Leading-the-Blind Items



- Celebrity Fit Club: Men Vs. Women premieres Sunday and the group of celebs is the leanest in CFC history. How will they battle the bulge when there isn’t much bulge there in the first place?

- When the girls of Charm School are given a lesson in etiquette will they be able to show some class instead of showing some ass?

- And speaking of etiquette, when a pig with an overbearing owner makes an appearance on Springer Hustle, will the hog prove to be Jerry’s most refined guest ever? Good chance!

Catch previews of Celebrity Fit Club: Men Vs. Women, Charm School and more at VSPOT.

Hear + Now: Monkeys, Bjork, Queens



Yeah, you’re all hopped up to hear the new Arctic Monkeys disc, Favorite Worst Nightmare. Lots of people are. Crank the volume to 11 and prepare to be messed with when "Brianstorm" comes squawking out of the band’s MySpace page. See ‘em live by jumping in here.

A morsel of Bjork’s new Volta is up for sampling on her page, too. The choppy "Innocence" is seductive in a robotic kind of way. The full CD doesn’t drop until May 8. The Icelandic one is does her thing on Saturday Night Live tomorrow.

The always impressive Queens of the Stone Age do the math on their latest track, "3′s & 7′s." It’s from their pending disc Era Vulgaris, and it’s currently streaming on their Web site. The guys will salute Ozzy Osbourne at VH1′s Rock Honors on May 24. Don’t miss.

Love’s Addiction: “Perfection,” Not Smack


Bean_2 In her latest communication from Ironyville, Courtney Love has confessed that she has kicked her addiction to "perfection." In a typo-ridden, 1,000 word blog post on the discussion board of her site Moonwashedrose (short for the typically verbose Love) the singer — who obviously hasn’t kicked her addiction to attention or plastic surgery — discusses her recent weight loss and the criticism she’s received. She also shared with Spinner.com, in her rambling Courtney-speak, the significance of her upcoming album’s title, Nobody’s Daughter. "I’m not pouting. I’m not playing anything up. I don’t have parents that I acknowledge. I’m nobody’s daughter. I’m nobody’s wife. I’m nobody’s bitch. I’m nobody’s daughter. I’m nobody’s widow. I’m somebody’s mother. Other than that, I don’t identify with these other female roles I’m supposed to have."

Best of Blogville – The Face of Versace


Donatella_links_2- Donatella Versace could only be hotter if she were spread out over some newspaper, face down. [CityRag]

- Jesse Metcalfe is out of rehab and in the arms of some unidentified woman. Broads over brews? How butch! [Dlisted]

- Naomi Campbell jokingly tells an audience to, "put your phones away – off the table – so I can’t get to them." Ho, ho, ho, Nao! Abuse is hilarious! [The Superficial]

- Lindsay Lohan‘s MySpace has been hacked. Good for her! She could use the exposure. [Egotastic!]

- Now that Sanjaya‘s off Idol, David Arquette steps to the plate with mock-worthy hair. Way to take one for the team, Dave! [Just Jared]

Hip-Hop Pays Homage to Virginia Victims


070419_jin The tragedy at Virginia Tech has sparked an outpouring of grief from politicians and artists far and wide, and the hip-hop community is no exception.

Immediately after the shootings, Chinese-American rapper Jin (left) quickly recorded the song "Rain Rain Go Away" that’s dedicated to "all the victims at Virginia Tech." (Listen here.)

Virginia rappers Pusha T, Fam-Lay and Skillz all talked to AllHipHop.com about how the tragedy is affecting their home state. "We must come together as a community to be strong for students and families whose lives were lost," said The Clipse‘s Pusha T, a Virginia Beach native.

And About.com did a cool feature called the "Top 10 Rap Songs About Loss" that gets away from the bling and braggadocio and focuses on hip-hop’s sympathetic side.

Tour Survival Guide: Evanescence


Photography: Amy V. Cooper/Wind Up Records

Now and then our Tour Survival Guide will check in with rockers about life on the road. Here’s lead singer Amy Lee on keeping her sanity with video games and tour hygiene.

When Bathing’s Not An Option
Makeup remover wipes and Wet Wipes in general. We’re constantly trying to refresh and get more. The tour is gross and you can only bathe half the time, and when you can’t bathe, you can always use a wet wipe. I always have to wear a lot of makeup on stage, so my face takes a beating.

Look Who’s Talking Now
Kirstie Alley came to a show recently — it was really cool. She said hi and we all took pictures. She was getting an autograph for her son. We all thought that was really, really cool.

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Yayo’s Mother’s Home Shot Up


070419_yayo Allhiphop.com is reporting that rapper Tony Yayo‘s mother’s house in Queens, N.Y. was "riddled with bullets" Wednesday night.

The site is also reporting that shots were not heard outside, leading to speculation that silencers may have been used in the shooting.

Yayo has been in the headlines lately after being charged with one count of misdemeanor assault and one count of endangering the welfare of a minor. Yayo allegedly attacked the 14-year-old son of Jimmy Rosemond. Rosemond is the owner of Czar Entertainment.

We will follow the story throughout the day.

Thursday: Simon Explains His VT Controversy


SimonSimon Explains Rolling His Eyes at Virginia Tech Comment
Idol tough guy calls internet-fueled criticism "rubbish," but apologizes anyway. Maybe being smug doesn’t always work! [E!]

Snoop to UNICEF: I Want Xbox, Weed
The super stoned rapper refused to go on stage at a benefit unless an Xbox was installed in his dressing room. [New York Post]

Is Katie Holmes Leaving Cruise in the Dust?
She’s reconnecting with family and friends, and even talking to catholic priests. What’s next? [MSNBC]

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Fergie Spoof Spoofed: “My Dumps”


Canadians love to make fun of Fergie. First Alanis Morissette made a funny Interweb video with her morose cover of “My Humps.” Now super-rude sex rapper Peaches has created a video that mocks Alanis mocking Fergie. (It’s very meta, a distinctly Canadian state of mind.) It’s called “My Dumps” and it’s not really safe for work, unless you work for the Department of Sanitation.

Who made the better spoof: Alanis or Peaches?

Ro’Don: Exit of Reason



Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell‘s public feud has reignited and it feels so…desperate. Donald recently got his mitts on some provocative bondage gear Ro rocked in the 1994 S&M-comedy bomb Exit to Eden, via a fan. Don then sent said undergarment to Barbara Walters, Rosie’s boss at The View. He explained his action to the New York Post:

"I sent it to Barbara to hang in her office because I didn’t want it in mine. It was funny, except that it was really gross. It’s disgusting."

Well that explains it: countless celebs send their trash Barbara’s way. They don’t call her Packrat Walters for nothing.

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