Love & Hip Hop Check Yourself, Season Finale: “Do We Really Want To Have This Conversation, Chipotle?”

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It’s the season finale of Love & Hip Hop, which means it’s the final installment of Check Yourself (boo!). In this week’s clip, Saigon explains the laws of his house a little further, telling us that his “no stinking up the bathroom” rule is important. “I don’t know if y’all have seen Erica Jean’s ass, but she look like she could s— a brick.” Read more…

Single Ladies Star Charity Shea: Better As A Blonde Or Brunette?

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Charity Shea plays April Goldberg on Single Ladies, and maybe nothing defines April’s style as much as her gorgeous blonde mane. But fans of the show may not realize that April’s ‘do is just a dye job, and Charity’s natural color is brown. Check out some shots of her as a brunette and tell us what you think, is she better as a blonde, or does her natural brown suit her better?

Take A Look At Benzino’s Star Turn On Single Ladies!

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Benzino is known for many things: smashing da homie. Shirtless selfies. Breaking news that is very relevant to our lives. But we weren’t aware of his acting chops. After seeing him in this sneak peek from tonight’s night’s Single Ladies though? He has a whole new career ahead of him. In the clip, Zino Grigio plays Dominic, a poker player who has eyes for Keisha. Luckily, Keisha has the good sense not to trust him.

Stevie J did mention to us that his friend Denzel gives Joseline acting advice…maybe Benzino can start giving her some advice too now. Single Ladies airs Monday night at 9PM ET/PT.

VH1′s Weekly Wrap-Up: Tahiry Says No To Joe’s Marriage Proposal On Love & Hip Hop

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From broken friendships and romances to newfound partnerships, VH1′s primetime line-up was all about relationships. On Love & Hip Hop, Joe Budden popped the question to Tahiry in Times Square only for her to tell him no! On Single Ladies, Raquel and Terrence decide to go into business together to sell Terrence’s jewelry collection at Indulgence.

Read more…

VH1 Fashions Of The Week: It’s Still Cold, But…


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As I write this from an icebox located on the East Coast, let me stress that it’s still a very cold, cold world for many of our VH1 reality favorites. So, in the latest fashion roundup, expect lots of coats — snazzy coats, though, as illustrated by Momma Dee‘s luminous weather wear that makes me think of the good days as depicted in Blaxploitation flicks. But of course, some freezing weather will not stop many from rocking their freakum dresses. Look and learn, y’all.

Owning It: Read This Week’s Best Mob Wives Tweets Of The Night

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The situation between Alicia and Renee was at the forefront of last night’s Mob Wives episode, and when things finally came to a head, the women were right there on Twitter to respond to the situation. Scroll through the best tweets of the night and read what they all had to say, from Renee owning up to her behavior, Alicia’s thoughts on Carla, and Ang’s opinion of Twitter. Hint: She really does hate it.

Mob Wives: New Blood Episode 8 Recap: Nobody Likes You, Everybody Hates You

by (@lizburrito)

This week on Mob Wives, a showdown brews between Renee and Alicia. But forget all that, Drita’s rap career is back on track!

Drita’s music producer brought her back in the studio to hear a new song he’s producing and he wants her to rap over it. After the success she had making a video with French Montana and contributing a verse to his song “Everything’s A Go,” Drita has proved she’s got talent, and she’s super excited for the new opportunity “Honestly, I will tear this s— up!” she says. And the real kicker is that Method Man wants to perform this new track with her. This is the most awesome Staten Island collaboration ever. EVER! Drita can’t even believe it.
“SHUT UP!” she screams, “Does he know that I’m his biggest fan??” She is ecstatic, Method Man is one of her favorite rappers of all time.

Dr. Jenn On Couples Therapy Episode 4: Dropping Bombs

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On this week’s Couples Therapy, everyone ganged up on Farrah Abraham for not owning up to her sex tape (which some might call a porno). We spoke to Dr. Jenn Berman about the issue and she assured us that in an upcoming episode, there will be major breakthroughs on this very topic, but in the meantime, Farrah is dealing with the repercussions of the tape and how it’s affecting her relationships with the cast. We also got into Jon Gosselin‘s history and Liz’s harsh criticism of his under-the-covers activities — read on for all of Dr. Jenn’s commentary about this week’s episode! Read more…