Episode 2 Of ‘Planet Sebastian’ Breaks Down Sports Films Of The ’90s

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Before everyone and their brother had a podcast, a blog or a YouTube channel, there was cable access. That was like, way back in the ’90s. VH1′s new web series, Planet Sebastian, is a throwback to the old cable access talk shows of yore, before the internet and HD cameras. Planet Sebastian features the cast of Hindsight as they all make guest appearances on a local show hosted by Sebastian, the video store clerk, and they discuss the best of ’90s nostalgia. This week, the guest is Melanie and the topic is their favorite sports films of the ’90s — check them reenact Sebastian’s favorite scene from non sports film The Running Man now!

Planet Sebastian airs weekly on VH1.com — be sure to come back next week for more!

Peter Gunz Sings About Marrying His Side Chick On ‘Wild N’ Out’

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“Ladies! If you’ve been following my life, you know it’s been real difficult and hard for me.. Fellas, help me out please,” begins Peter Gunz‘s new hit song, “Side Chick,” about his marriage to Amina. Okay, okay, it may not actually be a hit single, but Peter sings a new song about marrying his side chick on Nick Cannon‘s MTV show Wild N’ Out, which will air tonight at 11pm ET/PT. Watch the clip above to see Peter croon “I’m gon’ make you my wife, but you still gon’ be my side chick.” At least he’s self aware?

‘Love + Hip Hop’ Bonus Clip: Yandy + Mendeecees Reveal The Destination For Their Wedding

by (@ShireaCarroll)

Yandy and Mendeecees are going full steam ahead with their wedding plans.

While scouting venues in NYC with their planner, Yandy begins to explain what feel she’s really trying to go for during her wedding. It takes her soon-to-be husband Mendeecees all but a minute to suggest the perfect destination wedding location. Read more…

I’m Gonna Need To See That Again: Peter Chooses To Be With Amina…By Default

by (@KMeena720)

“I figure it’s time to finally in my life pick a side.” – Peter Gunz

After sneaking off on a trip to Barbados with Tara and their two sons, Peter Gunz tells Amina that he is finally fully committing to her and their relationship. But how he said it brings Amina to tears…and not the joyful kind.

Peter admits that he never fully gave his relationship with Amina a chance because of his lingering feelings for Tara. Peter tells Amina that while he was away on his “business trip”, he spoke to Tara about how he wanted to work things out between them, but she is ready to move on. To simplify that, he is choosing to be with Amina by default. As Amina said through her tears, “You didn’t choose me. You let her choose me.”

Whether you are Team Amina or Team Tara, you cannot deny that Peter’s way of communicating his “good news” was hurtful and disrespectful. Then again, should we really be expecting more from him?

Watch this heartbreaking scene again and share your thoughts/comments below.

Pic Of The Day: Omarion Flexes On Set With Chris Brown And Jhene Aiko

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Talk about a super group: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘s Omarion posted a picture to his Instagram with heavy hitters Chris Brown and Jhen√© Aiko. The threesome were flexing on the ‘gram as they shot the music video for O’s track, “Post To Be.” We love the record so we can’t wait to see the visual. Are you excited for O’s collab with Breezy and Fizz’s “cousin?” Read more…

‘Love + Hip Hop’ Bonus: Tara Explains Why She Had To Go Awf On Peter

by (@ShireaCarroll)

Last week on a family vacation Peter asked Tara the wrong question, and to say Tara went off would be an understatement. She not only scared Peter she scared us, and now has a lot to say about how it went down.

Find out how Tara feels like she’s grown since the incident, where she and Peter stand now, and catch new episodes of Love & Hip Hop Mondays 8/7c.

Join VH1′s VIP Room To Give Us Feedback On Your Favorite Shows!

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VIP Room

VH1 viewers are passionate, opinionated, and very vocal about what they love (and what they don’t) when it comes to their favorite characters and show moments. Which is why we’re seeking your advice and opinions on all of our shows in an online panel called VH1 VIP Room. If you’re a fan of at least one VH1 show and want to get access to exclusive content before anyone else, all you have to do is take a quick survey to see if you qualify. Once you’re in, you’ll be rollin’ with the VIPs. Find out more info about the VIP Room below and click here to join!


The Funniest Memes From ‘Love And Hip Hop,’ Episode 505

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Last night while the drama was hot on Love & Hip Hop, you guys were creating the most hilarious responses from home. Y’all are so wrong – have no respect! LOL. From Chrissy‘s desire for a little mini-Chrissy to Cisco‘s baby’s mother – no one was safe.

Check out our gallery for the very best memes for the night and don’t miss and all new Love & Hip Hop, Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.

‘Hindsight’ Sneak Peek: Becca Explains To Lolly What A ‘Notebook’ Kiss Is

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On last week’s Hindsight the plot thickened as Becca‘s fianc√©-of-the-future Andy matched her advances by planting a romantic, steamy kiss on her. In a sneak peek for episode three, Becca tries to explain to Lolly the magnitude of their smooch. Lolly asks for it to be broken down in terms of famous big screen kisses but the best Becca can do is The Notebook which wasn’t made back in 1995!

Are Andy and Becca going to be the Allie and Noah of 1995? Find out on all new Hindsight, Wednesday at 10 PM ET/PT.

‘Bye Felicia!’ Sneak Peek: Missy And Deborah Teach Sarah To Make Herself Number One

by (@damianbellino)

Deborah and Missy are used to people flipping houses but not flipping underwear! In a sneak peek for tonight’s Bye Felicia!, the life coaches need to help their client Sarah take a breath and put herself first. Sarah is accustomed to helping people – guilty of being too nice – but doesn’t make much “me-time” and the ladies need to teach her about self-love. (They also need to help Sarah make laundry and dishes a priority so she’s not turning her underwear inside out!)

Find out how Deborah and Missy fair with Sarah on an all new Bye Felicia!, Tuesday at 9 PM ET/PT.