Brit’s Still Stubborn; Imus To Return?


Brit’s Mom: Come To Our Cookout!

She wants her crew-cut daughter to come to the family bash in Louisiana on the Fourth of July. Will the singer make an appearance? [People]

Imus Heading Back To Radio?
The I-man might be back quicker than you think. Rumors are floating that his return to WFAN is just around the corner. Buy or sell? [Post Chronicle]

Spice Girls Bickering Already?
Two days after announcing their tour, there are already rumors of behind-the-scenes cat fights. Will the girls ever make it to the stage? [TMZ]

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T.I.: Start Making Sense!



Clifford Harris, the man best known heretofore as T.I., has been flapping his gums about his new album T.I. vs. T.I.P. (out Tuesday) for almost a year, but it’s just now that he’s really spelling out the record’s complicated concept. He’s given his most succinct words on the subject to the New York Daily News, and yet, what he’s talking about is still anyone’s guess. Try, just try, to wrap your head around this:

"I think T.I.P. thinks T.I. is a little too concerned with fame and stardom. And T.I. thinks T.I.P. is too concerned with the way we used to live rather than the way we need to live right now. Both of these individuals reside within Clifford Harris. He just pretty much sits back and watches the show."

Which is to say: nonsense! The only difference between T.I. and some homeless schizophrenic man feeding pigeons on a park bench, ranting about the voices in his head is that T.I. is being paid to talk about his crazy. The homeless man gives it for free. After listening to T.I.’s album, it’s clear that the homeless man offers the better bargain. [New York Daily News]

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Browse Pics of Rock Stars With Massive (And Multiple) Egos

Saaphyri Crowned ‘Charm School’ Champ: Discuss!



"To be in a place where I can be a part of changing someone’s life," said Mo’Nique, "God, thank you, how blessed I am." Did Charm School’s principal really change the lives of these girls, who showed up on the first day of class scantily clad and ready to talk trash and fight? Also, did Saaphyri deserve to take home the $50,000? Weigh in now, and check back soon for our official recap!

Concert for Diana: Discuss the Live Action



Wow. This is a show that got off the ground real quick. So far we’ve seen energetic romps by the ever-dapper Duran Duran, a poignant man + guitar set by James Morrison, some Lily Allen bounce and Fergie footwork, and a big blast of power pop by our You Oughta Know band, the Feeling. "The sun is shining on Wembley today," they announced before launching into one of their power pop gems. Now Pharrell is kicking it (with a little dirty talk).

No surprise that the impact of American Idol stretches "over the pond." Simon LeBon isn’t the only Simon at the show. Mr. Cowell (with Randy and Ryan teasing him along) had some fun introducing Nelly Furtado – who was pretty damn hot.

From the "I’m Like A Bird" singer to "Swan Lake." Hey, there aren’t many events that unite N.E.R.D. and ballet dancers. Diana would have made a heck of mixed tape. Maybe Kanye will use one of the orchestra’s big old kettle drums on his next disc. Think Fergie made the entire viewing audience "rock rock"? She sure was rubbing herself enough.

Joss Stone and her band know how to throw some funk around. In her hands the Bowie cover seems right. Didn’t know Princess Diana was a big Supertramp fan. Wembley’s got its first sing-along of the day.

Didn’t see any ladies undies hitting the stage while Tom Jones was on. What’s up with that? Has the Welshman lost his mojo? Guess Joss revitalized it a bit, though. How did Joe Perry do on guitar?

That old softie Rod Stewart went right for the heart with "Maggie May" and "Sailing." And who would have predicted that Kanye and Andrew Lloyd Webber would both get their string sections on? Anyone got comments on Mr. West’s shades? Anyone predicting how Diddy is going to sound?

Our answer to that last question is: pretty damned good.

Which artists or performances have impressed you so far? Chat it up in the "Comments" section and check out some concert pics after the jump.

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Pssst: Connect With The MTV Party Crowd



Hey! Want to bring four of your friends to New York? Want to spend the night at a big MTV party? Want to make summer 07 a lot less drab? T-Mobile gives you a chance to make all that stuff a reality. You know they’re all about connections – keeping peeps hooked up is what they do best.

You may not be a player now, but like the dude in this clip, you can "fake it ’til you make it." Check out our "Connected" webisodes during the new few weeks. You’ll feel like you’re part of the game.

The Weekly Wrap-Up: Paris Walks, Lindsay Snorts, T.I. Takes on Ludacris










You Respond, We Respond


Bullhornclipart6Every Friday, we run down a few of the comments this blog has received in the past week. This gives us a chance to respond and that’s what the VH1 Blog is all about: leaving no keen insight behind. That’s how much we love you.

From Tyrese: Banning Male Fans From Shows?:

Shelly Says: "Whoa, that doesn’t seem like responsible journalism Kate.
Perhaps, he doesn’t want fights to occur from

jealous boyfriends whom are there, not as fans, but to keep an eye on their ladies.

That’s what I thought.

It does happen too!"

We say: An interesting take, Shelly. Perhaps Tyrese’s female concert attendees should follow the (slightly revised) words of R. Kelly: "cuff your dude ’cause, hey, Ty’s black, handsome, he sings, plus he’s rich and he’s a flirt."

From Britney Desperate to Reconcile with K-Fed:

mutieqz Says: "britney balik ma kevin

so what gtu loh???!!!

terserah kek

jangan2 britney lagi mabok lagi yach????

kaya’ wktu ntuch….

uda mreka kan bukan manusia normal

napaen diuruzin??"

Markita Responds: "mutieqz doesn’t need to comment anymore. Either you can’t spell, you’re talking in another language, or you’re extremely slow. Whatever it is stop writing. Cause nobody knows what the hell you’re tryin’ to say."

We say: You trying to take my job, Markita? Plus, mutieqz isn’t so bad. It’s kinda nice when your blog is the only one that comes up when you Google "napean diuruzin." Makes us feel special, really.

From Justin Bringing Nasty Back, Too:

OLIVIA Says: "nice fire,what did you do eat a jelopeno.dumb AS*************************************.WHAT THA HE$$ IS WRONG WITH YOU,YELLING AT OTHER PEPOLE IN EUROPE!!!!!!!,HELLO YOUR IN A DIFFERENT COUNTRY,EVEN THOUGH THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND YOU…"

We say: Maybe mutieqz’s true identity is Justin Timberlake?

From Anticipating Bobby Brown :

lashaon Says: "Bobby i think you should do the show.Forget what people say about you.You prove to everyone from your last family show that you are truly a good person.Remember that our father Jesus Christ loves you.Nagitiv people talked about hem and put hem down for no reason at all.People are always trying to put people like your self down,But they just don’t know how much God loves you.Prove to the world that you can be the best you can be.Remember. you have a lot of fans that will go the bat for you.Everyone eles no if you come back out .You are a treat!!!!!!!!!!

We say: Finally an answer to an age-old question. What would Jesus do? A reality show. Duh.

Blog Best-Of: MJ’s Manifesto


Mj_links2- Michael Jackson taps his spokesman to clear up some "misconceptions." Things that didn’t make the list: plastic surgery, the Elephant Man’s bones and whether or not he and La Toya are the same person. Those you can keep on believing. [A Socialite’s Life]

- Katie Holmes‘ hands are alien-esque. Tom is so proud. [Dlisted]

- Angelina Jolie is called out for being good to her fans by a paparazzo. I don’t know what’s more surprising: that Angelina is personable or that a celebrity photog is refraining from biting the hand that feeds him. [CityRag]

- Speaking of Angelina, ex hubby Billy Bob Thornton may soon move into a house that’s close to her pad. Or, as Billy Bob likes to call it, the blood bank. [Just Jared]

- Shar Jackson is photographed with her negative pregnancy test. Not pictured: Shar Jackson’s negative relevancy test. [Crunk + Disorderly]

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Catfight Part 72: Lily Allen vs. Amy Winehouse


Lilywinehouse The audiophiles over at Idolator are reporting that arch media personality and sometime recording artist Lily Allen has taken the feud between her and Amy Winehouse to the next level. Far from being satisfied with critiques from the sidelines, Allen has now taken to dressing up like the "Rehab" songstress to mock her. Yikes. (Full disclosure: Allen’s playing Winehouse on British comedy show Friday Night Project.) In other news, British police questioned Allen about her attack on a paparazzi photographer back in March. What a charming little spitfire she is.