Just Like The Badass Women Of VH1, No Good Deed Kicks Butt And Takes Names

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If there’s one thing we’ve learned from watching shows like Mob Wives and Love & Hip Hop on VH1, it’s that you should never underestimate what a woman is capable of. The women on our shows love hard and fight harder when it comes to the things they care about — their families, their men, and their beliefs. This past season on Mob Wives: New Blood, Alicia DiMichele walked away from the man she loved for years to embark on a new solo journey, all while facing a prison sentence that could have torn her away from her three sons. Read more…

Don’t Ask Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Morgan Hardman If She’s Ever Been A Video Girl

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There are some women who have proudly appeared in music videos and are known for that. And there are some women who would NEVER. Morgan Hardman falls into that second category…a fact that we learned when the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star abruptly halted this interview when the subject was even brought up. Watch Morgan, who has experience behind the camera as a director, storm off when asked if she’d ever appear in front of the cameras, and be sure to tune in to Love & Hip Hop Hollywood when it premieres Monday, September 15tha at 8PM ET/PT.

The VH1 Male Body-Ody-Ody Awards: Vote For Best Arms

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Welcome to VH1′s first annual Body-Ody-Ody Awards, where the fans decide who in the VH1 fam is serving the best “body-ody-ody” in 2014. We tallied up the best body parts for women last week, and now it’s all about the guys. For the next week we’ll be judging the men in all the important categories from abs to arms, pecs to overall body, and give a little shout out to those stars who put that work in at the gym to look good. Click through our gallery for photographic evidence before placing your vote.

Today we are voting on which VH1 man has the best hugging equipment – it’s all about the arms. Read more…

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Teairra Mari Thinks The Rumors About Future Cheating On Ciara Are “Bulls**t”

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The cast of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood seem to know everything that’s going on in L.A. and have an opinion on all the gossip that makes the rounds. When the cameras recently caught Teairra Mari, she was asked her opinion on the rumor that Future cheated on Ciara with his stylist. Teairra’s opinion? If it’s true, it’s bulls**t. And if it’s false, it’s also bulls**t. “If he did do that, then I think that that’s a bunch of bulls**t because I love CiCi, and I love any woman that’s being a good, strong woman for a man and a wifey. And if he didn’t do it and if that’s just a rumor, I think that that’s also bulls**t…People should just mind their own business.”

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Star Morgan Hardman Knows Chris Brown Really Wants A Baby

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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Morgan Hardman is a Hollywood insider for sure. She’s currently Ray J‘s personal assistant but she has connections all over the music industry, which is why she knows the intimate details about a lot of celebrities’ lives. When Chris Brown recently Instagrammed a photo hinting that his girlfriend Karrueche Tran might be pregnant, Morgan told us she’d be thrilled if that were true, adding “I know CB wants a baby.” So keep your eyes peeled, kids, looks like there might be a Baby Brown sooner than you think!

Lauren Is Shocked At What Nick Does For His Friends

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What’s the most money you’ve ever loaned to a friend? 20 bucks? A few hundred? VH1 asked the stars of I Heart Nick Carter that question and let’s just say Nick Carter‘s wife, Lauren was shocked at the kind of friend Nick has been.

Is Nick squandering their savings? Should Lauren just relax? See the newlyweds plan their wedding (and figure out to be a married couple) when I Heart Nick Carter premieres tonight at 10 PM ET/PT.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Cast Says LA Is Stupid & Phony But The Weather’s Nice

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They don’t call it Hollyweird for nothing! Check the cast of the upcoming Love & Hip Hop Hollywood going in on why living in Los Angles can be tough. The young cast says LA people can be stupid, fake, phony and distrustful but, damn, the weather is always nice.

Do you think these guys and girls are the realest or do you think some of them fall into these categories too? Yung Berg says that besides the weather, LA is good for the b****es but we’ll reserve comment until we see how these ladies act on TV.

Be sure to see what all the hype and hate is about when Love & Hip Hop Hollywood premieres Monday, September 15 at 8 PM ET/PT.

Are You #NicksBiggestFan? You Could Go On A Backstreet Boys Cruise!



Do you think you’re Nick Carter‘s biggest fan? Well then listen up, you could win a trip to see the star of I Heart Nick Carter and the rest of the Backstreet Boys – sounds good, yah? Well, it gets better, you and a guest could win a trip on a Backstreet Boys cruise! Check the official rules below and prove that you’re #NicksBiggestFan. Read more…

Nik Regrets Sharing The Couples Therapy House With A “Child Molester”

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One of the biggest conflicts on season two of Couples Therapy was between Nik Richie and Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison. Nik’s issues with the couple flared up again when they shared the stage again recently, and in this week’s sneak peek for part two of the Couples Therapy With Dr. Jenn Reunion, he explained his discomfort. “Being 16, 17 with a 50-year-old dude…that to me was, and still is, child molestation. And we condoned that, and that still bothers me.” Read more…

What Is Nick Carter’s One Great Vice?

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One would assume that Nick Carter‘s wife, Lauren Kitt spent more on her wedding garments for the big day than Nick but now we’re not so sure! When VH1 played some games with the adorable stars of I Heart Nick Carter, Nick revealed that he has spent an astonishing amount of money on underwear in the past.

“You don’t even wear bras or lingerie,” says voice-of-reason, Lauren but then Nick makes an adorable face and we’re like, okay, fine.

Check out these lovable newlyweds when I Heart Nick Carter premieres Wednesday, September 10 at 10 PM ET/PT.