Brit’s Book: Tell Us The Title



It had to happen sooner or later. Ms Spears is allegedly penning her life story, spilling the beans on everything from living in Lousisiana to dancing with snake on stage to being married for a weekend to driving pantyless. Only one question: what would be the perfect name of this much-anticipated tome? Tuesdays With K-Fed? Nah, that’s no good. We thought you’d like to leave some possibilities in the comments section.

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Monday: Former Idol, Boy George Go Down; Brit Goes Free


JessicasierraIdol Finalist Busted For Drugs, Assault
2005 contestant Jessica Sierra bashed a glass over a dude’s head and then cops found cocaine in her purse. [CBS]

Cops Let Speeding Britney Drive On
Spears was let off with a warning Friday after being pulled over by Beverly Hills police. Is she back on the Coca Cola? [People]

Boy George Busted: Handcuffs & Photographs
The singer allegedly handcuffed a man to a hook on his wall after inviting him to his house to pose for photos. Maybe he was filming The Silence of the Gay Lambs. [NME]

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Lindsay Loves ‘Razzi


Linds_razziThe camera loves Lindsay Lohan, and she loves it right back. In a recent interview with Nylon, Lindsay went against the grain of most super-swarmed superstars to declare her love for the paparazzi. She’s either really masochistic or the smartest woman in Hollywood (although they could very well be one in the same, anyway). Says Linds: "I obviously like it…I wouldn’t ever want them to not take my picture…I’d be worried. I’d be like ‘Do people not care for me?’" That’s tragic. She might as well have come out and said, "I’m insecure and maybe hate myself and the only measure of love I have is in camera clicks." At least she’s practical.

Linds also revealed to Nylon that she has "a shopping problem. I love to shop too much." Good for her. This way she can wear pretty things and people will love her more. It might not fill her soul’s void, but at least she’ll, like, look hot. [New York Post/Image credit: Getty]

Here’s some snapshots of Lindsay loving the camera:


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Turn It Up: Idol Rocks Jersey on Tuesday!



The American Idol kids have been coached by country queens, Latin divas, and hollaback superstars. But tomorrow night’s program is going to find out what kind of prayer they’re living on. Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora are the mentors this week, so expect some rock anthems to come spilling out of the tube. Which contestant is best suited for the snarl and swagger it takes to make a dent? Chris? Phil? Got any ideas about which classic tunes they should ressurect under the trained eye of the Jersey boys? Will they give classic rock a bad name?

Metallica: Blast From The Past



In Sweden you can name your kids Axl, Bengta or Gudrun, but you can’t name ‘em Metallica. Tax officials recently told a Scandinavian couple that the metal-centric moniker was "inappropriate" for their newborn. (Maybe those tax officials were privy to what went on backstage before the mighty band’s late ’80s tours). Anyway, we’ve just revitalized our VH1 Classic site and just launched our Rock Honors site (hello Ozzy, Heart, ZZ Top, and Genesis) and to celebrate we’re introducing a new franchise called "Blast From the Past" – each week the blog will feed you a classic clip that still stands tall.

To honor the plight of that beautiful Swedish baby, we’ve chosen a little sumpun sumpun called "Enter Sandman." Hetfield’s growl, Lars’ thump – all the ominous bombast is in place. The fitful footage of the kid in bed brought the band to a whole new audience in 1991. Hit "play" after the jump and have a blast.

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Bjork and the Boys: Coachella Kick-Off


60,000 music fans are scheduled to hit the Cali desert this weekend – Coachella 07 has kicked off. Today’s program holds a big batch of new music. Bjork and the Arctic Monkeys are dropping new discs, and Interpol is finalizing their latest. But there will be plenty of classique stuff as well. The reunited Jesus and Mary Chain and graying Sonic Youth have will be pounding stuff from their canons. The L.A. Times has picked a few faves from over the years, and Rolling Stone has Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste providing some on-site perspective.  Come on back Monday for pictures from the festival.

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They Spinnin’! Hip-Hop Headlines


070427_lilkim The Notorious K.I.M.
Sprung from pokey, Lil’ Kim to work with Diddy again (XXL)

No Woman, No Cry
Talib Kweli denies rumors that he teared-up after his girlfriend smacked him at a party at 50 Cent‘s mansion (AllHipHop)

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems
?uestlove stopped by DEA in Buffalo … for having too much cash? (XXL)

The Truth Bytes
Hilarious! Cam’ron‘s rhyme book found, ‘published’ online! (Oh Word)

The Ugly Truth
‘Professional Hater’ lists his top 10 ugliest rappers. WHAT?!?! (Giant)

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Blog Best-Of: Michelle’s Munching


Micheller_links- Michelle Rodriguez comes out. She was in the closet for so long, she smells like mothballs. [A Socialite's Life]

- Beyoncé rocks a wet T-shirt on the cover of Vibe. What Girls Gone Wild is to real porn, this picture is to Girls Gone Wild. It’s enough to make your hand fall asleep…because it’s bored! [Bossip]

- Hilary Duff is so pale, she reflects light. Seriously, don’t look at the following pictures for too long because homegirl will burn the corneas right out of your head. [I'm Not Obsessed]

- Earth, Wind and…retire. Please. [Crunk + Disorderly]

- But seriously: butts. [CityRag]

Leading-the-Blind Items



- When the girls have to compete in a fashion-show challenge on Charm School, will they get catty on the catwalk or prove to be model citizens?

- When the Fit Club-bers are brought to a mountain, will Dustin Diamond get even more high and mighty?

- When weird couples are trotted on Sunday’s Springer Hustle, will we see more love connections or love infections?

Catch previews of Celebrity Fit Club: Men Vs. Women, Charm School, Springer Hustle and more at VSPOT.


Some major drama goes down on this week’s Fit Club — get a taste of it here:

And check out Dustin’s further adventures in battling with truth and logic here: