Watch This Week’s Marrying The Game Highlights: Tiff Lets Jayceon Ride His Bike


Maybe we got a little misty eyed watching this week’s episode of Marrying the Game. So what? There’s a little bit of love in the air for Jayceon and Tiffney and boy, do we like it better than when they’re bickering. Read more…

T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle Episode 12: T.I.’s School Of Social Media

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Tonight’s episode of T.I. And Tiny: the Family Hustle was largely dedicated to Shekinah researching her idea of what it’s like to be white, but T.I. still found a way to teach his children a value lesson about a scary place we frequent every day: the internet. With Deyjah in danger of oversharing, Tip called a family meeting to explain the proper ways to social network.

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Take A Peek At Black Ink Crew‘s Second Season, Premiering Monday, September 23

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The drama is turned all the way up for season two of Black Ink Crew, and we have your first look at what’s happening in the number one ink shop in Harlem, U.S.A. With one of the cast members opening up a rival tattoo shop and another hiding a major health crisis from everyone, this tight-knit group of friends might just be unraveling. Will they manage to work things out? Tune in on Monday, September 23 at 9:30PM ET/PT to find out.

Watch The Making Of Evelyn Lozada’s PETA Campaign Poster

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Evelyn Lozada would rather go naked than wear fur — and to be honest, she looks fabulous naked, so it’s a win-win for the humans and the animals. On tonight’s episode of Basketball Wives, we got to see Ev’s PETA campaign poster unveiled, and now you can watch a little featurette from behind the scenes of the shoot. Evelyn explains her decision to stop wearing fur (please note, some of the footage in the clip can be graphic), and she hopes it will convince some of her fans to go fur-free too. Keep reading to check out the finished product. Read more…

Where Are They Now? Reconnect With Some Of Your Favorite Tough Love Alums

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Tough Love is essentially a makeover show. You take a bunch of women (or men!) with a dating issue, and over the course of eight weeks or so, you mold them into a better version of themselves, and there’s a very clear “before and after.” But for fans of the show who become invested in the process, we don’t always get to see the “after,” save for one reunion episode. So we did some digging to find out where some of your favorite cast members are nowadays, from all four of the previous seasons. Who’s married, who stayed with their matches from the show, and who’s still “single and ready to mingle.”

Be sure to catch the latest season of Tough Love: CoEd when it airs Wednesdays at 10PM ET/PT. Read more…

The Scoop: 9 Things You Never Knew About Shamicka Lawrence

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The Scoop: 9 Things You Never Knew About Hollywood Exes Star Shamicka LawrenceShamicka Lawrence is the soft-spoken newcomer to Hollywood Exes, but she can be one tough lady when she wants to be. (Just don’t tell her she can’t wear fur.) Sweet as she may seem, she has some hard core guilty pleasures — this is a lady who likes the feel of a gun in her hand, so beware. Find out more in this week’s The Scoop: 9 Things You Never Knew About Shamicka Lawrence. Read more…

The Best Moments Of La La’s Full Court Life Season Finale: The Best Treasure Hunt Ever

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La La‘s been in Vegas for three weeks for work — all by herself, no Po, no Dice, no Kiyan or Melo — and she’s going a little crazy missing them. When Dice surprises her with a visit, she’s beside herself with excitement. “I have been sent out here on a special mission, via your husband,” Dice tells La cryptically. Read more…

Keeping Their Cool — Or Not: The Best Moments From This Week’s Hollywood Exes


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The ladies from Hollywood Exes are heading to Park City to spend a few days on vacation. But even the cold climate can’t stop the drama from heating up!

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The Best Moments Of La La’s Full Court Life Episode 7: La La Flies Solo

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La La is all alone this week. Well, she’s preparing to be all alone. She got a role in Think Like A Man 2 (yay!) but that means she needs to film in Las Vegas for six weeks and she’ll be away from her friends and family for that whole time (boo!). La La is the type of person who needs someone with her “twenty eight hours a day,” Dice explains. So how is she going to handle six whole weeks of solitude?