Atlanta Exes Star Tameka Raymond Talks Usher, Being Called A Man, And Shades Kirk Frost

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Of course we’ve all heard the rumors about Tameka Raymond before she started to make her weekly appearances on the reality show Atlanta Exes, however after tuning in and getting to know Tameka, it’s safe to say you can’t always believe what you hear.

Now that the season has come to an end, Tameka clears up the remaining misconceptions about who she is, reveals how she and her ex-husband, Usher, interact with each other since their messy divorce, and admits even though Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Kirk Frost claims to be her “friend,” Tameka says she doesn’t even know Kirk like that: Read more…

The Best Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Memes Of Episode 3

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Last night’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood episode contained so many SMDH moments, we don’t even know where to begin. That’s why we love the commentary that the fans provide in the form of these hilarious memes. From Omarion‘s mom puling that “You don’t care about me” ish to Mally Mall acting like oral’s not real sex, to anything Hazel E does, you put the cast on blast. Check out the best memes from episode 3 now! Read more…

#PassTheBaton To Be On TV During The Drumline: A New Beat Premiere!

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Listen up, musicians and music lovers! VH1 is offering you and your school a chance to be on TV during the Drumline: A New Beat premiere on October 27th, and help an amazing cause all at the same time! Watch the video and check out all the #PassTheBaton details below!

Bands are invited to upload their top drum routines to YouTube and ‘pass the baton’ to a rival school to encourage them to top their performance. Fans and viewers can get involved as well by uploading a photo or video of them ‘passing the baton’ tagged with #PassTheBaton on Instagram, Twitter and Vine. The top submissions from bands and fans have the chance to win an on-air reveal of their drum routine during a special ‘halftime show’ when “Drumline: A New Beat” premieres on VH1.

Read more…

Evel Dick Reveals Why He Left Big Brother On This Week’s Couples Therapy

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Evel Dick Donato has a secret he’s been holding in for years. It’s affected his relationship with Stephanie, and it’s the reason he left Big Brother 13. It’s been eating away at him all this time, and in this week’s sneak peek of Couples Therapy With Dr. Jenn, he can’t keep it in any longer. Watch the sneak and tune in to Couples Therapy when it airs this Wednesday at 9PM ET/PT to learn about Dick’s secret.

Atlanta Exes Star Christina Johnson Looking Slim + Trim

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During the airing of Atlanta Exes we fell in love with all of Christina Johnson‘s curves, but now the ex-wife of Cee-lo Green has slimmed down quite a bit, and we think we are loving the new look even more.

Recently adopting a cleaner lifestyle and committing to strict workout regimen Christina has used her Instagram account to let us experience her journey to better health.

We talked with Christina Johnson with the details of just how she did it including the exactly what she cut out her diet, what she focused on so she wouldn’t lose her curves, and how her man Willie supported her throughout the process: Read more…

Bad Built A**es & Promise Rings: It’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Episode 3 In Pictures

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On episode 3 of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Ray J and Teairra continued fighting about her box of belongings (yes, including Vagisil, lay off the girl) that Ray dropped off at her party. Hazel E took Teairra’s side but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t beef between the besties. Read more…

T.I. Challenges Iggy Azalea To Babysit The Harris Kids

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Raising six children is tough, even if you are a superstar – ask T.I. star of T.I. & Tiny: Family Hustle.

In this web exclusive T.I. gets asked if his artist Iggy Azalea would be equipped to watch the Harris clan, and says it might be difficult for anyone who doesn’t have children to watch his children, and goes onto predict which two kids in particular would give Iggy the hardest time. Read more…

I Heart Nick Carter Sneak Peek: Is Nick Carter Getting Too Fat Before The Wedding?

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The terrible patriarchal society we live in would suggest that it’s strictly the bride who needs to be svelte for the big day but Nick Carter is turning gender norms on their ear on the next episode of I Heart Nick Carter. While being fitted for his wedding tuxedo, Nick comes to the realization that may be he’s a little…fat.

“It’s so weird my face is thin and then I have this jellyroll around my waist,” Nick jokes (but is sort of serious) while grabbing his belly. The Backstreet Boy also says that fiancée Lauren Kitt thinks he looks like E.T.

LOLZ. Do you think Nick is carrying too many extra pounds? Do you think the groom has to lose some weight before his nuptials? Find out on an all new I Heart Nick Carter Wednesday at 10 PM ET/PT.

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Was A Lil’ Too Ratchet For Morgan Hardman

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Just because you’re now a part of the Love & Hip Hop family doesn’t mean you have to like everything that goes on in the other cities where the show takes place. When Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘s Morgan Hardman was asked her opinion on the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion and Joseline‘s fighting, she got pretty real and explained that she thought it was pretty “ratchet and sad,” and that she wishes Joseline would get some help. Will that comment land Morgan on Joseline’s list of enemies?

Torrei and Monica Are All Up In Each Other Faces On The Next Atlanta Exes

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Torrei decides it’s her job to confrontSheree‘s longtime BFF Monica about her not appearing loyal to Sheree back when Tameka Raymond was being accussing Sheree of sleeping with her ex husband Usher.

See what happens when Torrei decides to check Monica on what it takes to be a real friend, and find out who wins the yelling match on the next Atlanta Exes airing tonight at 9/8c.