Spooky, Scary + Ratchet: Halloween Costume Ideas For VH1 Celebs

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From Tameka Raymond and Torrei Hart reading each other for filth on Atlanta Exes to Karlie Redd coming up with every nickname under the sun for Joc‘s “real estate agent” Khadiyah on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, you know our celebs know how to hurl an insult.

We know that it’s not always so nice but we think that the Hazels and Miss Nikki Babies of the world should show the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood haters where to go by having the last laugh. So, we’ve come up with a handy Halloween costume guide for all our cast members who have been name called.

From the “busted ass Cabbage Patch dolls” to the “pimento cream cheese” — we’ve collected the worst insults and made the best costume suggestions! Now, get yourself to a party and win first prize.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Check Yourself: Slingin’ That Nasty Brown

by (@lizburrito)

Was Omarion really going to get his turtleneck snipped for Apryl? In this week’s Check Yourself, Apryl explains that she’s always horny, and as a pregnant lady with limited real estate for him down there, she needed him to scale back on what he was giving her. “I want Omari to get snipped now! I need sex!” Apryl reflects. Is that really how circumcision works? ‘Cause we don’t really think these two understand how little is removed in the process… Read more…

Smashed On The First Date: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Episode 7 In Pictures

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It’s hard to know what’s going on in the world of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. On episode 7, Ray J got arrested and who came over to see if he was doing okay? None other than his ex Teairra Mari. Could these two be headed for a reconciliation? It certainly seemed that way, the way Ray’s manager Cash talked about the former couple.

Meanwhile Soulja told Nia he’s really ready to take the next step and move in with her and her daughter but then he had to meet her family. They’ve been together, off and on, for eight years and he’s never met your family, Nia?

What did you think of last night’s episode? Did you miss Masika and Nikki beefing over Mally Mall? Do you think Miss Leslie‘s apology to Apryl was genuine? Do you think Berg is a true “bish” the way he dumped Hazel‘s purse? Let us know what you thoughts in the comments!

5 Reasons You Can’t Compare Drumline And Drumline: A New Beat

by (@ShireaCarroll)

drumlinerecapAfter the airing of Drumline: A New Beat, we think it’s safe to say the modernized version was just a good as the original Drumline that premiered back in 2002.

Twitter wars that have been started trying to pit the two films against each other are going to be hard to win, considering the remake took a slightly different angle than the original to make it unique, but still had just enough similarities. Because both films were equally as good here are five reasons why we think you shouldn’t compare the two: Read more…

Nikki Calls An Emergency Therapy Session On This Week’s Couples Therapy Sneak Peek

by (@lizburrito)

Nikki and Juan Pablo‘s relationship has been on rocky terrain since they left The Bachelor, but this week on Couples Therapy, Nikki is at a point where she almost seems ready to quit. In this sneak peek, she and Juan Pablo sit down with Dr. Jenn for an emergency session because she needs him to just be straight with her. Forget the language and cultural barriers, she needs to know what he’s feeling, and she calls him out for not being real – an accusation that he’s not happy about.

Find out what happens next on this week’s Couples Therapy, Wednesday night at 9PM ET/PT.

I Heart Nick Carter Sneak Peek: Will Nick Carter Force His Wife-To-Be To Sign An Impromptu Prenup?!

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The struggle between regular girl and Backstreet Boy has been very real for Nick Carter and Lauren Kitt on I Heart Nick Carter but could there be a war on the big day? In a sneak peek for the season finale, Nick manager Lori stops by the bridal suite to give Lauren well wishes but not before asking the future Mrs. Carter to sign an agreement.

“Does Nick know about this,” Lauren asks. Her sister, Alexandra, is outraged, asking, “Is this a prenup?”

Could Lauren be tricked into signing a prenup on her wedding day? Did Nick make Lori do his dirty work? Find out on the season finale of I Heart Nick Carter Wednesday at 11 PM ET/PT.

Tiffany “New York” Pollard & Jose Canseco Set To Appear On Season 2 Of E!’s Botched

by (@damianbellino)

We’ve been seeing a lot of Tiffany “New York” Pollard over here at VH1.com but now the Flavor of Love star will appear on E!’s second season of Botched dealing with some of her own plastic surgery gone wrong. “Purchase it – if you weren’t born with it,” the reality star says in the teaser of getting things nipped and tucked. Read more…

What’s Your Love & Hip Hop Name?

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Have you ever noticed that there’s a pattern to a lot of the names on Love & Hip Hop? First you had Mama Jones, then there was Momma Dee. We’ve had Erica Dixon, Erica Mena, Erica Pinkett and Erica J, Lil Scrappy and Lil Fizz, and Ray J and Stevie J. And then there are the stage names: Why be Ray Scott when you can be Benzino? Why settle for Omari when you could be Omarion?

We’ve implemented a very scientific algorithm so that you too can receive your very own Love & Hip Hop name. All you have to do is enter your name to see what our hip-hop-super-computer comes up with, and don’t forget to share your name with your friends on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #LHHName. And for fun, in the clip below, watch as Erica Mena plays “Name That Erica” to see how well she knows the ladies who share her name.

Thanks to Dan Spagnoli and Lily Roche for being the brains behind the Name Generator.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Bonus – Morgan Says Ray J Is Messing With Her Financial Stablilty

by (@ShireaCarroll)

After getting harshly fired by Ray J, personal assistant Morgan Hardman sits down with Ray J’s girlfriend, Princess Love, to confide in her about the “financial rollercoaster” she feels she’s on with Ray.

“He doesn’t want it to ever be another Kim Kardashian situation,” says Morgan who feels Ray J would never help her grow into becoming more than an assistant in this never-before-seen footage.

Will either of them be the bigger person and apologize? Catch the next Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Mondays at 8 PM ET/PT.