Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Check Yourself: “Such A Man Doing So Much Women Talk”

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On this week’s Check Yourself for the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta finale, Rasheeda, Karlie and Erica say they’ve never seen anything like Benzino‘s gossip-y talk about Joseline.

Erica says that Stevie knew what he was getting into with Joseline from the get go, “She’s been doing it since day one. Stevie knew what he was getting into. He dug her up out her grave, he gave the ho CPR, he resuscitated her and he gave her life. She was sinking in all that c**.”

Ouch, well, Karlie said “no shade, all tea.” Watch the full episode of Check Yourself now! And tune into the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.

Were You Shocked At The Latest Departure From Make Or Break?

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[SPOILER ALERT} Read more…

Watch Joseline and Stevie J. Participate In The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (And Run Screaming)

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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has swept the nation and no one is immune! Case in point, the Puerto Rican Princess and her beloved beefcake both took part and man is it fun to watch them run screaming after getting ice water dumped on them. Watch the Instagram videos of Stevie J and Joseline getting doused for charity right here! Read more…

Sneak Peek: Nicole Richie Lives By The Rules Of Beverly Hills, 90210

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Nicole Richie and her little sis, Sofia Richie are pretty tight but on an all new episode of Candidly Nicole, Nicole is horrified to see that her sister can barely look up from her phone to engage in a conversation.

In a sneak peek, Nicole asks Sofia if she wants to reach the next level in their friendship – like Brenda Walsh and Kelly Taylor – but Sofia has no idea who Nicole is talking about. “90210 taught me everything,” Nicole screams!

Do you think Nicole and Sofia will be able to make it work like Kelly and Brenda, sorta did? Here’s hoping they have more of a Kelly and Donna Martin thing going on. Tune into an all new episode of Candidly Nicole Thursday at 10 PM ET/PT.

Hunter Valentine Talks Aimee Leaving & Their Make Or Break Experience

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Hunter Valentine's Kiyomi & Laura [Photo: Twitter]

Hunter Valentine’s Kiyomi & Laura [Photo: Twitter]

Last week’s Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project saw a lot of changes within Hunter Valentine. Aimee ultimately broke down and told the band she was going to quit. On tonight’s episode the group reacts and, with Linda Perry‘s guidance, decide how to move on without Aimee.

VH1 recently chatted with Hunter Valentine members, Kiyomi McCloskey and Laura Petracca about their experiences on the reality show, living in a house with a diverse group of artists and what exactly we didn’t see between them and their former bandmate. Read more…

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta “Scumbalaya” Recipe – Who Is The Biggest Scumbag ?

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Surprisingly on the finale of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Mimi decided to meet up with her ex-lover Stevie J over cake, and in between a suspect apology and slow tears, Mimi and Stevie J bring up their current relationships, and get into a small tiff about who out of Nikko and Joseline, were the biggest scumbags.

“It’s levels of scum,” Stevie said before concluding that Nikko and his wife, were a “big bowl of scumbalaya.” We don’t know how Stevie J comes up with half the stuff he says, but looking over all that has happened in Season 3 of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, we’re sure many can agree Nikko and Joseline aren’t the only ones who have done scummy ish. Tell us who you think is the biggest scumbag. Read more…

Bonus Clip: Bambi Cries To Momma Dee, “You’ll Never Accept Me”

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We know Momma Dee has done right by Lil Scrappy recently by apologizing to Erica Dixon and her mother at Erica’s fashion show but the Queen of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta continues to surprise us (and we don’t mean with her singing!) In a bonus clip from the finale, Momma stops by Scrappy’s to connect with an emotional Bambi.

The Bam tearfully reveals to Momma Dee that she “doesn’t think you’ll ever accept me,” and Momma wipes away her tears and apologies if she’s ever “overstepped her boundaries.”

Could Momma Dee be season 3′s MVP when it comes to growth? Could this mean Bambi and Scrappy could for real have a future? Make sure to tune into the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.

Dating Naked Sneak Peek: Angelica’s Never Seen A What Before?

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Dater Angelica by far is the most shy contestant Dating Naked has ever seen. After taking what feels like hours to come out and reveal herself to the cameras, Angelica goes off the bashful deep end making everything more uncomfortable for the herself and the guy she’s dating when she admits she never seen a penis before.

See if Angelica ever stops covering her breasts on the next Dating Naked Thursdays at 9PM ET/PT!

The Funniest Memes From The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Finale

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Last night the finale of all finales, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season 3 came to an end, sorta. Next week the reunion shows begin but until then we’re LOLing all through our timelines.

You guys brought your A game with some funny a** memes giving Joseline, Momma Dee, Benzino‘s neck and the rest of the gang a hard time.

We need to take a breath! Check out the best memes from the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta finale and make sure to check out the reunion next Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.

VH1 Exclusive: Torrei Hart Gives An Honest Response To Kevin Hart’s Engagement Announcement

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TorreiCastProfileOn the premiere night of VH1 newest reality series Atlanta Exes, cast member Torrei Hart found out with the rest of us via social media, that the same ex-husband she was airing out her grievances about on the show — was now engaged.

Yup, in same time VH1 aired it’s second episode of Atlanta Exes featuring Hart, Tameka Raymond, Monyetta Shaw, Sheree Buchanan, and Christina Johnson, ex-husband Kevin Hart posted a photo on his Instagram with his current girlfriend Eniko Parrish showing off her new engagement ring, with the caption, “She said YEEEEESSSSS…… #Happy #MyRib #iF**kingLoveHer.”

The photo was then reposted by many of Kevin’s celebrity friends Dwyane Wade, La La Anthony, Kelly Rowland, and Lebron James , all congratulating Hart and his new fiancĂ©. While many couldn’t believe the coincidental timing, we spoke to the Torrei who has grown to be much more resilient, and says she wasn’t surprised at all. Read more…