Doug Christie’s Got That Dad Swag: The Basketballer’s Best Looks

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Doug Christie is number 13! He had a notable NBA career that spanned 15 years — going everywhere from LA to Orlando to Dallas and back to LA. But on Basketball Wives LA Doug is known for being the goofy, kinky voice of reason to his wife Jackie Christie‘s over the top antics. We totally love Doug! So this thing kept happening this season when we’d catch Doug chuckle or roll his eyes at Jackie’s crazy ass — we kept being like “WTF is Doug wearing?” Or “Damn, Doug’s kinda sexy, no?” Or “Check this throwback photo Jackie posted on her Instagram – Doug had hair!” So we’ve decided to indulge our love of Mr. Doug Christie and treat you to some of our favorite goofy-dad-swag looks. Are we just going crazy or do you have mad love for Doug too?

Check out this cut scene from Basketball Wives LA episode 7 to get the full story behind Jackie and Doug’s failed cognac bottle! “The liquor can go into your abs!” SMDH.

[Photos: Instagram/VH1]

This Is Hot 97 Star Miss Info: Plenty Of Substance, Loads Of Style

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We all know that journalist and on-air personality Minya Oh — better known as Miss Info on Hot 97 — is all about that journalism life. But when you meet the This Is Hot 97 star in person, you quickly realize that she’s also got quite a bit of style in addition to all that substance. “I think that I’m already a clothing addict,” she explained. “I love clothes and nails and nail art and shoes and makeup, so [being on a show] is not actually that different for me, I’ll still do the same combination of high and low fashion.”

One thing she’s not into though is having a different look for every scene she’s in — TV will not dictate her wardrobe. “I adamantly will say ‘I am still wearing the same clothes multiple times in a week. I’m gonna wear a dress, and then I’m gonna wear that dress again!’ I think that it’s refreshing for some people to see we’re not going to the grocery store in full makeup and clear heels. No.” We thank her for that.

We were taken by her casual-cool fashion sense and yes, her amaaazing Easter egg-like nails and we had to get some photos, so check out Miss Info’s style in our gallery and tune in to This Is Hot 97 Mondays at 10:30PM ET/PT!

[Photos: Jennifer Marigliano/VH1]

Take An Excusive Peek At Jackie’s Artistic Rendering Of That Parisian Nude Model

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We know that Basketball Wives LA star Jackie Christie was scandalized in Paris when Sundy took her to a nude drawing class. To the point where she couldn’t even bring herself to look at the nude male model with the…

She did eventually put paintbrush to canvas to create a Jackie Christie original, which she graciously shared with us. Check out her artwork below! Read more…

Jackie Christie Recaps This Week’s Basketball Wives LA: “I Did Not Want No INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT”!

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During this season of Basketball Wives LA, the VH1 Blog is happy to have Jackie Christie guest blogging her thoughts to every episode of the show. In her recap, Jackie discusses the Paris trip and all the negativity aimed at her (and her outfit) this week. She’s a forgiving lady, but in this case, the girls went a lock bridge too far.

ThumbJackieWhen in Paris!!!

Asking all the girls to join me in Paris was a huge thing for me knowing that one might not accept the invite! And of course I was correct, she chose to pass…which I must say, was not at all a bad thing. ;-) Although I did have times when I wished we all could have gone and experienced such an amazing beautiful and sexy city! Paris checks all the boxes for me and was a dream come true to be able to go there for the first time! Especially to launch my new signature brand of cognac!

The long flight over was also new for me never having flown more than 6 hours, so flying 14 plus was a very new experience that I would gladly do again! The seats are huge and comfortable and the food amazing in flight, as well as the drinks that flow like a water fountain and the entertainment (movies, games and more) were also great! If you ever get a chance to go…do it! Well worth it I promise! Read more…

Hollywood Exes First Look! Mayte’s Already Gotta Beef

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“To sanity!” LOL. That’s the toast the ladies of Hollywood Exes make in the first look at the new season. The ladies are all back and making nice with newest member Shanna Moakler (ex of Travis Barker) and Mayte is already rolling her eyes.

“Mayte does not like newcomers,” side-eyes Nicole Murphy

HAHAHA! It’s about to get crazy. Check the sneak peek to see who put a ring on it and what offensive thing Jessica “Hood Rat” Canseco is spewing.

An all new season of Hollywood Exes starts Wednesday, May 7 at 9 PM ET/CT.

Fake Ass Thelma + Louise: Read The Best Basketball Wives LA Tweets Of The Night

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The ladies got into it last on Basketball Wives LA making it one hell of a international incident. As expected Draya sat this one out but Malaysia and Brandi went on that “Jackie Christie vacation” still and things got out of control. The twosome flipped the other ladies off who were under the bridge which caused some friction but it was at their lunch when it all got multiplied by “girl, bye.” Jackie was asking Malaysia who she was closer with and Brandi was all, you’re an instigator and Jackie was all, No, I’m not (she just kept saying it).

Malaysia and Brandi did peace but not before Malaysia read the whole room and told Sundy and Brittish to watch out for Jackie and told Jackie that they were donezo. But no one was done with the drama last night on Twitter, where the wives took it upon themselves to continue reading each other. Jackie said everybody has her name in their mouth, Brittish said they’re all making her look chill nowadays, Malaysia said they’re old, Sundy made comments about Malaysia’s marriage being through and Brandi gave a disclaimer that some garbage about her having cancer is coming up next week. Oye. And Draya was no where to be found. (She tweeted twice to tell Malaysia she loved her and to tell a fan who was missing the show, she wasn’t missing much.)

Lawd. What do you think? Have we seen the last of Draya? Is Malaysia really through with Jackie? What would make someone make fun of someone having cancer? Let us know in the comments and make sure to follow all the ladies on Twitter for next week’s season finale.

Black Ink Crew Break Ups: The 5 Things Ceaser Shouldn’t Have Said Or Did

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In case you missed, this last episode of Black Ink Crew was filled with extreme high notes, like O’Sh*t proposing to his third baby mama Anya with a pawned ring, and Sassy and Dutchess finally burying the hatchet over cigars, Hennessy, and side eyes.

But with the good comes the bad, and this episode went to the lowest of the lows documenting the revealing demise of Dutchess and Ceasers’ on-again and off-again relationship.

What we did learn from watching the break up play out, were the five things you shouldn’t ever do or say when breaking up with someone, because more than likely it’ll make a uncomfortably bad situation, a whole lot worse.

She’s Baaack! Check Out The First Look At La La’s Full Court Life

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“It’s about to be psychotically crazy!”

If you say so girl. That’s what La La Anthony proclaims of what’s to come in the first look for the new season of La La’s Full Court Life. And it looks like things are about to get crazy. The whole gang is back and Dice looks like she’s up to something and Po‘s got some new moves and Justin is gone with the wind fabulous and La La’s throwing shade.

We. Can’t. Wait. Y’all.

Catch up on last season and get with an all new season of La La’s Full Court Life when it returns Wednesday, May 7 at 10 PM ET/PT

Team Curtain Rod: Joseline & K.Michelle React To Mimi’s Sex Tape

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You had to know this was coming: After news of Mimi and Nikko‘s sex tape broke yesterday, of course her two most outspoken co-stars from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta offered their comment on the situation. K.Michelle and Joseline Hernandez took to Twitter and Instagram yesterday to offer up their thoughts, videos and viral memes to let Mimi know what they think of her starring role. While we’re impartial to the whole situation, we have to admit, these two are damn funny. Harsh, but funny. Read more…