Ice-T Will Keep Using the N-Word


070503_icet While rap’s young guns are appeasing critics and vowing to keep it clean, one of hip-hop’s elder statesmen isn’t about to let Al, Oprah or anyone else tell him what he can and can’t say.

In an interview with SOHH, Ice-T said that he’s going to continue to use the N-word when he’s got the mic in his hand, claiming that the word’s OK when used by someone from the ‘hood.

"I’m (going to) say ‘n***a’ til the wheels fall off," said the Original Gangster. "My daddy used to say it. I believe that, if it doesn’t apply to you, don’t say it. If you ain’t from the hood, don’t say n***a. That’s where it lies."

Ice-T then went off on sellouts, saying that he thinks "a lot of black people are too overly concerned with what white people think about them."

What’s your take on Ice’s stance? Is the N-word always offensive, or can it be used by those with cred?

Ashlee’s Lip (and Nose and Chin) Service



Ashlee Simpson is maybe the biggest star under 25 with noticeable plastic surgery (I mean, come on!), and yet, she tells Cosmopolitan that she is "confident" about the way she looks. LIES! Ashlee’s whopper continues:

"I feel very confident with the way I look. But I felt just as confident the way I looked before. I’ve always been confident with who I am."

LIES! Oh yeah, she must have gotten her nose shaved down and the chin implant because she wanted to get that tingly feeling in her face without resorting to snorting coke. Does she think we’re stupid? Does she think we don’t realize that someone in the limelight who’s as young as she is and who alters her face has serious esteem issues? If she wanted to save face, she probably shouldn’t have taken a jackhammer to it!

It’s OK to be insecure; it’s not OK to lie. Ashlee’s words are totally absurd. You know how absurd they are? This absurd:




LIES! LIES! LIES!  [AP/Yahoo! / Image credit: Getty]

Celebrity Fit Club Extra – The Fight Rages On


Posted below is a brief (uncensored!) look into Sunday’s episode of Celebrity Fit Club: Men vs. Women. Tension is escalating to the point where this show should be renamed Celebrity Fight Club: Everyone vs. Dustin. In the clip below, you see Dustin having it out with Kimberley Locke. "This is not the first time fat girls have been angry with me," Dustin tells the camera. Wow. Every week, it gets easier and easier to choose the side that he isn’t on, just ’cause.

My Chemical Romance Get Some Awful Food Poisoning



My Chemical Romance and Muse were forced to cancel their world tour after a violent bout with food poisoning effected several members of the crew and both bands. The tour, which is booked through July and spans three continents, came to a screeching halt after a show at William and Mary College in Virginia left crew members scattered in hospitals "between State College, PA and Columbus, OH." Immune to fears of death and despair, only to be brought low by craft services. This comes on the heels of MCR lead singer Gerard Way announcing he’s "the happiest brother alive" after his brother Mikey decided to temporarily leave the band to spend more time with his wife and "do all of the things a newlywed couple should do." This is the second time Way has taken a break, the first during the recording process of The Black Parade due to severe depression and drug and alcohol problems.

M.I.A. Wants to Hit That


55888888 The kindly folk at the Fader point to an online leak from hipster icon M.I.A.‘s new record. The track, called "Hit That," is probably the rudest, sexiest, dirtiest thing recorded in a long while — it’s too bad the slang sort of prevents those not used to a thick British accent from understanding what it is she’s saying. (You’ll get a chance to mull it over better when her record’s released on June 25th.) Note the clever thievery of "all I wanna do is zoom-a zoom zoom." If ever there were a lyric to steal, that, ladies and gentlemen, is the one.

Thursday: Brit Smacks Gum and Lip-Synchs Through Gig


Brit55Brit Smacks Gum and Lip-Synchs Through Gig
In a follow-up to her first comeback performance, Spears managed to chew gum while performing 12 minutes of lip synchronization. Hey, that takes talent. [People]

Beyonce’s Sis to Step In for Dad
As the heiress to her father’s MusicWorld empire, Beyonce’s baby sister will be running her mega-career. [Entertainment Wise]

Usher Boots Mom for Fiancee?
The R&B superstar’s mother may be eased out as manager if she can’t get along with his future wifey. [NY Daily News]

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Bob Dylan: “The Kindergarten Tapes”



Let’s assume Bob Dylan didn’t play "A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall" when he serenaded his grandson’s kindergarten class during a string of recent school visits. Let’s assume he stuck to "Froggy Went a’Courting," instead. Evidently rock’s still-vital legend is considered just another "weird man" by some of the audience members. They’re proabably not wrong. Who knows? Maybe he tests out new material on their yet-to-be-jaded ears. Here’s what one recent track sounds like.

Tell us: which Dylan tunes would go over best with the six-year-old crowd?

Idol: Bad Night For The Boys



Last night must’ve been exciting for fans of the Young Guns films, as the two American Idol contestants sent packingPhil Stacey (the baldie) and Chris Richardson (one of the pseudo Timberlakes)—both re-sang Bon Jovi songs from the kitschy ’80s western.

We also learned that Blake Lewis (the other pseudo JT) and Chris Richardson are totally BFF and are psyched to tour together this summer. It’s too bad that Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell can’t take a cue from these dudes about male friendship, and quit gay-bashing each other. Their claws were out again last night, with Seacrest making a rather confusing insinuation that Simon’s girlfriend is his "beard" by saying she is an ugly "puppet" and that he his the puppet master. Simon got all mad, not about the implication that he has a beard, but that his beard is ugly, and was like, "If you’re going to be obnoxious, I won’t talk to you. Apologize. You’re being rude about my girlfriend." Later on in the show, Seacrest wouldn’t let the awkward exchange drop, saying, "As we’ve heard [Simon] has a girlfriend, and it is very serious. Trust me."

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Beasties Bust Beyonce (Kinda)



The Beastie Boys have been teasing girls since Licensed to Ill dropped in ’86. But they’ve grown up a little bit. To show how mature they are these days, they’ve allegedly scrapped their plans to reference the love of Jay-Z’s life in the title of their forthcoming instrumental CD. So no, the trio’s next album won’t be called Thick, Like Beyonce’s Leg.

In fact there’s damn good chance that the album is called The Mix-Up. But don’t rule out the idea that it could be Sweet, Like J. Lo’s Rump, Phat, LIke Diddy’s Wallet, or Insane, LIke Phil Spector’s Old Hair.

Road Tales: Where The Hell Is Hill?


Our ramp-up to Rock Honors (May 24) always includes revealing chats with the heroes themselves. Here’s a recollection of on-stage shenanigans from ZZ Top.

The Texas Trio has earned itself lots of props for getting a big-ass sound. Three guys? With Billy Gibbons’ guitar wailing, sometimes they sound like six. But one thing’s for sure: It ain’t ZZ Top if Dusty Hill isn’t plugged in.

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