Fashions On Fleek: The Looks From The ‘Mob Wives’ Season 5 Reunion

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While we marinate over all the she said, she said from tonight’s Mob Wives‘ reunion, we can’t help but think all the ladies looked absolutely stunning. They really turned it out for their fifth reunion special.

Ang, Karen, and, of course, Natalie Guercio served body while Drita and Renee (with a cast!) gave us timeless glamour. Check out our gallery for an up close and personal look at all of the fashions from the ladies, as well as the men of the show and reunion host Vivica A. Fox. Read more…

Lap Of Luxury: How Did Erica Mena Celebrate Her Fiance’s Birthday?

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Erica Mena must really be in love. According to VH1′s The Gossip Table, the Love & Hip Hop star went all out for Bow Wow‘s birthday, which was on March 9th, and the celebration has been going on for weeks now. For his 28th birthday, Mena has thrown him more than one lavish party, had three custom-made, themed cakes made, and planned a sensual couples massage in their Los Angeles home. To get more of the details and see some photos of their celebration, you need to see this clip! Read more…

Andy’s Favorite Things: Nick Clifford Looks At The ’90s In ‘Hindsight’

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World Premiere of "Farmed and Dangerous," A Chipotle/Piro Production
Nick Clifford plays adorable, puppy dog Andy on VH1′s newest series Hindsight complicating Becca’s romantic life in the past and the present. While Andy pines for Becca while dating Melanie, the actor behind the lovable dude is filling us in on all his favorite things from the 1990s.

Favorite 90s film
Jurassic Park

Favorite 90s TV show

Favorite 90s Toy
Yak Bak and Gameboy

Favorite 90s band
Green Day

Favorite 90s Song
“Everybody” by the Backstreet Boys

Most Memorable Thing That Happened to You in the 90s
“My family and I moved to Brussels, Belgium in 1993.”

90s Crush
Winona Ryder

Favorite 90s Trend
Carpenter Jeans

Trend You’re Glad Went Out of Style

Thing You Miss Most About the 90s
“Things were just a little bit more outrageous back then. The kids shows were out of control…in a good way.”

Catch Nick as Andy on all new episodes of Hindsight, Wednesdays at 10/9c.

Mo’Nique Reflects On Her Time On ‘Charm School’ And The State Of Reality TV

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Monique Pumkin Charm School Cover

Mo’Nique has been making headlines recently by sharing with the Hollywood Reporter that she’s been “blackballed” by Hollywood since her Oscar win for Precious. Amidst this controversy, the actress has a new film, Blackbird, being released, and while promoting it with the Huffington Post, Mo’Nique revisited her Charm School: Flavor of Love days.

The actress said, “I wish there could have been a charm school that I could have attended because I believe there are things that we can learn and be taught that oftentimes we don’t get. So when they called me for Charm School, my thought was, ‘Let’s go in here and love up on each other and figure out how we can make each other better.’”

Since Charm School and the Celebreality days, reality TV has taken a turn to the more intimate with the advent of Love & Hip Hop, Basketball Wives, and the Real Housewives shows. About the state of reality TV, the comedian offered:

“People want to know what you are doing in your bedroom, in your bathroom, in your kitchen, in your basement, in you backyard, in your front yard, in your car, on your yacht. People want to know that. I don’t knock it. Whatever floats your boat because, again, we’re asking people with this movie Blackbird, ‘Don’t judge.’ Right? We’re saying, ‘Don’t judge me,’ so how can we then turn around and judge? So I don’t judge it.”

Do you miss Mo’Nique as an authority figure on reality TV?

‘Love And Hip Hop’ Bonus: Cisco Finds Out About Rich + Diamond’s “Relationship”

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During Erica Mena‘s studio session (yes, she’s still singing), everyone stops by for a visit including Cisco and Rashidah Ali.

Instead of focusing on the music, both Erica and Cisco decide to sip on the tea Rashidah spills that Diamond and Rich are dating, and the fact they may be exclusive considering Diamond introduced herself as Rich’s girlfriend at Tara‘s party. Read more…

Take An Early Look At The Fashions From The ‘Love And Hip Hop New York’ Reunion

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Who here is excited for the Love & Hip Hop season five reunion?? [[Raises hand.]]

In case you missed it on social media last week, the cast taped the two-part reunion and posted a few photos from behind the scenes, so peep some of the gorgeous outfits and makeup chair snapshots right here! We still have a few episodes left before the reunion airs on April 6th, so sit tight and enjoy the rest of the season!

Dafuq: Sky Teaches Walt How To Have Elbow Sex By Demonstrating On Ted?


There are somethings words can not describe, that are simply so weird we are left in a utter state of confusion – like when Black Ink Crew‘s Sky tries to teaches us the art of elbow sex.

Unbeknownst to us, Sky let’s Walt and everyone else know fellatio is a thing of the past and the elbow sex is the new black. We can’t describe it, nor do we want to – but watch Sky shows Teddy some of her oral skills while waiting for the train. Read more…

‘Hindsight’ Sneak Peek: Jamie’s Could Be Falling Down A Dark Path

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Ever since Jamie and Lolly broke up, he’s been on a downward spiral but left us with a glimmer of hope that’s he’s not going to overdose like he did in present day. In a sneak peek for this week’s Hindsight, Jamie discovers that his apartment has been ransacked including thousands of dollars and his dad’s prescription pad. This could not only mean big trouble for Jamie but also his and Becca’s father. We hope Jamie is able to push through! Find out what happens on the Hindsight season finale, Wednesday at 10/9c.

The Most Hilarious Memes From ‘Love And Hip Hop’ Episode 512

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On last night’s Love & Hip Hop, Diamond showed her true colors when she tried to boo up with Rich Dollaz real quick. Meanwhile, Jhonni Blaze had to mark her territory and and so did Yandy with Remy (but Kimbella stepped in her for her bestie!) As usual, the fans were there every step of the way with the best memes on Instagram. Check out our gallery for the most hilarious viral responses and don’t miss an all new Love & Hip Hop, next Monday at 8/7c.

I’m Gonna Need To See That Again: Anya And Donna’s Fight Leads To A Broken Ankle

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“So I’m standing outside, and Anya gets in a can to go home, and I guess she sees me standing outside and this bitch gets out of a moving cab and gets her ankle ran over trying to get me.”

When Donna announced that she wanted to meet up with Anya on Black Ink Crew, the fiancee of the man she has been sleeping with, to clear the air, she had to know things would not end well. And they didn’t. After Donna called Anya crazy, the drinks and hair flew, and the two women wrestled on the ground at a fancy Upper East Side restaurant. And when that was all over and we thought they were each headed home, Anya decides to go for round two with terrible results. You need to watch this s— go down one more time, it’s just too crazy to believe.