Derek And Ahsha Make It Awkward On Inside The Arena, Episode 2

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On this week’s Inside The Arena, the web-only exclusive after show featuring the Devil Girls and the rest of the cast of Hit The Floor, Devil Girl Romy interviews Ahsha Hayes to find out what it was like to be a rookie All-Star, and what life is like inside the stadium working alongside her parents. Unfortunately the interview gets derailed when Derek busts in and makes things uncomfortable for everyone, especially Ahsha. Will her discomfort make it obvious that they have a secret they’re trying to hide? Watch Inside The Arena for stolen moments like this that you won’t see anywhere else!

#WhatDoYouMeme: Joseline Has A Slip Of The Tongue

by (@ShireaCarroll)

joselinetongueSometimesJoseline and Stevie Jneed to get a room, and last night was one of those nights.

Before Stevie J and Joseline enjoy a meal and download on what been going on, they allude what will be on the menu for dessert when they get home. Joseline uses her sexy voice, sticks out her tongue, and talks about how it’s going to “go down,’ all while giving us a face that could be used as pretty hilarious Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta meme.

And that’s exactly what we want you to do. We provide the photo, and you provide the funny. Screenshot or save this image, add a caption, and use the hashtag #WhatDoYouMeme on Instagram and Facebook, and we’ll post the best of the best on the VH1 blog. Ready? Set? Meme!




Don’t Get Your Panties In A Bunch: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 6

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Did Benzino really say prisoners were going to love Joseline‘s magazine spread? Will Rasheeda‘s mother Shirleen ever get along with Kirk? Will Bambi really break up with Scrappy over his relationship with Momma Dee? Was Erica Pinkett really wearing fake Christian Louboutins? Whattttt was going on this episode?

Quickly scroll through the best moments of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta episode 6 in photos, and Read more…

A Visitor’s Got Po Nervous On La La’s Full Court Life

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Each week on La La’s Full Court Life, Po shows us that she is confident, beautiful, intelligent and a fiercely loyal friend to bestie La La but even some things can make her nervous – like her mom meeting her new boo?!

In our sneak peek for this week’s La La’s Full Court Life, Po’s catching up with her mom and inviting her to New York so she can meet her new serious gf Aida.

Find out why Po’s so nervous and tune into an all new episode Wednesday at 9 PM ET/PT to see how it all shakes out.

Baby Number 2 For Mayte? Sneak Peek Of Hollywood Exes

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Motherhood has been an adjustment for Mayte on Hollywood Exes (remember her insistence that she doesn’t have “Will Smith money”?!) but could she already be expecting baby number two?

Check out the sneak peek for Wednesday’s all new episode where Mayte pees on a stick in front of Sheree and Shanna to see if she’s expecting her first child with beau Humberto while they all gossip about Jessica and the crazy stuff she was spouting last week.

Do you think Mayte is a good mom? Do you think Shanna and Sheree are ever going to talk to Jessica? Tune in for Hollywood Exes Wednesday at 9 PM ET/PT.

15 Pictures Of Logan Browning Being The Anti-Jelena

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Hit The Floor‘s Jelena Howard is one of TVs best villains, but she’s played by one of the sweetest actresses out there, Logan Browning. Browning is the anti-Jelena, in fact. She’s a goofball with a great sense of humor and, unlike her on-screen alter ego, she actually is very much a team player and adores her co-stars. Check out our 15 favorite pictures of Logan proving to the world that she is not the cold-hearted ice queen we’ve come to know, she’s a sweet southern girl who just wants the world to know she can be a dork sometimes, too.

[Photos: Instagram]

Bonus Clip: Karlie, Rasheeda, Erica & The Ladies Shade Mimi

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Everyone’s got an opinion on that Nikko and Mimi sex tape so it’s no surprise that in a cut scene from episode 5 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta the ladies have a pow-wow that takes a turn. Rasheeda has Karlie, Erica and newbies Kalenna and Tammy over to chat about their men and the baby but then attention turns to the elephant in the room. Mimi.

“Who leaked the tape?!” They all keep asking.

“Nikko is off the chain though,” pipes up Karlie and Rasheeda agrees.

Check out this bonus video and let us know do you think Nikko is off the chain? Do you think it’s wrong for Mimi’s girls to talk behind her back?

Happy Pride! A Celebration of VH1′s Out & Proud Stars

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The month of June is reserved for Gay Pride to commemorate the historic Stonewall riots from June 1969. We’re kicking off the proud month with a gallery of all our favorite LBGT brothers and sisters from your favorite VH1 shows. From couples to those flying solo, whether you’re gay, gay, gay or bisexual like Draya Michele – they made our list.

From that Love & Hip Hop super couple “Mena & Cyn” to the fab men of Off Pitch, scroll through our gallery and raise whatever you’re drinking this month to the men and women who are brave enough to be 100% themselves every day. Read more…

The Sexiest VH1 Instagrams Of May

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Giddy up for another round of the sexiest, filthiest, nastiest, freakiest or you know, just like the hottest round up of selfie-like Instagrams from some of the VH1 fam this past month.

They are looking banging. If you’re Love & Hip Hop‘s Tahiry or Nya you’re showing us a little somethin’-somethin’. If you’re Hit The Floor‘s McKinley Freeman or Tami Roman you’re just penetrating sexiness from those bedroom eyes and leaving the rest to the imagination.

Either way, enjoy these delicious pictures and think nasty thoughts.

That’s My Government: 40 VH1 Stars’ Real Names

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You may know them as Nya Lee, Malaysia Pargo, and Lil’ Scrappy but long before fame those weren’t necessarily the names that their mommas gave them.

Many of our VH1 stars have changed or altered the names that appeared on their birth certificates to be known by a catchier moniker, or associated with a more clever pseudonym. Read more…