New York Needs Your Advice


New_york_111x71New York wept big time when she let Real go in Episode 9. Now, she has to decide between Chance (fun and playful but unpredictable and thuggish) and Tango (suave and chill but whiney). Who should New York pick, and why?

Give Tango Your Advice


TangoHe’s been accused by New York of being a slow Floridian and by blog readers of being a crybaby. But New York seems to be feelin’ those love letters that he leaves at her door. What does Tango need to do to win it all? Comment below.

Give Chance Your Advice


ChanceChance displayed his sensitive side in Episode 9, crying like a baby when New York sent his brother Real packing. But it didn’t take long for the bad boy to rebound: "Does Tango have something to worry about?" he asked. "Man, when the tears start flowin’, blood starts shedding." What does Chance need to do to win it all? Comment below.

Send Real Your Condolences


RealReal was devastated when he got the axe in Episode 9. "I ain’t cried like that since I was a baby," he said. Could Real have done any better? Did he have a chance to win New York’s heart? Send him your thoughts.

Lindsay & Wilmer: Sing the Pain Away


Wilmer_karaokeLindsay Lohan reportedly caught up with former flame Wilmer Valderrama at a karaoke party Sunday, but the results were nothing to sing about. Wilmer approached Lindsay, only to get the cold shoulder. He then took the stage and launched into Matchbox Twenty‘s "Back 2 Good," which he dedicated to Linds (the song contains the lines, "I was thinking if you were lonely / Maybe we could leave here and no one would know … I’m lonely now and I don’t know how to get it back to good." "It’s too late!" could be heard shouted from Lindsay’s entourage after Wilmer finished. And seriously: what a weenie. Were Barbara Streisand’s "The Way We Were" and Bryan Adams’ "Everything I Do (I Do It for You)" unavailable? He should have just gotten revenge after being brushed off by singing Amy Winehouse‘s "Rehab." [New York Daily News]

Kim Finally Remembers the Sex Tape



More than three months after rumblings of the existence of Kim Kardashian, Superstar (and a month after actual footage leaked), Kim Kardashian has admitted to knowing about her long-delayed sex tape all along. “I really didn’t think [it] was coming out,” she told Complex. I apologize for not publicly being honest…but I felt like at the time that’s all that I could have said.” Thank god, because I thought maybe she was just staring into space and aimlessly jiggling her chest and butt, instead of, you know, playing up for the camera.

In other Kardashian news, the adult-film super company behind KKS has offered a four-porno directing deal to Ray J, Kim’s co-star and “director.” He won’t necessarily need to appear in the films as part of the deal, which is either a testament to his talents as a director or a blow to his “talent” as a “performer.” []

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Dirt, Heroin & Spandex: Still Motley After All These Years



After lots of gossip, Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil has confirmed Christopher Walken‘s involvement in the extraordinary rock book-turned-movie "The Dirt," which chronicles the bad-ass band’s rise to fame and descent into drugs. In addition to Walken’s role as ant-snorting rocker Ozzy Osbourne, 47-year-old Val Kilmer is slated to play the spandex-strutting David Lee Roth. It’s unclear as to why Kilmer, who in real life is four years Roth’s junior, was selected to play the studly singer as he was twenty years ago.

In related news, Nikki Six has been recording the soundtrack to his book "The Heroin Diaries." Of the recording process, Six says: "It’s like were [sic] standing on a cliff with our eyes shut, arms open and just falling. Extending ourselves in faith that someone will catch us, and relishing the freedom that comes from that place."

Tuesday’s Headlines: Jenna Stops Swallowing, Paris Starts Slobbering


Jameson2Has Jenna Jameson Stopped Swallowing?
Porn legend is a bean pole these days. Are the rumors true? [TMZ]

Brit Begs Justin to Help Her With AA?
She’s heard pleading on the phone at rehab. Will JT save her? [Entertainment Wise]

Anna Nicole Case Drives Judge To Pot
Judge was found sitting under a tree smoking a bud of chronic. [Yahoo!]

Ashlee’s Ex Is Paris’ New Boy Toy
Our fave socialite may have added another notch to her bedpost. [Entertainment Wise]

Rock Romance: Shanna & Travis Kiss & Make Up
The two have reunited, but she denies rumors she’s pregnant. [People]

Mash-Up! Spears vs. Winehouse


It took a while, but Britney Spears finally said "yes, yes, yes" to a bit of clean-up. Those fans looking for an anthem that speaks to that "no, no, no" phase a few weeks ago can still have a giggle, however. Check this mash-up that splices footage of the fallen pop star with the audio of Winehouse’s controversial single, “Rehab.” If this video is anything to judge by, it would seem Spears’s aunt has the right idea – go home, Britney. Otherwise, you could end up with a tour rider that looks like Winehouse’s.

Tell us a song that best applies to Britney’s latest condition in "comments."