Basketball Wives LA’s Bambi Talks About Her Transition Over To Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

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Love & Hip Hop is actually my favorite show to watch — even when I was on Basketball Wives,” Compton-born rapper Bambi told VH1 when we met her down in Atlanta recently. Bambi’s been living in the ATL for four years (minus her stint back in LA for Basketball Wives) and will be appearing on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta this season, thanks in part to her romance with Lil Scrappy. Read more…

Spring Has Sprung: Check Out The Sexiest VH1 Selfies of April

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It’s official: Spring is here! Weather’s warming up, wardrobes are being pared down, and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is returning in just a few short days. Some of the hottest cast members from your favorite VH1 shows have been busy primping and posing for, well, themselves, in this round of sexiest selfies. From Joseline and Stevie kissing for the camera, to Jennifer Williams giving great bedhead, this is one batch of hot pics. But who’s the hottest of all? That’s the real question. (Let us know what you think in the comments!)

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Whose Boyfriend Touched Brandi: Read Basketball Wives LA Tweets Of The Night

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Those Basketball Wives LA ladies are still chugging along. Love & Hip Hop‘s Erica Mena already put Sundy Carter on blast on Twitter but that didn’t stop the rest of the cast from live tweeting their thoughts, opinions and insight on what we didn’t see at the reunion show.

From Brittish insisting those “chubby” comments only motivate her to Brandi revealing that Sundy’s 20-year-old boyfriend had his hands on her during their tussle, the ladies went in. Jackie, the resident not-sh*t starter, was relatively quiet but Malyasia was confessing that her cousins were turnt up in the audience and Draya even signed on to say that she got interviewed by her boss (Shaunie O’Neal) in her own home. LOL. These ladies won’t quit.

Check out our gallery for the best tweets of the night. You think Sundy’s man put hands on a woman or nah?

Supertrailer: This Season On Marrying The Game Tiffney + The Game Are As Single As A Dollar Bill

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On this season of Marrying The Game both Tiffney and The Game face the harsh reality of their situation – they’re much better off apart. With a called off engagement, numerous attempts to work it out, followed by an explosive ending in Cabo on the Season 2 finale episode, it’s safe to say the former lovers have had enough.

“You can’t build a house on volcano…Only thing we haven’t tried in the last nine years is not being together, so now I’m a single man,” The Game says with a smile.

See what life is like as these two embrace their new found singleness while still try to make sure their kids make the proper adjustments. Will either of them live to regret the decision?

The all-new season of Marrying The Game premieres Wednesday, May 7th at 10:30/9:30c.

Love & Hip Hop‘s Erica Mena Schools Basketball Wives LA‘s Sundy Carter

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Well the Basketball Wives LA reunion happened and it wasn’t just us scratching and shaking our heads, getting drunk, wagging our fingers, rolling our eyes and shouting, “Really?!” The VH1 fam tuned in too and kept it real with Love & Hip Hop‘s Erica Mena taking to Twitter to say that she caught a glimpse of it and well she had some words for Sundy Carter. The singer called “Sundo” a cruel, sad, hurt, lame and miserable thing and petitioned Basketball Wives executive producer Shaunie O’Neal to stop cutting checks to Sundy.

We’ve assembled Erica’s tweets and Sundy’s volatile responses which had Erica shrugging, “die slow.” Check it out! What do you think? Does Erica have any right schooling Sundy how to act on TV?

Don’t Drop The Soap: Nikko Smith Releases A Single Called “New Shower Rod”

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It’s been two weeks since Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith‘s sex tape was made public, which means that it is the perfect time for Nikko to release his new single to capitalize on said tape. Yes, he made a song — a very Autotuned song — called “New Shower Rod” about everyone’s new favorite acrobatic sex toy.

Sample lyrics include: “Let me f–k you in the shower, hands up on the rod,” “Her baby daddy not that good,” (sorry, Stevie J), and “In the fitting room at the mall, take it off soon as you try it on.”

So, couple things. 1) Ew. and 2) Atlanta-area mall-goers, beware! Take a listen to the song and don’t hurt your neck shaking your damn head.

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Brittish Williams On The Reunion Fight, Plastic Surgery, Lorenzo’s Infidelity + More

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Brittish Williams‘s first season of Basketball Wives LA started off with a bang with the 24-year-old businesswoman asking Draya Michele if she was a ho and picking fights with Brandi Maxiell and Malaysia Pargo about Googling b*tches and dry-a** hellos, respectively. The other ladies didn’t even invite Brittish to Palm Springs to avoid the potential of her going off in any which direction but turns out they didn’t need her help to bring the drama.
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Hi Guys! Malaysia Pargo Is The Queen Of The Dry Hello

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Some of the ladies on Basketball Wives LA are drawn to drama and some are more inclined to just ignore it. Malaysia Pargo is usually the voice of reason so when Brittish Williams started to make something out of her dry-hi’s at her Turkish Tea Party and then later at Jackie‘s GLAAD event, she had no time for it.

Find out out why Malaysia thinks of herself as the queen of the dry hellos. Check out the full episode and then read our recap.

Meet Tammy Rivera, a.k.a. The Future Mrs. Waka Flocka Flame, The Newest Addition To Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

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Tammy Rivera is Waka Flocka Flame‘s fiancee, but after she makes her first appearance on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta next week, we have a feeling she’s going to be a star in her own right. In this cast profile, meet Tammy, a designer ho’s about to launch her first clothing line, T. Rivera, which is high-end fashion geared toward curvy girls.

Learn more about Tammy’s business and designs, and see what she’s bringing to the table this season on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta now! Season three premieres Monday, May 5th at 8PM ET/PT.

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Sundy Carter Is The Definition Of What?!?

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Every story has to have a bad guy, right? Find out what Basketball Wives LA star Sundy Carter had to say about the way she looks on TV and people’s perception of her on the show. Sundy says, while the other basketball wives talk, talk, talk that she’s upfront and that sometimes paints an image of someone who is ratchet or ignorant. Fear not: she says she’s comfortable playing the villain all day.

Find out what else Sundy has to say and let us you know in the comments: is Sundy all bad?

Missed the reunion? Check out the full episode and then read our recap.