Throwback Photos Of The Hollywood Exes

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In honor of Throwback Thursday, we’ve gathered some of the best photos from yesteryear of the cast of Hollywood Exes. From Mayte and Drea‘s earliest dance photos to Shanna and Nicole serving model-realness.

We love these relics of the ladies and can’t believe how much they look the same – 18-year-old Shamicka is legit the same as she is today! What’s your secret ladies?

Check out our gallery of the Hollywood Exes before they were stars now!

The Hollywood Exes Take Over Hawaii: Behind-The-Scenes Personal Photos Of Their Trip

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From getting dirty while off-roading on ATVs to relaxing on the beach, it’s obvious that the Hollywood Exes had a fantastic time during their Hawaiian vacation. While we got to watch their trip unfold on television, the ladies’ Instagram accounts gave us a behind-the-scenes look at their Hawaiian adventures. Browse through the gallery above to get a more personal and first-hand look of how the women had fun in the Hawaiian sun.

[Photo Credits: Drea Kelly, Mayte Garcia, Nicole Murphy, Shamicka Lawrence, Shanna Moakler, Sheree Fletcher]

In The Studio: 25 Reality Stars That You Forgot Or Didn’t Know Were “In” The Music Game

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VH1 reality stars love to wear many hats, and often times appearing on our shows isn’t quite enough to settle their ambitious spirits. Many of our stars have a love for music, and either got their start in the music game long ago, or are on a mission to make their other skills know to the world now.

Whether it’s a decision to get back to their first love like Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta‘s Rasheeda using their reality show stardom as platform for their music like model-turned-singer Erica Mena, or attempting to remind the world how much of an accomplished an artist they are like rap vet and Love and Hip Hop NY star Peter Gunz, many of our VH1 celebrities stay “in the studio.”

Click through pages and check out all the reality stars that stay on camera and in the studio, and tell who you think could really make it today in the music biz (music vids included): Read more…

Dice Chops Her Hair On The La La’s Full Court Life Season Finale

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Tonight on the season finale of La La’s Full Court Life, La La was busy filming her new film November Rule and managing to have her 5th & Mercer pop-up shop, actually happen. Meanwhile Po was struggling with notes from her new bosses at Tommy Boy but came out on top when her single “Monster” was played at the pop-up shop party. In spite of all that it was truly Dice who shined by cutting off her signature long locks off in favor of a super cute short ‘do. All at the hands of her on-again girlfriend Gocha, of course. Read more…

Behind The Scenes Of Drea’s Wedding On The Hollywood Exes Season Finale

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Tonight on the season finale of Hollywood Exes, Drea finally walked down the aisle and married Brian. At the ceremony, Brian professed his love to his new bride with a song he wrote just for her and Mayte, Sheree and Nicole had some hilarious reactions to his performance.

VH1 recently chatted with Drea and had to ask her just what she really thought of Brian’s song and if she was really feeling it the way she acted. Read more…

Exclusive: Drea Kelly On Transgender Son, Pending Divorce & Life After The Show

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Drea Kelly & son Jay

Drea Kelly & son Jay

This season of Hollywood Exes has been a roller coaster for Drea Kelly who has been planning her wedding with aspiring singer Brian McKee all season. Since filming ended, Drea has announced that she and Brian are getting divorced.

On top of relationship troubles, Drea’s child with R.Kelly, Jay, recently came out as trans to a good deal of media attention. We caught up with the reality star to see what life has been like since the show ended and what’s really up with her home life.

The finale of Hollywood Exes this season is centered around your wedding but you’ve since announced that you are getting divorced. Are you planning on watching or will that be too hard? Read more…

Behind The Scenes Of Hit The Floor With James LaRosa: Roman Family Therapy

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Each week, Hit The Floor creator James LaRosa provides us with some photos from his personal archive to give us a look at life on the set of the show. This week he shares with us some hilarious shots with McKinley Freeman and Tichina Arnold, some gossip about Sommore’s roast of Derek Roman, and a very Game Of Thrones-like pic of himself in the roasting chair. Read on for some great backstage gossip now! Read more…

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Ariane Davis Is So Pretty

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Ariane Davis pops up every once in a while on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta to talk some sense into her besties Mimi and Erica Dixon but while stalking her Instagram we were like dang, Ariane needs to be featured more because she is downright gorgeous.

Not only does this lady have smarts and nerve (calling Nikko out in the gym!) but she’s an absolute stunner who can rock braids, afros or wear her hair short. Check out our gallery so you can fall in love with this lady’s style too! Read more…

Can Mimi Clean Up Her Image? Says She’s Not Ashamed

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We all know that Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Mimi Faust has been struggling this season with the inevitable release of her and boyfriend Nikko‘s sex tape. In an bonus clip from episode 10, Mimi and her “manager” Dawn meet with media trainer and publicist Richelle about how Mimi’s going to handle interviews and not look like a bad mother.

Richelle is an Olivia Pope-like fixer and all she wants to know: is Mimi ashamed of participating in porn? An emotional Mimi says she’s not ashamed of what she did and Dawn and Richelle advise Mimi to stay strong and lead by example.

What do you think? Is Mimi just playing dumb or do you think she genuinely got caught up in this? Should she be ashamed?