Sneak Peek: LeAnn & Eddie Go To Therapy, For Their Dog

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LeAnn Rimes has insisted that she’s still the little lady from the south but she’s always up to some very LA stuff. On this week’s LeAnn & Eddie, when LeAnn’s dog, Precious seems unlike herself LeAnn tells Eddie they need to do something.

Eddie says she’s just old but LeAnne insists that she’s going to take the pup to a doggie therapist. Eddie wonders what Precious will “talk about” – never knowing her father, not having children, missing her ovaries. He scoffs, “Only in LA.”

Find out how dog therapy goes for the Rimes-Cibrian family on the next episode of LeAnn & Eddie Thursday at 10:30 PM ET/PT.

K. Michelle Talks Rebellious Soul Musical, R. Kelly & Redefining Her Sound

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K. Michelle [Photo: Atlantic Records]

K. Michelle [Photo: Atlanta Records]

Tonight K. Michelle: The Rebellious Soul Musical premieres featuring the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta favorite in her first major acting role. VH1 chatted recently with the musician about doing things her own way, not getting advice from R. Kelly and what acting means to her.

VH1: So the K. Michelle: The Rebellious Soul Musical premieres Tuesday. Why a musical and why now?

K. Michelle: Well, [the album] Rebellious Soul came out a year ago and I wanted to present it in a different manner. I wanted it to be a conversation piece. I wanted people to see more detail – what this album was about. So what better way to commemorate, you know, your very first album than to team up with VH1; team up with Idris [Elba] and Atlantic Records and get it done.

So we get to see a different side of K. in the musical – you’re acting! Is that something you’re passionate about? Something you want to do more of?

I’m doing it! I’m working on some things, as far as a sitcom for me. I’m really into acting because it’s something I loved to do. You know, certain actors [are like,] ‘Oh, no, you’re funny. You have to act.’ I’ve looked up to Jamie Foxx and the first day he met me, he said, ‘No more reality [television], you gotta do scripted.’ And I was like, ‘Okay, maybe both.’ [Laughs]

The musical has drawn comparisons to Trapped in the Closet and R. Kelly, famously, was a mentor of yours. Did you get any advice from him or did he have any input?

No, I don’t speak to him anymore. He liked to go around and say he had sex and stuff with me. When he was my mentor, I did take a lot from that and pay attention. When looking at Trapped in the Closet- it was an amazing creative idea, and no one can take away what a genius he is – but I wanted to step it up with texture and how this is shot – so clean. They didn’t want it to look bootleg or anything. I say it’s better than Trapped in the Closet.

Whose career do you like up to now? What kind of career do you imagine K. Michelle to have at the end of the day?

I completely look at Pink’s career and admire it so much because she knew who she was. This is my second record deal, I was on Jive Records and I felt like they wanted me to be something and do things that weren’t me. At Atlantic Records [they’re] like, ‘Go for it, do whatever.’ I just want to go down as someone that people look at and say ‘it’s not how you start, it’s really how you finish and we can see that in her career.’

So, you’re working on your sophomore album? What can you tell us about it? What can we expect?

What people don’t seem to know about me is – it’s the fact that I am a classically trained pianist and play guitar and produce and compose. African American females really, really love me and listen to me. And that’s been my focus for so long, but I feel like pain and hurt and growth and real life has no color. And I’ve been determining, with this album, that the record that I am writing and composing can play on every format of radio and touch every single person. Not just gender-based, not just ethnicity but just great music overall. So this album—I was determined, I was not going to be boxed and I was going to touch everybody. I have an amazing country record. I have an amazing acoustic record on this album and it’s not all over the place. It actually flows, because we need to understand that all music—good music is good music and there’s no genre for it.

K. Michelle: The Rebellious Soul Musical airs Tuesday at 10 PM ET/PT on VH1.

Check Out Nick Carter’s Music Video With NKOTB’s Jordan Knight

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Nick Carter joins the VH1 fam this fall with I ‘Heart’ Nick Carter about his nuptials to now-wife Lauren Kitt but in the meantime you can get your fix for the Backstreet Boy with his new side project Nick & Knight. The musical collaboration features Nick with fellow boy bander, Jordan Knight. Check out the music video for the duo’s debut single “One More Time” featuring lots of white, photo taking and natural light.

Not gonna lie, pretty obsessed with the song, kind of like Millennium-era Backstreet Boys with more drums and a Maroon 5 vibe. What do you think of Nick & Knight?

The Nick & Knight album drops September 2. I ‘Heart’ Nick Carter premieres Wednesday September 10 at 10 PM ET/PT on VH1.

Episode 2: The Atlanta Exes Eat Their Meal With A Side Of Side Eye

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On the second episode of Atlanta Exes, we got to know this sisterhood of southern women a bit more and we learned a few very important things. Actually, make that one important thing: Tameka Raymond is not shy about voicing her opinion. Whether she’s criticizing Sheree for popping off with her own of-age daughter, or judging Christina for dating a man whose separation is not yet final, Tameka proved she is the queen of sizing you up with a LOOK. Case in point, we’d like to highlight some of the funniest shade-throwing moments from episode two — not just from Tameka, but credit where credit is due, she does give the best side-eye of all.

Watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Traci Steele Go OFF On Tonight’s Atlanta Exes

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Nice to see you, Traci Steele! We were thrilled to see the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star pop up (and pop off) on tonight’s second episode of Atlanta Exes in defense of her friend Torrei Hart. In case you missed it, here’s the tea: Torrei showed up to co-star Tameka Raymond‘s charity sale to benefit her late son Kile’s foundation, Kile’s World. After receiving attitude from Tameka, Torrei called her out on it and Traci joined in in defense of her friend. Things went left when Tameka made one last snide remark to Traci and that’s when Traci went IN.

If there’s one thing you don’t do it’s piss off a woman from Atlanta, so watch Traci come for Tameka in this clip. Will this be the last we see of Traci Steele? Stay tuned to find out!

Clean Out Your Closet : Alanta Exes Premiere Episode

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Atlanta Exes aired it’s premiere episode, and tonight we all got a little more insight into the lives of Tameka Raymond, Torrei Hart, Monyetta Shaw, Christina Johnson, and Sheree Buchanan.

Through all the tears and heartbreak we witnessed this episode, we also learned that although these ladies have called it quits on their past relationships, their emotions are still a very present.

In case you missed, check out the best clips from Episode 1. Read more…

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Finale Photos: Slorish Ways, Masturbation Rooms, + Scumbalaya

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Wait, season three is over? Did Althea really think a wedding took a day to plan? Momma Dee was dead serious about that song, huh? Who told Rich the driver he could get his fifteen minutes of fame? Why is Karlie always trying to coin a phrase? Did the scene with Joseline and Stevie J by the pool feel kind of pimp-ish? Waka has only 10,000 out of 2 million of his sperm working? Did Stevie J throw his own invite only party?
Did Joseline really smash the driver? Whatttttt is going on? Read more…

Exclusive: Mob Wives‘ Alicia DiMichele “Better End Up Back On TV”

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Alicia DiMichele and sons [Photo: Alicia DiMichele]

Alicia DiMichele and sons [Photo: Alicia DiMichele]

Mob WivesAlicia DiMichele‘s is a free woman! The reality star’s legal troubles have been playing out in court for embezzling accusations, potentially facing six months in prison. According to The New York Daily News, DiMichele was sentenced to four years probation and agreed to pay restitution. We caught up with the mob wife in July when she told us, “I continue to remain happy, positive and strong for myself and my boys.” In a statement to VH1 today, DiMichele says: Read more…

Check Out The First Look Of Drumline: A New Beat

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The drumline is back in season! Check out the first look at VH1′s original film Drumline: A New Beat. A sequel to 2002′s Drumline, the new flick will reunite stars of the original, Nick Cannon and Leonard Roberts with new blood like Single LadiesLeToya Luckett.

Nick Cannon told Nick Lachey on Big Morning Buzz Live in April that sequel will be a “new story within that same world and that same culture.”

Check out the sexy and funny teaser trailer now and stayed tune for Drumline: A New Beat this fall only on VH1.

Make Or Break Sneak Peek: Aimee Puts The Band Breakup To Music

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Last week on Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project tensions came to a head and Aimee quit Hunter Valentine after much back and forth.

In a sneak peek for this week’s episode, Linda has a solo session with Aimee that takes an emotional turn. While Aimee works through all the crummy feelings of going through a breakup, Linda tells her to just sing. Put it to music.

Do you think Aimee made the right decision to leave the band? Find out what happens next on an all new Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project Wednesday at 11 PM ET/PT.