THOTISM, Foot Jobs + Prenups: The Top Moments Of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 15

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Did Joc just admit Karlie gave him a foot job??? We’re done. Dead. Read more…

All In The VH1 Stars: It’s Leo Season!

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From July 23rd to August 23rd it’s all about being a Leo!

You can’t miss a Leo, because they’re always out to be the center of attention. Known for their ambition, enthusiasm, and constant need to make an impression, Leos are often strong willed and consider themselves leaders and rulers. If anyone would is going to try and boss up, it’s a Leo. Read more…

BT Dubs, LeAnn & Eddie Have Butt Cake Drama

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In this week’s LeAnn & Eddie, LeAnn has made a delicious breakfast for she and hubby, Eddie but all can not be enjoyed before Eddie gets word that a magazine spread he’s shooting is happening ASAP. Did we mention he’ll be shirtless?

A frazzled Eddie is concerned about eating pancakes and looking cut in Men’s Health but his attentions soon get turned to LeAnn’s cakes. That’s right, LeAnn taking a picture of her food, inadvertently tweeted a picture of her assets wearing nothing but an apron and some panties in the background.

Do you think Eddie can stick to a regime that will help him shed the pancake weight? Do you think LeAnn will be able to delete her butt pic before the world notices? Find out on all new LeAnn & Eddie Thursday at 10:30 PM ET/PT.

Surprise, Write A New Song & Perform It On The Next Make Or Break

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Part of being a musician is about being on your toes and knowing how to improvise your way out of a situation. It’s about handling your s*** on stage because you never know what’s going to happen during a live show.

On this week’s Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project, Linda keeps the artists guessing when she preps them for a last minute concert but the catch is that they need to write a new song…with chords that she gave them…with her band (that they only get to rehearse with for 15 minutes)! The musicians of Make Or Break are visibly stunned, scared and excited.

We can’t wait to see how their on-the-spot songs turn out. Will Mackenzie Johnson be able to bring more gravitas to her style? Will VanJess be able to bring their signature flavor and tight harmonies to a new song? Will Hunter Valentine be able to curb their band-drama for this one night?

Find out how the show turns out on an all new Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project Wednesday at 10 PM ET/PT.

From Zero To Hero: Why Adam Senn Is A Beautiful Man

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You know hard we go for the dudes of Hit The Floor so we weren’t exactly thrilled when there was a new guy in town. How were we supposed to feel? But the tall, blonde, full-lipped Zero brought to sexy life by Adam Senn has convinced us he’s worth loving just as hard.

Whether he’s swooning for Jelena or Jude there is one thing that is undeniable – Adam Senn is downright gorgeous. The former model has us going gaga so we’re definitely saluting him today for Man Crush Monday. Take a look through our gallery and let us you know if you resist those eyes!?

Make sure to tune into an all new Hit The Floor tonight at 9 PM ET/PT.

Is Karlie Redd Gonna Spit In Yung Joc’s Drink?!

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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Karlie Redd and Yung Joc certainly have been riding the ups-and-downs of a relationship. Before Joc lied to Karlie about being away (and then she caught him with Khadijah) he did go to bat for her and her new track “Heartbreaker.”

In a bonus clip, Joc stops by some good news but before he can let the cat out of the bag, Karlie is trying to get him nice and drunk. Joc keeps making jokes about her spitting in his drink which seems weird? Karlie Redd’s all, whatever, but we know she’s not above hocking a loogie to prove a point.

Joc’s reveals to Karlie that Bryan has agreed to work with her on her record under one condition: she needs to be professional. No messiness. Can Karlie clean up her act for Joc and Bryan to get herself a number one song?

Find out on all new episodes of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Mondays at 8 PM ET/PT.

Hollywood Exes Star Nicole Murphy Ends Engagement With Michael Strahan

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amfAR New York Gala To Kick Off Fall 2013 Fashion Week - Arrivals
Sad news to report on the Hollywood Exes front today: the show’s star and executive producer, Nicole Murphy, has ended her five-year engagement with retired NFL player Michael Strahan. Nicole’s rep tells PEOPLE Magazine:

“They love each other very much, but with the distance and work schedule it has been hard to maintain the relationship.”

We can imagine how hard it must be to have a bi-coastal engagement, as Nicole lives primarily in Los Angeles where Exes is filmed, and Strahan spending much of his time in New York as co-host of LIVE! With Kelly And Michael and Good Morning America. We’re sorry to hear of the split and wish them both the best.

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Exclusive Chat With Make Or Break‘s Aimee Of Hunter Valentine

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Aimee Bessada via Facebook

Aimee Bessada via Facebook

The musicians of Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project have the unique experience of living under one roof with a diverse and eclectic bunch of other artists. One of the fan favorites in the house is Aimee Bessada of punk-rock band Hunter Valentine. On this week’s episode, Linda Perry challenged Aimee to play an original solo piece on the streets of Los Angeles and discovered that Aimee music isn’t quite what she’s playing with Hunter Valentine. The artist caught up with VH1 recently about why she joined Hunter Valentine, whose musical career she aspires towards and who else she’s rooting for in the house.

How did Hunter Valentine come into your life?

Aimee: We’re all from Toronto and maybe eight years ago when I had my own band and they were living in Brooklyn. Whenever they came up to Toronto we would play shows together. We were just music buddies in the scene and then my band went separate ways. When I became free, Kiyomi and Laura were like, ‘Hey, you’re free, will you work with us?’

So far on the show your relationship with the ladies is tumultuous but when you joined did it seem like a good fit? Read more…

The Latest Preview Of I ‘Heart’ Nick Carter

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When you were just a wee one did you ever invent a scenario where you got to marry Backstreet Boy Nick Carter? I mean who didn’t. VH1′s newest series, I ‘Heart’ Nick Carter chronicles one lucky lady who gets to live your dream. Lauren Kitt is Nick’s bride-to-be on the reality show, that follows the couple through the ups-and-downs of wedding planning process, ultimately leading up to their walk down the aisle.

Dating a popstar may seem like fun but it doesn’t come without its challenges. In the latest preview for I ‘Heart’ Nick Carter, Lauren struggles with wedding dates being shifted for Nick’s tour, sword fights (!) and being told to “put on a good face.” Which she already knows how to do.

See how the drama (and wedding) unfolds when I ‘Heart’ Nick Carter premieres Wednesday September 10 at 10 PM ET/PT.

VH1 Fashions Of The Week: Season Of The Witch Look

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In this week’s fashion round up from the VH1 fam, we are treated to a who wore it better situation, almost. Check Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Joseline Hernandez and Althea Heart styled in similar flowy, black, lacey, witchy gowns. Who do you think brought more va-va-voom to their look?

All this and more from your favorite stars of Hit The Floor, Love & Hip Hop, Candidly Nicole and more. Let us know who you think is dressed for the gods and who is just looking aiight.

Have a great weekend, y’all!