‘Mob Wives’ Sneak Peek: Will Nat D Prove To Drita That Natalie G Is A Liar?

by (@damianbellino)

There’s been so much talk about Natalie Guercio this season of Mob Wives but Nat D is ready to silence the other women because she says she has proof that her nemesis is a liar. In a sneak peek for this week’s episode, Drita sits down with Nat D to explain to her that she is sick and tired of hearing her run her mouth about Natalie but Nat says she has some evidence that’s going to silence Drita, once and for all.

Will Drita believe the proof that Nat D delivers? Is Nat D just desperate to have a place in the group? Find out on an all new Mob Wives, Wednesday at 8/9c.

These Tributes To And Photos Of Ahmad “Real” Givens Will Make You Cry

by (@lizburrito)

This past Saturday, VH1 lost a member of the community when Ahmad “Real” Givens passed away from complications due to cancer. After earning notoriety on I Love New York in 2007, Real and his brother Kamal “Chance” Givens were given a spinoff, Real Chance of Love, in 2008. After the run of that series, Real did find love, with wife Racquel, with whom he had a son, Ahmad “Mahdi” Givens. We’ve been so touched by the tributes that Chance has been making since his brother’s passing, and so moved by all the photos of Real’s wife and son, we thought we’d share some of them with you to honor his memory.

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‘Mob Wives’ Bonus: Natalie D Starts To Think Drita Is Soft And All Talk

by (@ShireaCarroll)

Natalie D goes Christmas tree shopping with her day one friends Carla and Lauren, and in no time the conversation goes from trees to Natalie G and Drita.

After going to Drita and tattle telling on Natalie G, aka Nasty Nat, Natalie D is trying to figure out why Drita is still playing nice with Nasty Nat.

“…if your not really a thorough bitch I feel some type of way …I just want to know are you ripping her nose off or not,” Natalie asks Read more…

‘Love And Hip Hop’ Bonus: Chrissy Meets With Chink’s BFF To Set Some Thangs Straight

by (@ShireaCarroll)

After Chrissy finds out that none of her man’s friend or family are feeling her (although they never met her,) thanks to the relationship they all have with Chink‘s estranged wife, Chrissy decides to do something about the situation. Read more…

‘Black Ink Crew’ Bonus: Ceaser’s Nerves Get The Best Of Him In Paris

by (@ShireaCarroll)

While wandering around Paris, trying to find his way – both literally and figuratively, Ceaser starts to question if coming to Paris for Dutchess was the right idea.

While trying to make sense the local map to find Dutchess, he begins to wonders once found will ex-girlfriend be willing to take him back. Read more…

‘Real Chance Of Love’ Star Ahmad “Real” Givens Passes Away



VH1 is incredibly sad to report that Stallionaire and Real Chance Of Love star Ahmad “Real” Givens has passed away from colon cancer at age 33. Givens was diagnosed with cancer in 2013 and as recently as this past October, he was staying positive about his prognosis and posting video for fans.

Our hearts go out to Real’s brother Chance and their loved ones, we’ll truly miss this member of the VH1 family.

VH1 Stars Celebrate Black History Month And Share Their Personal Heroes

by (@damianbellino)

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The month of February, in particular, is a time to honor the courageous black men and women who inspire and pave the way for their community. Everyone has their own personal heroes, from great leaders who fought for equal rights to the writers, artists, inventors, and entertainers who came before them and the VH1 fam is no different. In honor of Black History Month, we asked some of the stars from your favorite shows who gives them inspiration. Their thoughtful responses are honest and personal and a true testament to the brave men and women who have given back (and some of them straight up silly!) Who are your black heroes? Read more…

The Ultimate ’90s Playlist: Get The Music From Episode 7 Of ‘Hindsight’

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Hindsight Becca Lolly

On this week’s episode of Hindsight Becca realized that in spite of going back in time – she may not be able to prevent the bad things from unraveling in her lives. While a mysterious man shows up at Becca’s door, we’re attempting to keep up with all the amazing ’90s music.

Check out our handy list of songs here and stream the official playlist below! Read more…

PSA: You Won’t Believe The Black History Heroes That Inspire The ‘Black Ink Crew’

by (@ShireaCarroll)

As crazy as things get week-to-week on Black Ink Crew, the cast plays no games about paying homage and respecting Black History Month.

Considering the success of Black Ink Tattoo Studio, one of New York’s most successful Black owned shops, many of it’s employees have a lot to say about the people of color that inspire them daily. Read more…

Did You See Omarion’s Video For “Post To Be” With Chris Brown And Jhene Aiko?

by (@damianbellino)

Omarion‘s been teasing the music video for “Post To Be” featuring Chris Brown and Fizz‘s cousin Jhene Aiko for a while and now it’s finally here! The song is pretty hot and it’s really good to see the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star back and doing his thang. The video’s got O and Breezy showing off their dance moves and Jhene showing off her midriff.

What do you think of the “Post To Be” video? We are loving it, we just wish the beautiful Apryl Jones made a cameo!