K.Michelle Shows Off Voice On New Single “Love ‘Em All”

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Have you heard K.Michelle‘s latest single? The new song “Love ‘Em All” is a soulful yet poppy (Hip Pop?) anthem and once it gets going you’re like, wow, K. can really sing.

We here at VH1 headquarters are really feeling it. When we asked the Love & Hip Hop star what to expect from her sophomore album in August in she said:

What people don’t seem to know about me is – it’s the fact that I am a classically trained pianist and play guitar and produce and compose. African American females really, really love me and listen to me. And that’s been my focus for so long, but I feel like pain and hurt and growth and real life has no color. And I’ve been determining, with this album, that the record that I am writing and composing can play on every format of radio and touch every single person. Not just gender-based, not just ethnicity but just great music overall. So this album—I was determined, I was not going to be boxed and I was going to touch everybody. I have an amazing country record. I have an amazing acoustic record on this album and it’s not all over the place. It actually flows, because we need to understand that all music—good music is good music and there’s no genre for it.

We can’t wait to see what K. churns out and we can’t wait to see her new show! What do you think of “Love ‘Em All?” Let us know in the comments!

VH1 Stars Getting Their Life Out & About

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The whole VH1 family was is always going hard whether on or off-camera they’re always looking stylish and fabulous on red carpets, at premieres and at all the hot spots.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite pictures from this week of the whole clan looking glamorous at all their events. Take a look through the gallery and let us know whose look you’re dying for and whose is just okay.

Happy Friday!

VH1′s Weekly Wrap-Up: The Sisterhood Falls Apart On The Atlanta Exes Season Finale

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On the season finale of Atlanta Exes, the sisterhood fell apart when Tameka bolted from Sheree’s birthday party and Sheree officially called it quits on their friendship. On Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Teairra verbally attacked Hazel with name-calling and low blows when she saw Hazel secretly moving out of their shared apartment. On Couples Therapy, Evel Dick revealed a heartbreaking secret about his health. Check out these highlights plus more memorable moments from this past week on VH1!

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Omarion , Apryl & Baby Megaa: One F—ing Adorable Family

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This season on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, we’ve been watching Omarion and Apryl Jones get excited for the imminent arrival of their baby boy. Since this is reality TV and these first few episodes were filmed months ago, that baby is already here, and he is the cutest little muffin with the best head of hair ever. Baby Megaa Omari Grandberry was born in August — Apryl had an unmedicated home birth, bless her — and judging from these photos, he was put on this earth to be loved on by his doting parents. Check out the cutest photos of him with his smitten mom and dad, including a shot of Apryl in labor, below.

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The Cast Of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Gets Spoofed

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Love & Hip Hollywood, the newest installment to Love & Hip Hop franchise, continues to blow up the ‘net week after week thanks to the insane drama, crazy story lines, and unfiltered cast members.

Whether it’s a meme that makes us belly over with laughter, or trending topics we can stop discussing, the show is being watched and dissected.

Check out a hilarious parody produced by @QWorldStar of WorldStarHipHop.com and Laff Mobb poking a little fun at Love & Hip Hop’s newest crew. All we can say is “turn up!” Read more…

Dr. Jenn Responds To Your Deep Dark Whispers

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On Couples Therapy, the cast regularly shares their own secrets, and this season, we’re inviting fans to join in with Whisper, a free app that allows anyone to share their most private confessions anonymously. So if you’re too shy to reveal your most personal details in therapy or need to vent but don’t have Dr. Jenn’s private number, channel your emotions through Whisper.

Each week, VH1 will partner with Whisper to ask their users about the relationship issues they’ve had similar to what the cast of Couples Therapy are going through. If your “Whisper” is chosen, Dr. Jenn will offer up some sage advice in a digital video series, the first episode of which you can watch here. Throughout the season, anonymous fan Whispers and Dr. Jenn’s videos will be featured throughout VH1 channels and even on air during episodes 6-10 of Couples Therapy. Start submitting your Whispers now…we can guarantee that you’re not the only one with secrets. See what we mean below. Read more…

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Sneak Peek: Hazel E Pulls A Splashy Pop Up On Yung Berg

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Hazel E‘s “situationship” with producer Yung Berg is murkey, to say the least and on the next Love & Hip Hop Hollywood things come to a messy head.

After telling Hazel he won’t be bringing a date to the ASCAP Awards, Hazel and Masika spot him with a date. When Hazel calls Berg out on, he defends his actions saying his date is just a friend. Hazel’s heard about enough and is sick of being mistreated by someone who can’t commit to her so she goes out with a splash!

Check out the sneak peek now and tune into an all new Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Check Yourself: Showing Her Fraudness

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Ray J lashed out at Morgan this week on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood and in the process, he drunkenly burned a hole in couch of the hookah bar they had been hanging out with, climbed up on the seat and made a scene. But that’s not what embarrassed him the most about his behavior in that episode. In this week’s Check Yourself, he reacts to that moment and reveals the one thing he did that he actually feels bad about. Read more…

When Did Nick Carter Get Fat & Stupid?

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On tonight’s episode of I Heart Nick Carter, Nick deals with the very revelation that he is fat and dumb. SORTA. Nick is concerned, after his tuxedo fitting, that he may be putting on some extra weight. He wants to be in lean, mean shape for the wedding or at least look like he is – Nick asks Lauren if she’s sure she wants to marry a “Fatstreet Boy.” Lauren assures him he’s no fattie but that she’ll help him at the gym if wants.


Meanwhile, Nick is concerned because he thinks Lauren is a smartypants and he never even finished high school. Lauren encourages Nick to get his GED if that’ll make him feel more secure and so he pursues finishing his education and taking the test. A sweet moment from Nick who admits his parents didn’t put a priority on school and his memories there were unpleasant and filled with bullying.


In spite of his pursuit of higher education, on the surface Nick still feels a certain way about his midsection but isn’t really into making the gym a regular thing so he goes to receive some laser treatment to help remove fat from his belly. He gets to sport a pretty sexy thong (not really but it is adorable) – all hail the powers that be that made Nick Carter wear this ridiculousness!


Ultimately, while he didn’t shed all his extra weight, Nick passed the GED and even had some muscles to show off to his soon-to-be-bride! Do you wanna give yourself a life-makeover like Nick too? WE DOO. See more of the adorable couple on next week’s I Heart Nick Carter.