Can Mimi Clean Up Her Image? Says She’s Not Ashamed

by (@damianbellino)

We all know that Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Mimi Faust has been struggling this season with the inevitable release of her and boyfriend Nikko‘s sex tape. In an bonus clip from episode 10, Mimi and her “manager” Dawn meet with media trainer and publicist Richelle about how Mimi’s going to handle interviews and not look like a bad mother.

Richelle is an Olivia Pope-like fixer and all she wants to know: is Mimi ashamed of participating in porn? An emotional Mimi says she’s not ashamed of what she did and Dawn and Richelle advise Mimi to stay strong and lead by example.

What do you think? Is Mimi just playing dumb or do you think she genuinely got caught up in this? Should she be ashamed?

From The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Case Files: Are Stevie J + Joseline Married or Not? [Phase Nine]


LHHA Married Or Not

Even halfway through season three, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta viewers (and co-stars) still want to know whether or not Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez actually tied the knot. As the weeks go by, each episode of LHHATL gets steamier and more dramatic. We have been following the episodes closely and keeping tabs on Stevie and Joseline’s social media accounts in search of clues to help uncover the final the answer to the million dollar question: Are they really married or what?

This is phase nine of our investigation and we still don’t have a definitive answer. So, keep submitting your own evidence and conclusions by using the hashtag #KnotOrNot on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and we will feature your thoughts on our weekly coverage. Let’s get to the bottom of this case!

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Justice Celebrates His Birthday On The Next Marrying The Game

by (@ShireaCarroll)

As this season of Marrying The Game comes to an end, Tiffney decides to go out with with a bang to celebrate her son Justice‘s 7th birthday.

When Tiff takes Justice to a bakery to customize and create his own cake, she reflects on the strength and resilience of her children since she and The Game broke up.

Tune in to Marrying The Game this Wednesday at 10:30 PM ET/PT.

Best Memes From Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 10

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Episode 10 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta did not disappoint when it came to sex tape drama, Kirk vs Rasheeda‘s mom and Scrappy‘s lady problems and you guys showed up with the memes to match.

We are dying over here.

Click through the best memes of the night to check some hilarious memes. You guys went iiiiiiin.

What’s your favorite meme from episode 10 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta?

This Week On Inside The Arena: Zero Might be The Only Person Ever To Refer To Jelena As An Angel

by (@lizburrito)

It’s hard to figure out whether Jelena is just using Zero to help her get what she wants (dirty favors, jealousy from Terrence), or if she truly likes him. But from this week’s Inside The Arena, it seems like Zero is all in on the relationship front, calling Jelena his “angel.” In this web exclusive, watch him discuss how much this Devil loves his angel and how he believes she’s a beautiful person “all the way around.” Read more…

Drop Your Pants: Top 5 Highlights Of Hit The Floor Episode 6

by (@ShireaCarroll)

DeanAndKimberlyIf there is a will there is way. That’s exactly the motto Jelena seems to live by when it comes to taking out the people who are in her way. While Ahsha may have been her initial target, now it’s the other Hayes woman, Sloane, who she’s on a mission to destroy at all costs.

Derek mom’s (played by Tichina Arnold), would rather mooch of her son rather than get know Ahsha or her son, and Ahsha is finding out way to much about her boyfriend. Coach Pete and Sloane get caught in nostalgia, and begin to rekindle an old flame.

Check out this week’s top 5 moments of our favorite scripted series, Hit The Floor that were so good, we thought it be nice to see it twice. Read more…

Apology Parties, Bullet Wounds + Puppies: Top 20 Moments of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 10

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Wait, how hard did you laugh when Kirk broke Mama Shirleen‘s Chanel glasses like a Saltine cracker? Could Nikko get any more suspect with this whole sex tape scandal? How awkward was it to watch Benzino discuss Althea and Stevie‘s “relationship” on his sick bed? What willRasheeda‘s apology party look like? Will Joseline make good on her threats to Althea? Whatttttt is going on? Read more…

It’s Kirk Against Shirleen In This Week’s Check Yourself

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For those of you who are invested in the Kirk vs. Shirleen drama that’s been going down since season two, we’re about to tally up all of their transgressions against one another in this week’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Check Yourself episode. Kirk starts off strong, making some solid points as to why Shirlene needs to mind her own business, until… Read more…

#WhatDoYouMeme: Mimi And Nikko Watched The Sex Tape Like…

by (@ShireaCarroll)

MimiFacePalmTonight on Episode 10 of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Mimi and Nikko had their own at-home advanced screening of their sex tape right in their living room.

Nikko arrives to Mimi’s house with flowers and an iPad wayyyyyyy to excited to show Mimi a first cut of their sex tape. “Feels like we ‘re in the movies, where’s the popcorn,” Nikko said giddy as kid in candy shop. Mimi watched the rough cut horrified while Nikko is taking mental notes on how to make the “leaked,” tape the best it could be.

Their faces said it all and could be used as pretty hilarious Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta meme.

And that’s exactly what we want you to do. Meme this photo! Read more…

Erica Mena Surprises High School Graduation With Commencement Speech

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Love & Hip Hop‘s Erica Mena surprised the class of 2014 at New York’s Unity Center for Urban Technologies with a speech at their commencement ceremony. The reality star responded to an invitation from class vice president Simone Dixon who said the “student body can relate to [Erica's] story full-heartedly.”

In her speech Erica spoke of her personal journey, revealing she did not receive her diploma but was inspired after her experience with the Unity Center for Urban Tech students. The singer-model said: Read more…