Britney to Rehab: No, No, No (Pt. 2)


Britney Spears reportedly has left the second rehab facility she’s checked herself into in less than a week. Just like last week’s stint, this one lasted less than a day. Following last week’s check out, she shaved her head. Will she follow the same pattern? Maybe this time, she can shave her mustache. Just kidding: count on her eyebrows on being the next to go.


The future is looking hot.


Lily Allen: Designs for less


Remember when musicians were satisfied just making music? Me neither. Following in the long and storied line of her sartorial ancestors, pint-sized British smack-talker Lily Allen announced plans to start designing her own clothes for low-cost British retailer New Look. The line will be called Lily Loves and will be exclusively available in May in the U.K., at least for now; reports say to watch out for six dresses in different styles and colors. Since Allen’s known for wearing new and vintage prom dresses with oversize hip-hop jewelry and sneakers, you’ll know what to expect. Interestingly enough, the Kate Moss-designed line for New Look rival Topshop will be available just a few weeks earlier. If Madonna hadn’t already designed a line for H&M, the competition would be fierce. (Throw Pete Doherty in there, and you never know what’ll happen.) In the meantime, you can satisfy your Lily Allen jones here.

Mills-McCartney to get served, again



In her latest strategic move in her campaign o’ class, Heather Mills-McCartney, the estranged wife of The Cute One, is joining the fourth season of ABC’s reality television show "Dancing with the Stars." Leaving the public’s definition of "star" up for wide interpretation, the network has also contracted boxer Laila Ali (daughter of Muhammad) and Sopranos cast member Vincent Pastore, who was last in the news for beating his fiance on a New York street.

Mills-McCartney will donate all the proceeds from her appearance to charity.

Bassett Case



And you thought your parents sucked: Angela Bassett has revealed to More details about her dealings with her father that are enough to make any childhood seem idyllic. Among them:

  • She saw him intermittently throughout her young life.
  • In college, after making more of an effort to see him, he offered her marijuana after one meeting.
  • During another meeting, he slipped her the tongue while kissing her goodbye.

On the last item, Angela recalls: "When he did that, I was just angry, and angry at myself that I didn’t slap the [bleep] out of him." Seriously — too bad she didn’t unleash her Waiting To Exhale, slash-and-burn fury upon him. Angela says she used her personal pain for her acting. She’s a survivor that keeps on surviving: check out more shots of her persevering at the recent unveiling of Dodge College of Film and Media Arts.






Wait for It


[Wait for It is our regular roundup of things to look forward to in pop culture. Everyone needs something to keep them going, you know?]


Annan_wait You don’t need CNN to tell you that we haven’t seen the last of Anna Nicole Smith. When news of her death hit, it was unclear whether her last film, the comedy Illegal Aliens (co-starring Chyna Doll), would ever see the light of day, but now we know that it will. Aliens is going the straight-to-DVD route, and should hit stores May 22. Anna Nicole plays (what else?) an alien in the film, which will be accompanied on the disc with a wealth of extras including filmmaker’s commentary, a behind-the-scenes featurette and deleted scenes. What might have been otherwise scoffed (if it wasn’t flat-out ignored) for being a b-movie could very well garner attention in the wake of Anna Nicole’s death. And really, if the promised bloopers are a tenth as entertaining as those for Anna Nicole’s 1997 film Skyscraper, this disc will become a cherished favorite in many a collection.



Fabolous_wait Fabolous has announced that his fourth album, From Nothin’ to Somethin’, will be released March 27. Sure, he might rap like Diddy’s slightly less bored younger brother, but Fab’s a master at choosing collaborators that complement his blasé style. Somethin’ promises to be no different, with contributions from Timbaland, Ne-Yo, Young Jeezy and Jazze Pha. "That’s the movement we going with, man," says Fab of the album’s title. "It’s a new year, everybody’s on their hustle. For everybody that’s trying to turn nothing into something, we’re trying to make motivational music for them." Self-help and rap, two great tastes that taste great together. Can we start calling him "Deepak Hip-Hopra"?

[MTV News]

What’s on the blogs


- Christina Ricci attends the Black Snake Moan premiere. She hasn’t looked this hot since she was a barely legal minx in Buffalo ’66! [Egotastic!]

- Tori Amos goes from singing about her period to featuring it in a promo photo for her upcoming album. Tori, I knew you still had it in you! [Dlisted]

- Playboy loves Scarlett Johansson, but they’d probably love her more if she’d take off her clothes. [Hollywood Rag]

- Today’s shocker: Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet have produced some smokin’ spawn. [Crunk & Disorderly]

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Rose McGowan – She’s Just Like Us!



In a recent interview with the newly relaunched RADAR magazine, Rose McGowan takes pains to prove that underneath that spotlight-struck skin, she’s just a normal gal. Line dancing while filming Grindhouse in Austin, Texas? Check. The refusal to accept gift bags at Hollywood events? Check. Inability to do her own hair? Check. Honesty about an inflated sense of entitlement?  Check! ("I do love it when I meet someone who works at a post office who’s a complete diva," says Rose. "It’s like, ‘At least I have an excuse.’")

Rose heightens the contrast between herself and the fame whores that dominate her industry with this gem of a quote:

"I’m not out at [nightclubs] hoping someone will take my picture. Mostly, I’m doing crosswords in the bathroom."

See, she’s so removed from Hollywood mentality that she doesn’t even realize that if she’d film herself doing that and then leak it onto the Internet, she’d give her career a major boost.


North America? Scum, says LCD Soundsystem


ng indie outfit LCD Soundsystem have announced their spring tour dates. The punk-funk dance outfit – spearheaded by DJ, label-owner and onetime almost-Seinfeld writer James Murphy – have a new album out March 20th called Sound of Silver, which they’ll be traveling around the country to support. They’ve also got a new, digital-only EP out today on iTunes, featuring the first single, “North American Scum.” Critical though that might sound, Murphy usually keeps his tongue firmly in his cheek (previous songs titles have included “Daft Punk Is Playing at my House”). The video for the song is online now. Windows media users can check it here. Quicktime users click here. For tour dates, see below.


3/30 New York, NY Bowery Ballroom

3/31 New York, NY Bowery Ballroom

4/28 Indio, CA Coachella

4/30 San Francisco, CA Mezzanine

5/02 Seattle, WA Showbox

5/03 Vancouver, BC Commodore Ballroom

5/06 Chicago, IL Metro

5/07 Detroit, MI Majestic Theatre

5/08 Toronto, ONT Phoenix Concert Theatre

5/09 Montreal, QC Spectrum de Montreal

5/11 Boston, MA Axis/Paradise

5/12 Brooklyn, NY Studio B

5/13 Washington, D.C. 9:30 Club

5/14 New York, NY Webster Hall

The Best ‘Crest


Ryan Seacrest says that watching reruns of the first American Idol season makes him "embarrassed." It’s not just the shoddy production values — Seacrest, like any glamour-monger, looks back on his appearance and cringes:

"My hair and my clothes are embarrassing at times, I can’t believe I went out of the house that way."

Please, ‘Crest, it was 2002. Society was, like, way primitive back then. No need to hang your head, we’ve all been there. To further elucidate what he speaks of, here’s a side-by-side comparison of Ryan from the first season finale, versus Ryan from the fifth and most recent Idol season finale:


So, the suit isn’t as cheap, the tips are no longer frosted and the fake-tan is a more respectable shade of orange. This is what you call progress, people.

[New York Post]

Foxy Brown Spits, Not Rhymes



As Naomi Campbell is to cellphones, so Foxy Brown is to beauty salons. The 27-year-old was arrested and spent last night in jail after a scuffle at Queen Beauty Supply in Florida. Apparently Brown was applying hair glue in the bathroom and refused to leave after being told the salon was closed. She threw the product at a beauty shop employee, spat on him, and apparently took a swing at a police officer, which won’t endear her to authorities. Especially not since she was sentenced to three years probation and anger-management classes after having attacked a pair of manicurists at a nail salon in Manhattan in 2004.

Incidentally, this isn’t the first time she’s been caught expectorating; when she was 17, she was arrested for spitting on two hotel employees in North Carolina. For more on the rapper, click here.