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[Wait for It is our regular roundup of things to look forward to in pop culture. Everyone needs something to keep them going, you know?]


Neyo_wait Songwriter to the stars and a boldfaced name in his own right, Ne-Yo is set to release his sophomore album, Know Me, on April 24. The set will feature production from, well, people who know Ne-Yo: previous collaborators Stargate and Ron "NEFF-U" Feemstar are on board for another round of knob twirling. Recent Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson is set to be the disc’s sole guest. Things are off to a good start for Know Me — the disco-inflected first single, "Because of You," manages to be both mournful and bouncy. Let’s see if Ne-Yo can keep the pace — he admits that he isn’t "100 percent" finished with the album. Hurry, Ne-Yo, make that release date! You haven’t disappointed us yet and now isn’t the time to start. [Billboard.com]


Cguest_wait It’s a match made in heaven for pop-culture cynics: Christopher Guest (director of Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show and, most recently, For Your Consideration) has signed on to helm a comedy pilot created by Arrested Development mastermind Mitch Hurwitz. The Thick of It will be adapted from a British show of the same name that concerns a bumbling government worker and his staff. It’s being developed for ABC and written by Hurwitz and Development collaborator Richard Day. Guest hasn’t directed for TV since the early ’90s, but doesn’t even matter — Thick is about as sure a bet as the ’08 Democratic ticket. [Zap2it]

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What’s on the blogs


Forest_links- Forest Whitaker‘s ex reveals that he made her body "tingle with lust." She, in return, made his eye twitch like crazy. [Crunk & Disorderly]

- Naomi Campbell is set to find an assistant via reality TV. A word of advice: don’t let any of the Flavor of Love girls try out. They fight back. [Dlisted]

- The Kate-bot transformation is almost complete! [A Socialite's Life]

- The mom of Diddy’s 12-year-old son Justin speaks out on his recent lap dancing encounter: "This is a big problem for Justin. I don’t play that." Good thing! If she did, that would be gross. [Concrete Loop]

- Is that a bald Britney doll that hit eBay or is it a sex toy? [Best Week Ever]

The Quotable Sharon Stone



"When you come to Hollywood, you choose your image. S*** happens. I’m a bad girl" – Sharon Stone proving that you can take the girl out of Basic Instinct, but you can’t take the basic instinct out of the girl. [New York Daily News]

A few more shots of Sharon being a bad girl at the Oscar parties (the fur makes her extra bad!):

Ss_oscarbashes1 Ss_oscarbashes2 Ss_oscarbashes3

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Santa Monica to ANTM Ad: Pack Your Belongings



An ad for the new cycle of America’s Next Top Model similar to the picture above has been banned in Santa Monica, Calif. The banner shot has been taken off city buses after the Big Blue Buses company received a number of complaints. It seemed that the issue wasn’t the scantly clad nature of the models, but that there were models in the first place: people objected to the city’s promotion of a show that objectifies women. You know, it’s so rare that our pop culture objectifies and exploits anyone, let alone women — thank god we have Santa Monica to catch these things.

P.S. For Santa Monicans that feel deprived we’ve put together some dirty, sexy, lustful photo galleries of steaming hot models from every single season of the show. Enjoy! [Variety.com]

Hollywood Mourns as Brangelina Skip Oscars



Brad Pitt was snubbed (some say unfairly) by the Academy this year when he wasn’t nominated for an Oscar for his work in Babel, and so Brad snubbed right back. He and wife Angelina Jolie were missing from the weekend’s awards proceedings — she reportedly spent Sunday outside Darfur after being turned away from the war-torn country. Brad, according to his publicist, stayed in New Orleans, where he and Angelina recently moved, to continue filming an upcoming movie. Since Babel itself was nominated for a slew of awards, his lack of support for that film has been read as unsportsmanlike. He should have shown up just to give everyone on the red carpet the silent treatment like Angelina did at the Golden Globes. That would have really gotten to them.

[New York Post]

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‘Idol’ Hopeful in Sex Scandal


In this season’s requisite tawdry scandal, pictures of 20-year-old Antonella Barba have surfaced, allegedly featuring the Catholic University of America architecture major nude and engaged in a sex act. Barba, who initially won a trip to Hollywood to compete in the sixth season of American Idol along with friend Amanda Coluccio, may now be considered ineligible to compete after the anonymous pictures were posted on the Internet.

In an odd twist though, Barba’s already-eliminated pal Coluccio is publicly defending her, claiming the racier photos have been doctored and telling Fox, "The really bad ones aren’t her. I’ve studied them." Coluccio’s proof? "She’s never had [acrylic nail] tips in her life." While exonerating in the short term, this evidence could have an effect on her status as a New Jersey native.

Website VotefortheWorst has gone so far as to launch an investigation, and found the original photos on an amateur website that are not of Barba.

"She’s the least slutty person I know," Coluccio added.

On The Web: Tuesday’s Headlines


Foxy Brown Dragged Off The John

She may be one sexy rapper, but she doesn’t like getting caught with her pants down. [Daily News]

James Cameron Ignites Controversy
Discovery Channel documentary claims to have found the bones of Jesus and his family. [Yahoo]

What the Ellen? Oscar Ratings Up
The show was long. Ellen was blah. Of course, ratings were up. [eonline]

Anna Nicole’s Mom Vying For Body and Baby
Virgie Arthur says she should bury Anna Nicole and take care of Dannielynn. [CBS]
Larry Birkhead – Meet Dannielynn! [TMZ]

Handcuffing Hugh Grant?
Dutch TV reporter handcuffed herself to Hugh Grant. [eonline]

Timba Set to Land


73270002_1 It isn’t even March yet, but the hype for Timbaland’s new album is already proving to be way more lion than lamb — a lion that’s just as likely to drop you in a full nelson as it is to drop a woofer-wreckin’ beat, apparently.

Last Friday, Timbaland talked to Billboard about the new disc, "Shock Value", which is set to drop on March 27. The CD will feature appearances by the usual suspects like Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado, as well as a few unlikely guests such as Elton John and Fall Out Boy. But regardless of who’s on board, the superstar producer is aiming to move the booty, not the mind.

"I’ve never been this anticipated in my whole life when it comes to my own record," said Timba. "But I’d really rather people like me as an entertainer versus an artist. I just like to entertain."

He can rest assured that people won’t mistake him for anything other than an entertainer on Sunday, April 1, as that’s the day that the Flying Timba (our name, not his) is scheduled to appear in Detroit as part of WrestleMania 23. As the event is hot on the heels of the release of "Shock Value", wrestlemag.com is speculating that Timba will do more than just roll around on the ground with huge, sweaty men; he might also perform a song or two.

And which song might it be were he to perform? Well, MTV.com premiered the new video for "Give It to Me" today. The song sounds like it could’ve been lifted straight off of either of JT or Nelly’s new albums — they even reference "SexyBack" and "Promiscuous", respectively, in the song — so it isn’t groundbreaking stuff, but it’s plenty catchy and is sure to be found banging in more than a few clubs. Plus, with both of those entertainer-tists hitting No. 1 thanks to his Timbosity, why mess with a good thing?

What’s on the blogs


Petra_james_links2James Blunt and Peta Nemcova run over a fan’s foot. As if being a James Blunt enthusiast weren’t a painful existence as it is. [Dlisted]

- Girls who like girls tear up the Oscars’ red carpet. Oddly, none were spotted munching on it. [CityRag]

- Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore get high in broad daylight. Whatever, it’s not like they have jobs or anything. [Egotastic!]

- Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel to melt each other’s faces off if romance rumors are true. Seriously, how much hot can one couple take? [Just Jared]

- Bobby Brown‘s been arrested again. Apparently, paying child support is not one’s prerogative. [Crunk & Disorderly]

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