Ray J Does His Best Stevie J Face, Talks Differences Between Love & Hip Hop Hollywood + Atlanta

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Ray J and Stevie J have more in common than their last initials. When Erica Mena stopped by VH1′s No Filter, she said Ray is a combo of her, Peter Gunz and Stevie J on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood! At the premiere party for the new Love & Hip Hop series, Ray lived up to this and did his very best Stevie impression and talked about how Hollywood will be different than Atlanta and New York. Read more…

The Most Hilarious Memes From Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Episode 2

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Aw, man. You guys are so wrong for the way you dug into the cast of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. LOL. We can’t deal with it. No one was safe especially poor Hazel E who was the brunt of the joke last night but hopefully mama will have the last laugh later this season.

Check out our roundup of the most hilarious (and dumbbbbb) memes from episode 2 and don’t miss an all new Love & Hip Hop Hollywood next Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.

Find Out What Nick Carter Sleeps In, Eats On Cheat Day & Says When He Stubs His Toe

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Curious what Nick Carter‘s favorite curse word to scream when he stubs his big toe on a kitchen chair is? How about what Nick’s wife Lauren‘s most embarrassing moment? Ever wondered what Nick sleeps in? (I BET.)

VH1 had an exclusive rapid fire interview with the lovesick couple and some of the answers may surprise you! (Tattoos! Big a** cakes! Big breasts!)

Check out the lightning round now and tune into an all new I Heart Nick Carter Wednesday at 10 PM ET/PT.

T.I. Throwing All Types Of Shade Or Nah?

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Although T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle puts far less emphasis on ratchet behavior and focuses way more on family love, the show does have it’s own share of drama on and off screen.

While revealing his favorite and least favorite Family Hustle moments, T.I. mentions that while the show isn’t really made to have difficult moments to watch – there is a particular person that he does have hard time watching. Read more…

The Casts Of Love & Hip Hop Love To Throw Each Other’s S**t Out

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On this week’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Ray J. surprised Teairra Mari by popping up on her at the tattoo parlour, as you do, and dumping a huge box of her belongings out on the floor in a “I hope you’re happy now, you got your s**t back!” moment. It was a spiteful but not unprecedented move. In fact, it seems like Ray J. took a page from his Love & Hip Hop predecessors Tara Wallace and Mimi Faust who similarly threw the belongings of their former lovers out, but none of them did it in the middle of a public place like Ray J. did. If you recall, Tara cut up the strings and skins of all of Peter Gunz‘s instruments and put the rest of his stuff in Hefty bags on the curb. Mimi brought Stevie all his belongings in three tidy boxes and them basically ran them over with her car. Whose “Get The Eff Out” moment was the coldest? Watch them all and vote below! Read more…

Love & Hip Hop‘s Soulja Boy & K.Michelle Beef On Twitter About Sex Rumors

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SipsTea-1410551346 copy

In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club Power 105 (Check the 16:44 mark), Love & Hip Hop alum K.Michelle opened up about some things she had heard and was none too pleased. The singer said that while promoting Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Soulja Boy made implications that he had slept with her. K. says she didn’t appreciate the insinuations and went on to make some allegations of her own about Soulja’s past. Of course, knowing these two – things heated up online afterwards. Read more…

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Check Yourself: “Bad B*tches Don’t Play Nice”

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This week’s Check Yourself features Moniece and Apryl, who get to watch themselves engage in some light conversation over dildo shopping. Apryl wanted to prevent Moniece from confronting Amanda because “We all know Moniece is crazy — she CRAZY…she is not a joke and she is not to be played with. She’s coming for that ass.”

Later, Lil Fizz watches Moniece confront his new girl and scoffs when Moniece refers to herself as a “Mama Bear” who’s trying to protect her cub. “You’re nowhere close to a mom.” DAMN. Fizz’s disbelief continues throughout the scene. Watch!

Stinky P**** & Baby Mama Drama: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Episode 2 Photos

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If you thought the premiere of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood was turnt way up – well then you ain’t seen nothing. On episode 2 tonight, we met more cast members who already have us shaking our heads and LOLing at their crazy a**es. Nikki Mudarris serving body-ody-ody (ody-ody-ody), Yung Berg and Masika Kalysha all made their debuts tonight and well, let’s just say they were anything but forgettable.

From pet monkeys and wildcats to slapping your employees on the a**, this cast is absolutely wild. Ray J and Teairra Mari continue to struggle with their on-again, off-again relationship (for real off for Ray J, apparently) resulting in an ugly fight between them and Ray’s new girl Princess Love.

We learn that Nikki and Masika are both vying for the attention of producer Mally Mall and Moniece finally met Fizz‘s new woman to make sure she knew who’s the baddest b**** in town. All that and more!

Do you think Mally is worth these two ladies fighting over? Why is Morgan always in the middle? Did Soulja Boy cheat on Nia with Karinne Steffans? Is Hazel tripping by living by Yung Berg‘s rules? Does Teairra need to cut Ray out forever?

Moniece Slaughter Reads Amanda For Filth At The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Premiere Party

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It’s no surprise that Moniece Slaughter‘s least favorite cast member from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood is her ex’s new girlfriend Amanda Secor. At the premiere party from the new series, Moniece shared some of her thoughts about Fizz‘s new woman calling her, “Wrinklestiltskin AKA Casper the Friendly Ghost AKA Amanda AKA my baby daddy’s b****.”

Then the beauty let Amanda know what’s up and gave her advice about showing some respect on national television. Do you think Amanda will listen? Do you think Moniece is being too hard on someone who her son’s father is so invested in?

Find out how the drama unfolds this season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Mondays at 8 PM ET/PT.