Where Is The Loyalty? In This Mob Wives Season 5 Supertrailer

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“You’re either loyal, or you’re not. There is no in between.”

That one quote (from Big Ang, naturally) perfectly encapsulates Mob Wives as a whole, but especially season five. This upcoming season sees the return of Renee, Drita, Ang, Karen, and Natalie, and if you think you knew which people were friends in the past, you’ve got it all wrong. The loyalty, it’s being tested. Oh, and check out who’s going to make an appearance this season…none other than Victoria Gotti. Read more…

Everything We Know About Amina & Peter’s Baby!

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The holidays are the time for family and we just love seeing the Pankeys enjoying their newest addition. Since the baby’s debut this summer, we’ve slowly been putting all the facts together about Amina Buddafly and Peter Gunz‘s little bundle of joy.

We certainly hope we’ll see more of Baby Pankey on the newest season of Love & Hip Hop but until then, here’s what we know now:

Gender: It’s a girl!
Birthdate: July 29, 2014
Name: Cori Pankey (also the name of her big brother, Cory Gunz)
Hobbies: Sleeping on mom’s belly, playing the drums with her pops, and travel (Baby Cori’s already visited Hamburg, Germany with her parents!)

Check out our gallery for some of the sweetest photos of baby Cori and her parents and tune into an all new season of Love & Hip Hop when it returns Monday, December 15 at 8 PM ET/PT.

‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ Sneak Peek: Hazel & Masika Read Each Other For Filth

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Oh, hunny, the library is open! Check the sneak peek for the season finale of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, where the drama between Masika Kalysha and Hazel E is reignited, and no one is safe.

Hazel calls Masika a porn star with a mugshot and Masika wishes Hazel good luck with her “career” and her 40th birthday. Ouch. When the “conversation” takes a turn to plastic surgery, they continue innnnnnn. Fake nose, fake boobs, fake butt, fake lips. Ayiyiyi.

Don’t miss the season finale of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Monday at 8 PM, to see how this read-her-for-filth battle turns out.

‘Love And Hip Hop Hollywood’ Bonus Clip: Moniece Plays ‘Deal Or No Deal’ With Her Dildos

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In this week’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood bonus clip, we get a look at Moniece the boss, in full business mode. During a meeting with investors, she learns that in order to get the financial backing she needs for her heated dildo line, she’s going to need to give up 90% of the company. She’s crushed, and bankrupt, but she’s not about to let someone else take away the sex toy line she’s been building from base to tip.

Watch the bonus scene now and tune in to Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Mondays at 8PM ET/PT!

Drita D’Avanzo’s Words Of Wisdom

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We don’t often look to reality stars for the wisdom they impart, but Drita D’Avanzo is the exception to that rule. The Mob Wives star is the perfect blend of practical, funny, and fierce, and the quotes she chooses to post on Instagram perfectly capture that. Whether she’s penning a love note to her husband, telling haters to f— off, or genuinely doling out some kind words, she keeps it real and reminds us why we love her. Here are our favorite gems from Drita.

Mob Wives season 5 premieres Wednesday, December 3rd at 9PM ET/PT.

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Hair Today, Blue Tomorrow: The Many Shades & Styles Of Sassy’s Hair

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Once upon a time, Black Ink Crew‘s Sassy was known for always sporting a mohawk but nowadays she’s more well known for constantly evolving and changing up her look. From purple to blue to white, Sassy’s hair is a chameleon and she looks fierce with every new ‘do.

Check our gallery for Sassy’s most inspiring cuts, styles, lengths, wigs and colors. What do you think of Sassy’s look? Total badass, right?

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Fizz Responds To Amanda’s Instagram Beef, Shoots Down Rumors That He Has Roaches In His Bed

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A video posted by Lil Fizz (@airfizzo) on

Oh, Instagram, it’s a place where, off camera, beef can begin and end. Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘s Amanda Secor responded to ex Fizz calling her a THOT by spilling her own tea. Amanda made claims that Fizz lives with his moms, has ants and roaches in his bed and talked mad s**t about Nikki before pursuing her because he would do anything for attention.

Fizz’s baby mom, Moniece jumped to his defense on the ‘gram, warning Amanda to “watch her mouth.” Now, Fizz himself has taken to posting a video in his home showing off that there are in fact, no roaches. Crazy town!

What do you think about the claims that Amanda made about Fizz doing anything for attention? Do you think Moniece was right to step her baby’s father’s defense? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and make sure to tune into an all new Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.

Cooking With The Stars: Thanksgiving Recipes From VH1 Celebs’ Kitchens To Yours

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Hazel E thanksgiving copy

Ever wonder the secrets behind a mob wife’s red sauce? Curious how a basketball wife prepares her favorite turkey? Fear not, because VH1 has the recipes from your favorite stars just in time for Thanksgiving. We’ve got recipes from cast members from Love & Hip Hop, Basketball Wives, Mob Wives and more!

Whether an old family tradition or just their absolute favorite, the VH1 celebs have shared how they get their Turkey Day started. Check their recipes now and let us know how your version turns out. Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey Draya copy

Draya’s Favorite Champagne Turkey (Recipe courtesy, All Recipes)
Read more…

The Most Hilarious Memes From Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Episode 11

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Last night on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Nikki and Fizz cozied up while Fizz and Moniece went at it. Where are Fizz’s cookies? You guys were there every step of the way creating ridiculous and hilarious memes. Poor Princess Love and the pool!

Check some of the most hilarious memes from last night’s episode and don’t miss an all new Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.

“I’m Kathy Mejia And I Married Rico Suave”

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Kathy Mejia is a former beauty queen, a writer, a mom, and wife to Gerardo Mejia, better known as “Rico Suave.” Kathy and the rest of the Mejia family are the stars of VH1′s new docu-series Suave Says, which follows this family and their ups and downs. “I think we’re a normal family, but nobody else does. So maybe that makes me abnormal,” she jokes. Judge just how normal the Mejias really are when Suave Says premieres on December 3 at 10PM ET/PT.