Jhonni Blaze Says She And Precious Kiss And Made Up Because Their Aunties Are Friends

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Shake up to make up! Miss @vh1jhonniblaze ???? lol

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People get past the drama all the time but Jhonni Blaze and Precious Paris didn’t strike us as the types to kiss and make up but they literally kissed and made up, according to Paris’ Instagram. The twosome, who got into it over Rich Dollaz ish, are surprisingly in a good place.

VH1 caught up with Jhonni and she explained that they were able to become cool because their aunts are friends and put an end to them sucker punching each other. Check Paris’ Instagram pictures of the dynamic duo and hear what Jhonni had to say about their growing “friendship” in the exclusive interview.
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Pic Of The Day: K.Michelle, Joseline And Karlie Redd Spotted Being Besties In The Club Together

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OMG! How did we miss this reunion?! Joseline Hernandez posted this amazing picture of herself with Karlie Redd and their former cast mate K.Michelle all hanging out in the club with the caption, “#TVgirls #LAHHATL.” We love seeing this trio hanging out IRL. When VH1 chatted with K.Michelle a while back we asked her about who she kept in touch with her of her former costars and this is what she had to say:

Joseline and I are legit friends. We don’t talk every day but we talk probably once a week like checking in on each other. Her and Karlie are the only ones on that show that congratulated me — called me on my album and said ‘Oh my god, I’m so proud of you.’ Those were the only two members who went out of their way, came to the album signing, bought the album, bought more than one. I never thought that between me and Karlie, that would ever happen. But you know, we have slumber parties, she comes; she spends the night.

We ‘heart’ that this is true so bad! We hope all three of these gals reunite on our TV screens very soon! Love & Hip Hop Atlanta returns in 2015.

Best Memes From ‘Love And Hip Hop’ Episode 513

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Last night on Love & Hip Hop, Cyn released her new song and Cisco admitted he was developing feelings for Erica Mena‘s ex. Meanwhile Jhonni Blaze spilled the beans on her sex tape and Tara was trying to keep her new client in check. No one was safe from the meme makers and y’all are hilarious and we can’t stop LOLing.

Check our roundup of some of the very best memes of the night and be sure to tune into an all new Love & Hip Hop, Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.

‘Barely Famous’ Stars Erin And Sara Foster Reveal All The Men They’ve Tried To Sleep With

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Clooney? Tried to. He passed on me.”

How do you go from being barely famous to just plain old famous? The casting couch, obviously. In Hollywood, it’s pretty much a given that you have to sleep your way to the top, and Barely Famous co-stars Erin and Sara Foster fully embrace that. So who have they slept with, and who has turned them down? Find out now as they play “Celebrity Yay or Nay” and reveal all the would-be notches on their bedposts, and tune in to the premiere of Barely Famous this Wednesday at 9:30PM ET/PT for more with the Fosters!

Who Is Sassy’s Girlfriend, Didi?


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Didi, the girl you thought was Amber Rose for a hot second, is new to Black Ink Crew, and she certainly made a big splash on this week’s episode. Didi is Sassy‘s first real love interest on the show, and we’re so excited that they’re showing off their relationship to the world. But who is Didi? Well, you can definitely find out more about her by checking out her Instagram page, where she’s self-described as a “culture engineer” at Higher Level Art Studio in New York, which, like Ink 124, is an art gallery-slash-tattoo shop. Didi also models and has a body we’d kill for — get to know Didi and see some adorable pics of her and Sassy in our gallery!

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‘Mob Wives’ Sneak Peek: Natalie Guercio And Nat D Finally Meet Face To Face At The Reunion

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Last week in part one of the Mob Wives reunion, Natalie Guercio faced the music and Karen, Renee and Drita who it seemed were all officially over her. In a sneak peek for part two, Natalie finally meets the woman who has been out to get her since she appeared this season, Natalie DiDonato.

The two Natalies, both in gold dresses, are quick to hurl insults but we will get to the bottom of their beef? Will Ang stay on team Nat G? Will the other ladies still believe Nat D? Find out on part two of the Mob Wives reunion, Wednesday at 8/7c.

Truth Or Dare: Karen Gravano Says She Would Punch Drita In The Stomach…But Why?

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During a festive game of musical chairs today on VH1′s Big Morning Buzz Live, Mob Wives star Karen Gravano was asked if she ever had to fight Drita D’Avanzo, where she would hit her first. Rather than deflect or denounce fighting, she stuck to the Mob Wives motto of “I know violence isn’t the answer but…yes it is,” and admitted that since she’s already clocked Drita in the eye in the past, she’d hit her in the stomach if they ever came to blows again. Ouch! Read more…

‘Barely Famous’ Stars Erin And Sara Foster Play “Guess The Celeb” On ‘Big Morning Buzz Live’

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Erin and Sara Foster are on a new VH1 show called Barely Famous because they’re…you know, barely famous. But how well do they know other barely famous celebs? We played a little game with them on Big Morning Buzz Live today to find out! Watch this hilarious clip and tune in to the Barely Famous premiere this Wednesday at 9:30PM ET/PT!

We Are Obsessed With This Pic Of Baby Cori Pankey & Her Brothers

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When your brothers fight over U.???????????? They won't give her a break! They love their baby

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Now that Amina and Tara are cool with each other, we are completely smitten with the fact that Amina’s baby, Cori Pankey, is totally the love of her big brothers’ lives. This photo of Tara and Peter‘s sons, Kaz and Jameson, snuggling on Cori has made our day. More of this, please!

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‘Love And Hip Hop’ Check Yourself: “Rich Is The D—k Connector, He F—s Everything That’s Around Him”

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So have Jhonni Blaze and Rich Dollaz been having sex four times a week, as she claims, or have they not smashed for months, as he claims? This week’s episode has been full of contradicting stories, and this episode of Check Yourself doesn’t help at all to reveal the truth. “You’re a creep, you f— made bitches, you lie, you’re in girl fights, you talk like you ARE a girl. Like, can we….I don’t understand!” Jhonni says. So one thing we’re clear about is that they will NO LONGER be f—ing.

Later, Cisco and Cyn discuss his adorable admission that he’s got a crush on her — get their hilarious commentary now!