Color Me Rad Quiz: Guess The VH1 Celeb With Colored Hair

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You know how hair trends go: hair today, gone tomorrow! LOL.

VH1 celebs are known for their hair being on point, from Candidly Nicole‘s Nicole Richie‘s trendsetting ways to the many shades of K. Michelle.

Our ladies also like to add a little flavor to their tresses and by flavor we mean color. And lots of it: crazy, bright, rainbow colors.

Think you know all the stars of our shows? Then color me rad and take our hair quiz.

Make sure to tune into purple-haired diva Nicole Richie’s Candidly Nicole on Thursday July 17 at 10 PM ET/PT.

Bonus Clip: Erica Dixon & Scrappy Back Together?

by (@damianbellino)

In a bonus clip from episode 9 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Erica Dixon and Scrappy meet up at the gymnasium where their daughter Emani is taking class.

Soon things get real and Erica reveals to Scrappy that she and O’Shea are no longer and then Scrappy tells her he and Bambi have called it quits too.

Emani comes over when she sees her parents smiling and getting along and asks, “Can we move on?” which defintely begs the question:

Can Erica and Scrappy move on from their past? They clearly can fall right back into the swing of things with each other.

Do you think they could end up together? We already know that they’re both great parents but do you think they could be great for each other?

Behind The Scenes On Hit The Floor: James LaRosa Gets A Red Envelope Of His Very Own

by (@lizburrito)

James Logan Lynn
Each week, Hit The Floor creator James LaRosa provides us with some photos from his personal archive (it’s actually a vault deep below the sewers and movie studios of Hollywood, very secretive) to give us a look at life on the set of the show. This week he shares with us the red envelope he received during filming, the secrets behind (literally) making it rain, and the honor of working with Lynn Whitfield. It’s all below, read on for James’s backstage gossip!
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Mob Wife Or Stevie J’s Wife: Is Renee Graziano Dressed As Joseline?

by (@damianbellino)

Renee Graziano

Mob Wives star Renee Graziano posted a photo of herself on Instagram giving her very best Puerto Rican Princess!

Is it just us or is Renee serving some serious Joseline Hernandez-realness, not to mention a whole lot of body-ody-ody like the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star. Good for you, girl. You look amazing.

Peep the pic and let us know if you think Renee is looking like a mob wife or like Stevie J‘s wife?

[Photo: Scott Church for Penthouse]

Most Likely To Strip?? Dean Cain Reveals Insider Info About The Cast Of Hit The Floor

by (@ShireaCarroll)

DeanFixedLeadEvery week we see the cast bring the dramatic story lines of Season 2 Hit The Floor to life. As good a job as they do being super serious, star Dean Cain aka Coach Davenport, insists there’s a lot more fun going on the set than we get to see.

Get to know the cast better, and see which co-star Cain says is always pulling pranks on set, who’s the most inappropriate, and who’s known to be clumsy enough to actually hit the floor: Read more…

16 Best Memes From Episode 9 Of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

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ROTFL. Dying over here. Per usual, you guys went in on the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta with some HIGH-larious memes.

Especially hot topics included Mimi getting played by homeboy Nikko (again), the Kalenna-Tony-Ashley sex-triangle and poor Tony’s finger nail. Even the Kermit the Frog meme got mashed-up with Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Catch up on all things Love & Hip Hop Atlanta here and join the fun with #MemeThisPhoto.

Tune in for a new Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Monday at 9 PM ET/PT.

[Memes: Instagram]

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Check Yourself: Asspiration, Defined

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“Honey, I love women!” Kalenna professes in this week’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Check Yourself. “What’s up with you, Karlie? Whatchu love?” The two women are rehashing their trip to the mattress store where Kalenna revealed the friends-with-benefits package she has with her BFF Ashley, and you can tell Karlie wants in on somma that. Read more…