Watch A First Look At An All-New Season Of Chrissy & Mr. Jones

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A lot has changed since we last saw Chrissy and Jim Jones on our screens. Jim’s ten-year-old son has moved in with the couple. Mama Jones has written a book on love and romance. And Chrissy is earning the respect she deserves as a businesswoman. But how are Chrissy and Jim? You’ll have to tune in to Chrissy & Mr. Jones on Monday, October 28 at 9PM ET/PT to find out the latest on your favorite couple. Read more…

Tough Love: Co-Ed Sneak Peek: Emotions Run High

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It’s always one of the more emotional Tough Love episodes, when the bootcampers pen letters to their parents or loved ones who affected them (and their love lives) the most. In this sneak peek of Wednesday’s episode, some of the cast seems like they aren’t quite ready to communicate all these feelings. Watch to see which of the housemates have the hardest time getting their emotions out on paper.

Tough Love: Co-Ed airs Wednesday night at 10PM ET/PT.

The 15 Biggest VH1 Friendship Breakups Ever

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Many a friendship has ended thanks in part to the reality TV cameras scrutinizing every bit of shade thrown, every casual comment taken the wrong way, every joke gone awry. What it all boils down to is loyalty. Someone has lost it — or never had it to begin with — and the relationship breaks down. There have been so many blowouts, some verbal, some physical, that have left irreparable damage. We compiled a list of the 15 biggest blowouts between some of our favorite stars — you might notice a pattern (most of them come courtesy of the Love And Hip Hop franchise, many of them include repeat offenders, and they almost all have to do with someone’s loyalty being questioned), but can you guess the number one breakup?

Tune In To Tonight’s Very VH1 Chat Featuring Black Ink Crew Stars Sassy And Puma

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Season two of Black Ink Crew is, as the kids say, turnt up. Friendships are ending, people are getting fired all over the place — the once unified staff is now splintering off and it’s making us a little sad. So what the hell is going on, exactly? Sassy and Puma will be here tonight to tell us! Read more…

Puma Says The Way Black Ink Treated Sassy Was “Disgusting”

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Black Ink Crew wasted no time picking up where the drama left off last season with the continuation of O’S**t‘s legal troubles. But it’s been the dissolution of so many formerly tight-knit relationships that has shocked us the most. After a long tenure and one big blowout, Puma left Black Ink for good, and the condition of his friendship with Ceaser is currently up in the air. VH1 got a visit from everyone’s favorite PR man, who gave us his side of the shop fight, as well as what he’s up to now.

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In Case You Missed It: Any Week That Big Ang Is On Our Screen Is The Best Week Ever

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Miami Monkey star Big Ang stopped by Best Week Ever this Friday to be a guest on Michael Che’s Two Minute Talk Show, and since Michael gets straight to the point (no pun intended?) they discussed her boobs. (That’s great and all, but next time Ang is on Michael’s talk show, we want to know what she thinks of Morgan and Nate Ryan’s skeezy behavior this week on Miami Monkey!)

And FYI: Miami Monkey will be airing on a new night for the rest of the season, so tune in THURSDAYS at 10PM ET/PT for more Big Ang.

Miami Monkey Star Roxanne’s Top 10 Miami Essentials

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Thus far, the cast of Miami Monkey‘s recommendations on what to bring on a move to Miami have been practical: bathing suits, club clothes, a solid skin care regimen. But Roxanne, bless her, has a few things on her list that your average Joe might not think of. Stacks of cash? Check. A great brow pencil? Yup. A Yankees cap? You bet. What do you expect, a girl from Staten Island to root for the Marlins?

Check out the full list of Roxanne’s Miami must-haves in the gallery below.

The 5 Most Important Things To Know About Miami Monkey: Episode 5


Tonight’s Miami Monkeywas ca-ray-zay – just how we like it. Wanna relive the magic? Check out these five must-see moments.

5. Ang throws a pool party, and her guests end up screaming in each others’ faces… or sucking them. Raquel and Ryan have a “sisterly fight,” but the real action is in the pool, where Cristina and Ryan grind all up on each other in a hot make out session as Roxanne, Ang, and her husband Neil watch. 50 Shades of Ang?

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Vegas, Baby, Vegas: The Best Moments From This Week’s Hollywood Exes


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The ladies are headed to Las Vegas to give a Nicole a proper send-off before her wedding. But with the cloud from Jessica’s recent “hood rat” comment following the exes to Sin City, will they be able to enjoy themselves?

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