VH1 Fashions Of The Week: Paying Homage


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In this week’s fashion roundup, Love & Hip Hop: New York star Nya Lee pays tribute to Nas while Single Ladies actress Denise Vasi salutes Brooklyn’s rap legend, the late Notorious B.I.G. And there are a few others who make their mark. Some look like a big can of orange soda, others, like 1994 (this is a compliment) and so forth. Get into it.

In Praise Of Nicole Murphy


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Hollywood Exes star Nicole Murphy looks like one of God’s handcrafted angels. The 46-year-old mother of five (!!) is stubbornly striking and gorgeous to the point that if you don’t think she’s one of the most beautiful women in public life, you ought to send your eye sockets to Stevie Wonder because you’re wasting your gift of sight. In honor of the headliner of the reality franchise and in anticipation of its upcoming season, here is a gallery celebrating Nicole Murphy pretty.

Yes, check out Nicole looking pretty in bikinis; looking pretty while modeling; looking pretty with her celebrity friends; looking pretty while working out; looking pretty while just standing around to look pretty. The key word here is pretty. Oh yeah: praise, too. All hail Nicole Murphy.

Be sure to check out the new season of Hollywood Exes, premiering on April 30.

Basketball Wives LA Episode 5 Sneak Peek: What’s Your Beef With Draya?

by (@damianbellino)

The ladies are trying to get past the drama from the Draya-Orlando-Chantel reveal and the messiness of Jackie’s GLAAD event and decide to organize a trip to Palm Springs. Sitting poolside, Sundy, Jackie and Brandi (yo, they’re all drunk right?) discuss how Jackie can best rectify things with Draya to make sure they have a great vacation. Brandi says that maybe the setting wasn’t ideal to tell your friend what’s up with her man but Jackie and Sundy shrug it off.

“There ain’t no wrong environment. F**k that,” Jackie barks.

Sundy slurs that “Er’rybody knows anyway. So I don’t get the point whether she told her by herself or whether she told her…”

“Exactly, I wouldn’t care if me and Draya when to Magic mother**king Mountain (for reference) and got on a ride and I told her,” says Jackie

“Er’rybody know. You know, I know, Malaysia knows, [censored] er’rybody knows…”

Oh boy! That last part is like all spoken over one another at the same time. Brandi looks like she doesn’t know what to say next. So what do you think? Do you think Draya and the rest of the girls are going to show to plan the Palm Springs trip or is just going to be Brandi and these two? Watch episode five of Basketball Wives LA on Monday night at 8PM ET/PT to find out.

Sundy Carter’s A Drama Queen: A Look Back At The Basketball Wives LA Star’s Acting Career

by (@damianbellino)

State Property 2 New York City Premiere - After Party

Sundy Carter may be new to the cast of Basketball Wives LA but that hasn’t stopped the outspoken gal from causing (just a bit of) drama with the other ladies. In case you didn’t know, Sundy had quite the acting resume coming onto the reality show. Her credits include everything from Soul Plane to Hot Property 1 & 2 to Bringing Down the House. Do you think Sundy was channeling her inner theatre diva when she was feuding with costar Brandi for googling her? Do you think she’s honing her craft when she claims she saw Draya “crawling on all fours, begging for tips” as a stripper? Check out the reality star’s acting chops in the trailer for Ex$pendable below and let us know what you think!


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Throwback Thursday Basketball Wives LA Edition

by (@damianbellino)

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The women of Basketball Wives LA are known for looking flawless from the hair right down to their shoes but in honor of Throwback Thursday we dug up some before-they-were-reality-stars snapshots of all of the ladies (and even some other friends of the show). This is back when they were still wearing glasses and braces! Browse our gallery to see a young Malaysia grilling the photog and a baby Draya cheesing for the camera. You won’t believe some of the transformations (Brandi!!!) and how some of these ladies don’t seem to age at all (amirite, Sundy?!) We are just living for these relics!

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The Amina Buddafly Belly-Watch


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As you Love & Hip Hop: New York watchers know, Amina Buddafly has some beans in that oven and will soon be delivering another baby for her co-star and husband, Peter Gunz. So, for those of you who like looking at pictures of knocked up famous women touching their bellies, we present to you “The Amina Buddafly Belly-Watch.” This is the first installment (er, trimester?), so thus, there are only a few images available now. Fret not, though, because if there’s anything to learn from a reality star, it’s that more times than not, they upload hella pictures. Enjoy and expect more to come soon.

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A Guide To Recognizing Your This Is Hot 97 Cast On Twitter And Instagram


Set to premiere at the end of the month, This Is Hot 97 will explore the crew behind hip-hop’s most famous radio station, Hot 97 in New York City. Before the show makes it debut, we want to make sure you can find its cast —Funkmaster Flex, Ebro Darden, Angie Martinez, Miss Info, Laura Stylez, Peter Rosenberg, Cipha Sounds and the rest of the crew — on Twitter and Instagram. So you can find all of the links below. Make sure you check out This Is Hot 97 onMonday, March 31 at 10:30 PM ET/ PT on VH1.


Ebro Darden:@oldmanebro

Funkmaster Flex:@funkflex

Angie Martinez:@angiemartinez

Cipha Sounds:@ciphasounds

Peter Rosenberg:@Rosenbergradio


Miss Info:@Missinfo

The rest of the crew:

Karlie Hustle:@THEkarliehustle

DJ Enuff:@djenuff

Big Dennis:@BIGDENNIS97

Shani Kulture:@ShaniKulture



Ebro Darden:@ebroski

Funkmaster Flex: @djfunkflex

Angie Martinez: @angiemartinez97

Cipha Sounds: @ciphasounds

Peter Rosenberg: @rosenbergradio

Laura Stylez:@laurastylez

Miss Info:@missinfo

The rest of the crew:

Karlie Hustle:@karliehustle

DJ Enuff:@djenuff

Big Dennis: @bigdennis97

Shani Kulture: @shanikulture

Drewski: @sodrewski

Single Ladies Sneak Peek: Malcolm Keeps Getting Shadier

by (@lizburrito)

Last time on Single Ladies, Deacon ended up dead…after Malcolm called in a favor to his old pal Luke (T.I.). Did Malcolm actually have something to do with his death, or was it all a big coincidence? All we know is that the mystery continues this week, and Malcolm seems to get more shady by the minute.

Watch the sneak peek to see what we mean — will Keisha learn his secrets? And how’s she going to handle him now that she learns he’s keeping even more from her? Find out Monday night at 9M ET/PT.

Mona Scott-Young Responds To Love & Hip Hop Lawsuit Rumors

by (@lizburrito)

Recently, it’s been reported that Love & Hip Hop show creator Mona Scott-Young was being sued over the idea for the franchise. When she hung out with Sway on RapFix Live yesterday, she set the record straight, telling him “I read about [the suit] on the blogs just like everyone else did.” Read more…