The Celebreality Interview – John Brown Hollas Back



It’s been weeks since the finale of Ego Trip’s The White Rapper Show, and yet, as we lie in bed at night, one thing plays on a loop consistently in our heads: "Hallelujah holla back. Hallelujah holla back. Hallelujah holla back." John Brown is one of the most indelible personalities that Celebreality has seen, and though we didn’t get a chance to talk to him while the show was airing, we thought any time was a good time to get the straight story from the King of the ‘Burbz.

After the jump, John Brown talks about using reality TV as a marketing tool, his "Garbage Pail Kid" cast mates and, finally, what the hell the King of the ‘Burbz is doing reviving the ghetto.

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Leading-the-Blind Items



- When the remaining guys’ moms are invited to spend some time on the set of I Love New York, will they get along with New York or will they hit some mama drama?

- When the Surreal Lifers are invited to City Hall, will they end up running for office, or from it?

- Mirror, mirror on the wall, when Dice needs an upgrade, whom should he call?

Catch previews of I Love New York, The Surreal Life, Dice Undisputed and more at VSPOT.

They Spinnin’! – Hip-Hop Headlines


Timbaland‘s teaming up with Rockstar Games to create a hip-hop video game, "Beaterator." (HipHopDX)

Problem No. 100: Cristal Lies
Jay-Z denies drinking a bottle of boycotted bubbly that was sent to his table at a New York club. Scroll down to read. (TMZ)

Extreme Makeover: ‘Hood Edition
Ice Cube is producing an inner-city reality show about reformed gangsters. (SOHH)

Long Live The Man
Pennsylvania Congressman Mike Doyle comes to the defense of DJ Drama by comparing him to Girl Talk and … Paul McCartney? (HipHopDX)

Sweet Homie From Alabama
‘Bama baller Rich Boy is all the rage online. Interviews, party recaps, more interviews, video debuts, record reviews … you name it, Rich B. runnin’ it.

Austin Translation: Stars of Track and Field @ SXSW


Couldn’t make it to South By Southwest? Not to worry — we’ve got reports from the frontlines of the year’s premiere music festival. Stars of Track and Field’s drummer Dan Orvik fills us in.


It can get violent on stage…
We played five shows in 48 hours. It’s been f*cking crazy, we’re on our way to our sixth show right now. We’re borrowing a lot of gear — you have ten minute changeovers so you go with the house kit. Yesterday I played a show and we’re playing one of our big rock songs and there’s the kick drum pedal, it has a big felt beater on it, and right in the middle of the biggest part of the song it flew off. This is stuff that wouldn’t happen on my kit. I picked it up and threw it at [guitarist] Jason [Bell], because it’s important to me that he knew. I didn’t want to be a wet rag but it was my little way of trying to deal with it.

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Photos: SXSW ’07

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Friday’s Headlines: Nicole Richie’s Addiction


Richie2Watch Models’ Naked Booty Shoot
They bare all and experiment with paint in a sexy shoot. [Us Online]

Nicole Richie Addicted To Adderall?
Why? It keeps her awake and makes her not want to eat. [The Superficial]

Post Rehab Party Time for Lohan
She’s out on the town again. When will it end? [New York Post]

Anna Nicole’s Story Hits Law & Order
Kristy Swanson plays the late celeb, and Jon Lovitz might be Lawyer Stern. [Entertainment Wise]

Boston Singer’s Suicide Note: ‘I Am a Lonely Soul’
Brad Delp had a message clipped to his shirt when he was found. [MSN]

Elton’s Trouble in Paradise


Elton_john_2Church leaders on the island of Trinidad and Tobago are trying to ban Elton John from performing there. Not only did they say that the Rocket Man’s sexual orientation failed to conform to Biblical teaching, they also claimed that the famously gay star’s “visit to the island can open the country to be tempted towards pursuing his lifestyle.” In honor of those carefully measured words, we’d like to announce Archdeacon Philip Isaac as our “Moron of the Week.”

T&T has a notoriously long anti-gay history, but that’s not going to stop Elton from doing his job at the Plymouth Jazz Festival – and to him we doff our caps, say thanks for the Almost Famous soundtrack and the Scissor Sisters, and wish him the best. Just don’t be shocked if you see some T&T taxpayers playing the hell out of the piano, wearing rose-colored glasses, and slagging off Madonna at press conferences – these things rub off. [Via This Is London]

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Simon vs Springsteen


Simon4 The man who has brought pop music Justin Guarini and Clay Aiken is measuring his worth in a new way: by comparing himself to Bruce Springsteen. It seems Simon Cowell has told 60 Minutes that he’s a bigger than the Boss.

I mean, in the last five years, I’ve probably sold over 100 million records. If (Springsteen) got one hundred (million dollars), I should have got five hundred (million dollars)," he says.

Maybe the question should be: who will be spinning discs by Fantasia and Ruben in 10 years? And maybe the answer will be: the null set. Hope those zealous Jersey fans don’t hear about this or Cowell will be toast.

In other Simon/60 news, the Idol star says a man once approached him to have his coitus critiqued. The offered payment was 100K, but the judge wasn’t up for the job.

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Heather Mills Cries Wolf, Saves Pigs


Heather_mills_2London police have told Paul McCartney’s estranged wife to please stop calling them so much. Apparently concerned about stalkers and paparazzi, Heather Mills was abusing her 999 privileges (that’s 911 over in Britain). This is just the latest chapter in the ongoing saga of the 39-year-old amputee’s very public divorce with the former Beatle. Most recently, she claimed that McCartney was involved in a “conspiracy” to destroy her. And earlier this month, she broke into a pig farm to highlight the cruel conditions the animals were forced to live in. All the high-profile attention means that the Brits are tired of her increasingly insane shenanigans. So Mills is moving someplace more tolerant toward insane shenanigans: America. That’s right. The earlier tabloid coverage is only a prelude to the main event – her upcoming appearance on Dancing With the Stars. The ABC television program returns on Monday night. You gonna watch? Or have you already seen enough? [Via Reuters]

Austin Translation: Jack’s Mannequin @ SXSW


Couldn’t make it to South By Southwest? Not to worry — we’ve got reports from the frontlines of the year’s premiere music festival. Jack’s Mannequin lead singer Andrew McMahon fills us in.


How To Do It "Austin-Style"…
We got in Wednesday at 5 pm and got right down to it, Austin-style — hitting the bar, eating food, having a good time. We rallied up the troops at Manuel’s. It’s our spot every year we come here.

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