#TBT: Karlie Redd In B*A*P*S, Opens Up About Acting Career

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By now you’ve probably seen that meme of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Karlie Redd as an extra in 1997′s B*A*P*S starring Halle Berry but in honor of Throwback Thursday, we’ve found the video for you to LOL. We know Karlie’s been in the game for a while from her days on VH1′s Scream Queens but we had no idea just how long. VH1 recently chatted with Karlie and asked her about her acting career. Karlie revealed it’s hard to be taken seriously in the game saying, Read more…

Were You Surprised By The Twist On Tonight’s Make Or Break?!

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Tonight on Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project, the tensions between Hunter Valentine finally came to a head and Linda felt like she needed them to figure out their shi** or she was going to send them all home. [SPOILER ALERT] Read more…

Dating Naked Sneak Peek: Get This Girl Diana Some Tissues Because She’s Got Issues

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Dater Diana goes into a severe downward spiral when Mike, the man she falls in love with after one date, rejects her for the “butch chic with no boobs, who’s ugly in the face.”

See if Diana ever stops her ugly cry with snot bubbles and mascara lines on the next Dating Naked Thursdays at 9PM ET/PT!

The Puerto Rican Princess Gets Blue: Check Out Joseline’s New Hair Color

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The ladies of VH1 are known for their colorful take on hair and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Joseline Hernandez is no stranger to changing it up either. The Puerto Rican Princess has been black, brown, blonde and fire engine-red but she posted to her Instagram recently sporting some blue in that mane.

Lil Boosh has a way of pulling off most any look and it making it red hot and sexy. What do you think? Should Joseline make blue her signature color? Let us know what you think!

Tune into the season finale of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.

Enter For A Chance To Win A Trip To LA To Hang With Make Or Break‘s Linda Perry

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Linda Perry via Getty Images

We’re kind of obsessed with Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project, in part because the musicians on the show are just so damn GOOD, and in part because Linda Perry is so brutally honest and smart that we trust her judgment so implicitly. And now, fans of the show will have a chance to hang out with Linda in her famous Kung Fu Gardens studio and watch the season finale of the show with her — all you have to do is write a few words about inspiration. Read more…

We Are Crushing Hard On Love & Hip Hop‘s Erica Mena

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Love & Hip Hop‘s Erica Mena is the jane-of-all-trades. She sings, she acts, she models, she writes, she has her own fashion line, she has her own hookah line and she wins our hearts with each hat she wears. We love ourselves some of that Mena and so we went looking for our favorites pictures of the Puerto Rican bombshell. Read more…

Sneak Peek: Nicole Richie Tries Her Hand At Being A Chef On The Next Candidly Nicole

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Nicole Richie is quite the entrepreneur. On Candidly Nicole we’ve seen the fashionista try her hand at chicken farming, party chaperoning and baseball pitching. Check out the sneak peek for this week’s episode to see Nicole get her hands messy in the kitchen as a chef.

The sprite-like reality star gets overwhelmed under the hot lights of a busy kitchen and seems more focused on taking selfies with the food than cooking it. Tune into all new episode of Candidly Nicole Thursday at 10 PM ET/PT to see if Nicole’s able to manage the stress of being the executive chef!

Benzino Talks About Althea’s Past, Weddings + Honeymoons: VH1 Exclusive


BenzinoFaceShotWhen you’re truly in love time isn’t a factor, ask Benzino and Althea who after a social media hook up and few bumps in the road are ready to spend their forever together.

But before they jump the broom, Benzino talked exclusively to VH1 earlier this season about the details of his wedding and honeymoon with #ThiThi, if he really has looked beyond Althea’s tainted past, and explains why he really loves his bride-to-be. Read more…

Your First Look At The New Season Of Couples Therapy With Dr. Jenn

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Giddy up, for an all new season of Couples Therapy With Dr. Jenn featuring an all star (and seemingly all dramatic) cast that includes Jenna Jameson, Dick “Evel Dick” Donato, Anthony “Treach” Criss, Deena Cortese and a mystery couple who has an unpredictable relationship with the media.

Check out an exclusive preview of this coming fifth season to see cheating allegation and threats for the “producers to go s*** a c***.” Oh boy!

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The new season of Couples Therapy kicks off on Wednesday, September 10th 9/8c only on VH1. Check out the cast in our gallery below.

Could Stevie J Be Pushing Up On Bambi Next?

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Stevie J has taken a dip in many ponds but could fellow Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Bambi be next? In a bonus clip from episode 16, Stevie takes Bambi out to talk shop. Stevie tells he thinks Bambi could be really successful if she had the right producer and the right “management.” He says all this while licking his lips.

You’re a hardworker, I see you and it can’t equal nothing but money in my eyes. I see your work and your efforts. I see your modeling pictures. I, even, see you doing international runway stuff; you’re so tall and beautiful. Your energy is so sweet and positive, to me.

Bambi seems flattered but skeptical. What could Stevie’s intentions be? What do you think Joseline would think of Stevie complimenting Bambi so much? Need a reminder of Bambi’s music endeavors? Check out “Look At Yo Body” again! And find out what goes down on the season finale of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.