We Can’t: O’Sh*t Admits To Having Unprotected Sex With Donna Though?

by (@ShireaCarroll)

Was it us or did O’Sh*t almost make us fall on the floor this week when he admitted that although he just had a baby with his fiance Anya, that like we all suspected, he was have sex with the intern Donna?

And, not just sex, but unprotected sex –like this isn’t the same guy who has three children with three different baby mommas. Enough is enough, and everyone on the Black Ink Crew cast seems to have something to say about O’Shit recent decisions from the women to the drugs.

Find out what advice his friends are offering O’Sh*t, and catch all new episodes of Black Ink Crew Monday 9/8c.

Baby Models: These Pictures Of ‘Love And Hip Hop’ Babies Will Melt Your Heart

by (@damianbellino)

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We know babies are, generally, just cute, because they have little feet and little shoes and chubby cheeks and they are miniature human beings but we can’t lie and say that we aren’t a little biased towards the VH1 fam’s next-of-kin. I mean, c’mon! From Rasheeda‘s little guy Karter to Amina and Yandy‘s newborn babies to Omarion‘s mini-me, the Love & Hip Hop parents really have some beautiful bambinos.

Check out our gallery for some of the most adorable baby pics, and rest assured knowing that if they ever give up their music these stunning babies can take care of mom and dad as Gerber models! Read more…

Kimbella’s Back! Yandy + Her Pudd Kimbella Make Plans To Get Rid Of Remy The Assistant

by (@ShireaCarroll)

After having to deal with Mendeecees not respecting her hustle as mom and businesswoman, on top of absolutely hating his new assistant Remy, Yandy needs an ear to listen some of the issues she’s having with her soon-to-be husband.

If there is anyone that Yandy can trust and depend on it’s her bestie Kimbella, and the two sit down to discuss what needs to be done get Remy out of the picture for good. Read more…

The Most Hilarious Memes From ‘Love And Hip Hop,’ Episode 510

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Last night on Love & Hip Hop, Peter packed his bags and left Amina for now. Meanwhile Rich and Jhonni seemed to get close again, and Diamond wrote Cisco a letter. And the fans? Y’all read these guys for filth on the ‘gram.

Check our roundup of the most hilarious memes of the night and don’t miss an all Love & Hip Hop next Monday at 8/7c.

‘Hindsight’ Sneak Peek: A New Man Creates Strange Vibes Between Becca And Lolly

by (@damianbellino)

Things between Becca and Lolly have been so perfect in the past it’s hard to imagine something breaking them up in the future. In a sneak peek for this week’s Hindsight, Becca tells Lolly that she’s going to a rave and Lolly begs to go with her. When Becca concedes, Lolly invites new guy Kevin and Becca’s awkwardness is written all over her face.

Do you think Kevin threatens the Becca-Lolly best friend bond? Find out on an all new Hindsight, Wednesday at 10/9.

Web Exclusive: After All The Cheating Why Dutchess Said Yes To Ceaser’s Proposal

by (@ShireaCarroll)

Talk about breakup to makeup.

Last we night we witnessed Dutchess and Ceaser‘s roller coaster relationship finally make a stop that had Ceas’ on bended knee asking for Dutchess’ hand in marriage.

While we are super happy for the couple and there engagement, we were a bit confused as how the turn of events seemed to happen so quickly. In this exlusive VH1.com chat, listen to Dutchess and Ceaser walk us through Ceaser’s proposal, and catch new episodes of Black Ink Crew Monday 9/8c.

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‘Love And Hip Hop’ Bonus: Cyn Reveals The Crappy Way She Found Out About Erica’s Engagement


Put a ring on whatttt?

Although we already knew exactly who Erica was engaged to and that she was in fact engaged, wasn’t it still a surprise to hear all the details from Erica’s mouth in the intimate moment she shared with her mom?

If you think we as viewers were shocked, imagine how her ex-girlfriend Cyn Santana felt. Well you don’t have to imagine, in this exclusive interview with VH1.com’s Shirea L. Carroll, Cyn tells exactly how she felt, where she was, and how she felt when she heard the news. Read more…

With This Ring: The Most Beautiful Engagement Rings From The VH1 Fam

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It was a big night for engagements on VH1: first on Love & Hip Hop, Erica Mena opened up to her family about news of her engagement then on Black Ink Crew, Ceaser made an honest woman out of Dutchess by popping the question to his love.

In honor of all the marital bliss to come, we’ve gathered photos of the rocks from the ladies in the VH1 fam. From Chrissy Lampkin‘s ring from Jimmy to the ring Drita pawned while she and Lee were on the outs – we’ve got them all. Who’s do you love the most? Read more…

I’m Gonna Need To See That Again: Puma Ignites A New War With Ceaser

by (@KMeena720)

Puma and Ceaser have had their fair share of issues throughout Black Ink Crew. Their 15-year friendship first exploded when Puma left Black Ink but eventually Ceaser and Puma were able to make amends at Puma’s bachelor party. This week their friendly truce came to a sudden screeching halt the instant Puma’s chicken wing hit the floor of Black Ink.

Read more…

‘Love And Hip Hop’ Check Yourself: “I’m Asking The Biggest Creep Alive For Advice. The F— Is My Problem?”

by (@lizburrito)

Why would Diamond seek out man advice from Rich Dollaz, the best pal of her ex, Cisco and a self-proclaimed creep, on this week’s Love & Hip Hop? Even she thinks it’s a terrible idea. “I’m asking the biggest creep alive for advice. The f— is my problem?” she asks in this week’s Check Yourself. Read more…