What Nicole Wore: A Look At Nicole Richie’s Episode 6 Wardrobe

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Nicole Richie is obsessed with Beverly Hills 90210, as were most of us back in the day. So of course she’d pull out her finest vintage ’90s flannels and combat boots for her 9-0-TOUR-1-0 in this week’s Candidly Nicole. Read more…

Hang Out With Your Wang Out: Watch This Week’s Funniest Dating Naked Bloopers

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What exactly is a sexual healer, and how do you become one? And also, are you hiring? Read more…

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘s Omarion Doesn’t Buy The Beyonce & Jay Z’s Divorce Rumors

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We’re all concerned about the state of Queen Bey and Jay Z‘s marriage but Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Omarion said he doesn’t believe the rumors. When asked about for his thoughts on the divorce speculation, he said, “Rumors are rumors, I don’t really pay attention to stuff like that.” We hope you’re right, Omarion.

Your Guide To Who’s Who In Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

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This week the cast of VH1′s highly anticipated Love & Hip Hop Hollywood was officially announced and you were either so into it or had a lot of ish to say about it. Of course you’re familiar with Soulja Boy, Omarion and Ray J but what about some of these other peeps? From DJs to party promoters to LA heiresses, the cast is quite a collection of characters.

Check out their stats below with where you can find them on Twitter and Instagram and click through our gallery to familiarize yourself with these faces now! Read more…

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Star Omarion Thinks Nicole Murphy Can Get It

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We were all disappointed to hear that Hollywood Exes star Nicole Murphy split up with Michael Strahan, but there’s one person who’s not worried at all for Nicole, and that’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star and singer Omarion. When he was asked what he thought about the split, he was confident that Nicole will be juuust fine. “She gon’ find her another man REAL quick!”

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Sneak Peek: Erica P. Says Scrappy Wanted Her P—y

by (@ShireaCarroll)

After a season full of unexpected drama, part one of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Reunion show will air next Monday with Scrappy, Bambi, and Erica Pinkett trying to figure out the definition of a “friend.”

While Scrappy still holds on to the fact Erica Pinkett was just a homie, Erica becomes tired of Bambi’s name calling and reveals what Scrappy was really after. Read more…

VH1 Exclusive: K. Michelle On Iggy Azalea Beef, Joseline Collab & Her Spinoff

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You can say a lot of things things about K. Michelle but one thing’s for sure, the lady’s always working. From her Rebellious Soul Musical to her Love & Hip Hop spinoff this winter to her sophomore album and being a single mom, the singer has her hands in many pots. We recently chatted with K. about her musical inspirations, transitioning into acting and what to expect on her next album.

Check out part 2, where K. opens up about what to expect on her new show, who she’d collaborate with from the Love & Hip Hop cast and what that Perez Hilton and Iggy Azalea Twitter beef was really about. Read more…

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Check Yourself: “Such A Man Doing So Much Women Talk”

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On this week’s Check Yourself for the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta finale, Rasheeda, Karlie and Erica say they’ve never seen anything like Benzino‘s gossip-y talk about Joseline.

Erica says that Stevie knew what he was getting into with Joseline from the get go, “She’s been doing it since day one. Stevie knew what he was getting into. He dug her up out her grave, he gave the ho CPR, he resuscitated her and he gave her life. She was sinking in all that c**.”

Ouch, well, Karlie said “no shade, all tea.” Watch the full episode of Check Yourself now! And tune into the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.

Were You Shocked At The Latest Departure From Make Or Break?

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[SPOILER ALERT} Read more…

Watch Joseline and Stevie J. Participate In The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (And Run Screaming)

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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has swept the nation and no one is immune! Case in point, the Puerto Rican Princess and her beloved beefcake both took part and man is it fun to watch them run screaming after getting ice water dumped on them. Watch the Instagram videos of Stevie J and Joseline getting doused for charity right here! Read more…