Celebrity Fit Club – F***in’ Extras!


Let’s talk about losers…more. Below you’ll find some uncensored clips of the Dustin vs. everyone blow-up that went down on this week’s episode of Celebrity Fit Club: Men Vs. Women. The first is an extended cut of the episode’s big reveal: hear Dustin talk his trash on his fellow contestants in all his uncensored glory. The two clips after that chronicle Dustin’s temper tantrum in which he threatens to leave the show. Hearing Dustin uncensored does nothing to rouse sympathy…though it is pretty awesome to hear Harvey tell him that he’s "full of more s*** than a hog house in the South" without any bleeps in his way.

Blog Best-Of: Cameron’s Coolness


Cam_links- On her relationship with ex-beau Justin Timberlake, Cameron Diaz says, "We’re like the popular kids. Everybody wants to know what happens to us." Uh, we can fix that if you want, Cammie. [I'm Not Obsessed]

- If Usher and Beyoncé got together, would the world collapse under the weight of their collective ego? [Sandra Rose]

- Paris Hilton is already receiving threats from her potential fellow inmates. The real fun begins when she drops the soap! [A Socialite's Life]

- Kelly Clarkson, please apply the title of your single "Never Again" to your wardrobe. [Dlisted]

- George Lucas says Spider-Man 3 is silly. Like, Ewok-silly or Jar Jar Binks-silly? [Best Week Ever]

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50 Cent: Young and Wreckless


070509_50_jj_vr Did 50 Cent jack a beat from a member of Cam’ron‘s crew? Is Jim Jones even a part of Cam’s crew? And who’s 50 dating these days?

So many questions about Curtis. And we haven’t even touched upon his upcoming album.

50′s new single, "Amusement Park" leaked yesterday, and astute listeners called him out for biting heavily off of Jim Jones’ "Your Majesty." You can listen to both here, but it seems pretty obvious that the producer simply reused Jones’ original. (Somwhere, Cam’ron is rubbing his hands together and cackling maniacally, even if he and Jones are no longer buds.)

50 is also rumored to be dating soap-opera star Victoria Rowell. The kicker? Rowell is 46, while 50 is just 31. And the soap that Rowell used to star on? The Young and the Restless. You can’t make this stuff up.

Wednesday: Sizemore Busted for Meth


Sizemore Busted for Meth Possession
Troubled actor and VH1 celebreality star from the series ‘Shooting Sizemore’ was carrying a "Narcotic Smoking Pipe." [Yahoo!]

O.J. Banned From Steakhouse on Derby Eve
Sickened by the attention Simpson attracts, a Kentucky restaurant owner asked the juice to leave. {CBS]

Ricki Lake Drops 100 lbs on Extreme Diet
The former talk show host went from 250 lbs to a size 4. Find out how. [Us Magazine]

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Lindsay Lohan Has a Big Mouth


Some celebs just can’t can’t keep their yap shut. Lindsay’s one of ‘em, and lots of ideas that she blurts out in interviews help explain exactly who she is. Like this quote to Allure. "I never passed out in my life. I never vomited from having drinks. Like in public – I would never do that. Well…a few times."

We united some La Lohan’s most memorable quips. Check out our flipbook and see what Linds has got on her mind when talking to the press.

Attack of the Lohan



It’s hard to believe it, but there might be someone who’s even more fame-obsessed than Lindsay Lohan: her mother. Dina Lohan, who’s under the assumption from friends that she’s the "white Oprah," is supposedly gunning for Rosie O’Donnell‘s soon-to-be vacant spot on the daytime estrofest The View. Regardless of that happens (and it won’t, for that would be, in a word, apocalyptic), Dina has landed a bonafide gig as an Entertainment Tonight red-carpet correspondent for the premiere of Lindsay’s Georgia Rule. There’s rumbling that ET only gave Dina the gig so that the news show could get an exclusive interview with Lindsay. So Dina’s whoring her daughter for fame and/or whoring herself for her daughter’s fame. That’s a big cycle of whore right there.

In March, Dina told Harper’s Bazaar that she’s "living the American dream." Chasing fame while living off a "loved"-one’s fortune? Sadly enough, that seems dead-on. [New York Post/Image credit: Getty]

Idol: Jive Talkin’ For All Except Jordin



On last night’s American Idol, each of the Top 4 contestants sang tunes penned by Barry Gibb. Based on the judges’ hard-ass feedback (Simon was using both barrels last night), they’re sort of over Melinda Doolittle and her solid but boring performances, and instead anointed Jordin Sparks as the new teacher’s pet. So did Gibb himself. Standing around the piano, evaluating Jordin’s spin through "To Love Somebody," the Bee Gees boss said that he’d never "heard a greater rendition" of the tune. Sparks was flying.

There are three women and one man left in the competition, but the mentor said that it shouldn’t be a problem for the girls to sing songs originally performed by the brothers Gibb. "I’ve always sung like a lady to begin with, so it’s OK," he joked.

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Finally: Chinese Democracy


Gnr0868 Looks like if Chinese Democracy won’t come to the people, then the people will come to Chinese Democracy. The long-delayed, much-anticipated, disaster-fraught Guns N’ Roses album — the subject of speculation by everyone from magazines to psychics — has leaked, at least in part. Though these tracks have been available on file-sharing sites for awhile now, they’ve never been kicking around in such clean versions. This makes us suspect that an official release is . . . maybe . . . on its way. Haters can hate as much as they want, but these songs actually sort of rock: “There Was a Time” and “The Blues” are epic dirges in the vein of “November Rain,” while “I.R.S.” and “Chinese Democracy” are harder numbers, the former more blues-y, the latter more White Zombie-y. Zombies are very much in fashion right now, so looks like Axl’s right on the money.

Tour Survival Guide: Aqualung



Our Tour Survival Guide checks in with rockers about life on the road. Here’s our You Oughta Know artist Aqualung (aka Matt Hales) on school bullies, audience love, and solar-powered calculators.

Ben’s In Charge
It would be nice to think that I was a totally self-sufficient creature who could stalk through this world, bending everyone’s will to my own without anyone’s help. But it seems everything goes better when my brother Ben is there. He’s got a special pair of gloves for helping the load-in, and I haven’t got any of those. He’s also quite good at knowing what time it is.

Calculated Dirty Talk
A few years ago, we were in a dark backstage area at a club gig, and nothing on our rider had arrived, but there was a solar-powered calculator backstage. Which obviously didn’t work, because it was dark. It struck us as the ultimate luxury. So we thought we’d have that on [our rider] from then on. I just like to do that thing where you type in certain numbers, turn it upside down and it says "boobs."

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