Tuesday: Sanjaya’s Future, Brit’s Belly


Sanjaya2Sanjaya: ‘I’m Not Just a Musician’
He wants to be a triple threat: singer, actor, and model. [MSN]

Blubbery Brit Has ATight New Bod
A belly-baring Spears was spotted last night, showing off her abs. It’s amazing what photoshop can do. JK! [TMZ]

Underwood Pulls Move on Cowboys’ QB
She helped Tony Romo celebrate his 27th birthday over the weekend. Hope she bought him some Stickum. [People]

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Radiohead Communicate (Vaguely) and Eddie Cleans Up (Nicely)


EvhParty Like It’s 2001
Foul-mouthed rabble rousers Queens of the Stone Age release a clip of their latest "Sick Sick Sick" and introduce us to their new spokesman Bulby. Lead Stroke Julian Casablancas guests — who knew three frames of animation could keep us entertained for so long?

Rehab Works Wonders on Van Halen
In addition to detox and counseling, looks like they offer frosting and tanning services at Eddie Van Halen’s rehab clinic. Or at least de-Golluming.

Radiohead Album…Soon?
After lucidly railing against global warming, Thom Yorke drops typos like they’re hot and reveals he’s got a new Radiohead album, then rubs your face in it. "i have a cd of what we;’ve been up to…and you haven’t. yet. (sorry)" [mega-sic].

Dear Bjork: Make Your Own Video




We’ve recently noticed that many rock stars are calling for new levels of audience participation. Used to be that they’d pull you out of the crowd if you were female (a la Bruce Springsteen and Courteney Cox); now they want you to direct their videos. Just this week, Bjork announced a contest for a fan to direct a clip for “Innocence” from her forthcoming disc, Volta. Now we’re as invested in the Interweb as the next media organization, and we’re big fans of feedback (comments, please!). But we’re drawing the line here, because when Bjork, or Buckcherry, or Modest Mouse, or whoever else starts asking fans to make videos for them, it smacks of laziness.

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Shanna Exposes Paris, Lindsay



This weekend, reality TV vet/former pageant queen/groupie Shanna Moakler posted Paris Hilton‘s and Lindsay Lohan‘s contact information on her MySpace blog. This supposedly was in retaliation to a post on Hard Rock Cafe heir Harry Morton‘s MySpace that revealed Shanna’s personal info. Shanna believes that either Paris or Lindsay is running Harry’s MySpace.

There are so many things wrong with this pithy ordeal. Here are a few:

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Rhys Meyers Rehabbing? How Queer!


Jrm_rehabTalk about the fast track to redemption! Without spewing so much as a single hate-based epithet or shaving anything (as far as we know), Jonathan Rhys Meyers has checked into rehab. Says his rep:

"After a non-stop succession of filming, Jonathan Rhys Meyers has entered an alcohol-treatment program. He felt a break was needed to maintain his recovery."

Riiiiight. You sure that isn’t reparative therapy? Jon hasn’t said anything questionable for some time (remember these gems?). He might already be on his way! Even if you don’t really believe his flack’s excuse, you best believe that Googling "Jonathan Rhys Meyers gay" will yield about twice the hits it does now by the end of the week. Just the way it goes! [People/Image credit: Getty]

Silent Cam


070423_camron Don’t expect hip-hop star Cam’ron to win any good neighbor awards anytime soon.

Last night, in a 60 Minutes feature on snitching, Cam talked about his extreme aversion to cooperating with police. When asked if he would tell the cops if he knew a serial killer lived next door, the rapper said: "I wouldn’t call and tell anybody on [the killer] — but I’d probably move. But I’m not going to call and be like, ‘The serial killer’s in 4E.’" (Watch the interview.)

While his hard-line stance is laughable, Cam deserves some (not much, but some) credit for honesty. When asked if he would soften his anti-snitching stance if his record label asked him to, the rapper said he wouldn’t have to, because a label "knows what makes money … so [they] would never be that stupid."

Revealing inside info about your label for your own interests … Doesn’t that make Cam a snitch?

Blog Best-Of: Rihanna’s Rainy Day


Rihanna_links- Shots from Rihanna‘s upcoming "Umbrella" video surface. Judging by the way she’s dressed, I’m kinda anxious about where she’s going to stick that umbrella. [CONCRETELOOP]

- Scarlett Johansson has more talent in her left breast than most young actresses have in their entire bodies. And here’s proof. [Yeeeah!]

- It is rumored that Celine Dion will duet with a virtual Elvis Presley on American Idol this week. Mmmmm, Celine and Elvis! Tastes like dust, Mommy! [Dlisted]

- Mischa Barton‘s mom jeans will soon have the world saying, "I like the baggy crotch on you." [JustJared]

- Paris + K-Fed: Because crabs deserve sores to play in. [MollyGood]

Monday: Russian Pays $1.2 Mil for J.Lo


Lopezz2Russian Pays $1.2 Million for J.Lo
A billionaire bought a 40-minute concert for his wife’s b-day bash. [People]

La Lohan Leaves Knightley’s Lesbian Flick
Lindsay threw a "Mean Girl" and quit Keira Knightley’s new movie, shattering any chance that their girl-on-girl action will make it to the big screen. [Fox]

Chris Rock’s Alleged Baby Mama: Scams, Lies & DUI’s
Cops say the woman has been full of s**t for years: stealing, partying, making up wild stories and even running an elaborate cell scam. [TMZ]

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