The 5 Most Important Moments From Miami Monkey: Episode 10


What’s this – more shouting, screaming and swearing at the Miami Monkey? You don’t say?! This week, Morgan is furious because yada yada yada, a bunch of women wear bikinis, and Cristina accuses Morgan of being an escort. Wait, say what?!

Check out the playlist above for our five most memorable moments from this week’s show, including Cristina struggling to describe “Morgan’s Miami tits.”

Hey, she said it, not us. Watch!


Hit The Floor Creator James LaRosa Spills On Season Two: More Bed-Hopping And Traveling Devil Girls

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Hit The Floor was our summer go-to whenever we needed to watch sexy people dance in a sexy way. We cried each time Kimberly Elise appeared on screen to reflect on her past, and became deeply invested in the corrupt inner workings of the Los Angeles Devils organization. But, like everything else that’s good and juicy in entertainment, the season finale left us with a lot of questions.

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Love & Hip Hop Episode 3 Sneak Peek: Chicks And Big Heads Don’t Mix

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After Rich and Erica both met up with Nya Lee on last week’s Love & Hip Hop, they came away from their meetings feeling a certain type of way about the opinionated stripper-turned-rapper. In this week’s sneak peek, the two meet to discuss Nya, and neither of them has a favorable opinion at this point. “Chicks and big heads don’t mix, so like, she needs to calm down,” Erica says. “The only dollars you pick up is every night at the strip club.”

Once they move past Nya, Erica reveals to Rich two more surprising details of her life: One, she wants to work with him again. And two, she has a new girlfriend. “HMMMM,” is all Rich can think to say when he hears that.

Meet Erica’s new boo this Monday at 8PM ET/PT on the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop.

[LISTEN] Rich Dollaz Makes Dreams Come True: The Remix

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As Nya Lee the Love & Hip Hop audience learned on Monday night, Rich Dollaz makes dreams come true. It was a classic example of someone saying something enough times so that they start to believe it, and Rich repeated this mantra so often that it’s clear he thinks he’s a dreamweaver of some sort. We were so mesmerized by Rich making dreams come true that we just had to remix it, take a listen right here. Maybe he’ll want to rep us after he hears this?

Chrissy & Mr. Jones: Style Edition

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The stars of Chrissy & Mr. Jones, Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones, are one of hip-hop’s most popular couples, known for their loving and sometimes contentious relationship. But hey, they’re also one of the fashion forward couples in rap, too! Jim Jones runs his own clothing line, Vampire Life, and his loving partner will be taking the reigns of Lady Vamp this year, as you’ll see this season on the show.

This is one couple that loves fashion; here’s a look at their everyday style, complete with info about the labels and accessories they love.

Watch Chrissy & Mr. Jones every Monday at 9/8C.

— Michael Arceneaux

[Photos: Michele Crowe for VH1]

Chrissy & Mr. Jones Sneak Peek: The Takeover


Chrissy is ready to meet a huge professional challenge and decides she wants to style a ladies’ line for Jim‘s Vampire Life clothing label. But she thinks she might run into a little resistance along the way, especially since she turned away from the chance once before.

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Prepare Yourselves For Single Ladies Season 3 And The Launch Of An eBook Series

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We’re beyond excited to announce that Single Ladies season three will be here in less than two months! VH1′s hit scripted show returns on January 6 at 9PM ET/PT with the same core cast and an impressive roster of amazing guest stars like T.I., Keke Palmer, and Ja Rule. We’re also thrilled to announce the launch of an eBook series written by New York Times bestselling author Ashley Antoinette which fills in the blanks of what happens to each character between season two and three. The first novella will be available on November 26th and focuses on April. Check back here for an exclusive excerpt before then, and read on to find out everything you need to know about the show and book series.


Season 3 Premieres Monday, January 6, 2014 at 9PM ET/PT

New “Single Ladies” eBook Series Set to Launch in November

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Who’s In And Who’s Out? Get Your First Look At Mob Wives: New Blood

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Mob Wives: New Blood. The show returns, but some of the players have changed. Find out more when season four premieres on December 5th at 10PM ET/PT.

Miami Monkey Sneak Peek: Is Morgan An Escort?

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Cristina and Morgan‘s relationship is still at contentious frenemy status, and this week on Miami Monkey, Cristina takes the accusations up a notch when she wonders just where Morgan gets all the money to pay her bills. Could it be that Morgan is actually an escort? Read more…

Watch Out, Tahiry! Joe Budden Has Baby Fever And He’s Coming For You

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Joe Tahiry1
On the season premiere of Love & Hip Hop, we saw Joe Budden and Tahiry Jose back together again, discussing their plans for the future. Part of the conversation involved Joe wanting to have a baby, so when we saw the off-again, on-again couple recently we asked if they could see themselves having a baby together. They both definitely want kids, Tahiry says right now she can’t imagine having them with Joe. However, Joe caught Tahiry off-guard when he told us he has baby fever and he’ll be “coming at her” soon. See what these two have to say about babies, co-parenting, and whether they’re really ready for it all in our interview. Read more…