Browse The Brows: Check Out The Ladies With The Best Eyebrow Game On ‘Love And Hip Hop Hollywood’

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We have to admit that there were no huge fashion or makeup missteps at the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion this season — everyone dressed to suit their personalities and the makeup was glittery, dewy, and just plain pretty. One of the things we obsessed with the most this season was the brows. Just look at them! Everyone was perfectly penciled in, faces framed just so, and everyone’s brow game was on point. Take a closer look at the ladies and the precision that went in to completing their looks and let us know who had the best arches below! (And stay tuned later this week for makeup tutorials from the glam squad responsible for all the looks you see below!)

Nikki Mudarris
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‘Hit The Floor’ Devil Girl Stephanie Moseley Dies Tragically At Age 30



We are incredibly saddened to hear the news of the passing of Stephanie Moseley. VH1 and the entire Hit The Floor family send our thoughts and condolences to her family and friends at this difficult time.

James LaRosa, Hit The Floor Creator & Executive Producer, stated “Hit The Floor is a tight-knit family. Today we not only lost a beautiful dancer, we lost a sister, a daughter, a best friend and an irreplaceable piece of our heart. We’ll miss her more than we can possibly express.”

You can make a donation in Stephanie’s memory to assist her family with the immediate resources they need during this difficult time by visiting the Stephanie Moseley Memorial site.

Photo Credit: Ron Jaffe/VH1

Ball Out! The Cast’s Bling From The ‘Love And Hip Hop Hollywood’ Reunion

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Coco Chanel‘s famous saying, “Before you leave the house, take a look in the mirror and take one thing off” may not quite apply to the cast of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. These kids were looking sexy and trendy showing off their best bling at the reunion show.

From Soulja Boy‘s signature chains to all the dudes showing off their hot watches and shades, accessories were on fleek. Check our gallery for some great closeups of some of that great swag up, close and personal. Whose accessory game was on point? Who need to take Ms. Chanel’s advice and leave something at the door?

Check the cast’s footwear here and vote for who was best was best dressed at the reunion here! Read more…

Toe-Up! Check The Best Shoe Game From The ‘Love And Hip Hop Hollywood’ Reunion

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The ladies (and gentleman) of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood know how to turn up the style. From accessories to shoes, the newest kids on the block were all about the fashion
at their first reunion show.

Who was everyone wearing? A lil’ Giuseppe Zanotti here, a lil’ Christian Louboutin there! Check out our gallery to see the very best in the shoe game from the cast. Who’s shoes were absolutely slaying you? Read more…

Darling, What Are You Wearing?: The Fashions Of The ‘Love And Hip Hop Hollywood’ Reunion

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Wow, a lot went down for the first part of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion. While we still trying to process all the he said, she said, revelations and reads, we couldn’t believe how great the cast looked for their first reunion.

They gave us legs, breasts and hips wrapped in lace, sheer, and leather. The girls tried their best not only to outdo each other, but came to the reunion like they were seasoned vets vs season one rookies. And the ladies weren’t the only ones who were on fleek, the fellas made sure they stepped on stage just as fresh. Read more…

Woosah! Karen And Renee Try And Let Go Of The Toxic Relationships In Their Lives

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On the season premiere of Mob Wives, Renee visited Karen in Arizona which ultimately led Karen returned to Staten Island to be by her best friend’s side. In a bonus clip, Karen takes Renee to the Red Rocks for a woosah moment to “relax and get away from everything.”

Karen opens up about feeling sad about her relationship with her daughter’s father. She says she brought Renee to the desert because she thinks her friend needs to let go of the negativity i her life too. The ladies strengthen their friendship and attempt to leave the drama in Staten Island.

Do you think Renee will be able to resolve things with Natalie and the other ladies? Do you think Karen will be able to find a happy ending for her daughter? Find out on an all new Mob Wives, Wednesday at 9 PM ET/PT.

Watch The ‘Love And Hip Hop’ Supertrailer: Oh Sh*t Season 5 Is Back And It Gets Ugly

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You thought Love & Hip Hop Hollywood was turnt all the way up, well season 5 of the original Love & Hip Hop is back and arguably this cast of New Yorkers have figured how to break the knob.

Get ready to go up on a Monday, and see the return of one of the most explosive (hey Diamond), dramatic (hey Peter), and shocking (hey Erica) seasons you have yet to witness.

Tune into Love & Hip Hop December 15th at 8/7c to see how it all begins.

The Stars Of ‘Bye Felicia!’ Appreciate What Mimi And Nikko Have Done For America’s Sex Life

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VH1′s newest series, Bye Felicia! features Deborah Hawkes and Missy Young, two Atlanta-based life coaches, dishing out advice to women who desperately need help, whether in love, business, or appearance. And now Deb and Missy are applying their expertise to the women of Love & Hip Hop! In this clip, they applaud Mimi and Nikko from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta for reviving so many sex lives (and shower rod sales) with their sex tape, but they worry that Mimi picks the wrong men. Hear their advice for her now and tune in to Bye Felicia! when it premieres on Tuesday, December 9 at 9PM ET/PT.

The ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Cast Sit Front Row At Fashion Show, Support Erica And Tammy’s Daughters

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The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast are really like family – they show love to one another, even when the cameras aren’t rolling. This past weekend many members of the cast came out to give support to Erica Dixon and Scrappy‘s daughter, Emani Richardson and Tammy Rivera‘s daughter Charlie Williams in the Dreams Apparel and Glam Squad Fashion Show.

The event, hosted by Rasheeda, saw both of the young ladies walking the runway and looking totally adorable. Check out our gallery to see Waka Flocka, Miss Deb, Bambi and more, out there cheering on the next generation.

‘Atlanta Exes’ Tameka Raymond Finally Comments On Co-Starring In The Alleged Usher Sextape

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Atlanta Exes star Tameka Raymond recently visited daytime talk show The Real, and got candid with hosts of the show when asked about her involvement in Usher’s alleged sextape.

“I don’t really know how or why or if that’s possible….That was my husband. I trusted him but I mean we, we traveled a lot…I don’t, I don’t know if someone might of snuck in or housekeeping didn’t have a camera set up you know so I don’t know. I haven’t seen it, so I don’t know and no one’s presented anything to me. So I don’t know,” Tameka said neither confirming or denying whether or not the tape could actually exist. Read more…