#TBT: Nick & Aaron Carter Don’t See Eye To Eye On Sesame Street

by (@damianbellino)

Nick Carter and little bro, Aaron may be trying to bury the family drama for Nick’s wedding on I Heart Nick Carter but it wasn’t that long ago that the two were arguing surrounded by the Muppets.

Check out this vintage clip of the Carter brothers on Sesame Street from 2003 where they sing “Loud & Soft” about two people who have different views on just how to sing. (Loud, soft, high, low, good and, well, good.) Here’s hoping the brothers have the same harmonious resolution when it comes to matters of their family’s beef.

Check the clip now to see baby-faced Nick belt it out with his brother by his side. We sure hope the two can make it work for Nick & Lauren‘s wedding on the season finale of I Heart Nick Carter next Wednesday at 11 PM ET/PT.

#NoFilter: Ray J On Princess Love, Teairra , Monica ‘Danger’ Leon + Sex Tape Regrets

by (@ShireaCarroll)

We all know how long our pasts can haunt us, but for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Ray J he wants to make sure he only focuses on what’s ahead of him.

In this episode of #NoFilter, Ray J insists that he’s had to a lot of growth since his wild days on reality tv, and wants to ensure what’s in the past stays in the past, because all the moves he no makes are all about business.

Watch Ray J gives his uncensored and unfiltered answers on everything from Princess Love and Teairra Mari, to being on yet another reality show and how he’s changed since the sex tape. It gets real… Read more…

Real Chance Of Love‘s Real Still Fighting Cancer But Remains Positive

by (@damianbellino)

Real AKA Ahmad Givens is still fighting his battle with colon cancer, according to TMZ. The reality star, part of the rap group The Stallionares alongside brother Chance, is well known for being a contestant on Tiffany Pollard‘s I Love New York and then later for the brotherly spinoff, Real Chance of Love. Read more…

T.I. On His New Album, Joining The Marvel Universe & Balance With His Real Life Family Hustle

by (@damianbellino)

T.I. keeps busy as the patriarch of the Harris clan, well documented on VH1′s own T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, and the rapper opened up on Big Morning Buzz Live about how he finds balance in his personal and professional lives. Talking his new album, Paperwork, the father of six talks about mentoring Iggy Azalea, being part of the forthcoming Entourage film and joining the Marvel universe in Ant Man opposite Paul Rudd. Read more…

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Sneak Peek: Ray J’s Arrested But Continues To Defend His Turn Ups

by (@damianbellino)

A lot of buzz this season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood has been about Teairra Mari‘s drinking and anger management problems but on the next episode, it’s Ray J who’s life comes unraveled because of an intoxicated moment.

Check the sneak peek to see Ray picked up from City Hall by his friend Cash who asks Ray if his drinking is out of his control. The singer says he doesn’t have a drinking problem but he does have a problem with people f***ing with him when he’s drinking.

Do you think Ray needs to address his drinking? Find out on an all new Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.

Soulja Boy Tweets That He’s Single & Releases Number To The Public

by (@damianbellino)

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Soulja Boy and Nia Riley didn’t appear on Love & Hip Hollywood this week but that doesn’t mean there isn’t drama happening behind the scenes. The rapper took to his Twitter Thursday morning to declare that he’s single and released his phone number to the world, simply saying, “Call me.”

This is confusing news considering that it was only earlier this month that Soulja posted a photo of Nia on Instagram, saying that she and their daughter were in a car accident and asked fans for prayers. The photo has since been deleted.

Do you think Soulja and Nia are really through for good? Do you think these are just young kids trying to figure stuff out one day at a time? Scroll through the gallery and let us know what your thoughts are in the comments!

Nick Carter’s Family Strikes Again On I Heart Nick Carter, Episode 7

by (@damianbellino)

The regular girl getting married to a pop superstar has been the crux of I Heart Nick Carter but on tonight’s episode, drama between Nick Carter and his family came to a head reminding us just hard it is to grow up int he spotlight. First, Nick’s brother Aaron says he’ll probably be able to make Nick and Lauren‘s wedding but he’ll definitely be running late.

Later Nick receives word that his mom Jane has gone on a Facebook rant about Nick. A regular occurrence for Nick, the Backstreet Boy is horrified to learn that his mother has taken to social media to blame Nick for the death of his sister, Leslie. A heartbroken Nick says that it’s so hurtful and embarrassing, he doesn’t even feel like the cameras should be filming. Ultimately, he and Lauren decide to keep shooting because it’s important to show the world how abusive Nick’s family has been to him. Read more…

The 10 Best Quotables From The Original Drumline Movie

by (@ShireaCarroll)

Drumline3How could we ever forget the talented, but totally feeling himself Harlem dude Devon Miles, who tried to make it the South with street dreams and a snare? In 2002 Drumline became an instant Black classic, forever etching more than few memorable moments in our heads.

As we gear up for the premiere of the Drumline: A New Beat, we thought it be fun to go back to 2002 box office hit, and remember our top 10 favorite lines from the film: Read more…

Yung Berg Says He’s Gonna Give Teairra A Hit Record & Hazel Is “Delusional B**** Of 2014″ But He Loves Her

by (@damianbellino)

Yung Berg may not have made an appearance on this week’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have plenty to say about it. Berg stopped by costar Yesi Ortiz‘s Power 106 FM show to talk about episode 6 and Teairra Mari‘s live performance.

He said, “I’ll still rep for Teairra, you know, I think she deserves a hit record and I’m gonna give it to her.” When it came to next week’s episode and Berg’s relationship with Hazel E, Berg said, Hazel? You know, like I said, I call her a lot of different things. I called her ‘respectable woman;’ I call her Arica [Haze's real name is Arica Kane]; I call her Hazel but on my downtime I call her 4 AM AKA Melanie Fiona because I only hang out with her from the hours of 4 AM – I think her office hours start at, like, 4 and they end at 5:45-ish. You know, right before daybreak…She might be one of the most delusional woman. I respect her. I respect women but she’s going for the ‘delusional bitch of 2014,’ you know what I’m saying…I love her.

SMH. What do you think of Berg throwing so much shade Hazel’s way? Is Hazel really the most delusional? Do you think Berg can really help resurrect Teairra’s career? Find out on new episodes of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Mondays at 8 PM ET/PT.

Drumline: A New Beat Supertrailer – It’s A New Day

by (@ShireaCarroll)

Membership is an honor, marching is a privilege – and although it’s 12 years since the original film premiered, it continues to still be all about “one band, one sound.”

The game is the same, but the players have changed, as actress Alexandra Shipp, Jordan Calloway, Jasmine Burke, and Latoya Luckett join the original OG’s Nick Cannon and Leonard Roberts to bring Drumline the sequel to life.

If you thought the original was a hit, watch how Drumline: A New Beat captures the sound, spirit, cultural art of the first film while welcoming a whole new class and swag. Drumline: A New Beat premieres Monday, October 27th 9/8c on VH1!