Marrying The Game Sneak Peek: Romance In Cabo

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When he needs to, Game can really step up the romance. And we don’t mean an extra eggplant emoji. Read more…

T.I. And Tiny Sneak Peek: You Got The Job, Kid

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The one thing T.I. wants to instill in each of his children is hustle. With a little hard work and encouragement, they can do whatever they want with their lives, but there will be no free rides on the Harris bus. On this week’s T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle, Messiah reveals his desire to start a clothing line, and Tip is happy to give him a start at his Hustle Gang headquarters. As an intern. “Don’t embarrass me, boy!” he tells his son as he gears up for his first day.

See how the internship goes when The Family Hustle airs this Monday night at 9PM ET/PT.

The Hit The Floor Cast Celebrates Show Creator James LaRosa’s Birthday

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There might not be a single show runner in the TV business more beloved by his cast than James LaRosa. The Hit The Floor creator has an amazing relationship with all the actors he works with, and just last night they all went out to celebrate LaRosa’s birthday at the famous L.A. hotspot Saddle Ranch. (We so hope somebody rode the mechanical bull — our money would be on Kat Bailess to stay on that thing the longest).

It’s hard to get a gift for the man who has everything (and by everything, we mean a giant martini-glass cocktail and three beautiful women to share it with), but we created a little gallery of some of the best cast photos of James hanging with his Devils and Devil Girls to spread some of the HtF love. Happy birthday, James!

VH1 Stars At New York Fashion Week Are Killing It On And Off The Runway

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Everyone wants to see and be seen at New York Fashion Week — it is the time to step up your look and make a splash. Just look at Love And Hip Hop Atlanta star Ariane Davis, whose new curly hair is still making us swoon. Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams is also making some waves this week, looking gorgeous in the front row, but also killing it on the runway with her for the Sammy B show (which was styled by Emily Bustamante!). Between Jennifer’s fauxhawk and Ariane’s curls, we’re not sure who looks more amazing.

Check out photos of Jennifer, Emily, and some of your favorite Black Ink Crew and Single Ladies stars who were also in attendance during Fashion Week and let us know whose style you love.

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Black Ink Crew Season Two: Get Ready For New Rivalries

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We warned you that your favorite Harlem residents were turning things up a notch for Season Two of Black Ink Crew, and now we have even more proof of what’s about to go down. Despite the success of Black Ink, personal issues between Dutchess, Puma, and Sassy threaten to bring Ceaser‘s entire business down, while Puma also looks to branch out into the tattoo industry on his own.

Read more…

Sexy But Not Super-Trashy: The Key To Looking Like A Miami Monkey Employee

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“Less is better!!!!” When it comes to her cocktail waitresses outfits, that’s Big Ang‘s take. This is a woman who understands that to make money in a bar like the Miami Monkey sometimes a server needs to play up the sexy. In this clip, Ang and her crew break down the most important rules about how to dress at the Monkey, from looking “sexy but not super-trashy” to opting for a more “classy” approach.

Miami Monkey
airs Sundays at 10PM ET/PT on VH1.

Game Donates $10,000 To Pay For 6-Year-Old Shooting Victim’s Funeral

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It’s evident from the way that Game acts around his own kids that he adores children, and when he recently heard about the shooting death of a young girl in California, the news hit him so hard he offered to pay $10,000 for her funeral costs. The rapper posted the above photo to his Instagram account with the story of how six-year-old Tiana Ricks was gunned down in Moreno Valley, CA, and why he felt compelled to help her family. Read what he wrote below. Read more…

Very VH1: Tasha Marbury Has Moved On From The Chef Incident And Doesn’t Dwell On The Past

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The whole “chef thing,” as Suzie put it, is old news, in Tasha Marbury‘s opinion. When she was on our Very VH1 live chat on Monday night, host Sharon Carpenter asked if it was difficult to dredge up her past and discuss her husband’s infidelity on TV in front of millions of Basketball Wives fans, but Tasha said it’s actually not difficult at all. Read more…

Very VH1: Tasha Marbury Says It Was “Wrong” That Her Personal Life Was Used In Evelyn’s Book

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“I was a little taken aback by it,” Tasha Marbury said when asked how she felt when she found out Evelyn Lozada used her now-famous chef story in her book. In our Very VH1 after-show on Monday night, a Basketball Wives fan wanted to know if Tasha was aware of the fact that her life was used as fodder in the book, and Tasha revealed that she only found out when Evelyn told her…during filming of the show. Read more…