Benzino Talks About Althea’s Past, Weddings + Honeymoons: VH1 Exclusive


BenzinoFaceShotWhen you’re truly in love time isn’t a factor, ask Benzino and Althea who after a social media hook up and few bumps in the road are ready to spend their forever together.

But before they jump the broom, Benzino talked exclusively to VH1 earlier this season about the details of his wedding and honeymoon with #ThiThi, if he really has looked beyond Althea’s tainted past, and explains why he really loves his bride-to-be. Read more…

Your First Look At The New Season Of Couples Therapy With Dr. Jenn

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Giddy up, for an all new season of Couples Therapy With Dr. Jenn featuring an all star (and seemingly all dramatic) cast that includes Jenna Jameson, Dick “Evil Dick” Donato, Anthony “Treach” Criss, Deena Cortese and a mystery couple who has an unpredictable relationship with the media.

Check out an exclusive preview of this coming fifth season to see cheating allegation and threats for the “producers to go s*** a c***.” Oh boy!

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The new season of Couples Therapy kicks off on Wednesday, September 10th 9/8c only on VH1. Check out the cast in our gallery below.

Could Stevie J Be Pushing Up On Bambi Next?

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Stevie J has taken a dip in many ponds but could fellow Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Bambi be next? In a bonus clip from episode 16, Stevie takes Bambi out to talk shop. Stevie tells he thinks Bambi could be really successful if she had the right producer and the right “management.” He says all this while licking his lips.

You’re a hardworker, I see you and it can’t equal nothing but money in my eyes. I see your work and your efforts. I see your modeling pictures. I, even, see you doing international runway stuff; you’re so tall and beautiful. Your energy is so sweet and positive, to me.

Bambi seems flattered but skeptical. What could Stevie’s intentions be? What do you think Joseline would think of Stevie complimenting Bambi so much? Need a reminder of Bambi’s music endeavors? Check out “Look At Yo Body” again! And find out what goes down on the season finale of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.

It’s A Girl: The First Photos Of Amina & Peter’s Baby

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As previously reported, the Amina Buddafly and Peter Gunz baby has arrived. The beautiful bambina made her debut last week and we now can confirm via Amina’s Instagram that the baby is in fact a little girl. Read more…

Exclusive: Mackenzie Johnson On Working With Linda Perry Being “Just, A Lot.”

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Mackenzie Johnson

On last week’s Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project, Linda asked another young musician to leave the house. Like Noah Hunt before her, Mackenzie Johnson was always at odds with Linda’s directness whether when busking on the street or playing an acoustic set in the living room.

VH1 had a chat with Mackenzie about whether she saw her exit coming, what Linda is really like and who she’s rooting for her in the house. Read more…

Spoiler: Actor Jonathan McDaniel AKA German Reacts To Being The Killer

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Hit The Floor aired it’s first ever live after show last night following the shocking #WhoKilledOliva finale.

In addition to the big reveal, we were surprised to find out like fans, all the cast members of Hit The Floor had no idea who actually would be responsible for the death of Olivia, because creator James LaRosa was sneaky enough to shoot multiple possible endings to keep everyone guessing.

So it was funny to see how actor Jonathan McDaniel, who plays German, react to seeing himself as a killer for the first time. Check it out above.

The Most Hilarious Memes From Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 16

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Last night on the penultimate episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season three, a whole lot of drama came to a head. Mimi revealed to Ariane and Erica that the tape wasn’t really totally homemade. (Shocking!) She also revealed to her girlfriends that her boo Nikko is, ahem, married. Meanwhile, Snoop made an appearance to work with his boy Stevie on a new track and give him some advice about Joseline. Ayiyiyi.

While things were turnt up on the TV screen, you guys were keeping it interesting on the Instagram feeds – and no one was safe! From Mimi to Snoop to poor, poor ole O’Shea you guys had us rolling on the floor.

Check out the most hilarious memes from episode 16 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and don’t miss the season finale next Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.

Mimi Goes On Twitter Rant About Nikko And Last Night’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Episode

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Last night on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta we watched Mimi find out from the horse’s mouth that her boyfriend and sextape partner was married to another woman. Yes, Nikko admitted to Mimi that he had a wife, but insisted it didn’t matter since he was “publicly” with Mimi. While we weren’t shocked Nikko could be so disrespectful, we did think Mimi was going to act as if all is forgiven.

But boy were we wrong, Mimi went on a Twitter rant to set the record straight. Read more…

Revalations, Voodoo + Snoop Dogg: Top Moments of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

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Wait, is it almost the end of the season already? Doesn’t look like Mimi is going to fall for Nikko‘s B.S again? What’s the big deal about Waka making sure his swimmers still swim? How funny was it whenStevie called Joseline a “Puerto Rican alarm clock”? How cool was it to see cloud of smoke follow Snoop in every scene? Did Karlie Redd just want Yung Joc to see her in her video outfit? Whatttttt is going on? Read more…