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While New York is busy picking through the potential candidates for I Love New York 2, her one who got away isn’t sleeping either. The AOL Black Voices’ Everybody Hates Marcus blog recently caught up with New York’s one-time man, Tango, who talked about New York and his upcoming project with Mr. Boston, among things. Here are two choice quotes:

On his proposal to New York:

"I did it pretty much because I was making a statement. I used marriage to make a statement. Not only did I win, but I really, really won. I kind of used marriage as a pawn and I am totally against that. That’s the only time I did something that I really regret."

On an upcoming show with Mr. Boston:

"Our project is going to focus on our relationship. Me being more urban and I guess a lot of people say a cooler type of person and you have the total opposite in him. It’s not going to focus on the black and white but more on the personality conflicts we have. I feel he needs to make social changes and at the same time, I kind of experience some things myself that I didn’t even think about it."

Tango says his Odd Couple-esque series with Boston is in the "pre-production process," so keep an eye out for it. You can also check the video below to catch Tango talking about his "theme song" for Black Music Month and read the full Everybody Hates Marcus Tango interview here.

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Ciara Sez…



Ciara was recently asked whether she was nervous about making the leap to acting in the upcoming film version of the musical Mama I Want To Sing! This was her response:

"I don’t want to claim the word ‘nervous’ at all. I’m thinking, ‘Ciara’s gonna go in, she’s gonna go hard, she’s gonna challenge herself, she’s gonna knock it out.’"

Who has time to be nervous when you’re that narcissistic. Referring to yourself in the third person? Seriously, CiCi? [AP/MSNBC / Image credit: Getty]


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The Act You’ve Known For All These Years



Is Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band the best Beatles album? Lots of rock fans spent the weekend celebrating the classic disc’s 40th anniversary, and several pundits, took a crack at examining the album’s importance. When Rolling Stone chatted with Paul McCartney about the 1967 opus, he recalled the day of its American release, June 2.   "Everyone you talked to knew about it; you didn’t have to tell anyone, ‘we just put a record out.’ It was pretty cool to have that amount of influence."

Is Sgt. Pepper’s better than Rubber Soul? Better than Revolver? What’s the best song on it?

Ash and Pete Pulling a Nick and Jessica


Pete_2Pop starlet Ashlee Simpson and boyfriend Pete Wentz are bringing their brand of punk lite to the world of music — Wentz and Simpson are collaborating on a track on Simpson’s new album, due out later this year. Simpson is rumored to be working with acts as various as the Cure’s Robert Smith and Timbaland in the hopes of getting a more "soulful" vibe on her third record. The Sisters Simpson are notorious for bringing off-stage collaborations on — could a reality television show and subsequent break-up be far behind for Ash and Pete?

Monday: Siblings For Suri; Lindsay’s Gone Knife Crazy


Katie Holmes: I Want More Babies!

Mrs. Cruise says having a family is "so amazing." No word on if she feels the same way about Scientology. [People]

Sober Rosie: Fame’s A Drug

The former View co-host reveals that her new book will detail the addiction of celebrity.  It’s a good thing she just quit the show. [MSNBC]

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The Lo’ Show


Dinalohan_tvStage mother of the century Dina Lohan may be able to stop living vicariously through her daughter Lindsay soon — the New York Post is reporting that Dina’s mulling starring in her own reality show on E! The show is tentatively called Mom-ager and would focus on Dina’s crusade to turn Lindsay’s younger sister Ali (14) and brother Cody (11) into stars. No word on whether this would involve lessons in snorting and eating disorders. We can only hope.

Although Mom-ager sounds like extremely consumable hate-fuel (tune in every week to feel justified for loathing this woman!), it would ultimately be a terrible decision on her part. If you want to win friends and influence people, exposing the inner workings of your campaign to exploit your children and turn them into Hollywood trash may not be the place to start. But Dina’s eyes might be too clogged with stars for her to ever see reason. [New York Post]

Paris: From Red Carpet to Lock-Up


Just hours after prancing down the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night, Paris Hilton turned herself in at the Century Regional Detention Facility, ready to serve her 23-day sentence for violating her probation.

Looking sexy yet subdued at the afternoon show, her baby voice was noticeably absent as she sensibly spoke with reporters. "I am trying to be strong right now," Hilton said, "I’m ready to face my sentence."

More juicy jail talk from the blonde bad girl after the jump!

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MTV’s Man-Love Make-Out Scene


Last night’s MTV Movie Awards bestowed golden popcorn on Johnny Depp, Sacha Baron Cohen and Jack Nicholson, among others. Host Sarah Silverman did her usual iron-fist-velvet-glove routine, especially when joking about Paris Hilton. (Amazingly enough, the heiress turned herself into authorities after the show ended). There were many highlights — like Rihanna‘s fetish gear spin through "Umbrella" and Amy Winehouse rocking "Rehab" — but our favorite was the man-love makeout session between Cohen and his Talladega Nights co-star, Will Ferrell. Enjoy. For all the backstage news and stuff you didn’t see on TV, check the scoop here.

Larissa Gets Schooled in Karma


In Charm School’s Episode 7, the lesson wasn’t the point. Instead, the house witnessed Karma in action as Larissa was rightfully expelled for stealing, conniving and lying. But did judge Keith go overboard when he called Larissa a "psychopath"? Is it possible that she was just using tough tactics to win 50,000 bucks?

Weigh in now, and check back soon for our official recap.

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