Viva Panama! Read The Love & Hip Hop Cast’s Tweets Of The Night

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There was a lot of love on Twitter tonight among the cast of Love & Hip Hop — at least among those who chose to tweet, like Yandy, Rich, and Erica Mena. (No action online from Peter Gunz, who always remains suspiciously silent on social media while the show is on.)

Check out the best tweets from the cast as they spread the love, quoted one another, and had each others’ backs during the episode.

Black Ink Crew Episode 11: Running Out Of Time

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We’re getting down to the wire on this season of Black Ink Crew. Puma only has a few more days before he’s a married man, and O’S**t is close to finding out whether or not he’ll continue to be a free man–or soon be at the mercy of New York State’s Department of Corrections. At least he has a natural survival skill, should he need to use it. Coley and Lulu wrapped up their latest visit to New York, but not before both of O’S**t‘s baby mamas have a sit-down chat at the shop. As expected, things get heated; it’s difficult for them not to whenever Kathy is around.

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Fat Stacks: The Top Moments From This Week’s Chrissy & Mr. Jones


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Jim obviously made the right move by including Pudie‘s input on the Junior Vamp clothing line — it’s already beginning to pay off! And now that money has been made, Jimmy decides to break Pudie off with his share. However, when Chrissy finds out that the 10-year-old is flashing around all those dollars, she can’t help but feel the boy needs better lessons about money.

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Erica Mena And Cyn Santana Hit Panama For Erica’s Calendar Shoot


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Given her various fights on Love & Hip Hop, it’s no secret that Erica Mena‘s personality is an acquired taste. However, a slick mouth can’t get in the way of obvious sex appeal. That’s why Erica was right when she tells her detractors on the show that no matter what they may think of her singing, she’s getting to the money all the same.

Enter her recent trip to Panama to shoot a 2014 calendar.

Based on the many, many pictures Erica snapped during her trip for the shoot, Ms. Mena had quite the time. She scored local press, saw the sights, met members of the area — all while looking so pretty! Please read “so pretty” in Kimbella‘s voice. Please.

And naturally, Erica brought her boo, Cyn Santana, along for the shoot. Enjoy the pictures, especially those that offer you a preview of Erica’s hot new calendar.

Saigon On His Fight With Erica, Paternity Tests, And Why He Takes Advice From Peter Gunz

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On tonight’s episode of Love & Hip Hop, Saigon steps up and admits that he was dead wrong to come at Erica Jean and criticize her parenting. That particuar fight turned especially nasty, and we asked him to elaborate a little bit on how he feels seeing that fight play out. “If my mother was alive, and she seen me talk to the mother of my child like that, she would smack earth, wind, fire and ice outta me,” he tells us. We also wanted to know how Saigon could run to Peter Gunz so often for advice knowing that Peter’s own personal life is so messy. Read on for Saigon’s answers to those questions as well as his reaction to his paternity test, in our interview below. Read more…

Mob Wives: New Blood Episode 2 Sneak Peek: I Might F—ing Break Your Face

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On the season premiere of Mob Wives: New Blood, we met Natalie Guercio, who proved that she is one to watch this season for many reasons. (The first being that she’s gorgeous and we can’t take our eyes off of her, but also, she’s feisty and not afraid of ANYone.) Drita thought something was a little off about Natalie after meeting her at a boozy lunch, and now Natalie wants her to answer for her comments. In this sneak peek, Renee‘s orchestrated a lunch between the two, but before Drita shows up, Natalie starts mouthing off about her. “Natalie needs to calm the f— down and change her tone because Drita’s not the chick that she wants to go there with,” Renee comments. Read more…

Peter Gunz Describes Erica Mena In Three (Not Very Nice) Words

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In case you couldn’t have guessed it from the place settings they hurled at one another’s head last week, Peter Gunz and Erica Mena don’t like each other. The two Love & Hip Hop stars share a deep dislike for one another despite their common bond with Rich Dollaz. We asked Peter recently what three words he’d use to describe Erica and his choices were not very kind. Later, he told us that he never wanted anything to do with her, and she’s just using him to get screen time on “The Peter Gunz Show.” Read more about Peter’s thoughts on Erica below!

Describe Erica to me in three words.

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Santa + Con: Merry Christmas From Renee, Drita + Alicia

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The weather outside is frightful today, but these photos are so delightful! We got to spend some time with three of the women from Mob Wives: New Blood this week, and to get in the Christmas spirit we shot some gorgeous holiday photos with them. (I really, truly tried to get them to wear ugly holiday sweaters but, to quote the wonderful Drita D’Avanzo, “Oh, you want me to look like a jerk-off?” Point taken, Drita.)

In the accompanying gallery, check out Renee, Drita and Alicia as they get in the Christmas spirit and make a group of very sexy Santas.

[Photos: Lauren Weissler for VH1]