Best of Blogville: Jen’s Juiciness


Jlo_links- Jennifer Lopez says, "I couldn’t ever be a size zero." She’s right – if she were, she’d lose all the butt insurance. [Dlisted]

- Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen get compared to troll dolls. That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said about them! [CityRag]

- Lindsay Lohan wears a bra! Newsflash, hold the flash! [Egotastic!]

- Beyoncé has Jay-Z wrapped around her finger…literally. [Cake and Ice Cream]

- Matt LeBlanc is going gray. It must be strange when your hair is a metaphor for your career. [Just Jared]

The 12 Oz. Remixes


The news that fly guy Pharrell is going to start designing Pepsi cans made our imaginations go positively bubbly. “What’s his can going to look like?” we wondered. And what if other rappers signed on to do 12 oz. remixes? What would their cans look like?

We took a stab (or in one case, a shot) at what some other famous MC’s might do with their aluminum canvases. Take our quiz and see if you can figure out which famous rappers we think would’ve designed the cans above. Read on for the answers.

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Whitney’s Sunshine After the Rain



Don’t cry for Whitney Houston. Though she spent a tear-filled day in court Wednesday, her spirits were later lifted by one of life’s simple pleasures: the hilarity that comes from watching someone wipe out. One of the members of the paparazzi that swarmed her as she left the court took a stumble, prompting a wild, phlegm-filled laughing fit from the notoriously media-cranky Whit. Watch the amazing footage here. For the first time in maybe decade, you have the opportunity to laugh not at Whitney, but with her! Don’t miss out!

Whitney may hate the camera, but it absolutely loves her, if TMZ’s recent footage of her is an indication (more examples here and here). Someone please get this woman her own reality show, now. A Flavor of Love-style televised search for love would be ideal for the newly single diva. Although the flavor of Whitney is probably something like a mixture of battery acid and Newports, so never mind. []

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Photos: Whitney Houston

Here Tom Comes To Save the Day…


Tom Cruise is set to swoop in to New York to help the city’s ongoing battle with Lex Luthor. And by "Lex Luthor," I mean "the health of city workers exposed to toxins as a result of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks." Tom’s heading up a fund-raising gala on April 19 that’s being thrown to benefit the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project. The controversial, Scientology-led initiative aims to detoxify via "a precise regimen that includes exercise, sauna bathing, and vitamin, mineral and oil supplements," according to its site. Unfortunately, x-ray vision scans don’t seem to be part of the package. But maybe lie detector tests will be employed to help purify some souls.

Tickets for the event go up to $100,000 for an eight-person table. That seems like a small price to pay to be in the presence of a real, live superhero. [New York Post]

Who’s More Foolish – Brit or Bush?



Radar points to an interesting – if also confusing – Fox News segment about the Eighth Annual Most Foolish American poll, which this year was won by Britney Spears in a landslide. (The winner of the previous four polls? Michael Jackson.) In the Fox segment, however, something’s gone wrong: Britney’s listed at capturing 33% of the vote, while President Bush held onto 40%. Clearly something’s up here, and it’s not just foreign policy or an aversion to underpants. We want to know what you think: Does Bush beat Britney for brainlessness? And will someone at that Fox affiliate been asked to go “hunting” with Dick Cheney?

Friday: Hef Cashes In; Scarlett and JT?


Hef2Hefner Cashes In On Anna Nicole
His bunny empire will offer three tributes for the late model, including a 10-page pictoral in the Playboy’s May issue. Disturbing? [MSN]

Johansson Won’t Talk Timberlake
Did the 22-year-old actress show her "SexyBackside" to JT? Mums the word. [CBS News]

Britney Spears Hates Her Manager
The troubled pop tart has been talking smack about her manager — and she’s stuck with him for the next five years. Maybe she’s too coked out to think straight? [Fox News]

‘Girls Gone Wild’ Czar Mocks Judge; Won’t Surrender
Joe Francis defied a federal judge, calling him a "judge gone wild" and refused to give himself up to U.S. marshals on a contempt citation. [Yahoo!]

Lauren Conrad: There’s No Sex Tape!
"The Hills" star wants to set the record straight, there is NO visual evidence of sexual activities with her ex, jailbound boy toy Jason Wahler. [Us Magazine]

Exclusive: Modest Mouse Frontman Talks Cutting Self, Heath Ledger Collab



We caught up with enigmatic Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock shortly after topping the Billboard charts to find out how it feels to sell thousands of records, what he’s up to next, and why the hell he cut himself.

So, um, why’d you cut yourself?

I had lost my voice in Portland, and I was drinking single malt scotch, which opens up your vocal chords. That night I was drinking coffee with single malt scotch and was having a really good time. I got hyper, got kind of punk rock on it, no crazier than Nick Cave or Iggy or anyone like that. It’s not a cry for help. If people want to make it a sad sack moment, f*ck them. I see no reason to turn my fun into their drama. After the show I was in a great mood. It wasn’t something I even thought about until a few days later when I got a text from a friend that said “Someone said you cut yourself — are you ok?” and I’m like, “Oh sh*t. Here we go. I know how this one plays out.” So now I gotta answer this question for the next year.

To find out what else Brock’s up to, check out after the jump.

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Bill and 50 Beef Back


The other day we blogged about how Snoop Dogg told conservative pundit Bill O’Reilly to “f**k off” and said he was going to kick his a**. After watching the segment, Bill recently bit back by questioning Snoop’s street cred.


“Yeah, like Calvin lives in the ghetto,” said O’Reilly. “What, is the pool boy going to beat me up there, Snoopy?” (Watch the video.)

O’Reilly then invited Snoop to his show, but reminded him that Fox News drug tests guests before tapings.

In more beef news, 50 Cent recently struck back at Game during a radio interview, saying that he can’t move units without 50′s help. “(The Game) sells five million records when I write his album and 800,000 when he writes it,” said 50 Cent.

50 then went on to address the G-Unit and Tony Yayo protesters in New York, saying that they should watch out for his, uh, lawyers.

“When it comes to civil, you don’t have to worry about G-Unit,” said 50 Cent. “You have to worry about the J-J-J-J-J-Jew Unit. When the lawyers come out, we gonna see what it is.”

50′s next beef? Anti-Defamation League, anybody?

When Life Hands George Lemonade…


Georgeclooney_lemon…he buys it! While shooting Leatherheads on location in North Carolina on Wednesday, George Clooney came upon a lemonade stand run by a 10-year-old and two younger kids. Instead of paying the requisite $.25 for his drink, George gave the kids a big surprise when he gave them $20 for his cup and let them keep the change. The kids, in turn, gave him a big surprise when the lemonade they sold him turned out to be pee. Kidding! [AP/Yahoo!]