“WTF Is A ‘Sea Hag’ Anyway?” The Best ‘Mob Wives’ Tweets From Episode 508

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The Mob Wives are still going on about Natalie Guercio said this and Nat D said that and on social media things are no different. Last night the Tweets, in response to episode 508, were tame in comparison to the words that were exchanged on TV. Big Ang made it clear she is not into Natalie DiDonato and Renee made it clear that she is confused why Natalie Guercio is “ringing her bell.” Check out our gallery of the best Tweets of the night to see it all unfold and don’t miss an all new episodes of Mob Wives next Wednesday at 8/7c.

‘Black Ink Crew’ Sneak Peek: Sky’s Past Causes Trouble For The Ladies Paris Trip

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As Sky works to rebuild her life she continues to face an uphill battle. In a sneak peek for the next Black Ink Crew, Sky is denied a passport because she’s a “f***ing felon.” Dutchess is not okay with her friend not coming to Paris because it means she’s stuck with “Tweedledee and Tweedledum AKA Quani and Sassy!”

What will this international trip look like for the ladies without Sky there? Is Sky going to finally pay the money she owes to star anew? Find out on an all new Black Ink Crew, Monday at 9/8c.

‘Love And Hip Hop’ Sneak Peek: Peter Awkwardly Introduces His Two Families

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Peter Gunz has been trying to get his act together which leads him to finally introducing his two families. In a sneak peek for next week’s Love & Hip Hop, Peter and Amina, with baby Cori, meet Tara and her sons. Everyone seems happy? Enough? But it’s the most awkward thing in the world. Read more…

‘Black Ink Crew’ Bonus: Dutchess Warns Donna About Giving Off THOT Vibes

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Dutchess has never been one to hold her tongue and she’s not going to start for the new Black Ink Crew apprentice Donna.

Dutchess keeps it all the way 100 with the newest member of the crew, and gives her a good read on everything from how she needs to clean up how she interacts with O’Sh*t to making sure she stays focused on why she New York in the first place. Read more…

Remember When Yung Joc Pulled A Pop-up With Danity Kane?

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Remember back before Yung Joc was causing trouble with Karlie Redd on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta he was breaking it down for Diddy-helmed girl group Danity Kane? Actually, we didn’t remember this either but after revisiting DK’s first music video: “Show Stopper,” we were all, it’s Joc!

Check out this video with a babyfaced Joc spitting all about Aubrey, Dawn and the rest of the girls. Read more…

This Old School Jim Jones Music Video Has The Best Surprise Cameos

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We love a throwback music video just as much as the the next person but nothing makes the experience better than discovering people before they were stars hustling in someone else’s song.

Take this amazing video for Jim Jones‘ song “Perfect Day” that features a couple cameos from current Love & Hip Hop cast members alongside the OG of the franchise. There also happens to be one perfect costume on Jimmy. Here are our three favorite things from the “Perfect Day” video! Read more…

The Ultimate ’90s Playlist: Get The Music From Episode 5 Of ‘Hindsight’

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Lolly Becca HindsightEpisode five of Hindsight brought Becca, Lolly, and Paige together on a road trip to see R.E.M. Becca used the trip outside the city as an opportunity to make heads or tails out of her kiss with Andy.

While we eagerly speculate (and cringe) about what may or may not have happened at the end of this week’s episode, we’re attempting to keep up with all the amazing ’90s music. Check out our handy list of songs here and stream the official playlist below! Read more…

Sea Hags And Wash-ups: ‘Mob Wives’ Episode 508 Recap

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The Sea Hags & Wash-ups of New York, oops, Mob Wives are making it a regular game this season by bringing up Natalie Guercio at every event they attend then proceeding to each mug their utter disgust at the camera. We caught all those crazy reactions right here for you from episode eight.

From Renee‘s genuine “I’m ova Ratalie” face to Big Ang‘s “Don’t mention Natalie one more time” face. Ang even had to shut down Nat D by dismissing her as a pot-stirrer. What do you make of all the Natalie Guercio hate?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments and don’t miss an all new Mob Wives next Wednesday at 8/7c.

The Scoop: Everything We Know About Kalenna Harper’s Baby So Far

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A photo posted by Kalenna Harper (@kdiddybop) on

Kalenna and hubby Tony welcomed a baby, Noah, just in time for the holidays and we have the scoop from the supercouple. We certainly hope we’ll see more of Baby Harper-Vick on the newest season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta but until then, here’s what we know now: Read more…

‘Hit The Floor’ Season 3 Special Guest Stars Include Lynn Whitfield And Billy Baldwin

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NBC's "The Office" Series Finale Wrap Party
Hit The Floor fans rejoice! The third season of the the sexy, smart series is starting production this week, and there are four new faces joining the cast. Among the special guest stars are Billy Baldwin and a returning Lynn Whitfield who will be back as Jelena Howard’s mother Vanessa. For all the details on the new season, read on!


Special Guest Stars Include Billy Baldwin, Lynn Whitfield, Andy Buckley and Jonathan Bennett

SANTA MONICA, CA, (February 4, 2015) – VH1 begins production this week on the third season of its hit scripted series “Hit The Floor.” The hour-long drama series explores the exciting and scandalous world of professional basketball from the perspective of the Devil Girls dancers, and the Los Angeles Devils players, owners and coaches. The third season of “Hit the Floor” will premiere later this year. Read more…