Simon vs Springsteen


Simon4 The man who has brought pop music Justin Guarini and Clay Aiken is measuring his worth in a new way: by comparing himself to Bruce Springsteen. It seems Simon Cowell has told 60 Minutes that he’s a bigger than the Boss.

I mean, in the last five years, I’ve probably sold over 100 million records. If (Springsteen) got one hundred (million dollars), I should have got five hundred (million dollars)," he says.

Maybe the question should be: who will be spinning discs by Fantasia and Ruben in 10 years? And maybe the answer will be: the null set. Hope those zealous Jersey fans don’t hear about this or Cowell will be toast.

In other Simon/60 news, the Idol star says a man once approached him to have his coitus critiqued. The offered payment was 100K, but the judge wasn’t up for the job.

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Heather Mills Cries Wolf, Saves Pigs


Heather_mills_2London police have told Paul McCartney’s estranged wife to please stop calling them so much. Apparently concerned about stalkers and paparazzi, Heather Mills was abusing her 999 privileges (that’s 911 over in Britain). This is just the latest chapter in the ongoing saga of the 39-year-old amputee’s very public divorce with the former Beatle. Most recently, she claimed that McCartney was involved in a “conspiracy” to destroy her. And earlier this month, she broke into a pig farm to highlight the cruel conditions the animals were forced to live in. All the high-profile attention means that the Brits are tired of her increasingly insane shenanigans. So Mills is moving someplace more tolerant toward insane shenanigans: America. That’s right. The earlier tabloid coverage is only a prelude to the main event – her upcoming appearance on Dancing With the Stars. The ABC television program returns on Monday night. You gonna watch? Or have you already seen enough? [Via Reuters]

Austin Translation: Jack’s Mannequin @ SXSW


Couldn’t make it to South By Southwest? Not to worry — we’ve got reports from the frontlines of the year’s premiere music festival. Jack’s Mannequin lead singer Andrew McMahon fills us in.


How To Do It "Austin-Style"…
We got in Wednesday at 5 pm and got right down to it, Austin-style — hitting the bar, eating food, having a good time. We rallied up the troops at Manuel’s. It’s our spot every year we come here.

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Angelina’s Name Game


Angelina_nameAngelina Jolie picked up the newest edition to her family/crayon box Thursday in Vietnam as expected — by everyone except for the kid. His caretakers at the orphanage didn’t tell him he was going to be adopted, so upon meeting Angelina, he burst into tears. She tends to have that effect.

Anyway, it’s great that Angelina wants to share her wealth with the needy children of the third world, but there’s an element of this adoption that’s a little unsavory: she changed his name (from Pham Quang Sang to Pax Thien Jolie). The kid is 3-years-old, so it’s not like he’s not going to notice. I mean, I didn’t change the name of my cat when I adopted him for fear of confusing him and he has the intellect of a shoebox. Way to colonize, Ange! [Time]

Austin Translation: Young Love @ SXSW



Couldn’t make it to South By Southwest? Not to worry — we’ve got

reports from the frontlines of the year’s premiere music festival. Young Love’s singer Dan Keyes fills us in.

Talk about the frustration . . .

I don’t have a badge. I don’t have a bracelet. And I’m playing! It’s ridiculous. Last night, when I went to go see my friends play, I couldn’t even get in because I didn’t have a pass. So I was like, "All right, I’m going down to the east side." That’s where all the real parties are going down – in the warehouses and stuff.

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Wait for It – Interpol, Daniel Craig


[Wait for It is our regular roundup of things to look forward to in
pop culture.


Interpol_waitMope-rockers Interpol have wrapped recording on their third album, due out early this summer on Capitol – their first for their major label. The foursome, the rightful heirs to the suicide sounds of Joy Division and New Order, told NME about a couple of songs (“Mammoth” and “The Heimlich Manoeuvre”), explained that they’d used more keyboards this time and announced tour dates – in Canada. The reason? Speculation has it that Interpol goes down better in wintry weather, and it stays cold up north at least until August. At least. []

– Jonathan Durbin


Dcraig_waitDaniel Craig‘s ice-blue eyes may be of little use to him in an upcoming role. The man best known as Bond is eying a role in the big-screen adaptation of Blindness, the book that helped nab its author José Saramago the Nobel Prize for literature. The story concerns a town whose citizens mysteriously go blind. Julianne Moore is attached, which is good because she’s awesome and bad because her hotness is totally going to waste on a bunch of blind people. [Hollywood Reporter/Reuters]

Best of Blogville: XXX-tina


Xtina_links_2Christina Aguilera enjoys role-play in the bedroom. But what she really wants to do is direct. [Yeeeah!]

- Carmen Electra falls at a fashion show. Attention hog! [In Case You Didn't Know]

- My, Fergie, what big…Photoshopping you have… [Egotastic!]

- Giselle Bundchen is photographed in a bikini with no discernable baby bump. Maybe her child-to-be is a model-in-training? [I'm Not Obsessed]

- Jessica Biel takes pictures of paparazzi. Why? Are they hot or something? [Just Jared]