Tiny Harris Explains To Shaunie O’Neal The Procedure That Changed Her Eye Color

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Tiny Harris Shaunie Oneal
Tiny Harris nearly the broke the internet when she revealed she had a new eye color and now you can find out just what that procedure entails on Shaunie O’Neal‘s new podcast Mogul Mom’s Playbook. On the Basketball Wives star’s show, she and cohost Stella Bulochnikov share parenting advice and talk about balancing work and home life. Their first guest is Tiny who doesn’t shy away from talking about plastic surgery, her eye color change, and how she balances her tequila business, music, and reality TV with being a mom. Read more…

‘Black Ink Crew’ Sneak Peek: Puma Goes Against His Agreement With Quani

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Puma and Quani have to find work-home balance when it comes to raising Tamia but Puma can’t stick to his word. In a sneak peek for Black Ink Crew, Puma surprises Quani while she’s working on a shoot with Sassy with their one-year-old crying daughter and Quani instantly feels stressed out. While Tamia cries, Sassy and Walt are frustrated that Puma’s interrupting their day and Quani says this isn’t what she and her husband agreed on.

Is Puma just trying to work whenever he can to better provide? Does Puma need to respect when Quani is working and he’s on baby duty? Find out on an all new Black Ink Crew tonight at 9/8c.

Renee Graziano Has The Most Glorious ’80s-Themed Throwbacks Ever

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Throwback photos are a staple of the Internet these days, and we’ve seen our share of amazing, dated pictures of the cast of Mob Wives. But Renee Graziano might have just outdone everyone else on her show. Renee recently went on a throwback frenzy, posting tons of amazingly ’80s photos of herself from high school, as a young mom, and even her wedding. You will honestly never be able to guess her age in some of them (she provided her age in a few of them, and we can’t believe how she looked at age 14!!). You need to see all of these to believe them.

Mob Wives airs Wednesdays at 8PM ET/PT.

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‘Mob Wives’ Sneak Peek: Are The Natalies Going To Tear Each Other’s Faces Off?

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All season the name on everybody’s lips has been Natalie, whether the ladies were talking about Natalie Guercio being a rat or discussing Natalie DiDonato‘s unprovoked hate for Natalie G. In a sneak peek for this week’s Mob Wives, when Renee has party to celebrate her baptism, she invites all the ladies and tensions are high when Natalie Guercio walks into the room. This is the first time the two Natalies are finally in one place at the same time but now what’s going to happen? Are the Natalies going to come to blows once and for all? Which Natalie do you side with?

Don’t miss and all new Mob Wives, Wednesday at 8/7c.

‘Love And Hip Hop’ Bonus: Rashidah Ali Asks Erica If Her Engagement Is A Rebound Stunt

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Ever since Erica‘s new boo has asked her to be his wife, Erica is ready to tell anyone who’ll listen the great news including her level-headed buddy Rashidah Ali.

But instead of getting caught up in Erica’s whirlwind romance, friend Rashidah begins to ask Erica the questions we all want to know to make sure she’s about to walk down the aisle for all the right reasons.

See what happens when Rashidah asks Erica if her fiance is just a rebound, and catch new episodes of Love & Hip Hop Mondays 8/7c.

‘Mob Wives’ Bonus: Renee Needs A Full Therapy Session To Help Her Forgive Natalie

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“Holding on things from my past makes everything else hard to deal with,” Renee tells her therapist Teresa, when discussing her progress with her nemesis Natalie Guercio.

In therapy session Renee is finally open enough to entertain the idea of fully forgiving Natalie so that she can just let go of the stress and move on.

See if Renee can keep her zen mood towards Natalie, and catch a new episode on the next Mob Wives, Wednesday at 9/8c.

Don’t Get It Twisted, Ceaser Explains There’s Real Money In Tattooing

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Ceaser and O’S**t have an interview with Ellison Magazine to reveal how they got into the tattoo industry, and why art looked a lot better than some of the other options they had growing up.

Listen to the two discuss the background of Black Ink, catch new episodes of Black Ink Crew Monday 9/8c.

The Sexiest Instagram Pictures Of February 2015


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The VH1 fam is known for flexing on Instagram with some of the hottest selfies and modeling shots and in honor of the end of the month, we’ve gone and collected the steamiest photos from the shortest month, February. We have all the steamiest, sexiest, most delicious Instagram pics from the crew from the very first month of the new year.

We’ve got some sultry bedroom eyes and glimpses at all the best bits and pieces of your favorite celebs. Click through our gallery and let us know who is the sexiest of them all.

#FBF: Oh No, Did Dutchess Spell Mendeecees Name Wrong On Yandy’s Finger?

by (@ShireaCarroll)

We all know how hard it is to actually spell Mendeecees name, but if your responsible for permanently tattooing it on someone’s body – it would be best if you spelled it correctly.

We talked to the newly engaged couple Dutchess and Ceaser about that one time Love & Hip Hop‘s Yandy and Mendeecees stopped by the Black Ink shop to get each other’s names tatted. As they both flashback Cease begins to question if Dutchess may have pulled an O’Sh*t and spelled Mendeecees name wrong on Yandy’s finger. Read more…

It’s All In A Name: Yandy And Mendeecees Finally Announce Their Baby Girl’s Name

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A name can make a lasting impression and a baby with parents named Yandy and Mendeecees is probably going to get one hell of a moniker, right? Well, the Love & Hip Hop super couple took to Instagram to announce their newborn daughter’s name and it is…Skylar Smith Harris! How’s that for a name?! We love it. Yandy posted a sweet picture of her with her little girl with the caption, “Awwwwwws she smiled for her 1 month birthday!!!!! Me and Daddy @mendeecees [sic] you a Happy Birthday Skylar Smith Harris.” Read more…