Exclusive Chat With Make Or Break‘s Aimee Of Hunter Valentine

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Aimee Bessada via Facebook

Aimee Bessada via Facebook

The musicians of Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project have the unique experience of living under one roof with a diverse and eclectic bunch of other artists. One of the fan favorites in the house is Aimee Bessada of punk-rock band Hunter Valentine. On this week’s episode, Linda Perry challenged Aimee to play an original solo piece on the streets of Los Angeles and discovered that Aimee music isn’t quite what she’s playing with Hunter Valentine. The artist caught up with VH1 recently about why she joined Hunter Valentine, whose musical career she aspires towards and who else she’s rooting for in the house.

How did Hunter Valentine come into your life?

Aimee: We’re all from Toronto and maybe eight years ago when I had my own band and they were living in Brooklyn. Whenever they came up to Toronto we would play shows together. We were just music buddies in the scene and then my band went separate ways. When I became free, Kiyomi and Laura were like, ‘Hey, you’re free, will you work with us?’

So far on the show your relationship with the ladies is tumultuous but when you joined did it seem like a good fit? Read more…

The Latest Preview Of I ‘Heart’ Nick Carter

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When you were just a wee one did you ever invent a scenario where you got to marry Backstreet Boy Nick Carter? I mean who didn’t. VH1′s newest series, I ‘Heart’ Nick Carter chronicles one lucky lady who gets to live your dream. Lauren Kitt is Nick’s bride-to-be on the reality show, that follows the couple through the ups-and-downs of wedding planning process, ultimately leading up to their walk down the aisle.

Dating a popstar may seem like fun but it doesn’t come without its challenges. In the latest preview for I ‘Heart’ Nick Carter, Lauren struggles with wedding dates being shifted for Nick’s tour, sword fights (!) and being told to “put on a good face.” Which she already knows how to do.

See how the drama (and wedding) unfolds when I ‘Heart’ Nick Carter premieres Wednesday September 10 at 10 PM ET/PT.

VH1 Fashions Of The Week: Season Of The Witch Look

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In this week’s fashion round up from the VH1 fam, we are treated to a who wore it better situation, almost. Check Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Joseline Hernandez and Althea Heart styled in similar flowy, black, lacey, witchy gowns. Who do you think brought more va-va-voom to their look?

All this and more from your favorite stars of Hit The Floor, Love & Hip Hop, Candidly Nicole and more. Let us know who you think is dressed for the gods and who is just looking aiight.

Have a great weekend, y’all!

VH1′s Weekly Wrap-Up: Omar Joins Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project

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VH1′s primetime line-up was all about shocking surprises. On Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project Linda Perry shocked the other artists by throwing a new band, Omar, into the mix while on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Yung Joc took his disrespect towards Karlie Redd to a whole new level.

Read more…

VH1′s Sexiest Instagram Pix Of July

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Our favorite reality stars love to bare all on Instagram, Twitter and, sometimes the red carpet too. Thank goodness it’s summer so there’s really no excuse to not show a little skin. As usual (?) Love & Hip Hop‘s Nya Lee is always a trendsetter when it comes to showing some T & A. Not one to be shown up though, her cast mate Erica Jean was showing off all of her assets this month, if you catch our drift?

Besides the curvacious ladies of Love & Hip Hop New York, the VH1 stars were steaming things up whether it be Candidly Nicole‘s Nicole Richie‘s sizzling style, Basketball Wives LA‘sDraya Michele‘s bangin’ bod or The Game‘s arms, chest, abs! Check the gallery above for sexy snapshots from all the hot stars from from your favorite shows.

Giddy up, August!

Drunk Katie = The Best Dating Naked Bloopers

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You know how bonkers Dating Naked dater Katie was on the show when she was sober… but watching her one-sided drunk conversation with the camera in these episode three bloopers are a thing of beauty. If you thought Katie was already at ten on the show, she cranks things up to about 100 here.

Watch the best bloopers of the right now, and tune in to Dating Naked every Thursday at 10PM ET/PT.

LeAnn & Eddie Have Father-Daughter Time In Nashville

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Tonight on episode three of LeAnn & Eddie, the country superstar returns to her Southern roots to visit her dad in Nashville along with hubby Eddie Cibrian. The tumultuous relationship between LeAnn and her father stems from legal woes back in the day and while they do have a relationship, it isn’t always effortless. In the most touching moment of LeAnn & Eddie to date, LeAnn and her dad share a sweet father-daughter moment that leads them to song.

LeAnn asks what was the first song he taught her. Dad answers, “Jesus Loves Me,” which leads to an impromptu song that will warm even the coldest of hearts.

What did you think of LeAnn & Eddie taking a trip to Nashville? Do you think LeAnn and her dad are in a good place? Make sure to check out new episodes of LeAnn & Eddie Thursdays at 10:30 PM ET/PT.

What Nicole Wore: Get The Details On Nicole Richie’s Episode 3 Wardrobe

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Somehow, even when she’s cleaning up chicken poop, Nicole Richie‘s style is flawless, and her wardrobe is one of many reasons why we love her new show, Candidly Nicole. If you watched the show this week and wondered how she pulled some of her looks together, we have some details for you in our fashion look book. Scroll through our gallery of outfits from episode three to get the breakdown of designers Nicole’s wearing, including her own House of Harlow 1960 line, so you, can be as hot as this grown-up, respectable chicken farmer.

Candidly Nicole airs Thursdays at 10 PM ET/PT on VH1.

Nicole Richie Does The Chicken Dance, Sorta

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Tonight on episode three of Candidly Nicole, Nicole, in an attempt to fit in with the other moms, decides she’s going to become a chicken farmer, or like pretend to be a chicken farmer. The fashionista finds out that parents from her kids’ school excluded her from a fundraising event (promoting organic farming) so she decides to make a pitstop to a chicken farm to gain the skills and hopefully eggs to join in, and look good doing it.

In a bonus clip, check Nicole’s bodacious dance moves: her organic jig. Do you think the other moms were ready for the reality star’s skills on the dance floor?

Never miss Nicole’s dancing ways, tune into new episodes of Candidly Nicole Thursdays at 10 PM ET/PT.

Dating Naked Awkwardness Poll: Horseback Riding, Ziplining Or Paddleboarding

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Dating Naked pulled out all the stops this week when it came to finding activities for the naked daters to participate in. Let’s just take a moment to applaud the post-production editors for their work blurring the private parts of Dan while he paddleboarded and Keegan while he ziplined. Which activity would be the most uncomfortable to do while nude? We’ll let you decide.


We all know what happened next. Katie got a black eye, blamed everything on Keegan, made out with Scott, asked host Amy Paffrath to get naked and have a three-way with Amy’s husband, flipped off VH1 and, in a surprise twist, did not get picked as Keegan’s first choice.


Perhaps the greatest moment of the episode — that was not Katie-related, at least — was this exchange between Scott and Diane.

Scott: “This horseback riding is nice and tranquil except for I got my dong on his back.”

Diane: “I don’t think he minds.”