoroughly entertained by the whole reunion. You’ve got to read these tweets, where everyone is just as heated as they were on stage, but no one was running away from anything thanks to their keyboard courage!

Big Ang And Karen Speak Out On Natalie’s Twitter Feud With Vivica Fox

by (@damianbellino)

After part one of the Mob Wives reunion aired, Twitter was ablaze with claims that Vivica A. Fox didn’t let the women speak enough. Mostly these claims came from Natalie Guercio about how she wasn’t able to talk because the host kept interrupting her. As the night progressed Natalie G’s Tweets upset Vivica and things took a turn.

VH1 had an exclusive chat with Big Ang and Karen Gravano about what they made of the Twitter beef between the two ladies and why they think Natalie needs to take a vacation from social media. Read more…

‘Black Ink Crew’ Bonus: Sky’s Mom Delivers The Bad News About Sky’s Jail Situation

by (@ShireaCarroll)

Now that Sky is locked up *Akon voice*, her friends in the shop are left wondering what’s going on with her, why was she put away, and if is she’s okay. That’s why Sky’s mom pops in for visit to give the crew the latest and asks that they help her out, and everyone happily obliges. Read more…

Do Karen And Big Ang Really Think Nat D Was A Good Fit For Their Group?

by (@damianbellino)

This season of Mob Wives, Natalie Guercio slowly lost most of her allies but what about the arrival of the other Natalie? VH1 sat down with Big Ang and Karen Gravano, post reunion, about the addition of Natalie DiDonato and whether or not they thought she was a good fit for the circle of friends. We know Karen prefers Nat D to Nat G but would she ever call up tough girl Natalie D as a real friend? Find out what the ladies had to say. Do you think Nat D fits in with the rest of the Mob Wives? Read more…