Travolta and Preston: Parents of the Year?



John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston have announced that they want to try for a third child, which as set tongues wagging to the tune of, "Why? They need something new to mistreat?" Rumor has it that John refuses to acknowledge his 15-year-old son Jett‘s disability. The New York Post quotes a magazine editor who’s repeatedly interviewed John: "Travolta sits there in interviews talking about how Jett loves to read or play sports, but it is clear that the boy can barely do either." Jett’s problem is reportedly a one-two punch of autism and Scientology, which teaches that any sort of mental illness is curable with enough commitment to the religion.

If this is true: gross, gross, gross. Still, there’s a point that people may be overlooking: maybe Jett’s problem isn’t that he’s autistic. Maybe he’s an alien. You know how Scientology is. [New York Post / Image credit: Getty]

Friday: Jen Replaces Vince With Mysterious Blonde Beau; Stripping Bonaduce Gets His Akon On


Spencerheidi Spencer Pimps Heidi’s Hills
Nimrod Spencer Pratt brags that Playboy has offered his girlfriend and Hills darling, Heidi Montag, $1 million to show off her recently revamped bod. [RealityTVWorld]

Aniston Nuzzles New Beau

An unknown hunk finally gives the Friends star some much needed love during a romantic beach-side meal. [People]

Maroon 5 Hottie: "I’m a Man Whore"
In a recent interview with Blender, lead singer Adam Levine proudly tags himself a "man whore."  We’re sure many a Hollywood starlet would agree. [JustJared]

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She Lives: Courtney Love’s Return


Courtney Love will take the stage at the House of Blues on Los Angeles’ storied Sunset Strip tonight, premiering material from her upcoming album Nobody’s Daughter. In the rehearsal video here, she sounds about as good as she ever did, and she’s looking even better — svelte, confident and manically subversive. It’s a far cry from her 2004 self, the one we had the pleasure of witnessing at the start of her last tour for America’s Sweetheart. Over 24 hours in Manhattan in March of 2004, Courtney had a very public, very rock ‘n’ roll meltdown, the sort which puts any of the anorexic peccadilloes of today’s demi-celebrities to shame. In short order, Courtney Love committed the following transgressions: She flashed David Letterman; let a man suckle her breast outside Wendy’s while posing for a photograph; beaned a litigious journalist with a microphone stand at a secret club show; got arrested; serenaded the street outside her New York City apartment; got naked on stage; and wore a tank top that read, in big, black letters, "Eat My F*ck." Publicist’s nightmare or pop junkie’s dream? Either way, it was fascinating. We’re just happy she’s back — and healthy.

The Police: Disbanding, Again?



The Police‘s reunion tour may have the same lifespan as a common housefly. On day two of the ’80s supergroup’s reunion tour, drummer Stewart Copeland — whose bust-ups with Sting are the stuff of rock mythology — has posted quite the complaint on his blog, titled "OUR FIRST DISASTER GIG!" Within the 700-word post, Copeland bemoans the band’s poor timing, calls the lute-wielding Sting a "petulant pansy" and labels updated versions of their hits "ubeLIEVably lame" [sic].

In other news, the band’s planning on participating in the resurrection of MTV Unplugged (if they make it) — a veritable petri dish for creativity that’s featured stunning acoustic performances by Jay-Z and Nirvana. Other acts confirmed for show include Bon Jovi, Mary J. Blige and John Mayer.

Oh No They Didn’t: Friday’s Review Rage


Knockedup Every week we round up selections from the funniest, most obscene and brutal film criticism out there so that you know when to blow your cash at the theaters and laugh a little at Hollywood’s expense. This week: The hysterically funny insta-classic, Knocked Up.

"Standing ovulation! Former ‘Virgins’ deliver another knock-out." – The New York Post

"There’s no way pin-up-pretty Katherine Heigl would end up with soaked-in-bongwater Seth Rogen, not even while drunk on a gallon of Everclear and stoned on a field of your finest homegrown." – The Village Voice

"Most women, I imagine, will scoff with incredulity . . . Ben [Seth Rogen] is the last person [Katherine Heigl] would have chosen. Most men, meanwhile, will be too busy watching through their fingers. To them, this is The Omen." – The New Yorker

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Big Bod Jordin Fibbed About Her Voice


It seems like everyone on American Idol (Katherine and Ruben, to name a few) has body issues, including it’s newest teen queen, Jordin Sparks. The winner recently revealed that her stint on the hit show helped her learn to love her voluptuous frame.  At 5’10” tall and wearing a size 12, she “stood out everywhere” in her pre-Idol days, and envied her tinier friends, wondering “why can’t I look like that?”

But her grandmother says that her Idol success has “really helped boost her self-esteem and made her realize she’s beautiful as she is.” Tall is beautiful!  Just ask puny runner-up Blake – I’m sure he wouldn’t mind stealing a couple of inches.

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Blog Best-Of: Alba’s Abasement


Jessicaalba_links- Jessica Alba says, "Most days I wake up and look in the mirror and go, ‘ugh.’ I don’t really think I look all that great." Amazing how modesty can enhance a girl’s hotness, huh? [Dlisted]

- Lindsay Lohan has no plans to cancel her 21st birthday party. You didn’t really expect her to take rehab straight with no chaser, did you? [Best Week Ever]

- An up-the-skirt shot of Beyoncé reveals something that looks a hell of a lot like a penis in her panties. "Frustrated drag queen," it is, then! [Rhymes With Snitch]

- Speaking of penises, T-Pain comments on Ray J‘s: "He got a foot on him…no homo." No homo, my ass. And his. [Crunk + Disorderly]

- Christina Aguilera‘s new perfume is deemed "tacky" and "cheap" by market research groups. When reached for comment, Christina replied, "Duh. That’s the point." [A Socialite's Life]

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Roots, Beer, and “Attractive Women”


Of course you don’t have all day to find out how ZZ Top got their start. So to ‘splain you this stuff, we’ve concocted a 60-second clip that illustrates how Dusty, Billy, and the guy without the beard came to be. Here’s the true genesis of that little band from Texas.