Peep A Few Pics From Behind The Scenes At The Mob Wives Reunion

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So? What’d you think of last night’s Mob Wives reunion? There was certainly enough yelling, drama, and deliciousness to last a lifetime. Things weren’t all drama all day long, however. Backstage at the taping, the women spent the day getting decked out, glammed up and, yes, they even got along (of course, it helps that Sherrie Shepherd was there to keep them in line). Check out some cute and stylish photos from behind the scenes at the taping!

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The Mob Wives: New Blood Reunion Interview: Alicia Stays True To Herself

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Alicia DiMichele Garofalo has been living in a state of limbo for a while now. The perfect life she though she has been living was completely torn apart after she and her husband were arrested and she realized that she had been unknowingly playing a part in his criminal life. Through the course of this season of Mob Wives: New Blood, we’ve seen Alicia stay strong and care for her three sons while she learned that her husband cheated on her and was later sentenced to prison. Now, she still awaits her own sentencing, all the while dealing with the craziness that is being a part of this cast.

Welcome to your first reunion, Alicia! Have you watched any past reunions?


That’s probably for the best.

I’m winging it today.

What did your husband Eddie think of you joining the cast? Did he think his friendship with Renee would make things easier for you? Read more…

Dr. Jenn On Couples Therapy Episode 9: Rage House

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During the second-to-last episode of Couples Therapy, we saw what happens when a person lets their rage build over time. The end result is explosive (just look at Jon Gosselin for proof). We spoke to Dr. Jenn Berman about how the “Rage House” affected her patients on the show this week and how very necessary it is to let your anger out. Read all of Dr. Jenn’s commentary on the episode below!

Watching the final scene where everyone got their rage out —

It was intense, wasn’t it? So powerful. I think everybody should have to do the rage house, I would love to do the rage house! It really is an amazing experience to be able to let go of anger from your past. Read more…

Farrah Abraham Is The Queen Of The Whisper-Cry

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Farrah Abraham has revealed so much about herself this season on Couples Therapy, from her difficult relationship with her mom to the unmentionable details of her sex tape, not to mention the fact that she was stood up by her ex-boyfriend who never showed up to film the show with her. We truly empathize with her struggles, but there’s one thing that distracts us from her serious therapy work, and that’s her whisper-cry. Have you noticed it? Here, take a peek.

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Up Close & Personal: Check Out Basketball Wives LA‘s Draya In Her Mediterranean Look

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Draya in her Turkish "outfit."

Draya in her Turkish “outfit.”

In case you missed it somehow, Draya wore a pretty revealing and um, authentic (?) Mediterranean look to Brittish‘s Turkish tea party on Monday’s Basetball Wives LA. The outfit which she said cost more than Brittish’s whole party didn’t get nearly enough screen time so we went searching through Draya’s Instagram archives for this selfie. Do you think Draya looks positively sexy or do you think this outfit was too much?

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Farrah Abraham’s Daughter Sophia Is One Cute Princess


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Couples Therapy star Farrah Abraham catches a lot of flack for her parenting style, but one thing is for certain: She loves her daughter Sophia. So in honor of Farrah and her lovely kid, here’s a look at the 15 cutest shots of Sophia and her mommy. If you notice, young Sophia likes to rock a tiara. To her credit, it’s because her mommy loves to refer to her as her princess. So salute the young royal and be prepared to offer a lot of responsive “awws” as you scroll the gallery.

And don’t forget to wish Sophia a happy belated birthday!

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“What Happens In Vegas Ends Up On Mob Wives”: Big Ang Picks Her Favorite Moment Of Mob Wives Season 4

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We all have our favorite parts of this season of Mob Wives: New Blood. For us, we loved anything having to do with Drita and Lee, and we thought it would have been fantastic to see Ang and Neil actually have a baby. But what does Big Ang think? We asked her what her favorite part of the season was, and surprisingly, it was actually a part of the girls’ trip to Vegas: their night at the Crazy Horse. “The best part was us in the strip club. I had the best time, we had so much fun! That was my favorite because we finally had fun.” Read more…

Single Ladies Sneak Peek: Raquel Tries To Escape Her Kidnapper

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Last time we saw Raquel on Single Ladies, she was willingly entering Deacon Jarrett‘s warehouse to check out some of his vintage jewelry. Little did she know, she was about to become a pawn in his game with Malcolm and Terrence Franks. In this week’s sneak peek, she finally realizes she’s been kidnapped when she tries to walk out and realizes she has no escape.

Will she manage to get out? Will Terrence come to her rescue? Find out on Monday night’s episode of Single Ladies, airing at 9PM ET/PT.

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What Part Of The Mob Wives Reunion Is Renee Dreading The Most?

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Renee Smiling

We spoke to Renee Graziano recently at the taping for the Mob Wives: New Blood reunion, and, no big surprise, she was dreading going into it because of all the drama that was about to be kicked back up. Season four has been hard on Renee (“This was my least favorite season,” she tells us.) in part because she got into it with every one of her co-stars at some point.

When we talked about what she was expecting for the reunion, she told us “For me, what I’m dreading most today is the replay of Vegas. Otherwise, I could care less. Read more…