On Episode 4 Of ‘Planet Sebastian’ We Find Out “What’s In The Box”

by (@damianbellino)

Before everyone and their brother had a podcast, a blog or a YouTube channel, there was cable access. That was like, way back in the ’90s. VH1′s new web series, Planet Sebastian, is a throwback to the old cable access talk shows of yore, before the internet and HD cameras. Planet Sebastian features the cast of Hindsight as they all make guest appearances on a local show hosted by Sebastian, the video store clerk, and they discuss the best of ’90s nostalgia. This week, the guest is Lolly and she and Sebastian get serious about horror movies. From Silence of the Lambs to Child’s Play what’s your favorite creepy flick from the ’90s?

Planet Sebastian airs weekly on VH1.com — be sure to come back next week for more!

Mother Hackers And Social Media: ‘Mob Wives’ Episode 507 Recap

by (@damianbellino)

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Was that fight real or what? Lord, we can barely deal with all the social media talk and all the drama going down with the Mob Wives this season. Tonight the ladies met up so that Natalie Guercio and Karen Gravano could “settle” their business about the smack talking that happened on social media. (Drink every time they say social media!) Read more…

Ugly Duckling: That Awkward Picture Karen Posted Of Natalie

by (@damianbellino)

Tonight on Mob Wives Ang called Natalie out for talking major ish about Karen and her abilities as a mother. Natalie fired back that it all started when Karen hacked her mother’s Facebook page and posted a picture of a young Natalie – making fun of her appearance.

We scrounged the internet to find these so-called pictures and were in luck because the pictures and Karen’s alleged caption were still on Nat’s Instagram. Take a look at what Karen wrote and check the second ‘gram for Natalie’s mother’s response to Karen posting photos of her daughter’s awkward years. Read more…

‘Love And Hip Hop’ Bonus: Is Erica Really Over Her Exes Cyn And Rich?

by (@ShireaCarroll)

In this bonus footage, Erica meets up with her lifestyle coach Rashida Ali to download on the crazy outburst she had at Rich‘s liquor release party.

After Erica accused Rich of wanting Cyn, took the mic to practice a British accent, and was ready to fight a door for getting in the way, Rashida asks her friend are lingering feelings the cause for her behavior.

See what Erica has to say, and catch new episodes of Love & Hip Hop Mondays 8/7c.

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Feeling It Or Nah? Tiny’s New Purple Braids

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Over the weekend singer-turned-reality star Keke Wyatt celebrated her soon-to-arrive eighth child with a baby shower attended by family friend and Family Hustle star Tameka “Tiny” Harris.

Known for her frequent hairstyle switches, Tiny showed up to the shower held at the Suite Lounge in Atlanta, rocking purple box two-toned braids. With her icy grayish blue new eye color, are the purple plaits complimenting her look? Read more…

The Cutest Pictures Of Brittish Williams And Lorenzo Gordon

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Basketball Wives LA‘s Brittish Williams and Lorenzo Gordon are serving major relationship goals on Brittish’s Instagram that we just had to share the love! Even when the cameras aren’t rolling we love seeing a ride-or-die couple there for each other. Check out these sweet photos of the reality star with her hunky (that smile) basketball player fiancĂ©, Lorenzo. Read more…

‘Mob Wives’ Philly vs. Philly Showdown: May The Best Natalie Win

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When Natalie Guercio joined Mob Wives last season, from her delicious accent and her ongoing fight with Renee Graziano, this rookie left her mark. This season, a new Natalie, Natalie DiDonato, has stepped onto the scene and shaken things up in Staten Island. How do these two Natalies, both Philadelphia natives, stack up against one another?

Read more…

Precious Paris Explains Her Loyalty To 50 Cent

by (@lizburrito)

In case you’re unfamiliar with Love & Hip Hop newcomer Precious Paris, she’s been part of 50 Cent‘s G-Unit collective for a few years now. In this interview, Paris explains her “audition” process with 50 who out her through some hip hop boot-camp the day she met him to hear her sing and rhyme. She explains that she’s a “loyal bitch” and will always be on 50′s team.

‘Black Ink Crew’ Bonus: Dutchess Has To Tell Anya That O’Sh*t Got Locked Up

by (@ShireaCarroll)

Dutchess pays O’Sh*t‘s 3rd baby mama, Anya, a visit to tell her that O’Sh*t has found himself in trouble again with another arrest.

Dutchess feels terrible that she has to deliver the news, and Anya breaks down when she shares what is supposed to be the best time in her life really has been the worse,

See if Anya will have to prep for the arrival of her baby on her own, and catch new episodes of Black Ink Crew on Mondays at 9/8c.

‘Love And Hip Hop’ Bonus: Tara Says Amina Made ‘A Choice’ To Deal With All The Lies + Drama

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This week new mom Amina invited Tara to lunch to make sense of the “family vacation” Peter revealed he took with his ex girlfriend.

Just when the the two baby moms were in the process of figuring out all Peter‘s lies, Tara took a left and insisted that Amina be more accountable for the decisions she made that got her in this situation.

Check out Tara at 1:19 mark to explain what she meant at the lunch, and catch new episodes of Love & Hip Hop Mondays 8/7c.

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