It’s Miranda Vs. Brooke On The My Antonio Finale


On Sunday’s season finale of My Antonio (premiering at 10/9c), Antonio SabĂto, Jr., will pick his match. Will it be smart-talking New Yorker Miranda, or the sweet-but-assertive Southern belle Brooke? While you deliberate, check the scene above, and read the finale press release below.

After the dramatic elimination of Antonio’s ex-wife, Tully, it’s down to the final two, Brooke & Miranda, and Antonio is agonizing over his choice. Brooke is stunningly beautiful and athletic, yet she still remains guarded. Miranda is cute and bubbly, but completely neurotic. Both women are convinced that they are his true love. Antonio is ready to make his decision and only one of the women will be able say “He’s My Antonio.”

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VH1 Tough Love 2 – Meet the Cast!



VH1 Tough Love returns for a second season Sunday, Nov. 15 at 9/8c. Earlier this week, we posted about what to expect from Steve Ward’s new round of relationship boot camp. Below is your up-close look at the eight women taking part this season. And yes…


…that’s Rocky, who made her unforgettable VH1 debut on I Know My Kid’s a Star. She said some amazing things (both on and off-air), so her return has us beyond excited for this new VH1 Tough Love season.

The rest of the women are below…

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It’s Down To Five On The Real Chance Of Love 2 Finale


Real Chance of Love 2 comes to a close Monday at 9/8c in a special 90-minute episode. Get a taste of the finale above, and check out the special press release prepared for this special occasion:

It’s been another wild ride to find love for Real and Chance this season. Deep, dark secrets will be revealed when the boys fly the final five ladies (Mamacita, Hotwings, Doll, Sassy and Pocahontas) to Miami Beach in the shows’ finale on Monday, October 26 at 9PM. The hot sun, beautiful beaches, and starry night skies are sure to ignite romance as the brothers spend one last weekend with the girls, each hoping to find his one true Stallionette.

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The Girls Of Real Chance Of Love Are Not Here To Make Friends!


Perhaps you are aware of the “I’m Not Here To Make Friends” montages on YouTube (the original is here and the ’09 version is here). They’re collections of the many instances people on reality TV say the title phrase (or some version of it), put together by, ahem, someone who hears it a lot. Anyway, it seems that the girls of Real Chance of Love 2 were really, really not there to make friends — enough of them said the phrase to make up a show-specific supercut that was part of this week’s clip show. Get ready to feel all warm and fuzzy, and check it out above.

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For The Love Of Ray J 2: Watch The Supertrailer!


For the Love of Ray J 2 hits the air Monday, Nov. 2 at 9/8c, and if the supertrailer above is any indication, we’re in for an extreme time. There’s an eating contest, ESL issues, one girl shouting, “Shut up your mouth!” and a very pregnant, apparently still-attached Danger. From the looks of it, this could easily deliver twice the amount of drama as the first season.

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The Celebreality Interview – Tully



Tully started her run on My Antonio as the villain, but she ended up endearing herself to viewers (if the majority of comments on this blog can be believed) as the girl who was really, truly there for Antonio. It helps that they have a history that stretches back to the early ’90s, when they were married. Just a minor tidbit, that. Below, Tully talks about rekindling things with her ex in front of cameras, her feelings on Yvonne and her competitors, and whether her heart will go on after parting ways with Antonio yet again.

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VH1 Tough Love Returns!



Master MatchmakersSteve Ward is set to whip into shape a new batch of lovelorn women when the second season of VH1 Tough Love hits the airwaves Sunday, Nov. 15 at 9/8c. We’ll unveil the cast next week, but for now, check the press release for more info about the new season and Crash Course in Love, a book Steve wrote with his mom, JoAnn.

Last season, break out hit VH1 Tough Love averaged 1.9 million total viewers per episode. Throughout the course of the season, professional matchmakers Steve Ward and his mother JoAnn Ward transformed the lives of eight women. Viewers tuned in regularly to witness the struggles each woman went through to find a healthy, loving relationship. This fall, VH1 along with High Noon Entertainment and Flower Films, are bringing back VH1 Tough Love for a second season. The latest installment will focus on a new group of unlucky-in-love women who are willing to do whatever it takes to find Mr. Right. Along the way, Steve will share his unique male perspective in attempt to reform each of their “destructive” dating habits. Catch the second season of VH1 Tough Love premiering on Sunday, November 15 at 9:00 PM.

Over the course of 10, hour-long episodes, Steve will put a new set of single women through his “tough love boot camp.” These ladies are attractive, successful and intelligent, but they just can’t seem to figure out why they are still single. What they don’t realize is they all make very typical dating mistakes that Steve will quickly help to correct. Throughout the season, Steve will also share his bold and insightful rules to help these ladies find their perfect match. In fact, Steve guarantees that if the ladies follow his rules, at the end of “tough love boot camp” they will each be prepared for a loving and lasting relationship.

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It’s A Girl For Danger!



Yesterday, Danger announced via her Twitter that she has given birth to a little girl (since half of the comments on this post will probably mention Ray J getting her pregnant, it probably needs to be stated again that this is not Ray J’s child). She’s been updating via Twitter throughout her pregnancy (it was, for example, on Twitter that she announced it), so following her is probably a good way of keeping up with her and her offspring.

As we wait for the announcement of the baby’s name, let’s speculate what her 51 Minds nickname could be. My vote is for Suckley, but Thin Ice could work well, too.

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