Erica Mena & Bow Wow Amp Up The Cuteness

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Quality time…. Before i head back to the other side!

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Erica Mena and new fiancĂ© Shad Moss are really just the cutest. Shad posted to his Instagram an adorable photo of the duo getting in their “QT” before they had to go their separate ways. Read more…

Twerk Team: Tiny & Shekinah’s Weave Trip Episode 2 Video Recap

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WeaveTripEp1RecapLeadWeaving ain’t easy. The ladies cross country adventure to lay tracks gets off to a rocky start when Shekinah and Tiny wake up on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere.

When hey finally make it to their first destination, they compete in a dance battle to help a local dance troop raise money. But when Tiny and Shekinah decide to get involved in a local pastime, Shekinah finds herself with her pants down.

Check out the week’s top 3 moments from our newest show, Tiny & Shekinah’s Weave Trip that were entertaining enough — we thought it be nice to see it twice. Read more…

T.I. Is The First Ever VH1 ‘Daddy Knows Best’ Game Show Contestant

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T.I. has successful music career, a budding acting career, and he’s a great father to all six of his children. We don’t quite know how he does it all, but even with a super busy schedule — when it comes to his clan he knows them like the back of his hand.

Watch T.I. play our retro game show “Daddy Knows Best,” where T.I. proves how well he knows his kids and how they all are so much like him, then catch T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle Mondays at 9/8c.

Diamond Baths & Dinner In Miami: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Episode 6 Recap In Pictures

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Tonight on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood sh*t got real between Mally Mall and Nikki and Masika. Meanwhile, Fizz opened up to Omarion about his and Amanda‘s on-again, off-again relationship as a result of Amanda’s affair. But the drama really turned into high gear when Teairra made her return to the Supper Club to perform live with the help of club promoters Sincere and Miss Diddy.

Lort. Teairra’s vocals were “a little pitchy” and she was practically laughed off stage. Sincere had no problem telling Teairra she needed to get to rehearsing (and to the gym) and Teairra, as usual, was ready to throw some punches.

All this and more! But where are Hazel E and Soulja Boy?! Bring them back! What did you think of tonight’s episode? Were you glad Nikki finally told Mally Mall where to go? Do you think Nikki and Masika are in the clear now? Should Fizz drop Amanda like a hot potato? Do you think Amanda’s cheating again? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

I Heart Nick Carter Sneak Peek: Will Aaron Carter Attend His Brother’s Wedding?!

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On the next I Heart Nick Carter, Nick and Lauren are anxiously planning their bachelor-bachelorette weekend when they receive a surprising phone call. Nick’s younger brother rings the almost newlyweds to say he’s going to try and be there for their wedding day. Aaron says a mysterious “opportunity” has come up that he cannot refuse but that’ll he’s going to jump on a flight right after to go to their wedding but he’ll be late.

Do you think that’s acceptable behavior? What opportunity could Aaron be alluding to? Find out on an all new I Heart Nick Carter Wednesday at 11 PM ET/PT.

Jenna Lets Out Her Rage In An All-New Couples Therapy

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If you’ve ever gotten mad and punched a wall or screamed into a pillow to let your anger and frustration out, this week’s Couples Therapy episode is for you. As in seasons past, Dr. Jenn and Dr. Mike take the group to a house and let them smash the s— out of it, and for some of them, like Jenna Jameson, they let it ALL out. Read more…

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Momma Dee Drops Music Video For “I Deserve” Featuring Scrappy

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Of course, you remember Momma Dee debuting her single “I Deserve” on Love & Hip Hip Atlanta this season to some snickers and eye rolls from cast members (including her son Scrappy). Now the official music video has dropped and the short film could be a star-making turn for the ATL Queen. Check out Momma Dee flexing her vocal chops and surprise cameos from Lil Scrappy, his daughter Emani and Momma Dee’s daughter and her family. Read more…

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Bonus – Are Teairra And Berg Flirting In The Studio?

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In this never-before-seen footage, Teairra Mari finds herself in the studio jamming out to one of Yung Berg‘s produced tracks, and expressing to Berg just how bad she wants the song.

“I feel like it’s my diary,” Teairra says as she gets all subtly sensual giving Berg one to many flirtatious gazes. Berg adds to the confusion when he tries to be the shoulder for Teairra to lean on with all her messiness with Ray J. Read more…

Family Hustle Sneak Peek: What Is Major Deathly Afraid Of?

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The cuteness which is Major Harris, is brave enough to do a lot of things kids his age won’t do, but when it comes to anything involving water — Major isn’t playing those kind of games.

After Major puts up a fight when his mom and aunt try to shampoo his hair, Tiny realizes her baby’s fear of water has gotten out of control and makes plans for Major to beat his fear, and learn how to swim. Read more…