Dressed In Style: VH1′s Back To School Shopping Guide

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Do you think you’re the biggest Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fan? How about Flavor of Love? Well someone out there just might rival you. We’ve scoured the internet for some amazing handmade items inspired by your favorite VH1 shows just for you as you head back to school this fall.

Whether you’re a fan of the Basketball Wives‘ earrings or Stevie J‘s rat face on a sweatshirt – we’ve got it all! Click through our gallery and see the most amazing shirts, jewelry and artwork that you can actually purchase. We salute these megafans for knowing just what we need and want. (I’m wearing my Tiffany “New York” Pollard vs. Pumkin shirt right now!)

All designer’s shop’s listed in the gallery – get it while it’s hot. You’ll be the flyest student back on campus!

[Photos: Lauren Weissler/VH1, Etsy]

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood ‘s Moniece Says She Used To Date Shaquille O’Neal?

by (@ShireaCarroll)

With all the buzz building around the premiere of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood on Monday Sept 15th, the cast is out and about doing all types of promo for the show.

Earlier this week at VH1′s Hollywood screening hosted by creator Mona Scott Young, the cast watched the first episode of the series, and Moniece Slaughter, Fizz from B2K baby mama, had lot to say.

During the Q&A session following the screening Moniece responds to how she’s being introduced to the world, and spills hot tea about a celebrity she allegedly dated: Read more…

VH1 Announces October 27 As Premiere Date For Drumline: A New Beat

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VH1 is excited to announce a premiere date for its original film, Drumline: A New Beat on October 27 at 9 PM ET/PT. The Nick Cannon-produced Drumline sequel, features LeToya Luckett (Single Ladies) and original Drumline stars Leonard Roberts and Cannon, amongst others. Check the most recent trailer for Drumline: A New Beat and read more in our press release below! Read more…

Will Nick & Lauren Actually Get Married On The Date They Saved?

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From the premiere of I Heart Nick Carter, we already know that Lauren Kitt faces an uphill battle when it comes to Nick‘s management getting on board for their personal matters (things like their wedding). So check VH1′s sit down with the now-newlyweds about the likelihood that they’ll actually walk down the aisle on their proposed save-the-date.

Do you think Lauren is being a pessimist? Do you think Nick needs to find a better balance between his professional and personal life?

Find out more about their wedding plans on an all new episode of I Heart Nick Carter next Wednesday at 10 PM ET/PT.

The VH1 Male Body-Ody-Ody Awards: Vote For Best Chest

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Welcome to VH1′s first annual Body-Ody-Ody Awards, where the fans decide who in the VH1 fam is serving the best “body-ody-ody” in 2014. We tallied up the best body parts for women last week, and now it’s all about the guys. For the next week we’ll be judging the men in all the important categories from abs to arms, pecs to overall body, and give a little shout out to those stars who put that work in at the gym to look good. Click through our gallery for photographic evidence before placing your vote.

Today we are voting on which VH1 man takes his shirt off and nearly makes us faint – it’s all about the chest. Read more…

Momma Dee Comes Clean About Whether She Broke Up Scrappy & Erica Dixon

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Are Erica Dixon and Lil Scrappy the emotional core of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta? In a bonus clip from the reunion show, Sommore says that Deb‘s relationship with Tammy and Waka is wildly different from Momma Dee and Erica’s experience. When asked to talk about it, Momma Dee says people come for her about the way she’s treated Erica in the past and the way Erica’s treated her.

Breaking down into tears before composing herself, an emotional Erica comes clean about the ways in which Momma Dee has disrespected her and asks what has she done to Scrappy’s mom other than love her son? Momma Dee refuses to answer her.

Always the peacemaker, Deb says Scrappy and his daughter’s mother would be together if people would stay out of it. An angry Momma Dee says, “It’s my life, my kid, I’m done!”

What do you think? Do you think Erica Dixon and Scrappy are meant to be? Do you think Momma Dee needs to fall back? Let us know in the comments.