Jones to Cam: “I Can’t Be Next to You”


070507_jimjones After his infamous anti-snitching interview on 60 Minutes, the world knows how ridiculously much loyalty means to Cam’ron. But do his closest friends even have the Dipset head honcho’s back?

Apparently not.

In an interview with Hot 97′s Miss Info, Dipset rapper Jim Jones (left) said that he hasn’t spoken with Cam’ron in a year and considers their friendship to be more of a burden than a blessing. "I’m through (with) being in hot water because of (Cam’ron)," Jones is quoted as saying on Miss Info’s blog. "I kept quiet out of loyalty … But now I can’t be next to you."

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Evanescence: Now Two Members Lighter!



Evanescence continues to hemorrhage members — and the implication is that the feeling isn’t exactly mutual. Guitarist John LeCompt and drummer Rocky Gray have parted company with pretty little goth-lete Amy Lee. Said LeCompt, “There’s absolutely no loyalty in this band.” Gray concurs, though apparently he’s been served a gag order to keep him from talking. That hasn’t stopped him from sharing some of his feelings on his MySpace page, however: “The way they spin it, I’m not even allowed to say I quit the group, I guess. But the news is out there, so, there ya’ go. I need to have a lawyer read over all that mess to tell me what, when and how I can tell you all — the REAL FANS — what really went down, if I ever can, haha.” What do you think went down?

Road Tales: What’s With the Water?


Our ramp-up to Rock Honors (May 24) always includes revealing chats with the music’s stars. Road Tales focuses on some the silliness that goes down when bands are on tour.

Ozzy Osbourne is known for all sorts of stage shenanigans, but when he’s heaving water all over the crowd and into the PA wiring, he puts a few people at risk. How do you like your rock shows, freezing or in flames? Zakk Wylde explains. 

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Paris Is Seething


Paris_tshirtBy now, you’re probably aware that Paris Hilton has been sentenced to 45 days in jail for violating a 36-month DUI probation she was sentenced to in January. In fact, if you’re like most people, by now, you’re probably celebrating. Results of a poll show that 94 percent of respondents feel that Paris’ jail sentence is justified. Only 8 percent of respondents of a CNN poll thought the sentence was "too strong." And, in perhaps the showiest form of Paris-based schadenfreude, Judge Michael T. Sauer, the man responsible for sentencing Paris, was greeted with a round of applause upon entering his church on Sunday. Church! People can’t get enough of this pampered socialite’s misery. They love to watch Paris burn.

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Verizon Drops Akon . . . Like a Call


Akon_2 After Akon’s shocking performance simulating sex with a minor on stage under the guise of a dance contest, Verizon has dropped all tour sponsorship of the African chart topper. In a statement to Fox News, a spokersperson said, "This week the partnership ended. We have music services on our cellphone service and we were promoting him as one of the artists. The other part of the sponsorship was the Gwen Stefani tour, of which he was an opening act. We are no longer sponsoring the tour." The tour, which just kicked off in Vegas on April 21, has dates booked through October. 

Do you think Verizon should stop supporting Akon?

Monday: Lohan’s Coke Binge; Eve’s DUI


[Photo: News of the World]

Lohan: From Rehab to Cocaine Binge
New pics reveal a recently-rehabbed Linds binging on cocaine in bathroom stall at a club. She allegedly snorted 20 lines, and bragged: "I’ll XXXX Jude Law tomorrow." [News of the World]

Justin-Cameron Share Hugs-N-Kisses
The ex-lovebirds overshadowed a very large ogre as they reunited at the world premiere of Shrek. [Yahoo!]

Kid Rock Battles K-Fed at Derby
From the DJ booth at a post-Kentucky Derby party, Rock ponied up unwanted fatherly advice to Kevin Federline. [People]

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Should Cristal Have Been Expelled?



After the Charm School ladies got a tough lesson in debate, Cristal was sent packing — but not without a protest. "If I argue with ya’ll, I’m being selfish Cristal," she said. "If I fall back, then I’m being the steppin’-down-again Cristal." Does the girl have a point? Or was Mo’Nique correct in banishing Cristal from class? Weigh in now, and check back soon for our official recap.

They Spinnin’! Hip-Hop Headlines


070504_rkelly R. Kelly’s Wife Talks About ‘The Tape’
R. Kelly‘s wife (yes, he’s married) talks about how she met her husband, their struggling marriage and ‘The Tape’ (Essence)

Marsalis Latest Hip-Hop Hater
Jazz legend Wynton Marsalis goes after 50 Cent, Ludacris for debasing African-Americans (XXL)

Nas: ‘They Treated Us Like Terrorists’
Nas says ‘racist’ San Diego club staff ‘came at us like we was Osama Bin Laden’ (HipHopDX)

Ludacris Move
Ebony steers clear of controversy, pulls Ludacris from June cover of magazine (Crunk + Disorderly)

‘Same Girl,’ Different Kings
Superstars R. Kelly, Usher join forces, perform duet about getting played by same girl (VH1)

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Leading-the-Blind Items



- Can the Charm School girls engage in a civilized debate on Sunday’s episode…without using their acrylic nails to support their arguments?

- Can Dustin keep pushing everyone’s buttons on Celebrity Fit Club: Men Vs. Women? Or will he be pushed out himself?

- When producers gear up for a pay-per-view special on Springer Hustle, will they get more than they bargained for?

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