Wednesday: Does Katie Have a Boy Toy?


Holmes Does Katie Have An On-Set Boy Toy?
Holmes has allegedly been flirting with her "Mad Money" co-star Adam Rothenberg. Tom better enroll her in those "Mommy Lessons" fast! [MSNBC]

Momjaya: Stoned Again
A new photo reveals her preparing to take a enormous bong rip at a Hollywood party in March. Puff, Puff, Pass! [TMZ]

No Love For Sanjaya Back Home
His hometown won’t be giving the "American Idol" phenom his own day, a parade, or even a key to the city. Back to reality! [New York Post]

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Britney Brings Back Self, Not Sexy


Brit_comeback_2 As expected, Britney Spears played a show at San Diego’s House of Blues on Tuesday night. The show was supposed to be a secret (she was billed as the M+Ms, which is at least classier than heading a pack of Cheetos), but everyone knew about it last week. It was foolish to think that any public outing of Brit’s could be kept a secret — especially when every quip she makes is fodder for a media frenzy. Remember: "Like, America believe everything you read. Because, like, you’re smart and I’m stupid." For real!

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Pete Wentz Takes Care of Ashlee, Uganda


WentzBeing a rock star is hard work, as Fall Out Boy bassist Pete wentz will tell you. When he’s not opening bars in New York’s East Village or attending to his tipsy pop star girlfriend, Uganda beckons, and he’s heading to the African nation on a humanitarian mission — plus keeping his eye makeup artfully smudged the entire time. On Monday night Wentz celebrated the grand opening of his bar Angels and Kings on Avenue B. The bar, which Wentz partnered with members of Gym Class Heroes to open, is "for the rejects," yet paradoxically features a VIP lounge where Wentz’s girlfriend Ashlee Simpson had a bit too much to drink the other night, forcing Wentz to curtail an interview to take care of her. Wentz also announced his July trip to Uganda to raise awareness about the conditions there. "I’m pretty excited, but also a little nervous," Wentz told the NME about his trip.

Meat Loaf & Chicken Noodle Soup



Our Tour Survival Guide checks in with rockers about life on the road. Here’s Meat Loaf on his beauty rest, soup preferences, and recording obessions. His upcoming tour dates are here.

Pissed Off and Pushing Petty. . .
In the ’70s, I had Tom Petty opening up for me for awhile. I had Dire Straits opening up for me. I had Eddie Money opening up for me. There’s more: I just can’t remember them all. I was warming up my voice one night and Tom Petty told me to shut up. I guess the walls in the dressing rooms were thin. I’m loud. He was like, “Shut up!” I think at the moment, it pissed me off. Back then — that would have been early ’77, we were in Cleveland, at the Agora — I’m surprised I didn’t bust through the wall of the dressing room into [his] room, throw [him] back into mine and say, “Come here, you’re listening anyway!” That was my intensity, then. I’m pretty intense now, but back then — whew!

Beauty Rest
Sleep is the most important thing on the tour  – a key issue for me. [I have to get] eight hours, or we don’t move. The road managers get e-mails from me if I can’t sleep: “Bill, it is now 5:30 in the morning. I am not asleep. We will not leave at 1 p.m. I’m predicting that I’ll be asleep in half an hour, which means we’ll leave at . . . 6, 12, 2 . . . 2:30 p.m.” I’m a night owl on tour.

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Blog Best-Of: Robert’s Relief


Rkelly_links_2- R. Kelly preps Virginia Tech tribute song for quick release. It’s the remix to opportunism! [Crunk + Disorderly]

- Is that cleavage on Kate Bosworth, or are her two remaining fat cells having a fight? [Egotastic!]

- Kirsten Dunst is rocking something like leprosy on her feet. The hell? [Just Jared]

- What’s Tyra Banks totally gay over? Why, breasts, of course! [Best Week Ever]

- Dannielynn touches down in America, a camera in her face the whole time, documenting her every move. If she’s anything like her mother, I think she’s gonna like it here. [Dlisted]

Charm School – Extra Credit (Lip Slip Edition)


This week’s batch of scenes you didn’t see on this week’s Charm School is all about loose lips. In the first, Saaphyri gives a savagely funny breakdown of Schatar’s look. Key quote: "The definition of Hottie’s look is how to be homeless and retarded-looking and borderline schizophrenic. That is her look." You’d be hard-pressed to find a better reading this side of Paris Is Burning.

In the second, the lips are literally loose: Schatar, Larissa and Shay discuss a snatch of renegade genitalia (a lip slip!) Saaphyri observed on one of the girls, as well as a discussion of said girl’s sexuality. You’ll have to watch it to find who they think is the girl who likes girls, but at least you can rest assured that gay scares weren’t just reserved for I Love New York!

The final clip is a bit more serious, as it shows Mo’Nique flapping her gums to give the girls some tough love. Say what you want about Mo, but this clip proves her heart is in this show and invested in these girls. Add that to the talent for whipping up gems like, "Don’t be a broke p****-giver!" and you have the makings of a media queen. All hail Mo.

Hit VSPOT for even more great Charm School extras.

Guess Who’s Back in the Muthableepin’ House!



After getting her heart broken three times on national television, New York is hungry for televised romance! Casting for the second installment of I Love New York is already underway and you can take part in the action and end up on the show. Guys interested in taking a crack at the reality TV-dating game should visit, where they can create a profile and post pictures, videos, biographical information and blogs as a virtual audition. Everyone else can vote on their favorites and leave comments for them. Because really, the only thing more fun than laughing at guys acting like fools on TV is laughing at guys acting like fools on the Internet. Get into it!

After a series of elimination rounds, five guys who auditioned online will make it on I Love New York 2, set to air later this year. But enough of what we have to say about this, here’s a message from the HBIC herself, New York on what she’s looking for in this new crop of men:

Remember: visit

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Kanye’s Mom: My Son Loves Porn


070501_kanye Kanye West has already come clean about his obsession with porn. Now it’s his mom’s turn to talk about the rap superstar’s fleshy fixation.

In her memoir about her son, "Raising Kanye," Donda West talks about a young Kanye’s obsession with porn growing up. According to his mom, Kanye would take adult magazines with him to grade school, then graduated to smuggling pornographic videos into the house by the time he was in high school. The habit became such a problem that Donda, a college professor, eventually made him write a full-blown research paper entitled, "The Impact of Watching X-rated Movies on a Teen-age Boy."

The famed MC ‘fessed up to being hooked on porn about a year ago. "My only drug is porn," he admitted.

Maybe it’s time for a new thesis, K.W. … "The Impact of Porn on a College Dropout," anyone?

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Jennifer Responds to Porn Release



Jennifer from Charm School (aka Toasteee) has given us an exclusive statement on the just-announced, pornographic video Toastee Exposed, which is set to be released by Vivid later this month. Jennifer says that the video is being released “without my cooperation.” Additionally:

I have decided that I could either put a lot of time, effort, and money into pursuing legal action to prevent the video’s release, or I could put a lot of time effort and money into my medical degree; I choose the latter.

Update: Jennifer wrote us today (May 3) to further clear the air:

Just wanted to make sure I put the word in that this video was of me and an ex boyfriend; I was not paid. He released it without my knowledge.

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