Black Outs, Marriage, + Tennis Courts :Top 20 Moments In Photos of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 11

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Wait, Benzino‘s proposal to Althea way too soon, or nah? Will Joseline really follow through with teaching Stevie J a lesson on how to treat his wife? What was up with the “black screen” during the Erica Pinkett / Scrappy argument? Did Kaleena make the right choice ending her “relationship” with Ashley? When did Karlie and Joseline start to care so much about each other? Whatttttt is going on? Read more…

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Check Yourself: We Always Do It VIP-Style

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On this week’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Check Yourself, Benzino and Althea give us the lowdown on their VIP Ferris Wheel engagement. “From jump, I knew that I was gonna say yes,” Althea admits. “There’s not too many guys out here, and I’m not letting this one go.” Read more…

#WhatDoYouMeme: Althea Looked At That Ring Like…

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altheawifeWe were just as shocked as Althea when Benzino got down on bended knee and asked for Althea aka ThiThi’s hand in marriage while on the VIP ferris wheel.

Clearly Benzino doesn’t care if Stevie J, “hit it first,” Zino just wants to be the dude who hits it last. Without having the most appealing “p**sy fax” records, the excitement on Althea face finding out she was going to be someone’s wife was priceless, and could be used as pretty hilarious Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta meme.

And that’s exactly what we want you to do. Meme this photo! Read more…

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Kalenna Kills With New Song, “Murder”

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Kalenna Harper

Say what you want about some of the “singers” and “rappers” on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta but there’s no disputing that Kalenna Harper is the real deal.

The former member of Diddy Dirty Money has had quite a career as a singer-songwriter and has appeared on tracks for many artists including Lady Gaga, Trina, Christina Milian, Ciara and more.

We think Kalenna is everything so we’re so happy she just dropped her latest single (produced by Hardwork) entitled “Murder” and that’s exactly what she’s doing with that hook. This could arguably our song of summer. What do you think of Kalenna’s latest effort?

Hit The Floor‘s Rob Riley Is A Hottie!

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We have gone on and on about the men of Hit The Floor. They make us feel things. We’ve already counted down the ways in which McKinley Freeman can get it but let’s now draw our attention to Rob Riley, Hit The Floor‘s very own Terrance.

He’s got the smile, the height and the body to win our hearts. In honor of #ManCrushMonday, we’re honoring Mr. Riley for all of his assets.

The man loves his mama, he’s theatre trained, a total goof – oh and did we mention the body? Rob Riley we salute you!

An all new Hit The Floor airs tonight at 9 PM ET/PT.

Is Karlie Redd Going To Model Tammy’s Fashion Line?

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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Tammy Rivera is getting her fashion line underway and auditioning models for a runway show. In a bonus clip from episode 10, Tammy and her team are watching some aspiring models sissy their walk when they’re surprised by Karlie Redd and Erica Dixon.

Could Mrs. Waka Flocka Flame‘s costars be angling for a spot in her fashion show? Erica certainly has the comp card and the cheekbones but what about Karlie Redd? Karlie Redd: fashion model?

Looks like the ladies are just showing Tammy and her business venture some love but tune in Monday for an all new Love & Hip Hop Atlanta to see if Karlie can rock the runway too!

Go Behind-The-Scenes Of Hollywood Exes Season 3 With The Cast’s Personal Photos

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Season 3 of Hollywood Exes may have just come to a close but that doesn’t mean we still can’t stay updated with what’s going on in these ladies’ lives. While browsing through the cast members’ extremely active Instagram accounts, we learned that these ladies are not only an actual sisterhood, but that they are all extremely photogenic and love taking pictures together – especially during their trip to Hawaii! Browse through our photo gallery above which includes everything that happened on and off camera during this season of Hollywood Exes.

[Photo Credits: Drea Kelly, Mayte Garcia, Nicole Murphy, Shamicka Lawrence, Shanna Moakler, Sheree Fletcher]

Smash/Marry/Kill: The Men Of Love & Hip Hop New York

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We had so much playing Smash/Marry/Kill with the men of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta that we just had to try it with the guys of Love & Hip Hop New York. We love to hate these dudes, we hate to love them and mayyyyybe we think they’re fine but just can’t deal with their sidechick drama.

Here’s how our little version of F***/Marry/Kill works: click through to see sexy? (shirtless) pics of all the guys and let us know if you’d give it up, let him put a ring on it or murda his a**.

How you doing? Play along!

VH1′s Weekly Wrap-Up: Drea Gets Married On Hollywood Exes Season Finale

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The new seasons of Hollywood Exes, La La’s Full Court Life, and Marrying The Game came to a close this week. On the season finale of Hollywood Exes, Drea finally believed in love again as she and Brian got married! On La La’s Full Court Life, La La hosted a successful pop-up shop for 5th & Mercer while on Marrying The Game, Tiffney and The Game each began a new chapter in their separate lives.

Read more…

Declare Independence! The Hottest VH1 Women Who Don’t Need A Man To Hold Them Down

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Love and marriage are an integral part of reality TV, but not everyone on Love & Hip Hop is in love, and not every Basketball Wives star is a wife. On Independence Day, we’re getting in the spirit of things and celebrating the women on our shows who are fiercely single, owning their independence, and showing the world what it looks like to be a boss. Malaysia Pargo of Basketball Wives LA may be newly divorced, but she’s got her life and her family under control. Tiffney Cambridge was with The Game for nine years and broke off her engagement, and Marrying The Game shows her journey on a new path as a single, sexy woman putting herself back out there. And some women, like Black Ink Crew‘s Sky are born to be free spirits. Check out our complete list of the fiercest, most gorgeous independent women on your TV screens now!