Flashback! Remember When Erica Pinkett “Popped” Up On Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Last Season?

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If Erica Pinkett seems a little familiar to all you eagle-eyed Love & Hip Hop Atlanta viewers, that’s because you’re probably remembering her from her appearance on the show last season. No, she wasn’t lurking in the background waiting for Scrappy to ditch Erica and Shay, she was actually interviewing to be an employee at DJ Babey Drew and Traci Steele‘s shoe store. In the clip above, watch Traci size Pinky up and call her a “popcorn video ho.” From there, Erica antagonizes Traci to the point where she takes her shoes off and gets ready to fight.

Classic #TBT!

They’re Still From The Block: Adorable Photos Of Erica Mena & Jennifer Lopez In The BX

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Don’t be fooled by the rocks that they got! You may or may not remember that Love & Hip Hop‘s Erica Mena‘s big break in showbiz came when she won a Jennifer Lopez look-alike contest so it’s no surprise that the Bronx-born singer was at J.Lo’s Coming Home concert on June 4.

If you follow Mena on Instagram then you have to know she looks up to the fellow Puerto Rican songstress, like, a lot so seeing photos from their interaction at last night’s show is absolutely touching. Read more…

See Dice Act Like La La’s Puppet

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On episode 5 of La La’s Full Court Life, Dice calls La La out on the way she gets it done. Like when they throw an impromptu fashion show for Dice’s Tee shirts while they’re hanging at home, La La instructs Justin to get to it.

Dice asks, are you the pupetteer? And La La can’t stop LOLing.

Don’t worry we’ve captured that GIF of Dice being a super marionnette for you here.

Do you think La La’s always pulling the strings?

Bonus Clip: Tammy’s Daughter Spills The T On Waka & The Wedding

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“Fart-est, toe-est.” Tammy‘s daughter Charlie‘s let’s Tammy know what she really thinks of Waka Flocka Flame marrying her mom on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Charlie’s excited about the wedding because she’s ready to wear a fancy dress but she’s not so sure about having a new little brother or sister.

She is totally adorable though and says she’s really truly happy for her mom and Waka because they are a couple that is always laughing. Maybe this child could pass on some of that maturity to the rest of the Love & Hip Hop fam. Peep a few more pics of Charlie, Tammy and Waka in our gallery below!

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Hit The Floor ‘s Kimberly Elise Isn’t Hating On Rihanna’s Nips

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Days later the chatter continues to surround Rihanna and her risque dress choice at the CFDA fashion awards, held on Monday.

Hit The Floor ‘s Kimberly Elise chimes in the discussion to defend Rihanna’s choice, speaks on the Josephine Baker inspiration, and why she thinks Rihanna killed the look. Read more…

Exclusive: Shay Johnson Says Bambi & Erica P Are Irrelevant, She’s Still Around

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Shay Johnson

Lil’ Scrappy has been keeping things interesting this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta with his lady drama, but before there was Bambi and Erica P there was another lady in Scrappy’s life, his bestie turned lover Shay Johnson.

We caught up with the former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star about Scrappy’s new ladies and getting in good with Momma Dee and we think she alluded to maybe making a pop up this season. Read more…

The Dirty Details Of Confessional Sex And More: Go Behind The Scenes Of Episode 2 With Hit The Floor’s James LaRosa

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with The newbies

Hit The Floor creator James LaRosa is probably the most invested showrunner we can think of. The man not only is the mastermind behind the guiltiest pleasure on television, but he’s also beloved on the set and something of a documentarian behind the scenes of the show. This week, LaRosa sent us some pictures from his personal collection, complete with some “director’s commentary” about the episode. In the following captions, you’ll learn how the confessional sex scene is even more blasphemous than you imagined, and learn some fun facts about the set and actors on the show. Hit it, James!
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