They Spinnin’! Hip-Hop Headlines


070504_rkelly R. Kelly’s Wife Talks About ‘The Tape’
R. Kelly‘s wife (yes, he’s married) talks about how she met her husband, their struggling marriage and ‘The Tape’ (Essence)

Marsalis Latest Hip-Hop Hater
Jazz legend Wynton Marsalis goes after 50 Cent, Ludacris for debasing African-Americans (XXL)

Nas: ‘They Treated Us Like Terrorists’
Nas says ‘racist’ San Diego club staff ‘came at us like we was Osama Bin Laden’ (HipHopDX)

Ludacris Move
Ebony steers clear of controversy, pulls Ludacris from June cover of magazine (Crunk + Disorderly)

‘Same Girl,’ Different Kings
Superstars R. Kelly, Usher join forces, perform duet about getting played by same girl (VH1)

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Leading-the-Blind Items



- Can the Charm School girls engage in a civilized debate on Sunday’s episode…without using their acrylic nails to support their arguments?

- Can Dustin keep pushing everyone’s buttons on Celebrity Fit Club: Men Vs. Women? Or will he be pushed out himself?

- When producers gear up for a pay-per-view special on Springer Hustle, will they get more than they bargained for?

Catch previews of Celebrity Fit Club: Men Vs. Women, Charm School, Springer Hustle and more at VSPOT.

Borat Might Rock You



Rumors of an upcoming Queen biopic began percolating late last year. This morning our inside sources are saying that Sacha Baron Cohen has been tapped to play the band’s sadly deceased frontman, Freddie Mercury. Said someone close to the film, "Sacha loves the idea he can get away with playing Freddie after modeling Borat’s look on him." That would mean that Borat beat out Johnny Depp to play the charismatic rock god who died of AIDS-related complications in 1991. Of course, it behooves us to note that this news comes from U.K. tabloid The Daily Mirror, a publication so salacious it makes TMZ look like The New Yorker. As yet there’s no word on whether or not Queen guitarist Brian May will be played by Ken Davitian, aka Aazmat, Borat’s naked wrestling partner. Dream on, you little dreamers.

Links To Reality


Larissa_links- In case you missed it, Charm School‘s Larissa had some choice words for Becky during an interview at an L.A. radio station last week. Are cat fights considered charming? []

- Mo’Nique is made to face her past in an interview that points out that she built her career by, perhaps, being less than refined. "That’s just who I am. That’s the only Mo’Nique I know how to be…" That’s the Mo’Nique we love. []

- Don’t just watch Celebrity Fit Club: live it. Get a free diet profile and sign up for a personalized fitness and nutrition plan at

- Speaking of the Fit Clubbers, Tiffany is set to release an album this year.  So that’s why she wanted to drop some pounds! []

- Does Dustin Diamond‘s behavior on Celebrity Fit Club have you dealing with displaced anger? Let it all out on the Celebrity Fit Club: Men Vs. Women message board.

- And for a different kind of sound-off, check out the Charm School Soundboard, which allows you to listen to the show’s funniest sound bites and purchase ringtones. This way, you’ll never be without Saaphyri‘s wisdom.

The Celebreality Interview – Heather



It took us a while, but we finally caught up with Heather, Charm School‘s second cast-off (also known as Krazy). She’s a busy girl, stopping recently in Kentucky, Detroit and Ohio. By day, Heather has been lecturing at high schools and fielding interviews at radio stations. By night, she’s been appearing at clubs. It’s like Flashdance without the welding or gyrating.

After the jump, Heather talks about her time on Flavor of Love and Charm School, the dress-stealing incident that ended up getting her the boot and, of course, her music career. She is nothing, if not poised. For real! 

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Sanj On Stage: Idols Tour Dates


You thought that Gina Glocksen could have rocked if she’d only made it to the Bon Jovi episode? Maybe she’ll grab "Bed of Roses" or something when all the American Idol cast members spend the summer touring their asses off. That’s right, the whole crew, including Sanjaya, will romp around the United States for three months beginning in July.

In other Idol news, recently ousted dudes Chris and Phil have been talking about spats with Simon and armed forces commitments respectively. Got a feel for which singer is going to be dumped on Tuesday?

Friday: Tommy Buys “Greece” For Pam


Tommy Buys "Greece" for Pam

The Motley Crue drummer is paying between $15 and $45 million for the luxury island representing Greece in the Dubai project known as The World. Tommy, money can’t buy you love! [Hollywood Rag]

50 Cent Sells Mansion
The 48,000-plus-square-foot house, once owned by Mike Tyson, is decorated with stripper poles and has a helicopter pad. If only walls could talk. [Yahoo!]

Linds Catches Brit Lip-Synching
No love from Spears‘ family at last night’s show, but La Lohan came to cheer on her pal. BFF’s! [TMZ]

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Tour Survival Guide: Kings of Leon



Our Tour Survival Guide checks in with rockers about life on the road. Here’s Kings of Leon’s Jared Followill on sweet vermouth, donkey noises and getting lei’d.

Worst Job On Tour: Tour Manager
We had a tour manager that we didn’t like, so every show I would make her give me a sweet vermouth on the rocks with a twist. And she would do it every night. And I never drank one of them, because it was so gross.

The Braying of Donkeys, or Kings of Leon
We do this weird extremely country retarded song [before every show]. It kind of sounds like a donkey. One of our uncles used to sing it -— I don’t know why we [started doing] it, but we were kind of superstitious, and now it’s something we do to embarrass ourselves during festival season where everyone can hear us. We say a prayer after, then we go play. [My band is] weird. They think we’re not going to wail unless we do it. And I think we would wail either way. I’m really superstitious, but if it causes me to be embarrassed I could do without it.

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I Love New York 2 Casting Call!



Guys 21 and up, if you have love for New York, you have a chance to show it in person. The producers of I Love New York 2 are holding a casting call Sunday (May 6) at the New York club Home (532 West 27th Street , New York, New York). Auditions will be held from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. and big personalities are a must. Of course, New York herself will be in attendance, handpicking the dudes that will vie for her affection. "I don’t know if I’m going to go for a thug, a nerd or Enrico Suavé this time," she says. "I’m gonna peel my eyes back and keep them wide open this time. The winner is going to be the one who loves me the most."

Of course, if you can’t make it (or just look better on the Internet), you can still audition via (but keep in mind that only five of the 20 men who make the show will be chosen from the site — you may have a better chance if you show up in person).

Kelly Clarkson’s My December Put On Ice


Kellyrocks Don’t count on hearing Kelly Clarkson‘s new record any time soon — sources told British newspaper The Daily Mail that label titan Clive Davis "savaged" the American Idol winner’s third album, My December. "It was an extraordinary presentation," a source at the label said. "Clive was absolutely merciless in his criticism of Kelly." Clarkson, whose Breakaway sold over 5 million copies to date, wrote and produced her latest effort. The first single "Never Again" is a dark departure for Clarkson (sample lyric: "I hope when you’re in bed with her/ you think of me") with an even more sinister video. As of now, the album has no release date.