Vida: The Game Es Loca!


070411_vida_game caught up with Vida Guerra about her ongoing beef with The Game. The Queen of the Laddie Mags goes into extreme detail about how Game didn’t get anywhere with her at his infamous pool party, and how she’d take a lie detector to prove it. She also talks about becoming the next Fergie, why the Game has none, and why she’s still single, but my favorite part of the interview is where she talks about playing pool with rapper Too $hort. I love that the Oaktown legend is still hittin’ the scene at 40. (Random, but here’s a prom photo of Mr. $hort. High school doesn’t get much more hyphy than that, people.)

Meanwhile, MTV News caught up with the Game and asked him about Guerra’s rapping. "She can’t rap worth s**t," Game said about Guerra’s attempt at a diss track. "It’s more comedy than anything." Agreed, Game. Kinda like a bigtime MC picking a mic fight with a swimsuit model.

Justin Brings Madonna Back, Not Britney



Justin Timberlake opened up in the May issue of British GQ about super-sizing it, Madge and the ladies in his life. Contrary to rumors, JT isn’t trying to revive ex-girlfriend and current trainwreck Britney Spears’ career: “Honestly, I am so far removed from that situation.” He is, however, joining forces with uber-producer Timbaland to work with Madonna, undoubtedly creating the soundtrack to the next two years of your life.

Also discussed in the cover story is Justin’s brief spokesman deal with McDonald’s — despite his claims to changing the image of the fast food chain, he’s not “lovin’ it”: “I regret the McDonald’s deal.”

Are you looking forward to Timberlake’s collaboration with Madonna?

Icky Art: Stripes Go Rhinestone Cowboy



Style mavens and neo-classic rockers Jack and Meg White announced their new full-length, Icky Thump, will be released on June 19th, and leaked their cover art online. The sleeve features the happy duo clad in more finery than Glen Campbell at a fashion show. That’s fitting, since their newest album is so flamboyant. Is the red and white motif kaput? What’s your favorite White Stripes era?

Sanjaya Goes Spanish: ‘Stache & Samba



Despite the fact that last night’s American Idol had a Latin music theme meant to evoke the spicy side of the contestants and that celebrity mentor Jennifer Lopez was looking smoking hot, the show itself lacked fire. In fact, it wasn’t caliente at all.

As always, the highlight of the show was Sanjaya, who sported a mustache and goatee (the beginnings of a facial ponyhawk?) for the evening. It’s great how all the celeb mentors are completely aware that this kid is about as talented as Seacrest is tall, and how they all sort of guiltily giggle when discussing their mentoring session with him. J. Lo was no exception. She said that Simon and the crowd would be pleasantly surprised at how well he would perform his song, and she was right! It was the first time Sanj didn’t suck. Guess the flamboyance of Latin music suits him. And now he’s covered "Besame Mucho," a tune that evidently both Sammy Davis, Jr and Placebo have done.

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Birkhead: Heart Swells, Wallet Fattens


Birkhead2Anna Nicole: Birkhead is Baby’s Daddy
DNA tests prove it. The late Playboy Playmate’s former boyfriend is the father of Dannielynn. Cha-ching! [Yahoo!]

Fire Destroys Johnny Cash Home
His long time lakeside home, where he wrote much of his famous music, is gone. The cause is unknown. [CNN]

‘Girls Gone Wild’ Boss Has Gone to Jail
Joe Francis has been taken into custody by federal marshals to face a contempt of court citation after initially defying a federal judge. [Yahoo!]

Bonaduce Breaks Up His Marriage
The VH1 reality TV show star has announced that he and his wife, Gretchen, are beginning divorce proceedings. []

Naomi Campbell Bails on Reality Show
MTV was set to start shooting a new show called "Minion" with the model Friday, but it had to cancel the show when Naomi stopped returning phone calls. [New York Post]

Rockers Heat Up So We Can Cool Down



From Kanye to Kelly, from the Chilis to the Foos – the big-ass summer rock event is shaping up to be the Live Earth bash, an Al Gore-organized, hands-across-the-water dealio that hops from Jersey to Wembley.  It’s an inclusive list of performers. Classique rockers like the Police, country stars like Faith Hill & Tim McGraw, MCs like Kanye and Luda, and newcomers like Corrine and Keane are all on board. All the $$$ goes to keeping the planet at a tolorable temperature. Where will you be on July 7?

Which of the participants is going to steal the show?

The Celebreality Interview – Mo’Nique



Now that Charm School‘s in session, it’s time to talk with the Flavor of Love girls’ leader on this show: comedian, actress and all-around responsible adult Mo’Nique. In our exclusive interview with Mo, she dishes the dirt on what it was like to lead 13 young women known for their unruliness, what she thinks of New York and what we can expect from Charm School. The bell rings after the jump…

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Blizzades of Glory


070410_ice_dancing Maybe they were moved by Blades of Glory‘s Humps. Or maybe they see the crossover potential of Ice Cube, Ice-T or Vanilla Ice. Whatever the case, one of the world’s top figure-skating pairs wants to cold kick it by bringing beats and rhymes to the rink.

After getting a positive response to a routine that included some Justin Timberlake, U.S. ice dance champions Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto announced that they’d like to take it one step further and use hip-hop in their routines. "We’re trying to push hip-hop and it’s never been accepted in the current international community,” said Belbin. "Hopefully someday we’ll be able to spice up the competitions." "Hip-Hop is a huge part of (American) culture," added Agosto. "We’d love to tap into it."

Tap away, guys. And bring home some Olympic bling while you’re at it.

Scratch M.I.A.’s Back, She’ll Scratch Yours




British/Sri Lankan beauty M.I.A. announced that she’s ready to release her sophomore effort, Kala, on June 25th. The follow-up to her critically acclaimed 2005 album Arular features collaborations with beat-whiz Timbaland and avant-hop-head Diplo. (She’s worked with Timbaland before; there’s a bonus track on the U.K. version of Shock Value called “Come Around” to that effect.) M.I.A., whose work thus far has been both sexually charged and a lightning rod for political controversy, has been hard at work on making challenging music. It’s not always the most danceable, but we love the title of her first single (which you can hear at her MySpace page): “Bird Flu.” Anyone care to guess at the titles of other tracks on the album? We’re hoping for “Project Red” and “Niger Yellowcake.”

Tuesday: Anna Nicole: Birkhead Is Babydaddy


Anna2Anna Nicole: Birkhead Is Babydaddy
The DNA test results are in. Birkhead is the baby’s daddy. [CNN]

It’s Time For Imus To Squirm
The basketball team wants to express "great hurt" resulting from his "Nappy-Headed Hos" comment. Get ready to watch him sweat. [CNN]

Scarlett: Goodbye Justin, Hello Ryan?
The Hollywood bombshell was very cozy with very lucky Ryan Reynolds at a NYC lounge over the weekend. What ever happened to old Sexyback? [NY Daily News]

Jenna Jameson: A Burlesque B-Day
TMZ offers video coverage of the porn star’s b-day bash. How much has she shrunk? [TMZ]

‘Laguna Beach’ Actor Arrested — Again
Jason Wahler allegedly spewed racial and gay slurs at officers after punching a hotel security guard and passing out drunk in a hallway. He won’t play anything but a loser in the future. [Yahoo!]