Halle Berry: Kill the Suicide Bit, Already!



Halle Berry recently spoke out about a suicide attempt, and she wasn’t referring to Catwoman (shockingly!). In a Parade cover story, Halle says that she attempted to gas herself via her car following the break-up of her marriage to Atlanta Brave David Justice (the pair split in 1996). People says that this is something she "revealed," as though the story isn’t almost five years old. It is, actually, as this article in The Age proves. Dlisted also points out that she talked to Oprah about suicidal tendencies; though in that case, she was referring to a dire time in the messy aftermath of her second marriage to Eric Benét. ("My bay windows looked real good and I thought I was going to go right through them," she said.)

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Ladies & Gentlemen, Sanjaya Seacrest!


Whether a good singer or bad singer, Sanjaya Malakar is having a wild ride through his 15 minutes of fame. He’s got tribute videos being made to him, and his hairstyle choices have become instantly influencial. Something tells us you’ll be seeing plenty of ponyhawks at swank parties this summer.

Is Sanj going to make through next week’s cuts?

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Which Nose Will It Be For the O’s?



As the world knows, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen currently have two glorious schnozzes. But in celebville, everything is under scrutiny and nothing last long. So it’s been reported that the sisters are considering a visit to the the plastique surgeon. They’d perhaps do this together, and they’d perhaps come away with brand-new twin noses. The doctor they’re considering is responsible for the work done on Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, and Ashlee Simpson, so their nostrils are in good hands.

Tell us: Should the sisters buy the same nose?

Best of Blogville: Drew’s Dabbling


Drew_links- Former magazine editor Jane Pratt says she had sex with Drew Barrymore. Never been kissed (down there) no more! [Dlisted]

- And speaking of lesbian kisses, Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox‘s on Dirt was totally underwhelming. Just when you thought Courtney Cox couldn’t look more like a corpse… [Egotastic!]

- A bikini-clad Courtney Love looks like she’s made of doll parts. Barbies, specifically. [MollyGood]

- Scarlett Johansson is shy. That’s why she decided to be an actress. [Just Jared]

- Christina Aguilera says she feels empowered by her sexuality. Well, now we know she has at least one thing in common with your average high-school boy. They, too, are empowered by her sexuality. [POPSUGAR]

Nevermind the Ballet



Nirvana was always threatening to go highbrow, and now Seattle’s Spectrum Dance Theater is taking them there. Called Nevermind, the theater’s new contemporary dance show debuts March 31st. Based on the 1991 record that changed everything forever, the production will feature the band’s music and dancers playing roles that represent Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. The complicated choreography – how, exactly, do you block interpretive steps for addiction, being shredded by the press and suicide? – is by Donald Byrd, who has worked for Broadway (The Color Purple).

"It’s about how the sense of unconditional love, that someone loves you, is what makes the difference between life and death," he told The Seattle Times. Here’s the million-dollar question (literally): Does this show do more to honor Cobain’s memory than Courtney Love licensing Nirvana songs for use in CSI: Miami? Serious question, people. Think about it.

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Ready for ‘Kon & ‘Clef’s Newgees?


070328_wyclef_akon_2 There have been rumors that Wyclef Jean has grown frustrated with the Fugees and is looking to start up a new band with none other than R&B superstar Akon. The pairing of ‘Clef and ‘Kon would be an island-soul dream team, but would it ever happen? In a recent interview with SOHH, Akon sounded skeptical, but said he would be on board.

It’s fun to speculate who would best complete the trio. The new gal would have to be soulful and sexy, with a killer voice. Kind of like … Nelly Furtado? Gwen Stefani?

Some ladies that Wyclef and Akon wouldn’t have any trouble recruiting are sexy-sister duo Brick and Lace. Cast from the Rhianna-Ciara mold, the young Jamaicans are the first act signed to Akon’s label, "Kon Live" and already have a video for their first single, "Never Never."

Who should be ‘Kon and ‘Clef’s female band member?

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Modest Mouse Debut At Number One



Modest Mouse‘s latest is the third entry in ’07′s indie rock hat trick. We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank debuted at number one, selling 129,000 records in the first week. The band joined their indie brethren the Shins (whose lead singer James Mercer appears on We Were Dead…) and the Arcade Fire, who also debuted albums in one of the top two slots on the Billboard charts.

Hopefully, the record breaking sales will help to cheer frontman Isaac Brock up.

Scarlett Finds the Heart of Saturday Night


73295354 This spring, Scarlett Johansson is putting out a record of Tom Waits covers. That’s right: You might get to hear The Nanny Diaries star singing “Jockey Full of Bourbon.” OK, haters, before you invoke the ill-conceived albums of such non-singers as Eddie Murphy – or, perhaps more appropriately, ill-conceived Tom Waits covers, including Rod Stewart’s execrable version of “Downtown Train” – consider Johansson’s voice. She’s not all Vuitton ads and lounging around naked on the cover of Vanity Fair, you know. The 22-year-old’s husky pipes lend her a maturity that’s beyond her years. But does she have the skid-row gravitas to pull this off?

And, tell everyone, which Waits songs would you like to hear her cover?