Bonus Clip: Karlie & Kalenna Kiss, The Ladies Get Turnt Up

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In a bonus clip from episode 8 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Rasheeda and Kalenna and Karlie Redd are painting New Orleans red in honor Mardi Gras. The ladies escape the hustle of Bourbon street and beads and boobs into a bar where they order a “Gas Mask” and start to get turnt up.

Adopting the Mardi Gras phrase laissez bon temps roulet meaning let the good times roll, the women are ready to be up all night and Kalenna even smacks Karlie with a kiss. Read more…

Linda Perry’s Top 10 Collaborations From Ariana Grande to Courtney Love

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Linda Perry is prepping to mentor green musicians on her new show Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project but the singer-songwriter-producer has been shepherding careers of many of music’s brightest stars for years. (You just didn’t know it.)

Perry has written and produced hits for the likes of popstars like Christina Aguilera to rockers like Courtney Love and everything in between. Read more…

Basketball Wives LA‘s Jackie Christie Says Joseline Needs To Let Her Body Go

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Basketball Wives LA star Jackie Christie has been known to be a sh*t-starter but she says she’s just the sh*t-finisher. Jackie popped by the VH1 offices to get turnt up with her Jackie Christie Collection by Bossard cognac and spilled the the tea on some of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta couples.

Check out what Jackie had to say about Stevie J and Joseline, if she thinks they’re married or not and why Joseline needs to let her body go!

Tune in for an all new episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta on Monday at 8 PM ET/PT to see if Joseline takes Jackies advice.

What do you think of Jackie’s advice? Sage or messy? You think she’s starting sh*t or finishing it?

VH1′s Weekly Wrap-Up: Erica Stands Up To O’Shea

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VH1′s Monday night lineup brought enough heat, drama, and romance to last us throughout the whole week! On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Erica confronted O’Shea about being used in their relationship while on Hit The Floor, Ahsha revealed to Derek that she is afraid to be his girlfriend. Check out these top two moments from this past week on VH1!

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Erica Stands Up To O’Shea

When Erica first started dating O’Shea she knew that he was tight for cash but over time, Erica began feeling used in the relationship. With the cons outweighing the pros, Erica confronts O’Shea and stands up for herself in this heated conversation that turns physical.

You Can’t Handle These Prints: VH1 Fashions Of The Week

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It’s summatime and things are popping! Check out the very best fashions of the week from the VH1 fam.

We’ve got Basketball Wives stunning in prints and Mob Wives reuniting in the club. Lots of our gals are sporting summery whites and linens and obvs the ladies of Love & Hip Hop love a cutout.

Click through our gallery and let us know who you think was looking smoking hot and who was just aiight.

Happy Friday, y’all!

#WhatDoYouMeme: O’Shea’s Dramatic Exit

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This week on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Erica and O’Shea‘s relationship hit the skids — literally. After his car broke down, he needed Erica to bail him out and buy him gas, and, well…that was the end of that. Wait, no, it wasn’t because after begging her for money, he tried to wrestle it out of her hand! We asked you to caption the moment in our weekly #WhatDoYouMeme franchise, and your pictures were amazing. Check out the best fan submissions and check back next week for another installment!

Throwback Photos Of The Cast of Hit The Floor

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The best part of looking back at old pictures is trying to figure out what they say about present day! We’ve scrolled through the archives to find some pretty great pics of the Hit The Floor cast before they were stars and they were cosmically connected, even then.

For example did you know that Rob Riley and Dean Cain both played high school football? Maybe not a shocker but what about the way that Logan Browning and Taylour Paige both manage to have the exact same faces they had when they were babies. Like, not even kidding.

We just absolutely love. Take a look at all your favorite cast members and tune into a new Hit The Floor Monday at 10 PM ET/PT.

The Tabloids Got It Twisted: LeAnn & Eddie Are In Love

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LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian face tough criticism from the tabloids whether it be about their bodies, their exes, invented marital troubles, etc and some how they always walk away heads held high and hands held together.

Take a glimpse at LeAnn & Eddie to see them be followed by papparazi, skydive, cry, kiss, fight and make up.

Buckle up for the season premiere of LeAnn & Eddie Thursday July 17 at 10:30 PM ET/PT.

First Look At Nicole Richie In Candidly Nicole

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You know Nicole Richie as a fashionista, a Hollywood socialite and the daughter of Lionel Richie but now get a glimpse into the every day antics of the lovable personality.

Check out our first look at Candidly Nicole, where Nicole attempts to parallel park with the supervision of her famous pops.

Find out if Nicole learns how to make it between the cones when Candidly Nicole premieres Thursday July 17th at 10 PM ET/PT.

Basketball Wives LA‘s Jackie Christie Gets Drunk On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

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If you tuned into this season of Basketball Wives LA you know that Jackie Christie was creating her own line of cognac that she infamously wanted to name “golden showers.” Well the basketball wife stopped by the VH1 offices to let us have a taste of her Jackie Christie Collection by Bossard and then we went and got turnt up.

We sat down with Jackie and played a little drinking game to episode 8 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta . Have you seen this episode? Tune in or rewatch with us and play along!

Catch a new episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Monday at 8 PM ET/PT and make up your own drinking game and share!