Eddie Spills The Tea On Brandi Glanville On LeAnn & Eddie

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On tonight’s episode of LeAnn & Eddie, Eddie opens up to his barber about his relationship with his ex, Brandi Glanville. Eddie commiserates that his ex-wife pushes back towards LeAnn but that she should be glad that he is with someone who loves their boys like her own. When his barber asks if Brandi’s in a relationship, Eddie laughs, “Would you want to be in one with her?” Read more…

What Nicole Wore: A Guide To Nicole Richie’s Episode 5 Wardrobe

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Did you expect Nicole to wear a blazer with shoulder pads to the office? Never!

On this week’s episode of Candidly Nicole, star Nicole Richie not only rocks the office chic look but she also gave us some stylish outfits for when you decide to work at a restaurant or you know, do your man-on-the-street interviews.

To see how she pulled some of her looks together, we’ve collected the fashion details for you in our episode five look book. Scroll through our gallery of fashions from this very “professional” episode to get the breakdown of designers Nicole’s wearing, including her own House of Harlow 1960 line!

Candidly Nicole airs Thursdays at 10 PM ET/PT on VH1.

How To Act In The Office By Nicole Richie

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On tonight’s Candidly Nicole, Nicole tried her hand at office life but instead of filing papers and answering calls she ended up getting her coworkers drunk and shadowing chefs at upscale restaurants. We’ve assembled our favorite moments to write the rules of “How To Act In An Office By Nicole Richie.”

1. F*** Human Resources


2. Don’t Communicate With Coworkers, Take Selfies


3. Fraternize With Your Employees


4. Put On An Aire Of Turnt Upness


Do you think Nicole was cut out for the office life? Tune into an all new Candidly Nicole next Thursday at 10 PM ET/PT.

Sneak Peek Of K. Michelle Performing “Damn” From The Rebellious Soul Musical

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Are you super stoked for K. Michelle‘s musical event K. Michelle The Rebellious Soul Musical? Check out a sneak peek performance of K. performing “Damn.”

It’s amazing to see K. flex her acting muscles as she deals with her man while on the subway ride home. (Thankfully New Yorkers rarely have service on the subway.) You think K. Michelle is going to “find that b****” and beat her?”

Make sure to be there for the music special on August 19. K. Michelle The Rebellious Soul premieres Tuesday at 10 PM ET/PT.

Hit The Floor Creator James LaRosa Gives His Last B-T-S Photos From The Season 2 Finale

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Each week, Hit The Floor creator James LaRosa provides us with some photos from his personal archive to give us a look at life on the set of the show. This week, he submitted his last few photos from Season 2 that are fun in and of themselves, but the stories behind them are great read.

Read on for James’ commentary about Terrence‘s gory on-court injury, fun facts about what else happened during Oscar and Lionel‘s marriage, and how he tricked Ahsha and German into taking a picture without giving away German was the killer. He’s hilarious! Read more…

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Sneak Peek: Benzino “Gets Proof” Joseline Cheated On Stevie J Straight From The Source

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On the the next Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Benzino gets proof straight from the horse’s mouth that Joseline may have not been as faithful to Stevie J. as she makes it seem.

While Joseline has been on Stevie J’s case about Althea, Joseline’s driver tells Benzino that Joseline’s no angel, and he knows firsthand just how wild she can get. Read more…

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Check Yourself: “Is He Married To A Man, A Woman, Himself?”

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In case you needed more details about Karlie Redd and Yung Joc‘s dispute over “Heartbreaker” from this week’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Karlie breaks it down for y’all in Check Yourself. Karlie says Joc didn’t take care of his business and his career is stuck while she’s on the rise.

Meanwhile, Erica and Ariane talk about Mimi opening up about Nikko being a married man. Ariane continues to mock Mimi, like girl, I’ve been hearing you tell me to put myself in your shoes for the past 3 months. Watch the full episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Check Yourself now!

#TBT: Karlie Redd In B*A*P*S, Opens Up About Acting Career

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By now you’ve probably seen that meme of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Karlie Redd as an extra in 1997′s B*A*P*S starring Halle Berry but in honor of Throwback Thursday, we’ve found the video for you to LOL. We know Karlie’s been in the game for a while from her days on VH1′s Scream Queens but we had no idea just how long. VH1 recently chatted with Karlie and asked her about her acting career. Karlie revealed it’s hard to be taken seriously in the game saying, Read more…

Were You Surprised By The Twist On Tonight’s Make Or Break?!

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Tonight on Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project, the tensions between Hunter Valentine finally came to a head and Linda felt like she needed them to figure out their shi** or she was going to send them all home. [SPOILER ALERT] Read more…

Dating Naked Sneak Peek: Get This Girl Diana Some Tissues Because She’s Got Issues

by (@ShireaCarroll)

Dater Diana goes into a severe downward spiral when Mike, the man she falls in love with after one date, rejects her for the “butch chic with no boobs, who’s ugly in the face.”

See if Diana ever stops her ugly cry with snot bubbles and mascara lines on the next Dating Naked Thursdays at 9PM ET/PT!