A Party By Candidly Nicole‘s Rules

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On episode 2 of Candidly Nicole when Nicole‘s younger sister Sofia decides to throw a house party, Nicole offers to chaperone the party. By Nicole’s rules there will be no sugar, no drinking, no smoking, no doing drugs, no spin the bottle, no naked jump roping, no orgy-hula-hooping, no keg stands, no one on the grass, no smoking grass, no wiling out, no sex, no blowies, no angry dragons, no flash photography, etc, etc, etc.

But when Nicole invites her friends over (including RuPaul’s Drag Race finalist Courtney Act) things take a turn and she invents her own rules. Read more…

Giddyup, Y’all! It’s Dating Naked Bloopers!

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The only way one could improve upon a naked dating TV show is for one to also see the outtakes from said naked dating TV show. In these bloopers from this week’s Dating Naked, we present to you belly flops, awkward tooth-brushing, and some terrible attempts at southern accents, all completely naked. Enjoy.

What Nicole Wore: Get The Details On Nicole Richie’s Episode 2 Wardrobe

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Nicole Richie’s style is impeccable, which is one of the reasons why her show, Candidly Nicole, is so fun to watch. If you watched the show this week and wondered how she pulled her party outfit together (or if you’re dying to know where she found her awesomely comfy-looking hangover dress) we have some details for you in our fashion look book. Scroll through our gallery of outfits from this week’s premiere to get the breakdown of designers Nicole’s wearing, including her own House of Harlow 1960 line, so you, too, can look like a million bucks!

Candidly Nicole airs Thursdays at 10 PM ET/PT on VH1. Read more…

Exclusive: Noah Hunt On Working With Linda Perry & Leaving The Make Or Break House

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Noah Hunt [Photo: Jason Boulanger]

Noah Hunt [Photo: Jason Boulanger]

Last night on episode 2 of Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project adorable Noah Hunt got the boot out of the house. It was a surprising twist, but maybe not for the 23-year-old Washington native. In an exclusive interview with VH1, Hunt tells us what it was like in the studio with Linda Perry, whose career he looks up to and who he’s pulling for to walk away with the recording contract on Make Or Break.

What was it like living in a house with so many different type s of musicians?

Noah: That experience was awesome. It was really inspiring to just be around people who want to do music with their lives. Being in that situation all the time was just a dream. You know, music 24/7, all the time. It was amazing.

Who did you connect with most under those living conditions? Have you kept in touch?

Noah: Mackenzie Johnson. Right when she did her song on the first day we were there, I was instantly impressed by her style and her lyrics and her flow. We actually did a song together after the show. It’s a cover of The Civil Wars’ “Dust to Dust.”

How were you feeling when you were asked to leave the house? What went through your head? Read more…

Is Ahsha’s Secret Out On The Next Hit The Floor?

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Could Kendall unearth dirt that will set the Hit The Floor world on fire? In a sneak peek for an all new episode, Kendall tracks down German to get his take on Asha and Derrick calling it quits but in the process finds out something juicier: that German was once romantically linked to the Devil Girl.

Kendall gleefully processes the gossip. What could she be up to? Do you think German’s going to play along?

Find out on an all new episode of Hit The Floor Monday at 9 PM ET/PT.

No Orgy-Hula-Hooping On The Next Candidly Nicole

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On the next Candidly Nicole, Nicole Richie tries to set a good influence for her 15-year-old sister Sofia by chaperoning her house party. Monitoring the guest list, setting some specific rules (no naked jump roping! no orgy-hula-hooping!) and inviting her own friends; Nicole is making sure to make Sofia’s party more like her party.

Sofia’s about to “host” a memorable party, that’s for sure. Check out an all new Candidly Nicole tonight at 10 PM ET/PT to see if Nicole can keep her composure as the adult of the fiesta.

“The Puerto Rican Princess Is In An Uproar!”: Find Out Why In This Week’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Sneak Peek

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Maybe for the first time in Stevie J‘s life, something ain’t about the money. In this week’s sneak peek, Stevie is angry with Benzino for putting Mimi on the cover of Hip Hop Weekly, and when Benzino defends his choice by telling Stevie how much money they’re going to see from that cover, Stevie proves he actually has a conscience. Read more…

Throwback To Taylour Paige As A Real Life Laker Girl

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Stars they’re just like us! Before they make it big in the land of glitz and glamor and gluten allergies they have survival jobs. Some aspiring entertainers wait tables, some work in retail and some, well you know, they just start out as Laker Girls. That’s right. In case you didn’t know, Hit The Floor‘s Taylour Paige was a real true blue purple Laker Girl back in 2010. As we discovered from our sleuthing on her old Formspring site, Taylour quit the dance troupe after a few months because she was spread too thin but we were able to unearth a few memorable shots. Read more…

Oh My…The Steamiest, Sexiest GIFs Of This Week’s Episode Of Hit The Floor

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The cast and writers of turned the heat all the way up on this week’s episode of Hit The Floor.

We’re talking scorching hot sex scenes that not only made us clutch our pearls, but made us consider making our own booty calls. Don’t believe us, check out the most intense moments from the sexiest Hit The Floor episode to date. Read more…