Peter Gunz Says It’s “Gonna Hurt” Watching Tara Move On With Another Man

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Peter Tara
We spoke to Love & Hip Hop star Peter Gunz recently about his marriage to Amina (a marriage which, he says, is all for love and not for a green card), and why it’s so hard for him to ease into the husband role. As he’s said many times before, he’s in love with both women, but at least nowadays he can accept the fact that Tara will be moving on with her life. Peter’s just knows it’s going to hurt when she finds herself a new man.

“The hard thing is that I’m still in love with Tara too,” he told us. “For people to say you can’t be in love with two women at the same time, it’s not true. I’m still torn between two women, I just know I can’t have both of them. Tara’s done. And at some point you gotta make a decision and move forward.”

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K.Michelle Shows Off Her Newly-Shaved Hair, Talks Grammys And Hot Pockets On Big Morning Buzz Live

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K.Michelle performed her song “Can’t Raise A Man” on Big Morning Buzz Live With Carrie Keagan this morning and, more importantly, she showed off her newest, super-short hairdo, one that’s actually natural. She told Keagan she’s been dying to cut it all off and in what could probably be her mantra, explained: “It’s just hair. You can put on a wig.” Read more…

For Your Viewing Pleasure: The Sexiest Selfies Of 2013


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Your favorite VH1 reality stars are just like us when it comes to being hams on social media and trying to give sexy via an impromptu (okay, usually planned) cell phone photoshoot. This gallery recaps the best of the best. Remember kids: Sexy is subjective. Some people’s sexy squint may may you squirm, but it’s a total turn on to someone else. Also, sexy comes in all shades, sizes, ages, and subtleties. Now, with that out of the way, enjoy the gallery!

And Now, A Special Holiday Hustle Message From T.I.

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We can’t wait for the T.I. & Tiny: Holiday Hustle Special, and neither can T.I.! In this special message, Tip reminds all you Family Hustle fans to tune in on Monday, December 16 at 8PM ET/PT to watch him and the rest of the Harris family save Christmas. Just when you thought they couldn’t get any cuter, they go and get all animated on us. Our Christmas wishes just came true.

Attention, Conspiracy Theorists! Peter Gunz Did Not Marry Amina For A Green Card

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Every Love & Hip Hop fan has an opinion on the Peter-Amina-Tara situation, and some of you even have your own theories as to why Peter cheated on his longtime girlfriend Tara and up and married Amina. Many fans even speculated that Peter married the German-born Amina just so she could get a green card. We spoke to Peter about this conspiracy theory, as well as some of the details of their wedding (mark your calendars, their anniversary is February 15th), and how Peter would never get Amina’s name tattooed on himself. And yep, that’s a photo Peter wearing his ring in public. The man has definitely grown comfortable(ish) showing it off.

A lot of people have conspiracy theories about why you married Amina, for a green card or whatever. Can you set the record straight?

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Watch The Steamy New Single Ladies Promo And Get Ready For Season 3

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This latest Single Ladies teaser says it all: “With guys this hot, it’s good to be single.” Watch it and prepare for some sexy scenes when the show returns on January 6th. Oh, beautiful D.B. Woodside, how we’ve missed you. And hello, all you other sexy men just joining us.

Single Ladies returns Monday, January 6th at 9PM ET/PT.

T.I. Talks Christmas At The Harris House, Book Of Kings And Holiday Hustle

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T.I. swung by Big Morning Buzz Live With Carrie Keagan this morning to discuss all things Christmas. Not only did he fill us in on what it’s like to celebrate the holiday at his house (“We just kinda buy everything that we can fit under the tree for everybody!”) but he also was there to promote his new animated special T.I. & Tiny: Holiday Hustle as well as his Book Of Kings, a limited edition book that was put out by his AKOO Clothing line featuring photos of him and pals like Pharrell and Iggy Azalea. As he describes it, the book is “a plethora of flyness.” Perfect for the holidays!

Watch the clip and tune in to Holiday Hustle this Monday night at 8PM ET/PT.

Check Out Some Photos From The Set Of Season 4 Of Couples Therapy

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Season four of Couples Therapy will premiere on January 2 at 9PM ET/PT, and as the first look promised, it’s going to be full of drama, healing, and sledgehammering. The five (er, actually four and a half) couples on the show spent weeks living with one another and working on their issues alongside Dr. Jenn Berman and her team, and we have some photos from the set to give viewers a glimpse at their process. Take a peek at the cast on the therapy couch in the attached gallery and tune in for the new season in the new year!

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