Basketball Wives LA Season Premiere Sneak Peek: You’re About To Get In My Business

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Basketball Wives LA is starting season three with no filler, no exposition, just straight up entertainment. As soon as they meet, Draya is confronted right away by one of her new acquaintances, Ariane, whose ex is also an ex of Draya’s. “I don’t know why you’re questioning me about your ex,” Draya tells her. “Like, it’s kinda not your place.” Read more…

Single Ladies Sneak Peek: Is Terrence Jealous Of Raquel’s Date?

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Terrence made it very clear on the last episode of Single Ladies that he and Raquel are much better off not mixing business with pleasure. But he clearly is still harboring some tingly, romantic feelings for her. In this week’s sneak peek, when he drops by Raquel’s apartment unexpectedly and realizes she’s on a date, he can’t help but be curious…

Watch the sneak and tune in to Single Ladies on Monday night at 9PM ET/PT.

Birthday Throwback: Puma As A Young Cub

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Puma TBT

A big happy birthday to one of our favorites of all time, Black Ink Crew star Puma! Why do we love him so? Along with his bestie and co-star Sassy, he’s one half of the Wonder Twinz, he’s a devoted dad to Tamia, a loving husband, a successful businessman and a solid guy. Here’s a look at Puma back in the day (the day when he still had all his teeth, that is). Happy birthday, Puma!

Below, take a look at the most adorable pics of Puma and Tamia together. Read more…

Drinking + Dating: The Cast Of Single Ladies Offers Their Love Advice

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With Valentine’s Day coming up, we headed to the experts to dish out some dating advice. (The experts being the cast of Single Ladies.) Today’s hot topic: drinking wile dating. Should you abstain while on your first date, or is it okay to imbibe a little bit to loosen up? The general consensus is to just use some common sense. “Don’t pass out. Try not to hurl on your date,” Harold House Moore advises. Noted! Read more…

Draya Michele On Basketball Wives LA Season 3: “I Know What I’m Doing Now”

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Draya Michele has come a long way since she innocently signed up for Basketball Wives LA two years ago. “I know what I’m doing now,” she says, adding “I know not to trust people, so when new people come around, I feel like they’re either around for a friendship or they’re around for a problem.” Read more…

A Guide To Recognizing Your Basketball Wives LA Cast On Twitter And Instagram


A new season of Basketball Wives LA is upon us and viewers will quickly notice that there’s been a major shake up in the cast. Some of the original stars like Draya Michele, Jackie Christie, and Malaysia Pargo are still around, but there are three new women that round up the rest of lineup. Fret not about finding the new women of the show on Twitter and Instagram. We bear in gifts…and links. Happy following.


Jackie Christie (wife of Doug Christie):@JackieChristie
Draya Michele:@DrayaFace
Malaysia Pargo (wife of Jannero Pargo):@MalaysiaPargo
Brittish Williams (fiancé of Lorenzo Gordon):@brittish2
Brandi Maxiell (wife of Jason Maxiell):@BrandiMaxiell
Sundy Carter (ex-girlfriend of Larry Hughes):@SUNDYCARTER


Jackie Christie (wife of Doug Christie):jackiechristie
Draya Michele: sodraya
Malaysia Pargo (wife of Jannero Pargo): styleingrace1
Brittish Williams (fiancé of Lorenzo Gordon):Brittishamex1
Brandi Maxiell (wife of Jason Maxiell):brandimaxiell
Sundy Carter (ex-girlfriend of Larry Hughes):sundycarter_

Don’t Play Games: The Cast Of Single Ladies Offers Dating Advice

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The cast of Single Ladies knows a lot about love and dating, and each one of them has their own dating philosophy. LisaRaye and DB Woodside are just as compatible off-screen as on, because neither one of them is into playing games. Meanwhile, LeToya Luckett has just one rule for the lovelorn “You can’t seem too thirsty, you know what I mean?” Read more…

Mob Wives: New Blood Episode 11 Sneak Peek: Alicia’s Nightmare

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This week on Mob Wives: New Blood, Alicia‘s life continues to unravel. Her husband, Eddie, has been sentenced and she’s left to worry about her own sentencing, which continues to add to her stress. Watch the sneak peek to see how the stress is getting to her when she takes a call from Eddie and the conversation turns tense.

Mob Wives: New Blood airs Thursday night at 10PM ET/PT.

VH1 Stars You Never Knew Were Friends

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It’s common to see reality show cast members hanging out with one another, after all, many of them are friends in real life. But it’s even more fun when you see celebs mingling with their friends from other shows (perhaps they’re commiserating about life in the spotlight, or comparing where to get the best deals on red bottoms). Sometimes the friendships are surprising — did you know Love & Hip Hop‘s Rashidah Ali appeared on an episode of Basketball Wives because she and Evelyn go way back? Or that Somaya Reece and Game are workout buddies? Scroll through our gallery to learn who’s been hanging out with one another, some of the pairings might surprise you!

Stylist Anthony L. Williams Breaks Down The Single Ladies Wardrobe From Episode 6

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This week’s episode of Single Ladies contained multiple epic fashion moments, thanks to Glam Walk. With so many couture gowns, to die for shoes and killer purses, we want it ALL, and luckily, stylist and designer Anthony L. Williams is here to tell us where to find everything. In the clip below, learn the secrets behind all of the Glam Walk looks, including the gown he custom made for Raquel, the impossibly tight boning of April‘s dress, as well as the purse she carried that was designed by another Project Runway alum.

Take a look at every outfit from this week’s episode in our gallery and find out where you can shop to look as gorgeous as these ladies.