‘Love And Hip Hop’ Sneak Peek: Chrissy Is Ready To Handle Erica’s Mouth

by (@ShireaCarroll)

Erica Mena has proven season after season when she get angry, most won’t be able to handle her or her “motherf*cking mouth.”

However, newcomer Chrissy Monroe is cut from a different cloth and when it comes to Erica (who says used work for her escort service) Chrissy seems like she was born ready.

See what happens when Monroe and Mena say hi to each for the first in long time, and catch the new season of Love & Hip Hop when it airs December 15th at 8/7c.

Sneak Peek: Nadia Is Over Bianca’s New Behavior On The Next ‘Suave Says’

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The Mejías may be a big happy family, or working towards it but that doesn’t mean that the Suave Says clan hasn’t had their share of ups-and-downs. On the next episode, Nadia is over big sis Bianca‘s new behavior.

Nadia says she and Bianca used to be best friends but when Gerardo and Kathy separated, Bianca fled the household and now she’s always talking in a baby voice with her boyfriend.

Can Nadia and Bianca get close once again? Are Gerardo and Kathy stronger than ever? Find out how things shake out on an all new Suave Says, Wednesday at 10 PM ET/PT.

Sneak Peek: Karen Reveals To Drita And Ang That Natalie Is A Cop Caller

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When Karen surprised the girls at the rooftop party, tensions were high because things are not hunky-dory between Renee and the girls but it looks like things could be taking a turn. In the sneak peek for this week’s Mob Wives, Karen has a chat with Drita and Ang where she explains just why she has such a problem with Natalie.

Karen says her beef with Natalie started off with a lot of s**t talking on social media but escalated when Natalie threatened to call the cops on her. Karen says, “It’s not a good look for Ang and Drita to be hanging out with a cop caller. C’mon. If you stay with trash, you eventually become trash.”

Find out whose side Ang and Drita choose to align themselves with on the next episode of Mob Wives, Wednesday night at 9 PM ET/PT.

The Stars Of ‘Bye Felicia!’ Give Teairra Mari’s Some Advice To Keep “Little Detroit” In Check

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Missy Young and Deborah Hawkes may be new to the TV scene but they’ve been doing the life coaching thing for years. In an amazing meeting of two worlds, the newly minted stars of Bye Felicia! sat down with Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘s Teairra Mari to counsel her on how to rebrand herself as an actress and singer and how to keep her alter-ego “Little Detroit” in check before she pops off.

Check out Missy and Deborah’s intervention with Teairra, where they tell her she needs to focus on her career and herself and “stop taking these sidestreets to foolishness.” Do you think Teairra can apply some of Missy and Deborah’s principles? Do you think Missy and Deborah are really the life coaches they say they are? Find out when Bye Felicia! premieres tonight at 10 PM ET/PT. Read more…

Bars: Hazel E Spits A ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ Reunion Verse

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Hazel E‘s actual rap skills may have been questioned and criticized by her cast mates and the ‘net, but one thing you won’t see is Hazel give up on being the next hot femcee.

We caught up with her backstage in her dressing room, and she dropped few bars about this season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, and everything that’s about to go down at the reunion.

You feeling her flow? Read more…

Backstage At The Reunion: Masika Kalysha Schools Us With Her Words Of Wisdom

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Masika Kalysha is known for her quick wit and her way with words like: “Keep it pretty, not petty.” The girl is practically Dr. Seuss with her sing-song, rhyming ways so what better way to get schooled in being a boss than with Masika’s signature words to live by. The reality star opened the library, backstage at the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion, to offer the plebs just a little life advice.

Watch the video to check Masika doling out the wisdom and click through our gallery to see her serving librarian chic. Does Masika serve the best one-liners? Would you live by Masika Kalysha’s words of wisdom? Read more…

Browse The Brows: Check Out The Ladies With The Best Eyebrow Game On ‘Love And Hip Hop Hollywood’

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We have to admit that there were no huge fashion or makeup missteps at the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion this season — everyone dressed to suit their personalities and the makeup was glittery, dewy, and just plain pretty. One of the things we obsessed with the most this season was the brows. Just look at them! Everyone was perfectly penciled in, faces framed just so, and everyone’s brow game was on point. Take a closer look at the ladies and the precision that went in to completing their looks and let us know who had the best arches below! (And stay tuned later this week for makeup tutorials from the glam squad responsible for all the looks you see below!)

Nikki Mudarris
Read more…

‘Hit The Floor’ Devil Girl Stephanie Moseley Dies Tragically At Age 30



We are incredibly saddened to hear the news of the passing of Stephanie Moseley. VH1 and the entire Hit The Floor family send our thoughts and condolences to her family and friends at this difficult time.

James LaRosa, Hit The Floor Creator & Executive Producer, stated “Hit The Floor is a tight-knit family. Today we not only lost a beautiful dancer, we lost a sister, a daughter, a best friend and an irreplaceable piece of our heart. We’ll miss her more than we can possibly express.”

You can make a donation in Stephanie’s memory to assist her family with the immediate resources they need during this difficult time by visiting the Stephanie Moseley Memorial site.

Photo Credit: Ron Jaffe/VH1

Ball Out! The Cast’s Bling From The ‘Love And Hip Hop Hollywood’ Reunion

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Coco Chanel‘s famous saying, “Before you leave the house, take a look in the mirror and take one thing off” may not quite apply to the cast of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. These kids were looking sexy and trendy showing off their best bling at the reunion show.

From Soulja Boy‘s signature chains to all the dudes showing off their hot watches and shades, accessories were on fleek. Check our gallery for some great closeups of some of that great swag up, close and personal. Whose accessory game was on point? Who need to take Ms. Chanel’s advice and leave something at the door?

Check the cast’s footwear here and vote for who was best was best dressed at the reunion here! Read more…

Toe-Up! Check The Best Shoe Game From The ‘Love And Hip Hop Hollywood’ Reunion

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The ladies (and gentleman) of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood know how to turn up the style. From accessories to shoes, the newest kids on the block were all about the fashion
at their first reunion show.

Who was everyone wearing? A lil’ Giuseppe Zanotti here, a lil’ Christian Louboutin there! Check out our gallery to see the very best in the shoe game from the cast. Who’s shoes were absolutely slaying you? Read more…