Love & Hip Hop Sneak Peek: Erica And Nya Plan A Raunchy Music Video

by (@lizburrito)

Erica Mena is still grinding away on her music career, and in this sneak peek from Monday night’s Love & Hip Hop episode, she meets up with her new friend Nya Lee to talk about a collaboration. Nya’s a stripper (#1 in New York!) who’s also got her own label and a budding rap career, and she thinks Erica would be the perfect person to collaborate with on a raunchy song and video.

Now, we all know Erica’s history of failed (and often contentious) partnerships — Lore’l, where art thou? — so whether or not this one gets off the ground is yet to be determined. But it sure sounds like it has legs.

Love & Hip Hop airs Monday night at 8PM ET/PT.

Miami Monkey Sneak Peek: Drinking On The Job

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The cast of Miami Monkey may work in a bar, but as any professional knows, just because you work around booze every day doesn’t mean you can get drunk at work. Today’s different though. Ang takes some of the girls to a winery for a tasting, and you can just tell this isn’t a group that plans to use the spittoons provided. “Now this is what I’m talking about. Drinking on the job without getting in trouble? Perfect,” says Ryan.

It’s all in preparation for Ang’s new wine label, so technically it really is research and not just a fun day out, but…yeah, no never mind, it’s just a fun day out. For more fun with alcohol, tune in to Miami Monkey Thursday night at 10PM ET/PT.

Ceaser And Dutchess: Are the King And Queen Of Black Ink On The Rocks?

by (@emilyexton)

Season 2 of Black Ink Crew has witnessed Ceaser and Dutchess become an even stronger unit, who wants nothing more than to sit atop their throne as King and Queen of Black Ink. On Monday night’s Very VH1, Cease gave us some insight into their relationship status. “We used to, not anymore,” Ceaser said, when the topic of “spontaneous sex” came up. (Leave it to Teddy Ruks.) But are they still together? You’ll have to keep watching to find out.

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Chrissy & Mr. Jones Sneak Peek: Mama Jones Is Bringing Sexy Back


Chrissy stops by Mama Jones’ house while planning a birthday party for Jim, and finds out that she’s being asked for a professional favor.

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Throwback Thursday: The 10 Biggest Tools From Tool Academy

by (@sllambe)


It’s Throwback Thursday and we are taking a weekly look back at old shows that you may (or may not) have forgotten about. First up: Tool Academy. For three seasons, the show duped a group of men, who thought of themselves as ballers, players, pimps and badasses, into thinking they were competing for the title of Mr. Awesome. Once on the show, they realized it was actually a charm school designed for tools. Each week, the men found themselves competing to prove their worth (and maturity) to their girlfriends, who had secretly enrolled them on the show. Of all the contestants on the series, these were the ones that tested us the most.

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Pic Of The Day: Momma Dee And Shay Are Still Kickin’ It

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Momma Dee Shay

Just because Scrappy and Shay‘s relationship didn’t work out doesn’t mean Momma Dee and Shay can’t be friends! The two women are still tight despite Shay’s failed romance with Scrappy and despite the fact that Momma Dee walked in in Shay and Scrappy doing the deed that one time. If they can survive that, they can survive anything, right?

Today, Momma Dee posted this pic, taken on the set of T-Pain‘s new video. What do you think of their new looks?

[Photo: Instagram]

Will Tahiry And Joe Budden Live Happily Ever After? Here’s What Tahiry Thinks

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As we learned on Monday night at the Love & Hip Hop premiere party, Tahiry and Joe Budden are no longer a couple…at the moment. Despite the fact that they got back together at the end of last season and looked happy together during the season premiere, they’re currently in a holding pattern, just trying to figure things out. When we asked Tahiry what it would take for their relationship to have a happy ending, here’s what she had to say. Read more…

Love & Hip Hop’s Rashidah Ali: K.Michelle Swagger-Jacked My Hairstyle

by (@lizburrito)

Does Love & Hip Hop star Rashidah Ali‘s hair still cost $10,000 a bundle? Does she think K.Michelle is jacking her look now that she’s part of the New York cast? Yes and yes.

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Dutchess Heats Up Our Instagram Feeds In Bikinis And Lingerie

by (@emilyexton)

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Instagram has played a pivotal role on Black Ink Crew this season, by sparking the rumor that sent Sassy for the door and being the spot where Ceaser keeps all of his truth. But when the photo sharing app isn’t making up controversial posts to get coworkers heated, it’s the place where all of Dutchess‘s most revealing photos reside.

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