“All I Saw Was A Gun Shooting At Me”: Benzino Describes The Feud That Led To His Shooting

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"Who Party The Hardest?" - NBA All-Star Weekend 2014
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Benzino has spent the last three days in the hospital recovering from two gunshot wounds to the back and the arm, and now he’s spoken out about the situation that led up to his shooting. The Boston Globe reports that a feud over money and over the care of Benzino’s now-deceased mother led to tension within his family. Early details of the shooting claimed Benzino was riding in the funeral procession on the way to the church, but Benzino clarifies that he actually was not on his way to the funeral, he has mourned his mother, Mary Scott, separately that day so he would not disrupt the memorial.

“I didn’t want to be around them. I felt like, I didn’t want any problems. I can love my mother and there doesn’t have to be any problems with family,” he told the Globe. He adds that he encountered the funeral procession by chance as he was driving to meet a friend. “I looked over, there was a car, and all I saw was a gun shooting at me. I was trying to duck and dodge, drive around it, maneuver the car…I was bleeding a lot. I was driving with my thumb in my shoulder to try to stop the bleeding.” The assailant, Gai Scott, is the son of Benzino’s sister and has been arrested and charged with armed assault with intent to murder.

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The Sexiest Selfies Of March


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Another month has passed us, which means it’s only right that we now reflect on how served face, and uh, other body parts best online. Per usual, Draya remains the undefeated queen of sexy as hell selfies with others like Cyn Santana and Joseline Hernandez right on her heels. Sadly, there are no Momma Dee and Mama Jones selfies to represent for the older, but still slaying on you [redacted] to share. Maybe April will bring more fortune. Until then, enjoy!

“Bro, I Don’t Do Television”: This Is Hot 97 Pulls Off Its Series Premiere With A Kanye Cameo

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There’s a running gag throughout the series premiere of This Is Hot 97 that, since the radio station is a magnet for huge stars, it should be no problem to land celebrity cameos on the TV show from celebs like Jay Z and Kanye West. In these two clips from tonight’s show, Ebro, the Hot 97 station manager, has his eye on the prize. First, he enlists the help of his pal Macklemore to convince one of his chart-topping friends like Justin Timberlake or Eminem. “I don’t think Macklemore’s gonna work for the big star we need,” Ebro explains. “We all know he didn’t have the best rap album of the year so…I don’t know.”

But can Ebro pull off the biggest coup of all, a guest spot from the elusive Kanye? Read more…

All Is Revealed On Tonight’s Black Ink Crew: Dutchess’s Dramatic Secrets

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Tonight’s episode of Black Ink Crew did not disappoint. There was the crazy relationship drama we’ve come to expect from these co-workers, and the even crazier tattoos they make their living creating for their celebrity clientele. On tonight’s episode, we got a visit from the one and only Mama Jones, and we also learned the heartbreaking news that Dutchess suffered a miscarriage before she and Ceaser took their disastrous trip to Jamaica. Read more…

PumKash! Mama Jones Goes Under The Ink Gun For A Signature Tattoo On Black Ink Crew

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Love & Hip Hop and Chrissy & Mr. Jones star Mama Jones visited Black Ink tonight to adorn her skin with her signature catchphrase — say it with me: PumKASH!
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Draya’s Dead! See The Top SMDH Moments From Basketball Wives LA Episode 7

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Oh lawd it’s never a dull moment with the ladies of Basketball Wives LA, is it? This week Draya (sorta) died, Jackie got “nekid” and Chantel did a pop up. We just skimmed the surface of this week’s episode for our favorite SMDH moments and mapped it out for you. It was a drama-packed-zombie-filled episode so jump on in and let us know what you thought of all the shade being thrown around. Who do you think was the biggest instigator this week?

Check Out A Behind The Scene’s Closeup Of Draya’s Zombie Makeup

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Draya Michele’s reputation varies depending on which basketball wife is speaking about her but one thing is for sure, she’s a flatout beauty. On tonight’s episode of Basketball Wives LA Draya planned a surprise event for the other ladies which was a Zombie Mud Run. Draya let them do the running and she allowed herself to get a little ugly. We scrolled through the archives of Draya’s Instagram to find some up close and personal snapshots of her ghoulish makeup. Serving some Night of the Living Dead realness, Draya captioned one of the photos with: “Y’all chicks have 1 day…#DrayaDressDownDay #ZombieApocalypse #specialFXmakeup #thewalkingdead #anyquestions #halloween.” LOL. What do you think? Do you think Draya’s look is positively scary?

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Linda Perry & Sara Gilbert Tie The Knot!

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23rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards Presented By Ketel One And Wells Fargo - Red Carpet

Linda Perry, star of the forthcoming Make or Break: The Linda Perry Project, married fianceé and The Talk co-host Sara Gilbert on Sunday, according to actress Juliette LewisTwitter account (and other reputable sources, of course). Lewis tweeted that Madonna‘s tune “Holiday” was playing and she was getting ready to watch one of her favorite couples in the universe get married. No word on what the brides wore but we are absolutely thrilled for the pair. Here’s to a lifetime of happiness!

Make or Break:The Linda Perry Project premieres this summer on VH1.

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