Blue Christmas: Listen To Omarion, Fizz And The Rest Of B2K Sing The Holidays Blues

by (@damianbellino)

Christmas songs usually get us in the mood for eggnog, sugar cookies and trimming a tree but some Christmas carols can be downright sad, too! Check this oldie but goodie from boy band B2K with Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast members Omarion and Fizz.

“Why’d You Leave Me On Christmas” is a melancholy look at what happens when you’re heartbroken during the holidays. Watch this throwback video from your favorite boys and sway in front of the fireplace to this one! Merry Christmas!

On The List: The 7 VH1 Show Moments Of 2014 We Couldn’t Stop Talking About



As we wind down on 2014 and get ready for 2015, we can’t help but think of all the zany, wild, crazy, shocking, and “turnt up” moments we witnessed this year being a fan of VH1 reality TV.

So we got a together handful of VH1 employees, who are around this craziness 24/7, to countdown their favorite moments of 2014. Yup, we got them out their seats to mull over which moment in particular was their favorite and why. See if our favorite moments match up with yours.

‘Love And Hip Hop’ Check Yourself: ‘Why The F— Did I Say That???”

by (@lizburrito)

“Why the f— did I say that? This is on national television and I said that I f—ed in the car!” Diamond Strawberry exclaims in this week’s edition of Love & Hip Hop: Check Yourself. And here you thought she might lead with her big news that she has a daughter, but no, she’s mortified that she and Cisco get it on, back-seat style. But later, she reveals how anxious and worried she was to reveal to Cisco (oh wait, sorry, FRANKIE) the news about her daughter and literally sweats the entire scene. Watch the whole clip with additional commentary from Cyn, Erica and Cisco now!

Adorable And Strange Photos Of Chrissy Monroe’s “Fur Baby” Marge Tiffany

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Tonight on episode two of Love & Hip Hop, Diamond Strawberry revealed to her boo, Cisco Rosado that in the past when she was referring to her “dog” she was really referring to “daughter.” Oy.

In honor of fur babies everywhere, we’ve collected some crazy, funny and adorable photos of Chrissy Monroe‘s real “dog daughter” Marge Tiffany. Marge Tiffany is a cute little Chihuahua who Chrissy dresses up in various wigs and even paints her paws!

What do you think of Marge Tiffany? Is she Chrissy’s cute mini me or is it too much? New episodes of Love & Hip Hop air Mondays at 8 PM ET/PT.

[Photos: Chrissy’s Instagram, Marge’s Instagram (Yes, she has one!)]

Check Out These Pics From Amina’s Maternity Photo Shoot

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Amina Peter Pregnancy Photo
See? She let Peter pose with her after all! That’s one cute bump — check out more pics of Amina‘s baby bump below!

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‘Bye Felicia’ Sneak Peek: Deb And Missy Need To Teach Mary To Put On A Bra

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On this week’s Bye Felicia!, life coaches Deborah Hawkes and Miss Young get serious when it comes to their client Mary. Mary’s a mom with a lot on her plate but the ladies still don’t think that’s an excuse for walking around without a bra on.

Deborah says they’ve got a “Mom-ergency” going on and have to pray for Mary to put on a bra, change her Birkenstocks and put on something that isn’t Yoga pants. Is Mary a lost cause or can Deb and Missy bring some of their Atlanta wisdom to Los Angeles? Find out on an all new Bye Felicia!, Tuesday at 9 PM ET/PT.

Meet The Cast Of ‘Hindsight’

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VH1 is about to bring back the ’90s in a big way with the new scripted series, Hindsight, which premieres on Wednesday, January 7th at 10PM ET/PT. To find out more about the characters on the show, which takes place in 1995, and the actors who portray them, watch our Meet The Cast clip now!

Cisco Rosado On Wiz Khalifa And Amber Rose’s Relationship: “I Don’t Know How You F— That Up”

by (@lizburrito)

Now that Wiz Khalifa is a single man, Love & Hip Hop star (and ladies man himself) Cisco Rosado has some advice for him. Cisco can’t quite believe that Wiz left Amber Rose and has been rumored to be dating Flavor of Love star Deelishis these days — hear what he has to say about the situation now!

New Year Babes: The Sexiest Instagram Pictures Of 2014

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The VH1 fam is known for flexing on Instagram with some of the sickest and hottest selfies and modeling pictures and in honor of year’s end, we’ve gone and collected the steamiest photos from 2014. We have all the filthiest, sexiest, most delicious Instagram pics from the crew this whole calendar year.

We’ve got some sultry bedroom eyes and glimpses at all the best bits and pieces of your favorite celebs. Click through our gallery and let us know who is the sexiest of them all.

Happy drooling, and happy New Year!

[Photos: Instagram]

‘Love And Hip Hop’ Bonus Clip: Did Yandy Cheat On Mendeecees When He Was Locked Up?

by (@ShireaCarroll)

After coming home to a warm welcome from Yandy and surprising his sons, Mendeecees starts to get back in the swing of home life. While trying to enjoy the simple things, he just so happens to notice more than a few friendly incoming messages on Yandy’s phone that makes him suspect.

When he goes to confront his fiance about how she kept her time occupied when he was locked up, Yandy goes into defensive mode and instead Read more…