VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: La La Adjusts To Life In Las Vegas

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This week we were treated to a double dose of La La’s Full Court Life where La La received some heartfelt advice from her friend and costar, Kevin Hart, and later went on a scavenger hunt throughout Las Vegas. From starting her new clothing line and promoting her makeup line to starring in a major film, we loved seeing La La’s growing success this season.

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Miami Monkey: Meet Ryan, Roxanne, And Marissa

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You don’t need us to tell you that anyone Big Ang hangs out with is a character. Her family and friends are all hilarious and have huge personalities, which is why she brought some of them to Miami when she decided to open her new bar. Meet three of her most trusted (and foul-mouthed) bartenders, Ryan, Marissa, and her niece, Roxanne, and tune in on Sunday night at 10PM ET/PT for the premiere episode of Miami Monkey.

Hollywood Exes Sneak Peek: Shamicka Explains It All

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Shamicka Lawrence has assimilated well on Hollywood Exes, but for a group that occasionally likes their cocktails, that’s the one place she stands apart from the rest. In this sneak peek of Sunday’s episode, learn why Shamicka abstains from the drink, and how her emotional reveal affects the rest of the women.

Hollywood Exes airs Sunday night at 9PM ET/PT.

The Best VH1 Fashions Of The Week

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It seems like nobody ever goes out without being fully made up and dressed to perfection anymore, and when it comes to looking good, our favorite VH1 stars are pros. In our weekly fashion roundup, check out the ten best looks of the week from some of your favorite stars. We’ve got K.Michelle‘s latest new hairstyle, a shot of Mama Jones readying herself for New York Fashion Week, and Renee Graziano‘s kitchen couture, which might be the funniest outfit we’ve ever seen.

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Jackie Christie Switches Teams For “The Gay Christian Mingle” On Funny Or Die

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When Jackie and Doug Christie threw themselves a gay-themed wedding celebration last season on Basketball Wives L.A. in the spirit of all love, no H8, they were offering up their support for marriage equality. Now Jackie’s taking her equal rights campaign even further by starring in a hilarious Funny Or Die ChristianMingle.com parody commercial. The spot, which also stars Cheyenne Jackson and David Burtka, Jackie lampoons the Christian dating website and also features Jackie taking a page from the Draya Michele handbook and getting in some girl-on-girl action. Watch it here. Read more…

The Tough Love: CoEd Interview With Kris, a.k.a. Mr. Me Myself & I

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This week on Tough Love: CoEd, the Hot Seat was occupied by a man who brought more shoes to the Tough Love mansion than I have ever owned. A man who still holds some pretty Mad Men-era values close to him, like asking his date to make him a sandwich. A man who isn’t averse to c*ck-blocking his roommates. That man is Kris, Mr. Me, Myself And I. We spoke to him to find out what it was like getting dressed down by Steve and going out for a wild night on the town. Read more…

Basketball Wives Sneak Peek: What The F— Happened?

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“He was my best friend, and he betrayed me like nobody,” Evelyn Lozada explains in this sneak peek of Monday’s Basketball Wives episode, which sees her back in the therapist’s office talking about Chad. When Ev is asked what she would do about her situation if all the outside factors and voices and opinions went away, she tells the doctor “I would give it another try.”

“What is it that you know that we don’t know that would even make you consider giving it another try?” the doctor asks. Good question. For Ev’s answer, watch the clip.

Basketball Wives airs Monday night at 8PM ET/PT.

Monica Ward Talks About Her Tough Love: CoEd Debut

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Tough Love Season 5
Monica Ward, sister to Steve, daughter to JoAnn, has always stayed behind the scenes at Tough Love, instead focusing her time on her job at the family’s Master Matchmakers company. But last night she made her big debut on Tough Love: CoEd, offering her relationship expertise and even going on a date with one troubled dater, Stu, to make him open up and come clean about his past.

We spoke to Monica, who says she always avoided the spotlight because she’s always focused on her children and family first, to find out why she opted in this season and what it was like masquerading as “Heather,” and how her advice differs from that of her brother. Read more…

Throwback Thursday: Check Out Some Of The Best Old-School Photos Of The Basketball Wives L.A. Cast

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The women of Basketball Wives L.A. are all gorgeous, but we just discovered that they were all adorable children, too. We unearthed some classic Throwback Thursday photos of all the ladies, some of which go waaaay back, and we have to say, we’re kind of gushing over the cuteness. Browse our gallery to see more of their photos, including a few baby pics of Draya and Laura that are killing us right now. And Brooke Bailey dressed as a cowgirl? Come on.

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Dress Comfortably & Never Let Them See You Fight: Marrying The Game‘s Tiffney Cambridge Offers Her Top 5 Parenting Tips

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When Marrying The Game first started, all we knew about Tiffney Cambridge was that she was Game‘s fianceé. Now in its second season, we’ve gotten to know Tiffney for the more complete woman that she is: a sexy, stylish woman who can still rock an “inappropriate” outfit, a devoted mother and teacher, and a new author. When we spoke to Tiffney recently, we wanted to know how this mother of two manages, so here are her top tips for parenting while also being a reality star. Read more…