Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Check Yourself: The Ultimate Line Of Disrespect

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Kirk stepped in it this week on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta when he let it slip that he gave Karter a secret DNA test to prove he was the baby’s father. On this episode of Check Yourself, Rasheeda watches his slip-up and is NOT having any of these shenanigans. “I know you didn’t think I would stoop to your level and go out here and do some bulls—t. I have what you call morals and values, bruh. So for you to go out there and do something like that, that’s the ultimate line of disrespect.” Read more…

Gas Money, Peen Pics + Bubble Baths: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 8

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O’Shea didn’t really call Erica Dixon for gas money did he? Will Joseline‘s career really get off the ground and finally take off? Did Kirk really mush Mama Shirleen’s forehead like that? Does Mimi really believe Nikko didn’t leak the sex tape? Just how many times did Kaleena, Karlie and Rasheeda say “d*ck” during their mini vacation? Whatttttt is going on?

Quickly scroll through the best moments of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta episode 8 in photos, and Read more…

Who Should Scrappy End Up With?

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Why in the world does Scrappy have so many women wiling to fight — literally, tooth and nail — over him? In seasons one and two of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Erica Dixon had to put up with Scrappy’s shenanigans with Shay Johnson. And now in season three, even though he professed his love for Bambi (love but not IN LOVE), he was messing with Erica Pinkett too. And after watching this week’s episode where he and Erica Dixon met up to discuss their relationship troubles, we can’t help but LOVE them as a couple again and are rooting for them to get their s— together and work things out.

With so many women vying for his affection, we have to wonder, will Scrappy really end up with any of them? Take our poll and let us know who you think the winner will be, and scroll through our gallery of Scrappy and all his women now!

#WhatDoYouMeme: Oshea Be Like Mad Broke

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Tonight on episode 8 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Erica is struggling with her relationship with Oshea the model, who is super sexy but is always damn broke.

Eventually the drama comes to ahead and Oshea needs some space but when he’s running on E it’s Erica he’s hitting up for help. Oshea seems pretty mad – he’s all, you knew my situation! All while giving us a face that could be used as pretty hilarious Love & Hip Hop Atlanta meme.

And that’s exactly what we want you to do. Read more…

Great Dad, Amazing Kids: Game Wins All The Parenting Awards

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There is no doubt that Game is a devoted dad. He may have split from Tiffney Cambridge, but he’s doing his very best to make sure his kids, Harlem, Justice, and Cali, are raised in a loving and supportive environment, and he makes sure the world knows just how much he adores these children. From posting proud honor roll pics, to taking the kids to Disneyland, to covering them with kisses, this man’s dad-love is deep. (And yeah, it only makes him more sexy.) Check out our favorite photos of Game in dad mode, and wish the man a Happy’s Father Day!

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16 Adorable Photos of Scrappy Being The Best Dad Ever

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Each week on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Lil’ Scrappy doesn’t always make the best decisions when it comes to women. From drama with ex-fiancé Erica Dixon to bestie turned boo Shay then to new bae Bambi or his whatever situation with Erica Pinkett, it’s always a little dramatic.

At the end of the day though there’s one thing we know for sure: when it comes to the number one spot in Scrappy’s heart, that belongs to his daughter with Erica, Emani Richardson. It takes a real man to show up for his daughter every day and help her with her homework and be there for all the important stuff.

Let’s salute Scrappy and all the fathers out there, who do right by their kids. Happy Father’s Day to all you pops!

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21 Sexy Photos Proving That T.I. Is The Hottest Dad Ever!

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Say what you want about rapper-actor-star of T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle but one thing’s for sure – there’s no denying Tip is fiiiiine.

T.I. knows how to rock so many looks from hard rapper to style icon to goofy dad, we just can’t get enough of Mr. Clifford Harris. His body is snatched too, so that helps.

Don’t believe us? The proof is in the pictures. Check out our Father’s Day gallery in honor of our very favorite dad and then stop drooling!

Happy Father’s Day, Tip!

You Are The Father: VH1 Stars And Their Baby Daddies!


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Undeniably many of our VH1 stars have some of the most attractive kids and you know, they can’t take all the credit. In honor of Father’s Day Weekend, we want to shout out some of these unknown guys from the great parental partners, amazing fathers, and simply deadbeat sperm donors.

Some of these men have popped up on a show, some of them are still with their kid’s mother and some of them, well we we scoured the internet to find!

Check out our gallery and let’s give snaps to all the great dads out there and those moms who have to pull double duty ever day!

Happy Father’s Day, y’all!

What’s Love Got To Do With It: Sleazy & Zino Spill The T On Joseline & Althea

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What’s love got to do with it? That’s the question Stevie J poses in a cut scene from episode 7 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Stevie and Benzino are chillin and having “boy talk” to discuss what’s up with their relationships with Joseline and Althea

Zino says he invested time and money into Althea when they first met but he feels like she’s not always nurturing him. Stevie says he loves Joseline but he doesn’t always feel appreciated. Benzino agrees, “If we’re not cheating then they should be able to deal with the rest.”

Stevie nods, “Appreciation, that’s the word of the day!”

What do you think? Do the ladies not appreciate what Stevie and Benzino do for them? Do you think if they’re monogamous then they should be okay with “the rest”?

VH1′s Weekly Wrap-Up: T.I. Saves The Day + Major Attends His First Dance

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This week we were treated to a double dose of T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle! On the first episode, T.I. saved the day during Major’s field trip to the fire house while on the second episode the whole Harris family helped Major prepare for his first school dance.

Read more…