Renee Explains How She And Carla Repaired Their Friendship And Why That Won’t Happen With Natalie

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Renee Graziano always keeps things real whether she’s laughing, screaming, or crying, she will let you know what’s up. In a recent interview with VH1, the Mob Wives star addressed Natalie Guercios claims that she’s hopeful that they can be friends in the future.

Now Renee’s filling us in about her relationship with Carla Facciolo, how they were able to leave their butter knife drama in the past, and why that will never happen between she and Natalie. Read more…

“Who’s The Rat That Recorded The Convo”: The Best ‘Mob Wives’ Tweets From Episode 510

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This week on Mob Wives it was a face off between Drita and Nat D and Nat was on a mission to prove that Natalie Guercio has been lying to all the ladies. On social media the ladies, of course, are never afraid to say what they’re thinking in real time and last time was no exception. Big Ang has had it and is over it; Karen is all, I told you so; and Renee is just trying to stay out of it.

It sure was a big night with Nat’s D shocking recording so check out the gallery for all the behind-the-scenes chatter from the ladies on Twitter!

Don’t miss an all new Mob Wives next Wednesday at 8/7c.

Former VH1 Star Deelishis Denies Being The Homewrecker In Wiz + Amber’s Relationship

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Former VH1 star, Deelishis, has come a long way since her time on the hit series Flavor Of Love 2 in 2006, however that hasn’t kept the Detroit radio host from making headlines.

Recently the O.G. of the big booty visited RHOA’s Kandi Burress talk show Kandi Koated Nights as guest, and explained that although she’s been connected to Wiz Khalifa, the messy martial problems Wiz and Amber Rose are going through are not because of her. Read more…

‘Love And Hip Hop’ Sneak Peek: Is Rich Dollaz Throwing Away His Friendship With Cisco For A Woman?

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Yo, is Rich Dollaz serious with this s***? In a sneak peek for next week’s Love & Hip Hop, Rich meets Diamond to discuss her on-again, off-again romance with Rich’s good friend Cisco but when legs start to touch and compliments are given, things get weird. Did Rich just kiss Diamond’s neck?

What is Richie boy doing? Is he going to throw away his friendship with Cisco for a woman? Is Rich primed to the biggest creep on Love & Hip Hop? Find out what the cast had to say about the creepers on the show in the video below.

See how it all plays out on an all new Love & Hip Hop, Monday at 8/7c.

First Look At VH1′s Newest Series ‘Hot GRITS’

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What are “GRITS” anyhow? You’ll be educated on VH1′s Hot GRITS that G.R.I.T.S are girls raised in the south (and proud of it, y’all!)

Check out the first look at the new series that follows the young, hot, and feisty women as they party and BBQ their southern-fried days away.

Hot GRITS premieres Wednesday, March 25th at 8/7c only on VH1!

The Ultimate ’90s Playlist: Get The Music From Episode 8 Of ‘Hindsight’

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Becca Hindsight

Tonight on Hindsight Becca faced Kevin who could pose a threat to her friendship with her (and our) BFF Lolly. While we anxiously await slash gnaw our fingernails away waiting for next week, we’re attempting to keep up with all the amazing ’90s music. Check out our handy list of songs from tonight’s episode and stream the official playlist below! Read more…

Liar, Liar! That Moment Drita Found Out The Truth About Natalie

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On tonight’s episode of Mob Wives, Natalie DiDonato had nothing but fighting words for Drita, calling the lady boss a flip-flopper and a puppet. In the end, when the two ladies decided to sit down (and not fight), Nat D gave Drita some pretty shocking evidence to try and prove that Natalie Guercio‘s a liar. Remixed between Renee‘s baptism, the ladies get together was such a dramatic moment, we just had to revisit it one more time.

What do you think – is Nat D’s recording prove that Natalie Guercio really is a rat? Stay tuned to all new episodes of Mob Wives, Wednesdays at 8/7c.

Imagine ‘Empire’ With The Casts Of ‘Love And Hip Hop’

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On Mondays we are glued to the TV for Love & Hip Hop, on Thursdays we do Scandal, and on Wednesdays, well, now we do Empire!

So let’s play a game and imagine an Empire world with the Love & Hip Hop cast members: who would be the Lucious Lyon in that Mona Scott-produced universe? We already know that Joseline thinks she was the inspiration for Cookie but do you agree? Check out our gallery for our Love & Hip Hop meets Empire doppelgängers (and read why) and then let us know your thoughts in the comments! Read more…