Another NEW Episode Of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Airs This Thursday — Watch A Sneak Peek Now!

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This week, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fans are getting a special treat — another brand new episode on a very special night! Yup, we’re airing the next episode of the show this Thursday, July 31 at 8PM ET/PT (with an encore at the usual time on Monday night at 8PM in case you miss it). If that wasn’t good enough, we have a sneak peek of Thursday’s episode right here. Read more…

The Funniest Memes From Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 14

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Last night on Love & Hop Hop Atlanta, Yung Joc and Karlie Redd‘s relationship was under fire when Joc got caught in a lie. Meanwhile Mimi received some sad news about her father. What happened on the other side on the world wide web? Well you guys were making us LOL.

From Miss Piggy memes to O’Shea cameos, you guys spared no one and we are better for it.Check out our gallery of the funniest memes from last night’s episode and let us know what you think in the comments.

Tune into a special all new episode of Love & Hip Hop this Thursday at 8 PM ET/PT.

Happy National Lipstick Day From Rasheeda!

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If there is one person in this world who can pull off ANY lip color, it’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Rasheeda Frost. We never knew blue lips could be so beautiful until we saw her rocking them, and now we live for her Instagram account whenever she posts a new hue. Take a peek at Rasheeda’s lips as she rocks every color of the rainbow!

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The Scoop On Kalenna & Tony’s Baby Names & Being Under One Roof

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Last night on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Kalenna went to the doctor with Rasheeda to confirm that she’s pregnant. While her physician seemed concerned, ultimately she got a thumbs up and is now prepping for baby number two. VH1 had a chat with Kalenna about motherhood, baby names and having her whole family under one roof finally.

Baby Basics
“I just got back from the doctor. The doctor said, ‘How you feeling?’ I said, ‘Oh, okay, my lower back’s cramping, my legs are cramping, stuffy nose. [Laughs] And he was like, ‘Oh, regular pregnancy stuff.’ I am four and a half months. I’ll be five months in, maybe a week and a half. I’m due on December 25th! I have a Christmas baby.”

Boy or Girl
“Of course, I want a little girl and that would definitely make my life totally complete but I’m definitely not pressed for anything but a healthy baby at this point. You know there were complications in the beginning and it was just like, we hope everything’s okay with the baby. The doctor was pretty concerned. Everything turned out to be cool but once that happened I just didn’t want to mess with the serendipity of it all. 10 fingers, 10 toes and no health issues and I’m straight.” [Laughs] Read more…

Hit The Floor‘s Indecent Proposals & Fun Facts: Get The Scoop From James LaRosa

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Each week, Hit The Floor creator James LaRosa provides us with some photos from his personal archive to give us a look at life on the set of the show. This week he reveals that Logan Browning actually has a bit of evil Jelena in her after all, and that he has a three-way love affair going with Dean Cain and Kimberly Elise — poor Ahsha, it was hard enough for her to learn her father’s identity, now she has to deal with the fact that her parents are in a thruple with their showrunner??

For more great photos from the show, follow James’s Instagram account, @JamesLaRosa. Read more…

Inside The Arena: Lionel Plans To Focus On Her Family

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Hit The Floor took an insane turn this week when Pete and Sloane decided to give their relationship another try….while Lionel decided to pee on a pregnancy test and reeled from the results. And on this week’s Inside The Arena, Lionel furtively discusses being in a family way by revealing she plans to take some time off from acting. Read more…

Hit The Floor Video Recap – Episode 10

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After last week’s sexy (sexy, sexy) episode we weren’t sure what to expect this episode of Hit The Floor. This week’s episode is full of mysterious drama with a bit of Derek and Ahsha and German ish being drudged up. Meanwhile, Kyle puts her powers to use to find some dirt out about Olivia and a role she may have played. Sloane playing Nancy Drew (and maybe getting caught) and a possible pregnancy?! O.M.G.

Check out the week’s 5 most scandalous moments from our favorite scripted series, Hit The Floor that were so juicy, you just have to have seconds.

Caught Ya In A Lie: The Craziest Moments of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 14

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Wait, Kalenna‘s husband Tony has nine kids? Did Karlie really think Joc was through dealing Khadijah? Why was Stevie J so insensitive about the death of Mimi‘s father? Aren’t we glad everything is good with Kalenna and the baby? Will Erica D‘s fashion line be successful? Waka smokes that much that Tammy wants to go to a fertility clinic? Whatttttt is going on? Read more…

LeAnn Rimes With A Shotgun?! Eddie & LeAnn Head To Nashville

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LeAnn Rimes may not strike you as the hunting type but in a sneak peek for this week’s LeAnn & Eddie we discover the country star once upon a time learned to hunt raccoons with a shotgun. In episode 3, LeAnn and Eddie visit Nashville to visit with LeAnn’s father.

It should be an interesting visit because as LeAnn puts it, Eddie doesn’t exactly fit in down south. She wants him to be prove he’s “more than just a pretty face.” The trip also poses to be dramatic because the singer’s relationship with her dad has been riddled with legal issues in the past.

Will LeAnn and her pops be a-okay? Will Eddie be able to prove that he’s more than a handsome man? Find out on an all new LeAnn & Eddie Wednesday at 10:30 PM ET/PT.